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Welcome to Relationshiptips4u, the home for those who want to have a strong and meaningful relationship.

Do You Dream of having a strong loving relationship with your wife, husband, boyfriend, or girlfriend?

If you dream of having a meaningful relationship then you’re in the right place!

Relationshiptips4u is all about inspiring, teaching, and helping individuals from around the world to create strong relationships.

The relationship tips and advice offered here will make your life better.

Our goal is to share information with our readers that will assist them in cultivating healthy, loving and harmonious relationships.

It’s a fact, more people in more countries around the world rely on Relationship Tips 4 U for all their successful relationship news, tips and information.

If you want to be happier and much more content in your relationship, our site was designed for you.

My Journey:

My name is David Small, and I have taken my thirty-plus years of experience in counseling hundreds of couples and individuals, whom I have helped to create their dream relationships, and started Relationshiptips4u.

This decision has changed the direction of my life as well as that of other individuals in many ways for the better.

The blog has grown in readership as I have shared a variety of relationship advice, marriage advice, and tips with several thousand readers each month.

Relationshiptips4u has given me the opportunity to interact with individuals from all walks of life.

Many people have expressed confidence in the tips and advice shared and stated that their relationships have been transformed as a result.

Relationshiptips4u is now so much more than a blog.

The blog itself has almost 350 articles but on this site, you’ll also find my recommendations for those looking to find love, soul mates, and a series of book reviews, plus much more.

What Do You Need Help With?

Most new readers to relationshiptips4u come with the dream of building a strong intimate relationship with their partner.  Many have needs or challenges that are common in most relationships.

As a result, we’ve organized the site into 6 portals to help you find the content that best suits your needs. These are:

Also, a popular page on Relationshiptips4u is our Recommended Relationship Resources page which contains all our recommended relationship tools to help you keep your relationship running smoothly.

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We call it the relationship power booster and it is filled with all our latest relationship tips and advice.

Every week, our dedicated team of writers research reviews about today’s top relationship news and information.

We know what works and what doesn’t, and we bring you the tips that can help you in the real world.

Relationships can be difficult at times and we want our readers to know that there is light at the end of the tunnel, through hard work, dedication and the tips found right here on our website, your relationship can flourish and last a lifetime.

It’s completely free and we promise to keep your details private.

 Connect with Us

I trust that you’ll find Relationshiptips4u to be a useful resource for you in your quest to have and experience a truly happy relationship.

Please feel free to join in on the many conversations happening around the site in our comments section and drop me a note any time on our social media pages – I’m active on Twitter and Facebook and look forward to connecting with you.

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