Texts Men Respond To: 5 Ultimate Proven Tips

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Do you want to know what texts men respond to? Through a combination of real-world research, psychological principles, and rigorous testing, experts have discovered the texts.

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Texts Men

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These texts will make any man’s heart melt. What follows are just a few of the best texts to send to a man.

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Texts Men Respond To


1. The Feel-Good Text

You want your texts to make him feel warm inside. There are plenty of ways to do this: compliments, positivity, and jokes.

Here is a great one to use DURING a date that hits all three.

Normally I would advise you to leave your phone off during the date but this one is an exception.

“The server is totally flirting with you “Not only is this a great way to show a guy that you think he’s desirable, but it also makes him feel good about himself and you’re complimenting him indirectly without making a whole thing out of it.

Plus, it gives you two a little sexy secret that no one else knows.

2. The Influencer

Not a traditional “text message” strictly speaking but if you follow him on Instagram you must try this.

Respond to one of his Instagram stories. This ups your chances of a response and a great conversation when compared to just texting him out of nowhere.

The Instagram response works for several reasons. One, it is not out of the blue. You are responding to something he is put out there rather than reaching out to him for no reason.

Plus, it is on social media, so you do not have to worry about having his phone number.

Two, it is a great way to talk about something you know he is interested in and excited about. Say he posts a photo of a good-looking plate of nachos.

Simply replying with “That looks so good! Where did you get that?” is an easy, breezy way to get a conversation doing.

Then, the next time you post a cute selfie he’s more likely to slide back into your arms.


3. The Teasing Text

Teasing is the gateway to flirting and that’s where you want to be. More than almost any other text this one gets his blood pumping and not only that, it opens up the conversation to more fun banter.

How you tease a guy will depend on what the guy is like and what he’s into. I recommend picking some positive qualities (like a talent or skill) and then turning it around on him in a fun and funny way.

Here are a couple of examples“What are you doing later? Do you feel like getting destroyed at the pool?” “Do you know what they say about guys with blue eyes? Terrible kissers ;)”

Notice that these lean heavier on the positive than the negative. If you know he has a favorite sports team, band, or hobby, then use this information to your advantage.

It’s like saying “I know you but I’m not afraid of you.”When teasing it’s important that he knows you’re kidding. When in doubt a winking emoji will clear up any ambiguity.

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4. The Specific Question

Nothing will kill a texting conversation faster than boring, cookie-cutter questions. No one wants to have the same conversation over and over again.

The way around this is to make your questions more specific. The best questions get him talking while also showing off your personality and wit. And turning a boring question into an exciting one just takes changing a few words.

So instead of asking “What’s your favorite band?” something like “What’s the best band you’ve ever seen live?”This lets him know that you’re into live music and instead of just answering with one word, it gives him a chance to tell a story.

Here’s a fun one that you can try if you two have been talking for a while and you feel like you’re both running out of things to say but clearly don’t want to end the conversation. “Want to take my survey?

It’s only twenty questions” Then you ask him a series of ‘either-or’ questions like “Pizza or burgers?”, “movies or TV?”, and “Pub or club?” This fun, short game that will show him that you’re not afraid to be silly.

As you get farther into this then you can drop in funnier and more revealing questions. Just avoid questions that feel like a job interview. This means to make sure they’re fun and easy to answer.


5. The Risky Text

It’s simple direct and brave. This shouldn’t be your first text to a guy but if you’re not sure if he’s getting the hint and you don’t have anything to lose, why not put it out there.

“Hey, you’re cute” I’m using my last 2% of battery to tell you that I’m thinking about you” Use this one to further flirting with a guy when you can’t think of anything else.

It works because it’s surprising and catches him off guard. Texting is about being spontaneous and interesting, not safe, and boring.


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