12 Amazing Steps To Find A Woman’s G-spot

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How many types of orgasms do you know? Do you know that there are the A-spot and G-spot? Indeed, women experience different types of orgasms. Variety is the spice of sensational sex. Men who blend the bliss for their women give them more frequent orgasms. Predictably, women get orgasms when you continuously stimulate their body.

 Amazing Techniques To Find Your G-Spot

The most common orgasm for women is the clitoris orgasm. Then there is the A-spot orgasm. Women are skeptical about it, it requires a deep thrust as it is located much deeper in the vagina. The focus here, however, is the G-spot orgasm.

An interesting fact is the full meaning of this word, G stands for Grafenberg. Named after the gynecologist who discovered it. While it can hardly be stimulated by the missionary position. It’s a sad fact that this is the most common penetrative sex position. Therefore, many women believe it is a fallacy. The mystery is as to why many men remain in the dark on how to stimulate this area.

Learn how to push her over the edge and give her the most intense orgasms. Below are 12 Amazing Techniques to Find the G-Spot!

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Step One: Finding the G-spot

This is the most sensitive part of the vagina. It’s easy to find. It is actually an area and not a spot. You will locate it about 2 inches inside the vagina on the upper side of the vaginal wall. You are looking for a ridged area which will feel different from the smooth area around it.

Initially, it is flat but as you continue to stimulate her it becomes more distinct. In easier words, it will feel like a bumpy section, or like the roof of your mouth behind your front teeth. Once you find it, the next step is stimulating it.

Step Two: Stimulating the G-spot

Men rarely face a challenge of reaching the climax during sex, apart from a few cases. However, experiencing the big “O” for women is a completely different story. While most men dive straight for penetration, it does not always achieve “happy endings” for women during sex. Orgasms for women depend on several factors such as the position, level of arousal, penis size and vaginal size and shape.

The tool you are using for the stimulation is also an important factor. You can use your fingers, penis or tongue as Habeeb Akande explains in “A Taste of Honey: Sexuality and Erotology in Islam.” You are not limited to one stimulation technique, you can use a combination of different ideas.

In order to stimulate this spot, choose one or several of the ideas below:


  1. Pick Your Weapon of Attack

Fingers provide the best access to stimulating this area. Gently slide your forefinger and middle finger into the vagina. Softly feel the inside of the vagina wall. If you can’t easily locate it, arouse her by caressing and kissing her. The more aroused she is, the easier it will be to locate it.

Massage it in circles pulling the palm outwards.  Barry R. Komisaruk,‎ Beverly Whipple,‎ and Sara Nasserzadeh call it a come here motion, in the book “The Orgasm Answer Guide.” Try slowly, then faster. You know your sweat is of good course if she gets wetter.

You can also try tapping. Tapping has a way of building stimulation and she will explode into a big climax. The brain reads each tap as the first touch of the area. Thus, every time you tap it, the body will respond to it as if it is the first stimulation.

  1. Traditional Doggie-Style Position

You are probably wondering if penetration can provide G-spot stimulation. The answer is yes. The trick here is, some sex positions will give the penis better contact with this area as compared to others. This means you’ll need to be in a position that gives you great easy access to the area of your focus.

To get the best results from doggy style, encourage her to support herself with the elbows. This position tilts her pelvis upwards and the head of the penis is able to stimulate her. Thrust in circles to stimulate the surrounding area.

Techniques To Find Your G-Spot

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  1. Woman on Top

If you’ve been having a bumpy ride to exciting her, this position should cover it. She slides into you and halfway leans forward towards you. Relax and let your woman do the work. You need to trust her to deliver.

While she grinds your penis, you can be busy stroking her clit, sucking her boobs or kissing her neck. Or all 3! A perfect combination for extra bonus points. Meanwhile, you have an incredible view to enjoy as you watch her move up and down.

  1. Legs on Your Chest

Let her rest her legs on your chest as she lies on her back. Kneel in front of her and slide inside. As you tilt forward, you push legs towards her chest. This position gives you direct access to the upper side of the vaginal wall. You are free to thrust away.

  1. Missionary Position

Wait! Before you entirely dismiss the missionary position now that you have heard it’s not the best. Try the modified version of the missionary position. Ask your woman to bend her knees with the feet flat on the bed.

Place a pillow or a few pillows under her butt to slightly lift her pelvis. Penetrate her and thrust upwards to hit it. This position gives you better access to the upper wall of the vagina. Concentrate on building pressure on this section to excite her body.


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  1. Consider a Sex Toy

The reason why most women have not experienced this orgasm is that it requires a lot of stimulation. Your hand may start to get tired of exerting continuous pressure. In such an instance, you can consider using a sex toy to find it.

You will need to get a sex toy specifically made for such sensations. By the mere fact of its position, it means that what you are looking for a unique toy. It can be flat and wide at the tip so as to vibrate on the vaginal wall. Staci Haines says that some vibrators are curved to reach the G-spot in “Healing Sex: A Mind-body Approach to Healing Sexual Trauma.”

You should position the toy in a way that you are sure the focus of the toy is this section. Once you’ve found it, gently move the toy around the area. These strokes should feel amazing for her.

  1. Try Different Movements

Women are unique and so are their orgasms. When they said “One man’s meat is another man’s poison” they probably had the women orgasms in mind. Some women build up with pleasure from a slow massage while others prefer firmer massages. To discover what feels sensational to her, vary the motions. You’ll know what she likes her breathing or when she firmly grips you.

The deeper section vaginal passage responds to pressure as Staci Haines explains in her book “Healing Sex: A Mind-body Approach Healing Sexual Trauma.” In simpler terms, it does not respond to touch. It responds to stroking, pressure or movement. Therefore, even as you switch from slow to fast movements, ensure that the grip remains firm.

Amazing Techniques To Find Your G-Spot

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  1. Squirting

If she says she feels like urinating, she is probably about to have a female ejaculation. With repeated stimulation, the woman experiences the same sensation as she does when about to urinate. At this point, she will ejaculate. More like pissing although it’s not pissing. You will see an expulsion of fluid from the vagina. It is a very normal thing. It’s called squirting.

To increase chances of female ejaculation, you should combine the clitoris and G-spot stimulation concurrently. Habeeb Akande in his book “A Taste of Honey: Sexuality and Erotology in Islam,” says that stimulation of this area is the most effective way to achieve female ejaculation.

  1. Foreplay

How many of you are guilty of jumping right into the action? Men have a tendency of heading straight for the penetration bit. Some of you even push your pants halfway down and are ready to thrust into the woman. Come on, you should take it slow and take your sweet time.

Research says that prolonged foreplay is said to intensify orgasms. But away with the semantics. However, you should not focus so much on penetration that you forget about all the other parts of her body. Who are you leaving all the other areas to finish the job for you? Her neck, her boobs, her clitoris, her thighs. A woman has so many sensational areas of her body that arouse her. Remember, the more aroused she is, the easier it will be to find it.

  1. Oral Job

Giving her an oral job combined with a G-spot stimulation is an intense feeling for most women. Given its location inside the vagina, it is hard to reach it with your tongue. Unless you have an extremely long tongue.

To achieve the best results with the tongue, insert your finger into her vagina. Gently put pressure on the roof of her vaginal wall, and use your tongue to stimulate her clitoris. There are different sensations at different sections of the vagina as explained by Staci Haines in “Healing Sex: A Mind-body Approach to Healing Sexual Trauma.”

You might want to use circular motions with your finger or tapping technique. This spot responds to pressure while the clitoris responds to movement. Listen to her body reaction to know which one she likes best.


photo by Nicolas Postiglioni on pexels.com

  1. Use Your Curve

While every penis is different, you will find that most of them slightly curve upwards when erect. How much does your penis curve upwards? Use this curve to your advantage to hit your focus point. Place her at an angle at which you can hit it as you thrust. You can experiment to find out which angle works best for her. Your job here is to ensure that you stimulate her with your penetration.

It’s even easier to use your penis to estimate its position. Do simple calculations, you are looking for it at about 2 inches inside the vagina. Therefore, you should insert your penis to about two inches inside. From here, do the magic of building up the pressure with strong thrusts.

  1. Stimulate the Nipples

The breasts and the vagina are connected by nerves. Therefore, you can combine the nipples and the G-spot stimulation for a blended option sensation. Sucking, rubbing or caressing the nipples sends sensations to the vagina. She will respond to you in seconds if you caress them the right way. Or push the right buttons. Not literally though, the nipples are very sensitive and you should be tender in your touch.

Remember, the more aroused she is, the easier it is to find it. The nipples touch is to assist you to quickly find it. The arousal of this spot will build up the pressure as you thrust. You can combine this with either the finger, a sex toy or use your penis to thrust. This area is connected to the pelvic muscles. As she reaches the orgasm, you will notice the contractions of the pelvic muscles. Deborah Sundahl says in “Female Ejaculation and the G-spot,” that these muscles are powerful and more noticeable to you as she releases. That is how you know you have passed the exam.

Seriously, guys, the female body is capable of reaching the most intense levels of stimulation. If you want to reach a high score board in your sex game, explore the above techniques. The tip here guys is first locating the G-spot do not just blindly thrust your finger back and forth inside her vagina.

Once you feel a bumpy area on her vaginal wall, congratulations! You have found the gold mine and it’s time to mine deeper. Your woman will see you as her hero. Because she probably has no idea what her body is capable of sexually. Lead her to discover herself! You will be grateful you stumbled on this article!

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