12 Tips For A long and Happy Relationship

By David Small •  Updated: 12/16/14 •  6 min read

Have you ever dreamed of having a magical happy relationship that will make your love last longer?

If there is a magic, love will be all around, no more sorrow. Or maybe it’s just that some people learn secrets for a successful relationship with their grandparents or other relatives or friends.

happy relationship

And since the latter is probably more accurate, here are 7 Tips for a  Long and Happy Relationship. These are proven tips from people who have enjoyed a long and happy relationship.

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1. Dates:

Keep dating each other. Even if life seems too busy, meet at the end of the evening for something light and easy, like viewing your favorite sitcom (record it if necessary) together or playing a game of Euchre.

2. Space:

Give each other some space. Either you trust or you don’t. Get on with life, though. People need time alone and time with their mates and other friends. Be sure to give and take your fair share of space.

3. Forget:

No need to “always” remember the bad things that happened during an argument. Actively “forget” sometimes. Be the first to apologize and make up. Go for it! Your relationship will be stronger.

4. Fun:

Couples tend to have fun on dates, then get married and too serious. Lighten up. Head to Yahoo Games (off http://Yahoo.com main site) and join in any number of card or other games. Or head to a local rental shop and rent an Xbox or other game player and some games.

5. Disagree:

Agree that it’s okay to disagree on some issues and leave it at that, in fact, it is great for the relationship, it is all part of the building and bonding process.

No need to create a new religion or political movement just to appease both of you. You don’t have to agree on everything. And you won’t. And that’s okay.

6. Refresh:

Take time to look back, refresh your memories and share what brought you together. Especially when times are difficult, lean back and rely on these old memories as your foundation and glue yourselves back together with them (not literally, of course!)

7. Memories:

Make some together. Enjoy special moments, special anniversary dates and events. No need to be elaborate.

For example, maybe you enjoyed watching a hot air balloon race one spring day. The next year, you might schedule a time to watch it again. Make it an annual event.

Collect postcards with balloons on them, playing cards, toss pillows…over time it becomes a theme.

8. Make Time For Your Relationship

Time and time again, people tell me my ideas are wonderful, but they feel they can’t be as loving or romantic as I am because they don’t have enough hours in the day.

I have the same amount of time given to me each day as everyone else does. It’s how I prioritize the time that might be different. Besides my relationship with my Creator, time spent with your spouse is most important. It is more important than my job. More important than the money you make. More important than exercise, your friends, other family members. And yes, even more, important than your darling children.

I am not against nice items for those who can afford them and don’t have to work insane hours to attain them. But I am slightly perplexed by those who work too many hours or have a long daily commute just so they can have “things,” not realizing they are losing something that is even more valuable and precious.

9. Share Secrets Together

I’ve got a secret and I’m not sharing. Actually, I have a lot of secrets. There are a lot of things that are only known to you and your spouse.

That will keeps you close because of the amazing relationship that you share. You will like it when your spouse shares things with you that they don’t share with others. It will make you feel special and unique in their eyes.

Share with your spouse things that you don’t tell your friends or family. It’s not like these are horrible things we have done that we can’t tell others. I just want Athena to feel like she knows me better than anyone else.

Make your sweetheart feel special. Always share important things with them first. Let some things remain a secret between the two of you for a little while before letting the rest of the world know all about your personal life.

10. Have Date Nights Out Of the House

Without special time together, relationships can pull apart or simply become stale. But you can’t simply replace doing nothing with doing the exact same thing week after week.

The – oh-so-predictable – dinner and a movie can be all right if mixed up with some other types of dates. Here are a few suggestions: Bookstore, library, museum, zoo or park date, or together collect clothes for a shelter.

11. Spice Up Your Love Life

If you find that sex is becoming very sporadic in your  relationship (and you are not happy with that) consider scheduling “sex nights.” Just like date nights, schedule one or two days each week for physical intimacy.

Amazing relationshipSome people find the idea of planned sex off-putting at first, but later come to anticipate the weekly ritual. Having sex planned in advance makes for prolonged foreplay!

12. Get Your Debt Under Control

If you want to have a long and happy relationship, you will need to get your debt under control, or at least a plan to do so. Otherwise, your debt will control you and affect you physically and psychologically.

When you get a paycheck, the first thing you should do is set aside money for charity/church. Doesn’t seem logical, but it works. Sit down with your partner and discuss all aspects of your family budget. Only when you analyze your spending habits will you fully realize where you are wasting money. It’s a great opportunity to talk about your goals and dreams. Realize that frivolously spending money can be a sign of disrespect for your marriage and mate.

If you would like a bigger diamond ring or a fancier car, ask yourself why. Take a quick inventory of all the items you own but could really live without. Consider how much you paid for them. What if you didn’t buy those items and had all that money in savings instead? Would it make a difference in how you view your job, your family and your future?

Start now with these simple ideas and you will have a long and happy relationship with your special person. Most important of all, couples can happily stay together as they understand and complete each other

David Small

is the founder and editor of relationshiptips4u. He is a dating, marriage & relationship coach, speaker, and author. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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