The 17 Best Ways to Meet Someone New

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There is a time in your life when meeting someone new doesn’t seem too hard. Most likely you are in your twenties and are working fulltime in a big corporation. As you grow older or change to working from home, opportunities to meet new people wane.

The 17 Best Ways to Meet Someone New

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Perhaps you are no longer active on the social scene and have taken long since you went to a bar or club. If you want to meet someone new, you must be creative about it.

The following are some of the things you can do to get exposed to as many new people as possible:

  1. Go Hiking

No matter where you live, there must be places nearby where you can go hiking. Set aside one day, perhaps a weekend, and explore the green spaces near your home. Who knows, you might just meet someone new while out there. Starting a conversation with people you meet on a hike shouldn’t be that tough.

After all, you and your acquaintance have a common interest in the outdoors. You can talk about anything from the terrain to the weather. If he or she is planning to hit a different hiking trail, you may decide to go together. Before you know it, you will start off a blooming relationship.

  1. Participate in Sports

You don’t have to meet someone new on the trail. What you miss in terms of forming a friendship could be compensated for in terms of an active lifestyle. Another way to get active and exercise your body is by taking up a sport. It could be anything like biking, running, tennis, or softball.

Join a group or team of dedicated players. Not only will you be able to meet new people the first time but continuously every time you go to play. If you find someone you like, invite him or her for beer, wine or coffee. Where there’s the promise for a long-term relationship, take it further.

  1. Book Club Membership

If you love reading books, your default demeanor is likely to involve locking yourself in the house the whole day. You may argue that you do not want to read in a noisy place. Come to think of it. By joining a book club, you will have the opportunity to meet someone new who shares your passion for reading.

If you have no idea how to find a local book club, visit the bookstore near you or go online. You may have to try out different book clubs before settling on a particular one. If you can’t find the right book club, start one and invite people to join.

  1. Become a Volunteer

As a volunteer in your community, you are exposed to opportunities for meeting interesting and like-minded people. It could be anything ranging from helping out at the local orphanage to teaching at a local public school. All you need is to find an interesting area in which you can volunteer.

If you are into art, try coaching local children. Yet it is likely that you will not be able to find any opportunities to volunteer in your community. Use online resources like HandsOn Network,, and Here, you will find organizations looking for volunteers. Join one that best fits you.

  1. Hit Conversations with Neighbors

While it sometimes calls for you to leave your house to meet someone new, you will be surprised how close the person is. You could be living right next to the person you need in your life. If you haven’t been reaching out to your neighbors, start.

It takes small actions such as helping your neighbor out in his or her yard. When you make cookies, prepare a little bit more and give to the family in the next house. You never know the kind of friendships you will be able to establish. If you meet someone that interests you, hit it off with a brand new relationship.

  1. Walk Your Pooch

In addition to your family members, you are likely to be the owner of a beautiful dog. For like the companionship you get from the pooch around the house. However, you need to walk him or her regularly. If it is a beautiful dog, be prepared to be stopped by all kinds of people on your way around the neighborhood.

In the process, you will be able to strike great conversations and form new friendships. Take your pooch to a nearby dog park and play catch. Without working so hard, you should be able to meet someone new and with who you have common interests.

  1. Play a Party Host

If you can’t go out to meet someone new, why don’t you have him or her come over to your house? You may start by hosting a simple open house or dinner party. Invite people from the neighborhood, workmates, and random acquaintances.

Ask each of your invitees to come with a friend. That way, you will be able to widen the circle from which you can make new connections. It doesn’t have to be anything grand. Order some pizzas or make soup. If you can, add in a few drinks. What matters is that you are able to bring a varied group of people together and grow your circles.

  1. Attend a Cultural Event

What are some of the cultural events in your neighborhood? If there aren’t any, become a member of the local ballet club, theater or symphony. Participate in the performances together with any fundraising events they might have. Make sure you strike conversations with all the people you meet.

After, all you have common interests in the arts. You will definitely have a lot to talk about. You may also visit the nearby art galleries. When a local photographer puts out an exhibition of his or her best work go and see it.

Have a conversation with the artists as well as the gallery managers. If there are other guests, speak to them. Out of the whole crowd, you can be sure of meeting someone new and whom you will be interested in.

  1. Hit the Gym

By all means, have an active life. One way to do it is hitting the gym. In addition to exercising, you will be able to meet lots of new people. This includes the gym instructors as well as the other people in the class.

Since exercising is a common interest, you should be able to have fulfilling conversations with one another. After classes, go to the juice bar or café and hang out. That way, you will be able to meet someone new and connect at a higher level.

  1. Take a Beer or Wine Tour

This depends on where you live. If your locality is home to a number of breweries, you have the opportunity to take a beer tour. The same applies to a situation where there are many wineries. If you can’t find wineries or breweries, visit local restaurants where you can participate in wine tasting.

Here, you will meet other people who are out to sample some of the wines on offer. When you think of it, wine and beer present opportunities for you to socialize with other people. Without realizing it, you will meet someone new and refreshing.

  1. Go to the Local Museum

One of the best places to hang out is at the local museum. Here, you will be able to learn a lot about science, history, and art. At the same time, you will meet someone new.

Since you have shared interests in the subjects covered by that particular museum, talk about it. You will be surprised when the two of you end up on a date at the nearby café.

  1. Honor Invitations

Don’t be surprised when your neighbors take the initiative to invite you to social events in their homes. It could even be a birthday party. Since you want to meet someone new, honor these invitations. There are times when you will not feel like attending the event with the excuse that you don’t have to.

That’s a big mistake. Even if you do not like what’s going down, avail yourself. You might just meet some interesting people and make new connections. Who ways you should stay for the entire duration of the event. If you are feeling uncomfortable, simply excuse yourself until the next time. At least the fact that you attended shall be noticed.

  1. The Local Farmer’s Market

You have every reason to make it a habit to visit the local farmer’s market. For once, you will be able to get all the ingredients you need to prepare a healthy meal. Second, this is your opportunity to meet like-minded people.

You can talk about the latest fads, recipes, and ingredients that go with them. It is also a good opportunity to talk to the farmers and sellers of fresh produce. Ask questions and listen to the answers they provide. At the end of the day, you will enjoy the sociable, festive atmosphere that comes with farmer’s markets.

  1. Join an Art Class

Do you have an interest in art? How long have you longed to get the skills you need to pursue your interests? Why don’t you join an art class? Learning art is much better than a lecture. It affords you the opportunity to participate in hands-on activities. With that, you will be able to quickly strike a conversation and with your classmates.

So, don’t hesitate to introduce yourself to the other students. If you meet someone new who is also interesting, ask him or her out on a date. You will be surprised how a seemingly trivial art class can get you started in terms of a relationship.

  1. Work from a Coffee House

In today’s digitized world, many people are finding it easier to work from home. Even those employed by big corporations have the option of working remotely. While sitting in the house all day long is tempting, it helps to go out from time to time.

One of the best places you can work from is the local café. As you keep hitting the keys on your laptop, keep looking up to see who is coming and going out. When someone occupies the table next to yours, strike a conversation with him or her. Who knows? You might just end up meeting your soul mate.

  1. Join a Church or Other Religious Community

Everyone has something they believe in. If you are inherently religious, you can join a church, mosque or synagogue. Join people who share your convictions and from whom you can get support.

As you keep participating in the activities of your religious group, you can be sure of meeting new people. When you meet someone new that you are interested in, then you should take it further. Ask him or her out for a date and start a long-term relationship.

  1. Ask Your Friend for Introductions

Unless you are a total recluse, there are a few people with who you are friendly or acquainted. If these people have many friends, ask them to make introductions. That way, you will be better placed to meet someone new and start a new friendship.

When moving to a new city, ask your current friends to introduce you to the people they know in the new neighborhood. It can be something as simple as sending an introductory email. If that goes well, follow it up by arranging for a get-together. You can invite your new contacts for lunch or party at home.

If he or she turns out to be the person you have been looking for, why don’t you ask for friendship?

In Conclusion;

There are so many ways to meet someone new. You can start by participating in the things you are interested in. whether it is art, music or sports, meeting people with similar interests can be very fulfilling.

If you can, volunteer for an organization that deals in the things you are interested in. Get creative by inviting neighbors for a party. If you can’t go to the people, let them come to you.

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