17 Amazing Ways To Be Happy In Your Relationship

By David Small •  Updated: 09/07/15 •  8 min read

ID-100259065Being in a relationship with someone you love is definitely one of the best things you could experience in your whole life. It is also considered as one of your greatest investment when it comes to emotions and love because there is an assurance that you can surely receive an exact or even greater amount of love from your partner.

Yet, a happy and healthy relationship is not that easy to maintain considering the fact that there is always an expectation within every relationship. But normally speaking, women and men in a relationship always believe that they are just equal despite their shortcomings. But the finest kinds of a relationship and the healthiest, strongest and longest relationships are the ones that have an equal superiority between the couple.

Still, a relationship is not so easy to preserve. It requires an incredible amount of efforts and focus. But we can’t deny the fact that there are relationships that really work out at its best unlike the others and are actually easily maintained.

So if you are in a relationship and you want to maintain the happiness in it, then you should follow the 17 Amazing Ways To Stay Happy In Your Relationship. These ways can definitely help you in having a happy relationship with your partner.

1. Don’t make yourself the center of your relationship 

The problem with some of the couples these days is they want to be the superior when it comes to their relationship. They always want their wants to be given by their partner without considering that their lover also have their own needs. It is one of the reasons why relationship do not last.

So don’t make yourself as the center of your relationship, always consider your partners needs and wants. Just like what the American professional soccer player Matt Dunn said, A relationship needs constant attention. It’s a living thing, not just a habit. You’ve got to keep on top of it”.
2. Make your relationship just like friendship 
There is some kind of mutual respect that can be found in friendships  that are vital for a fruitful relationship with someone. Making your relationship similar to friendship can really help you know about them. For example, talk about the things around you, it can help you learn about your partners’ moral compass plus it can also help you evaluate if you two can really be perfect for each other.

3. Be impulsive 

When you and your partner become comfortable with each other in your relationship, it is common to do things which can be mundane as the time passed by. For you to avoid it in your relationship, you should surprise your partner even without important occasions. Your surprise can definitely make your partner happy and how important he/she in your life is.

4. Don’t even try to cheat 

Cheating is one of the most common reasons why a relationship doesn’t last, so don’t dare cheat to your partner. If you really love your partner that much and you don’t want them to leave, then always stay loyal. Remember that no matter how big or small your lie is, a lie is always a lie and it can melt away the trust your partner have for you.

5. Make time for each other 

Another important thing to have a happy and healthy relationship is the time. You should spend time with each other for your relationship to have an intimacy to have a successful relationship.

6. Don’t hold back 

Don’t be ashamed to show how much intimacy or love you have for your partner even in public. Even when you are with your friends or public places with strangers, you should still make sure that you don’t neglect your partner just because there are people around you. In all honesty, public display of affection with your partner can help in strengthening your relationship.

7. Tell your partner that you care for them 

Even when you’re in a relationship with your partner for so long or not, you should still care for them just like the way you care for them in your early relationship. Not showing that you care for them can let your partner think that you don’t have any more care for them and it really bad in a relationship. So try showing that you still really care for them even the time passes by.

8. Make date nights 

An occasional dating at night in a cinema, malls or in a restaurant is also a good idea to stay happy in a relationship. It can remind you about all the memories and feelings that you have in the beginning of your relationship and can also make your relationship stronger than ever.

9. Experience things that are new in your relationship together 

Traveling to different places and even doing new things in your bedroom are experiences that you share with each other.


10. Set your relationship goals 
Setting or making your relationship goals together can let you to understand or evaluate whether where your relationship is going. Talking with each other about the future of your relationship is definitely an intimidating task, most especially when you think that you don’t have the same relationship goals with your partner.But explaining your desire for your relationship can help your partner realize what you really expect from them in your relationship and it can also show how much you want your relationship to last.

11. Don’t be scared to be weak 

Keeping your feeling by yourself will never do any good for your relationship and even for yourself. If ever you have any emotional experience, then sharing it to your partner is really a good idea and is also a great way to have talk with each other.

Showing your weak side to your partner will just make them protect and care more about you, making your romantic side of your relationship stronger.

12. Remember the reason why you became partner 

There are times that the couple will experience a very challenging and heartbreaking problem that can let them think to end their relationship. When that moment come to your relationship, always think of the reason why you and your partner became couple.

Think also of the happy moments that you have shared with each other, thinking of those things can definitely help you in refreshing your mind in making a decision out of your problem. As Pierre Teilhard de Chardin said, “Love alone is capable of uniting living beings in such a way as to complete and fulfill them, for it alone and takes them and joins them by what is the deepest in themselves.”, so don’t easily think of breaking up with other half, because you may not know that you are really meant for each other.

13. Appreciate little things 

Whether your partner makes you coffee or gives you a bouquet of flowers, appreciating little things that your partner had made for you will definitely make him or her feel that you are really happy in everything he or she makes even the small things. If you ever don’t thank them, they may stop bothering of doing things to make you happy even in small deeds.

14. Make your promises

If ever you have made a promise to your partner, make sure that you will make it. Because the moment you make a promise to your partner is also the moment that they will really expect. So don’t bother making promises to your partner if you can’t do it, it will just hurt your partner.

15. Respect your partner 

If you really love your partner then you should respect her/him and treat your partner as a precious human being, not a thing. Respect the things your partner wants for your relationship provided that it can’t do any stains for the love you have for each other


16. Always be at your best 

People always say that even at their worst if a person truly loves you, he or she will stay. Well, that is absolutely true, but believe it or not, your partner will have the chance to see you many times in your worst side. However, you should maintain to be at your best as much as possible.

Being at your best can definitely makes your partner want you more and can make your love stronger and it can also be the reason why you become really happy in your relationship.

17. Love each other truly 

Just like what Shannon L. Alder said, “There are many forms of love as there is moments in time, and you are capable of feeling them all at different stages of your life”. So the very last and the most important way for you to be happy in your relationship is to love each other truly. You should always maintain the heat and love you have for each other to make your relationship healthier and stronger.

After knowing those things, you probably have an idea on how to be happy in your relationships. The only thing you need to do is to follow them. But, always remember that your happiness in your relationship still depend on how you and your partner manage it.

David Small

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