Top 15 Absolute Ways To Become A Fantastic Kisser

By David Small •  Updated: 01/21/19 •  12 min read

So you’re craving for the secrets to becoming a better kisser? Well, I can still remember vividly how I struggled to initiate a kiss with my first date.  It really sucked until I gave myself the time learn the simple tricks to become a better kisser.

12 Proven Tips To Become A Better Kisser

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While kissing is something we do regularly, it’s not really something that comes that naturally. In fact, it’s an art that requires a lot of learning, practice, and improvement.  The greatest mistake many people make is to believe kissing is natural. And so requires no preparation or learning whatsoever. That misconception has to change today to win your lover’s heart. But the good news is, you can easily turn the better kisser you dream of if you’re so decided.

You are most likely ready, right? Okay, I have helpful tips for you to turn around your kissing experience in just a minute.   These tips are easy to learn and implement by anyone.  Whether you’re a first-time kisser or just trying to hone your kissing skills, I have you covered.

To cut to the chase here is introducing. …

12 Proven Tips to Become a Better Kisser

1. Freshen Up

So you’re eager to become a better kisser with your potential partner, but don’t know where to begin. There are indeed certain things you need to consider first before setting it in motion. Your breath is one of the key things you want to work on to become a better kisser.

How you smell or taste, what your partner doing at the time and the location, should all be considered.  Getting these wrong from the start would negatively affect your result. While abiding by them will make you a better kisser that he’ll respect.

Perfect oral hygiene is a non-negotiating requisite for a fantastic kissing experience. But bad breath or foul-smelling mouth taste will turn off anyone from engaging in a kiss with you. As you’re preparing for a kiss don’t forget these oral hygiene tips to freshen up yourself. Doing this will not only boost your confidence it’ll also make you smell nice and irresistible to your lover.

2. Maintain A Balanced kissing Speed

Ability to maintain a balanced speed is one of the core features of better kissers. And learning to do this will make you perform better during a kiss. Going too fast or out of control makes your kissing partner lose control or create confusion between you. But by following your partner’s kissing speed and imitating his actions you can ensure a balanced pace.

Also, you need to know when to increase the intensity with occasional breaks so as not spoil the action.

When starting a kiss, start softly. And then let him take the lead while pushing out your jaw a bit so he can reach you.  The rationale behind allowing him to lead is to help you mirror the way he kisses. And, when you do, go at exact kissing speed as his. But if he slows down or stops when you still need more, take the lead and make him continue.

Don’t forget to pay attention to his two lips as you suck gently on them. Keeping to the perfect direction is also important. Depending on the direction he’s tilting in, you should always tilt in the opposite direction for perfect fitting.

And, to have a lasting kiss, breathe through the nose or through the mouth for more passion. Or you can even choose to breathe into your partner’s mouth to create a breathless feeling.

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3. Target The Right Time

Another great feature of a better kisser is. This is so important so you don’t get turned down or appear to people as forcing it on him. More so, you can only get the most out of your kissing by initiating it when your partner is ready for it. The question here is how do you know when he’s most likely ready to kiss you. By simply studying his body language you can easily get the cue he needs a kiss.

However, you can ask his consent before making the move.  So you don’t force a kiss on him when he doesn’t feel it’s right.

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4. Give Him The Signal to Take The Lead

Although you need to give your kissing partner the lead, throwing out a little signal would help better. Don’t hesitate to arouse his urge to beg for a kiss. Doing this beforehand is highly recommended as a surprise-kiss is not the best idea and may not even work.

The truth is, men are nervous when it comes to kissing. Though this isn’t as a result of shyness, but for fear of forcing a kiss on their lovers. And you know how infuriating unsolicited or forceful kiss can be to you. So it’s always advisable that women should be the first to instigate a kiss while the man delivers it.

Many men wouldn’t take the lead until you give them the romantic signals. And here are some of the ways to give your man, that romantic vibe or signals:

5. Get Your Your Lips Readily Kissable

One of the ways to ensure a fantastic kiss is by making sure your lips are kissably soft always. Although this is not something anyone would expect always, it helps a lot. You can make your lips kissable, soft and fuller by using lip balm or chap-stick. This becomes necessary, especially in winter when your lips are dry or flaky. And in that, following this tips will help you get kissable lips naturally.


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6. Don’t Stick to Just The Lips – Mix Things Up

Sticking to just the lips will make it more boring and short of the full body experience. Once the kissing is going higher, you should think of how to spice things up. Explore his chin, above or below the lips, his forehead and make him feel on top of the world. Just make sure you go outside the lips and experiment with other parts.

7. Watch The Body Feeling and Give a Positive Feedback

Being mindful of your partner’s body language, sounds and eyes is a great way to become a better kisser.  The first thing you want to focus on now is responding to his feeling, desires, and energy. You can always get his feedback thereafter. Your ability to master this tip will make you a great kisser.

By mirroring his movements, impulses and kissing styles you can create a huge kissing experience for yourself.

After everything gives each other positive feedback. This is very important so as to encourage your partner to want to do better next time. Even if your partner isn’t the best kisser by giving positive feedback you can help her improve.

8. Pay Attention to The Lips

By paying attention to your lips simply means taking a step further to make it delicious. When you understand how best to use your lips in a kiss, you win your lover’s heart.  And, you both feel on top of the world when kissing. To make this work for you, you can find out your lover’s best flavors. And when know it then you can go and buy chap-stick that meets his flavor.

9. Don’t Give It All – Leave Him Wanting More

This part leaves many of my friends wondering how those better kissers do it. The simple trick is to always leave your kissing partner wanting more. If he thinks he has seen it all he might not value your smooching skills next time.  And again, that is where mixing it up or changing your kissing styles is most needed.

By going outside the lips, changing the speed, and the styles will help a lot. You can even make want more by adding different tricks or kissing him when he least expects. Above all, don’t make your kiss too cheap for him, not value. Make him always beg for it and wish he had more of it.

12 Proven Tips To Become A Better Kisser

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10. Use The Tongue In Moderation

When it comes to effective kissing the use of the tongue can’t be underestimated. Especially if you know how to use it perfectly yet moderately. There can be a mess if you don’t mind how you use your tongue when exchanging a kiss. You don’t want to wash your partner in saliva or have his entire mouth filled by your tongue. You can learn more about the “Do’s” and “Don’t” of French kissing.

So as you’re starting out, start without the tongue and introduce it later when the kissing becomes more passionate.  And when using the tongue, be calm and slow with it so as not to spoil everything.

11. Be Creative and Spontaneous

Creativity is what sets the better kisser apart from the mediocre.  If you’re trying to learn to become a better kisser then you need to be spontaneous. And guess what that entails – it means being able to be free and explore different kissing styles. Be very natural about and see yourself as being good at it. No one is ever born with. If those better kisser could learn it, you can too.

So loosen up, experiment with your teeth by gently tugging on your partner’s lower lip during a kiss.  A soft biting and moderate use of your tongue will do better as well. This works especially when you’re both into the action.

On being creative, don’t forget to find out his erogenous zones. Take the kissing to the sensual zones like the nose, the earlobes, the neck, and the collarbone. All these are erogenous zones you can touch with your tongue to spice up things.

And most importantly, don’t forget that a full body experience can be achieved by holding him close. Don’t just stand still or aloof, keep him close to yourself.

12.  Be Calm – Start off Gently and Softly

Experts believe that being excessively eager to kiss can do more harm than good. So just be calm and natural when trying to initiate a kiss. Don’t make it eat off your face or make hard on your partner. Whether you’re using the tongue, the teeth or even just the lips, be relaxed and soft on him. Don’t forget the saying “slow and steady wins the race. ”


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Learning to become a better kisser is not tied to just a single technique. It’s all subjective, and to enhance your kissing skill you need more than just a specific technique.  Whether you’re on a new date or just starting to kiss there are things you must learn.

An ideal kiss starts with ensuring perfect freshening up. No one will like to exchange a kiss with you if you’re having a foul-smelling mouth or breath. Maintaining perfect oral hygiene is the first thing to do to entice your partner.

Some people believe kissing is only about the lips. This is a big mistake. You can only become a better kisser if only you know how to mix up things. And achieving this entails going outside the lips. While you need to pay attention to the lips you should also experiment with other erogenous zones in the body.

Some women wait to have their men initiate the kiss. This is again another mistake you need to avoid going forward.  You’ll only get disappointed at this because most men wouldn’t do that. All you need to do is instigate the kiss and let him take the lead. By throwing out romantic signals you can easily get him to take the lead.

Last but not least, always start slow without the tongue, keep the same pace as your kissing partner. Don’t forget to use the tongue in moderation and watch for the right time to initiate the kiss. With these tips mastered holistically, you can become a better kisser quickly.

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