17 Subtle Signs He Likes You More Than a Friend

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You have just met a nice looking guy and you have exchanged your contacts. Perhaps you have known him for a while now, but there seems to be something about him you cannot place a finger on.

Could the guy be considering you to be more than just a friend? If “yes”, how do you know if he has feelings for you? You may want to pose the question to him when you meet him next.

However, that may only result in the friendship getting ruined even before it starts.

17 Subtle Signs He Likes You More Than a Friend

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What does it mean to be “more than just friends”? In most cases, it means taking the relationship a notch higher than just the platonic level. When a man likes you more than a friend, he wants to be your boyfriend.

He is interested in you romantically and wants to know if you have similar feelings. At the very best, he wants to be a lifetime partner. He may not have told you so, but the signs will be there for you to see.

Here are subtle signs he likes you more than a friend:

  1. He Asks After You

When a man likes you, he can’t seem to have enough of you. He will ask about the smallest of details, including your triumphs, tragedies, and so on. It will be very different from the instance when he only wants to be a platonic friend.

The details he will ask from you will be on a totally different level. Say you are having a casual conversation. You make a casual remark only for him to press for more information.

He really wants to gain an understanding of your experience. The man is interested in being more intimate with you. That’s one of the signs he likes you more than a friend.

  1. He Is First To Contact You

If a man is truly into you, he will show it by his actions. When you are nothing but friends, he will be in touch, go out with you but would hardly initiate contact. If he does, it will not be as consistent.

However, if he is the one always texting, calling or approaching you, he wants you to be more than just a friend. This is one of the clearest likes, he sees you more than a friend.

It shouldn’t just be any contact. It has to be as often as possible. If he wants to meet up with you often, then things are looking up. Otherwise, you will remain just a friend of a business associate.

  1. He Talks To You Differently

Do you want to know how he really feels about you? Watch how he handles other people as compared to you. If he is softer and more attentive to you than others, chances are he likes you more than just a friend.

There’s no way he will talk to you like one of his guys. That’s because he looks at you differently. How does he talk with the other women in his life? Do you notice any eye contact?

If he smiles a lot, touches frequently, and turns towards them, that’s where his interest lies. If he is doing most of these things with you and not the other women, then he likes you more than friends.

  1. He Can’t Stop Touching You

How is the man when he is around you? Does he touch you in any way? If “yes”, then it is one of the signs that he likes you more than just friends. It shouldn’t be the aggressive, gross, inappropriate kind of touching.

Rather, it should be more playful and innocent. Watch out for lint-picking, subtle hand touching, a lingering high-five, and so on. That’s an indication that the man really wants to get close to you.

In a subtle way, he is trying to find out how you really feel about him. He wants to know if you are receptive or if you will recoil.

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  1. He Knows the Important Details about You

Think about the small details you have shared with him like your birthday and so on. Does he still remember them? If “yes”, then there are signs he likes you more than friends.

It will be impossible for him to know all those details about you, otherwise. Most likely he doesn’t know any of these details about the guys who are his buddies.

So be assured he really wants to be with you. He will ask you for finer details more than what he already knows.

  1. He Keeps Staring At You

Men like looking at the women they love. If he is attracted to you, he will look at you a lot. More often than not, you will catch him staring at you.

However, he has to take it further than just a few stolen stairs.

If he is staring at you a lot but not making a move, then it means nothing. On the contrary, if he follows the stares with a move towards having a conversation, then he truly wants to be with you.

So, don’t take a man’s stare at face value. If a man wants you, he will make a move.

  1. He Wants To Hang Out With You

This man has been eying you for a while now, but he is yet to ask you out. Chances are he is unsure where he stands, shy or has decided to take it slow. So what signs could point to the man wanting you more than friends?

Maybe he is always looking for an excuse to be alone with you or he keeps pulling you from a group just to be with you. In a subtle way, he is telling you he wants to get intimate.

If he is less assertive at first, chances are he is shy. Perhaps he could be moving slowly to know how you will respond.

  1. He Keeps Complimenting You

One of the signs that a man likes you more than friends is when he keeps complimenting you at the slightest opportunity.

If he likes anything about you, he will say it. His aim is to let you know he has taken notice of things in your life.

He wants you to feel good. He will tell you about your good looks, nice smell, and the way you laugh.

For the less verbal guys, the compliments might be somewhat indirect. A broad smile could be his way of saying he likes what he sees.

  1. He Feels Nervous Around You

How does he act when around you? Is he somewhat shifty, uncomfortable or shy in your presence? Check how he interacts with other people and compares with his behavior while with you.

If he is generally awkward and shy, then there is nothing. However, if you are the one evoking that in him, then there are signs he likes you more than friends.

Look for the other signs discussed here. If he is being touchy while at the same time seeming awkward around you then he wants you to be more than just a friend.

  1. He Is Jealous Of Other Guys

What’s his reaction when he sees you in the company of other guys? If he seems jealous, then he is into you. Watch out for changes in his tone of voice and demeanor.

These signs will point him as a jealous man who wants to be more than a friend. He may also try asking innocent questions to gauge your feelings about a certain guy.

What he is doing is to weigh his place in your life. He wants you for himself, which is the reason he is jealous of the other guys you talk with.

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  1. He Somehow Seems To Be Around You, Always

A man will be drawn to you when he likes you. Out of the blue, he will be fighting to be around you always. He goes beyond what you would expect from a friend.

In addition to being in the same location as you, he will somehow linger when your mutual friends leave. It is easy to dismiss these occurrences as mere coincidences.

However, if he is trying to participate in activities in which you wouldn’t expect him, watch out. This could be that the guy wants you to be more than a friend.

  1. He Keeps Flirting With You

Some men are naturally flirty. Others only flirt with women they are interested in. If he is flirting with everyone else, there isn’t much there.

However, if he is exclusively flirting with you, then he could be seeing you as a potential lover.

Do you get any teases from him? Is he rather more playful with you? If he seems to flirt only with you, get ready. The man wants you more than friends.

So, watch out for signs that the man is actually flirting with you. Once you are sure, consider whether you like him and take the relationship to another level.

  1. He Lights Up When He Sees You

Is the man always happy around you? Does he always seem to raise his eyebrows when you enter a room? Obviously, he likes you.

If his demeanor brightens and his voice changes, these are clear signs he likes you more than friends.

However, this reaction has to be consistent. If it is a one-off, then you shouldn’t build your hopes with him.

Perhaps he acts the same way when he sees other people. That could be his natural disposition and nothing to indicate love for you.

  1. He Relishes Eye Contact with You

If a man likes you, he is going to lock eyes with you often. A man who is focused on you will keep making eye contact. Obviously, he has his sight set on you.

It is a clear sign that he likes you more than friends. Of course, men make eye contact with their female friends. If a man really likes you, he will lock eyes with you more often.

Every time he does, the eye contact will linger for long. Clearly, he longs for a more intimate relationship with you. It is one of the obvious signs he likes you more than friends.

  1. He Does Things for You

It is natural for a man to want to take care of a woman. So, if a man is going an extra mile to do things for you, chances are he really likes you. It could a gadget you need installed in your home.

Before you even ask for his help, he is already offering it. One of the clearest signs he likes you more than friends is if he is always offering to help you.

Whether it is mowing the lawn or making small repairs, a man would do these things only for a woman he is interested in. In a subtle way, he is inviting you to completely rely on him.

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  1. He Follows You on Social Media

It is normal to have men friends on social media. However, a man who likes you more than friends would be overzealous in the way he interacts with you on social media.

In addition to liking your posts, he will comment, follow up your stories, mention you, and refer to things he saw on Facebook.

In short, he will carry to social media the things he is already doing in the real world. So expect him to text and call you a lot. If a guy does not use social media that much, this may not apply to him but the other signs will.

  1. He Wants To Go Out With You

In addition to the other signs he likes you more than friends, your man is going to make efforts to take you out. He wants to move out of the friendship zone.

If he takes too long to ask you out, chances are he is shy, waiting for the perfect timing or wants to be sure you won’t reject him.

Eventually, he should be able to ask you out. If the waiting persists, maybe he wasn’t serious about having you as his girlfriend. Focus your sight on someone else.


When a man likes you more than friends, he is going to show you in subtle ways. You may notice one or two of the signs discussed above.

However, the passive signs shouldn’t take an eternity. The man should be able to bring it to a conclusion by actually asking you out. If he doesn’t, chances are he was merely playing around. Move on!

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