15 Most Dangerous Mistakes that will Drive Women Away

By David Small •  Updated: 01/30/19 •  10 min read

Rather than drive women away, every real man wants to satisfy them, especially in bed. However, many men don’t know how to achieve this desire.

They often make mistakes that turn women off, even when they have the best of intentions.
Being a good, nice guy, as well as, having good intention is essential. It is, however, not enough to give your woman the optimal sexual pleasure she desires.

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As summarized by Barbara De Angelis, in her book ‘what women want men to know,’ women are different from men in several ways. Therefore, every man must learn what to do and what to avoid when taking women on the love ride.

In this article, I will show you 15 mistakes that drive women away. I will also give you information on what you can do to avoid such errors. Let’s jump right in.

• Mistake 1: Thinking she will get turned on only by physical foreplay.

This is arguably the most common mistake that men make that drives women away. Why do men make this mistake?

Men are aroused by physical touch; so, they assume women too should be stimulated by physical contact. But the fact remains that women need both the emotional and physical foreplay to get aroused. You must make her feel loved and adored every single moment of the day; not only when you want to have sex with her.

As put by Barbara, “when it comes to creating a passionate and satisfying sex life, what happens outside of the bedroom between you and your woman is just as important as what happens in the bedroom.”

• Mistake 2: Not allowing her to be comfortable before sex begins

Men use sex to reduce stress and release tension, while women like to overcome anxiety and worries before they can get in the mood for sex.

You must learn to make your woman comfortable by doing things that will make her feel relaxed before you commence lovemaking. If you don’t know what to do, ask her.

• Mistake 3: Not taking enough time in foreplay

Foreplay is any activity that gets your woman relaxed enough and brings her to the mood to have sex. Women hate to be rushed through the process of getting ready to have sex.

If you rush her, you will only cause her pains when thrusting, and this drives women away. Take enough time kissing, caressing and touching her erogenous zones until she’s wet.

Quickies will not always give your woman the best of sexual experience that will make her want you again and again. So, take your time and make her feel good.

Drive Women Away

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• Mistake 4: Being too conscious of satisfying your woman

While it is essential to be mindful of pleasing your woman, over consciousness can drive women away.

Young men, who are mostly inexperienced and men who have had sexual relations with a woman who criticized them all through the process of lovemaking are the guiltiest of this. They make a move and ask the woman if she feels good with that move. In another fifteen seconds, they ask again if the woman feels good. It gets to the point that the woman is frustrated and can almost scream “would you just satisfy me or let’s go to sleep?” If you are inexperienced about a woman’s body, read books about it.

Be confident of what you are doing; only ask her occasionally if she feels good with what you are doing. For the most part, watch her reaction

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• Mistake 5: Despising the clitoris

Edward Eichel, an American Psychologist, discovered from his observations, that the in-and-out thrusting model of intercourse is not what helps women to achieve orgasm. Instead, a position that put constant, rhythmic pressure on the clitoris.

Any man who is not schooled in the art of stimulating the clitoris will drive women away. It is when the clitoris is stimulated that the woman can achieve orgasm, and orgasm is the real deal when it comes to having great sex.

Don’t treat the clitoris like you would a penis, touch it in several ways at the start but be consistent when she’s close to climaxing.

• Mistake 6: Mishandling the breast

Some men grab the breast, squeeze and jiggle them like they are water balloons. Perhaps, some men do this because they have seen too many porn movies where the director tells the male lead to squeeze the woman’s breast.

While the breast, especially the nipples, is an excellent tool in ecstatic lovemaking, mishandling it can drive women away. Most women prefer caressing, teasing, tickling and gentle robbing of the breast.

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• Mistake 7: Keeping quiet during sex

Men must learn to talk romantically during sex. Why? Women thrive on emotions. Silent, mechanical sex that lacks passion and excitement created by romantic, ‘dirty’ talks drives women away.

The mind plays a crucial role in the experience of the female orgasm. So, you must stimulate your woman’s mind by complementing every part of her body.

If you unlock your partner’s mind through dirty, romantic and emotional talks during sex, you are setting her up to experience the most blissful orgasms of her life and endearing her to you.

• Mistake 8: Not paying attention to personal hygiene

Some men don’t pay attention to personal hygiene before sex because they think all a woman needs from them is the penis.

However, it is just right for men to know that women get turned on in their minds before their bodies. The door to the brain includes the eyes and noses too. Untrimmed, dirty nails, sweaty body, smelly socks and feet, dirty clothes and underwear, dirty teeth, bad breath as well as rough beard all drive women away.

Furthermore, you don’t want your woman bringing her mouth close to your penis for oral stimulation and perceive bad odor from that region. Therefore, guys, take personal hygiene seriously before you attempt lovemaking to your woman.

• Mistake 9: Being obsessed about how your woman looks

A man who continually criticizes the shape, hair, makeup and style of his partner will drive women away.

Focus on your partner’s body during sex should be with the intention of complementing her, not criticizing her. Comparing your woman’s body to another is a great turn off.

First, it shows you are not committed to them, and second, it tells them that you adore someone else than them. This brings down their self-esteem and morale and gets them out of the mood to have sex with you.

If they do have sex with you, they will surely not have that ecstatic experience that will keep them wanting you over and over again.

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• Mistake 10: Not lasting long enough

Most women want their partners to stay a bit longer inside them before they cum. Not lasting long enough drives women away.

Some men desire to stay longer, but they don’t know how long is enough and what to do to increase the ability to stay longer.

It has been discovered that most women are satisfied if their partners can spend at least 10 minutes thrusting in and out of them. Sounds cool, right? To increase your capacity to stay longer, pay attention to your diet and exercise regularly.

• Mistake 11: Bad kissing

Kissing can be so romantic, sexy and magical. However, bad kisses drive women away.

Many women consider that there is nothing worse than a man who doesn’t know how to kiss. Irrespective of the other skills men possess in bed, the ability to kiss a woman well is necessary.

A good kiss is like a gift that you leave on your partner’s skin. Not only the lips, but also on the face, eyes, belly, neck, shoulders, back, thighs, and hands.

Excellent kisses must be tender, teasing and sweet. If bad kisses drive women away, imagine what no kiss would do to a woman.

• Mistake 12: Checking out emotionally after having sex

Sex has different psychological effects on men than women. While sex releases chemicals in a man’s body that makes him sleepy, it acts as a stimulant for women.

However, this is not an excuse for men to check out emotionally right after having sex. When men do this, women feel abandoned, used and tossed aside, and a woman who feels this way will not want to come back.

Guys, you don’t have to stay for another 10 minutes after sex, all that is required may be just 1 or 2 minutes to tell your partner how you enjoyed making love to her and how you can’t wait to have her over and over again.

Drive Women Away

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• Mistake 13: Not giving a variety of sexual experiences

I have stressed the fact that women use their minds for sexual activities than they use their bodies. A woman must involve her mind in lovemaking to experience orgasm. The brain works mostly on the emotions that the woman feels at a given time. Sometimes, she wants it hard, at other times she wants it soft.

A man who cannot provide several sexual experiences will drive women away. You must give her hard when she wants it hard, and play cool when she wants it cool. You must be able to mix all the experiences for her to experience that ecstasy that will always want her to come back for more.

• Mistake 14: Being pushy about wanting oral sex

Having a woman put her head between your thighs and suck your penis is sure exciting and pleasurable, isn’t it?

However, you drive women away when you become insistent about her giving you oral sex. Most women feel like a thirty-dollar hooker in the parking lot of a convenience store when compelled to give oral sex. This isn’t a feeling that will endear them to you anyway.

Allow your woman to decide whether she wants to provide you with oral sex or not. If you’re going to ask for it, do it politely; never force her head down towards your penis. While she is giving you oral sex, don’t shove your penis down her throat.

It’s better if you tell her she’s in control so that she can be more relaxed. And, keep your genitals clean. Wash yourself thoroughly before having sex.

• Mistake 15: Not seeking help

Mastery in any area of life is not a destination; instead, it is a journey. Top footballers don’t stop practicing; they keep at it till they retire. Guess what? Sex is no different. If you must make your woman crave for more lovemaking time with you, you must avoid arrogance and a know-all attitude.

You must be open to learning new ways of making your woman comfortable and touching her erogenous zones. You must also keep abreast of new styles and positions. Remember that variety is the spice of life.

Summarily, to be a great love maker, you must recognize that women are different from men. Follow the emotional progression your woman goes through before she is ready for thrusting. Build trust and make her comfortable.

I hope you have benefitted immensely from reading this article on 15 mistakes that drives women away. It’s now time to go ahead and practice what you have learned.

Go and make your woman crave for lovemaking time with you.

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