Best Marriage Advice for Newlyweds: 31 Quick Tips

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Every newlywed married couple is looking for the secrets to a happy marriage.

Begin a newlywed couple has it’s grapples like having to move from the honeymoon to the realities of living together.

Many newlyweds end up making a lot of mistakes as they learn how to live together, share finances, and build a family.

31 Best Tested Marriage Advice for Newlyweds

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It is clear that people starting off in a marriage need all the advice they can get.

In this article, we are sharing with you the best tested and proven marriage advice for newlyweds.

What is marriage?

Psychology Today defines marriage as a processed used by two people to publicize their relationship, making it permanent and official.

In marriage, two people join together in a union that’s expected to last until death but which might be cut short by divorce or separation.

As newlyweds, the expectation is usually that the marriage will last for a lifetime. By adopting advice from the experts, you can easily prevent separation and divorce. Whenever necessary, don’t hesitate to talk with a marriage counselor.

This article contains practical, tested and proven advice for newlyweds that will help you to avoid some of the most common pitfalls in marriages.

  1. Take It Slowly.

It is not advisable to enter the marriage head-first. After getting hitched, you have to contend with all sorts of disruptions including changing jobs, moving houses, and joining your partner’s church.

That can be stressful. The best marriage advice is to take slowly. Only make major changes after thinking through.

  1. Handle Issues with Your Own Family.

Your spouse is meeting your family members for the first time. In his or her first interaction with them, conflicts are likely to arise.

In case of that, talk with your family and even ask for an apology to your partner. Not only will you be able to keep the family unit intact but you will also assure your spouse of his or her special place.

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  1. Don’t Sleep Angry.

Arguments occur in every marriage. When issues arise, learn to address them head-on. One of the important things in a marriage is to never hold onto issues.

So, settle the issues before going to bed. This is perhaps the best marriage advice for newlyweds. In the morning, you will start off afresh.

  1. Carefully Budget for Your Finances.

One of the major points of disagreement in a marriage is finances. By entertaining arguments about finances every other week, you encourage eventual divorce. Simple advice for newlyweds dictates that you budget for everything.

Hire a financial planner to help you track your money. So says Marcus Kusi and Ashley Kusi in First Year of Marriage. Whatever you do, don’t take loans from in-laws.

Advice for Newlyweds

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  1. Wait before Starting a Family.

If you aren’t expectant yet, don’t be in a hurry to get a baby. One of the keys to a successful marriage is to give it some time.

Wait until you get used to living together as a couple. Take a few of your pursuing your goals before becoming parents.

  1. Make Big Plans.

Once you enter a marriage, you should expect to stay in it for a long time to come. That’s why you shouldn’t shy away from making big plans.

This marriage advice for newlyweds helped  me tremendously, it is to have shared dreams. Talk about what each one of you wants to be.

  1. Make Realistic Plans.

It is good to dream big. However, you should align your dreams to reality. Don’t forget nor neglect obligations such as paying rent and utility bills.

Realize that achieving your dreams if only possible with baby steps. With time, you will get there.

  1. Mind Each Other.

The little things are what make a marriage stronger. Things such as doing the dishes and the laundry can go a long way to cement the relationship.

After all, the important things in a relationship are the small ones. Do the small gestures to spice up your marriage.

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  1. Avoid Quitting Your Day Jobs.

The fact that you are now a couple does not mean one of you stops working. After all, you still need all the income you can muster.

The best marriage advice you will ever get is for both of you to keep working. You will be proud of what you built together.

  1. Keep Each Other’s Company.

If you intend to stay together for long, keep each other’s company. One day, the kids will come into the picture. Before they do, prioritize time with your spouse.

Since you like each other, why don’t you show it in the way you spend your time. When together, switch off phones and just cuddle.

Marriage Advice

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  1. Maintain Your Individuality.

You might be married but there is no way you are going to be together for 24 hours.

To avoid the contempt that emanates from excessive familiarity, give each other space. If you don’t, you may end up feeling crowded.

As one of the most effective Newlywed Nuggets, avoid cutting off your respective friends of the family.

  1. Take Care of the Large Things.

When you enter into a marriage, you do so as a package. As the newest couple in town, you bring together your hang-ups, debts, and relatives.

This may mean making sacrifices for each other. For example, you may put off starting a family for the sake of your wife’s career.

  1. Keep Reasonable Boundaries.

Even in a marriage relationship, it is important to maintain boundaries.

Share the areas each of you does not expect the other to cross. It is not about excluding each other from your lives.

This is extremly important marriage advice for newlyweds define things that are off-limits.

  1. Avoid Taking Each Other For Granted.

The problem with most married people is the tendency to take their partners for granted. If you do, you may end up with divorce.

So, what makes a successful marriage? Treating each other in the best possible way. After all, it is not a favor to be married to him or her.

  1. Learn How to Massage.

You have a pair of hands, right? Why don’t you learn what it takes to give your spouse a massage? Just a couple of techniques will do the trick.

Massage is one of the best ways to get intimate with each other. This simple advice for newlyweds can take you a long way.

  1. Engage In Proactive Arguments.

Just because you are living together means you are going to argue a lot. But it doesn’t have to be anything close to screaming matches.

Many of the couples who have been married for years said this was the best marriage advice they received as newlyweds avoid bringing up issues from the past. Rather, have rational discussions.


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  1. Respect Each, Especially In Public.

Whatever you do, don’t wash your dirty linen in public. Don’t talk about his lack of grooming in front of other people.

According to the Newlywed’s Instruction Manual, nothing hurts like badmouthing your spouse within earshot. To strengthen your marriage, tell him those things in private.

  1. Approach Winning an Argument with Grace.

After every argument, there is likely to be a winner and a loser. If you happen the one who won, don’t try to drive it down your spouse’s throat.

It is likely that he or she gave up out of love. The key to a successful and happy marriage is to be a graceful winner.

  1. Also, Lose With Grace.

In a situation where an argument doesn’t seem to reach a conclusion, be the first to withdraw.

Don’t be afraid to miss out on making a point. By averting the possible escalation of the relationship, you will prolong your days in the marriage.

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  1. Make Your Spouse a Priority.

Entering a marriage is committing to staying and doing everything together. Nothing in the world should matter more than your spouse.

A piece of important marriage advice for newlyweds is to seek to build a formidable team. Don’t allow family, family, and enemies to tear you apart.

  1. Build Trust.

What makes a successful marriage? The answer is simple: trust. How else will you be able to have a working marriage?

Learn to trust each other in the big as well as the small things. With that, you will be able to weather most of the storms that come your way.

  1. Avoid Looking Over the Fence.

When problems start, most newlyweds start looking over the fence thinking the grass of greener on the other side. What they forget is that someone must be watering the grass.

The major piece marriage advice, you will ever receive is to water your own grass instead of falsely thinking your neighbor is having it better.

Marriage Advice for Newlyweds

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  1. Learn About Your In-Laws.

Regardless of whether you are a man or a woman, you have just joined a new family courtesy of the marriage. Take time to learn about them.

Knowing them will help you to have a good understanding of where they are coming from. You can then relate to them better.

  1. Learn To Forgive Each Other.

One of the hardest things to do in a marriage is forgiveness. So, learn to do it. In fact one of the most important things in a marriage is forgiveness.

It doesn’t matter how small or big the mistake is. Just forgive. When forgiven, don’t repeat the mistake.

  1. Have a Theme or Vision for the Marriage.

As newlyweds, you are starting a new family. This is an aspect you will be working on for a long time to come.

Why don’t you formulate a common theme or vision? Define how you want the marriage to be viewed.

  1. Don’t Try To Change Each Other.

That’s a waste of time. By trying to change him, you look more like a nag. In a way, you are trying to define him as inadequate.

That only polarizes and widens the distance between the two of you. One of the main marriage advice for newlyweds is to work on changing yourself and not your spouse.

  1. Create More Pleasurable Interactions in the Marriage.

It doesn’t matter how your spouse treats you. Be the one to make the interactions between the two of you more pleasurable.

Whether he or she treats you contemptuously or not, don’t retaliate. One of the keys to a successful marriage is to strive to be a blessing.

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  1. Keep Dating Each Other.

The fact that you are married doesn’t mean you stop treating your spouse as a date.

To keep the fire of romance burning, plan random nights out with your spouse. Nothing too fancy. The essence is that you spend time together.

  1. Learn To Just Talk.

Sometimes all you need to do is just talk. Discuss anything and everything from your hobbies, favorite movies, and so on.

It can be before bed, at the dinner table or elsewhere. Simple advice to newlyweds is to keep talking. Take at least 10 minutes every day.

  1. Learn To Support and Assist Each Other.

In a marriage, you will either grow or perish together. Another good piece of marriage advice for newlyweds is to support each other.

In Newlywed Marriage Help, it is suggested that you make it easier for your spouse to achieve his or her dreams. That way, it is possible for the two of you to be happy together.

  1. Never Forget Why You Got Married In The First Place.

Expect to be together for many years. That’s why you must never forget the reason for starting the union.

What are some of the dreams you shared when you were starting out? Learn to express love for each other every single day of your life.


As newlyweds, you need to take the advice given above seriously. The first few years of marriage provides a steep learning curve. If you are able to adjust to life together, nothing is impossible.

Challenges will come and go but if you remain committed, your marriage will grow stronger. No matter how serious the situation is, never give room to talk about separation and divorce.

Instead, have a strong and clear vision for your marriage. Define where you want to go and work towards getting there.

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