75 Proven Tips On How to Romance Your Husband

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Unlike women, men are less expressive when it comes to the way they would like to be romanced. The fact that men don’t voice their needs does not mean they don’t need romance.

75 Proven Tips On How to Romance Your Husband

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If your man hasn’t told you about how he would like you to romance him, it is time to find out from us. We intend to share 75 tips on how to romance your husband.

You will realize that romancing a man is way easier and cheaper than you might think. While some, like going on a date will cost you some money, others are totally free of charge.

What is Romance?

Who does not like romance? Romance refers to the exciting, exhilarating feeling one gets for being in love with another person.

When shared between two people in love, romance is memorable. Romance is a deliberate effort.

You may not have it all the time but is strong enough to create a strong craving. In the initial stages of a relationship, romance is almost automatic thanks to the strong chemistry between the two lovers.

The longer you stay in a relationship, the more deliberate you need to be about romancing your partner. Here are 75 proven tips on how to romance your husband.


1. Wait when he is distracted, open his wallet, and hide a love note inside. When he opens it later, he will know how much you love him.

2. If you are looking for how to romance a man with words, a simple text message will do. Make it sweet and unexpected.

3. While a sweet message will do, it becomes more romantic when you make it sexier. Make sure you do that on a special occasion like his birthday.

4. If he has been the one always asking you out, take the initiative for once. Ask him on a romantic date and pay for it.

5. Allow your husband to talk without having to interrupt him. Active listening shows him how you care.

6. It is said that the way to a man’s heart is through the stomach. Why don’t you cook his favorite meal for dinner?

7. Always ensure that your husband’s favorite attire is always clean, pressed, and ready to put on.

8. If you want to know how to romance your husband, take interest in his work. It shows him you care.

9. Men love watching sports. So, why not make time to watch an entire game with him, either live or on TV?

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10. One of the best romance tips is to wear your favorite perfume. Get a fragrance that he loves and never stop wearing it.

11. Laugh at your husband’s jokes, even if you don’t find them funny. Men like it when they make women laugh.

12. Be forthright in appreciating his looks. So, tell your husband how handsome he is.

13. Looking for how to romance a man? Then allow him to freely enjoy his hobby without making him guilty about it.

14. Remember the songs you enjoyed in the early stages of your relationship? Well, play them for him.

15. Need to know how to romance a man with words? Wait when you are with the kids and praise him.

16. It is not just the kids who need to know how good their father is. Also praise him in the company of his friends.

17. One of the best romance tips is to kiss your husband as soon as you see him walking through the door.

18. On the same breathe, it is important to kiss your husband when be leave the house. A simple peck on the cheeks will do.

19. It may seem like too much but your husband will appreciate it if you kiss him anytime he approaches the door.


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20. Arrange for the kids to eat on their own one evening as the two of you have an adults-only dinner.

21. Give him a free reign when it comes to making parental decisions. Don’t second-guess him.

22. One of the most effective romance tips is to wake up early, prepare breakfast, and serve it to him in bed.

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23. Wear a pretty nightgown as opposed to warm clothing, even when it is cold.

24. More often than not, present yourself to him in nothing but your birthday suit. Men are visual beings!

25. Always follow through on the promises you make to him. It shows him you can be trusted.

26. If you want to know how to romance your husband, try offering him a massage on a random evening.

27. When he knocks the door after work, be the first one to meet him there. Make sure you do it before the children come rushing after him.

28. In the middle of the day, send him a text with no other word but “when?”

29. Start preparing supper long before he comes so that when he arrives, he will be met by a nice-smelling house.

30. Just before going to bet, light a candle as the precursor to a passionate night of romance.

31. Does he have a favorite beverage or snack? One of the easiest ways to romance a man is buying these things for him, once in a while.

32. If your husband is about to go out on a trip. Prepare for him a travel coffee mug in the manner he likes it.

33. Your husband is going to tell his story over and over again. When he does, act like you have never heard it before. Give him maximum concentration.

34. If you want to know how to romance a man on the phone, call him on a random day and tell him he makes you proud to be his wife.

35. When out in public, hold your husband’s hand when it is the last thought on his mind.

36. Do you want to know how to romance your husband? Why don’t you surprise him by sitting on his laps?

37. Contrary to your own expectations to always be in his company, encourage your husband to take time out with his friends.

38. To learn how to romance your husband, give him the leeway to roughhouse with the young ones on a Saturday. No matter the mess they will cause in the house, don’t scold him for it.

39. Your husband does not need a six-pack to be a man. No matter his physical outlook, he will appreciate it when, on a random afternoon, you decide to feel his biceps.

40. One of the best romance tips is to wink at your husband when he least expects it. It doesn’t matter whether you are at home or in public. Winking is a way of saying you are thinking of him.


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41. On a weekend afternoon, invite your husband to join you in watching a romantic film at home. Arrange for the kids to visit a friend or relative.

42. When you find him seated in his home office, walk over to where he is and give him a shoulder rub.

43. It’s likely both of you have favorite sitting positions in the house. Throw the rule book out by going to sit next to him on the coach.

44. If you want to learn how to romance your husband, know how to tease him. Wear a lovely night dress to lure him without giving in to him.

45. Invite your husband to an afternoon session in which you will go through photographs you took in the past. It could be those on dates, wedding or honeymoon.

46. Pick out his favorite photos from the past and frame them. It shows him you are willing to preserve the good memories.

47. If there is an outdoor activity, like hiking or skiing, that he likes, plan it. The more you engage in crazy activities, the fresher your relationship will be.

48. Does he like it when you wear a particular type of dress? Why don’t you dress the way he likes? It shows you are ready for romance.

49. If you live in different towns or he has traveled on a trip, send pictures of yourself, remind him of sweet times together.

50. Prepare a video of yourself and send it to your husband when he is out of the home on a trip.

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51. Make a video of the two of you having fun and when he is away, send it to him. It tells him you always remember the good times.

52. Looking for how to romance your husband? Wait when he has a tight schedule at work and take over his chores at home.

53. Ask your husband to sit down and relax as you gently rub his feet.

54. If he appreciates a cold beer in the evening, avail it as soon as you are done with dinner. It shows how much you care.

56. Interested in how to romance a man with words? Be naughty with your words without being too gross for comfort.

57. Are you out on a date? Use the paper towel to write down how you like him to treat you when you get back home. Subtly pass it to him.

58. If he is always the one initiating intimate moments, help him for once. Surprise him with a clear move.

59. Turn on his favorite music and invite him for a dance. Make the dance as close as possible for the likely explosion of love.

75 Proven Tips On How to Romance Your Husband

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60. Invite him for a night of comedy watching. As you laugh together, your marriage is likely to grow stronger.

61. Make future plans together to show that you are actually committed to the relationship in the long-term.

62. Go to the driveway and draw a big heart with Cupid’s arrow piercing through it. Add the words “I love you”. You may use sidewalk chalk.

63. If you want to know how to romance a man on the phone, call him at the time of the day when he least expects it.

64. On a quiet evening, ask the kids to go to bed early. Spread a blanket on the living room floor and have a picnic.

65. During a brisk walk one afternoon, talk about the reasons you would marry him all over again.

66. Come up with a list of the reasons you love him, frame it, and give it to him when he comes back home.

67. Plan a special date night by picking the attire, restaurant meal, and activities after. Pay for everything too.

68. Call him one fine afternoon and recite a moving love poem. Tell him of your intention to keep romancing him.

69. What is your favorite breakfast? Regardless of what it is, take the packet and draw on it happy faces.

70. Turn off the electronics in your home and have a quiet time together. Do that often and you will be more emotionally connected.

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71. If you want to know how to romance your husband, learn to write a love message atop a page of a book he is reading.

72. What are some of the chores he does at home? On a random night, allow him to just sit down and relax.

73. Visit him at his office with a pack containing his favorite snack or drink. As you hand the pack to him, tell him how much you love him.

74. Before he comes back from work, heat up the bath, and invite him to the bathroom as soon as he steps in the house.

75. Buy a newspaper advertisement with a love message to your husband. Let the world know you really appreciate having this man in your life.

Despite all that, a man needs to know you will say “yes” to his every move. So, don’t hesitate to respond positively when he makes a move on you.

If what he wants is a steamy night between the sheets, give it to him. Whatever you do, show him you know how to romance your husband.

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