21 Creative Ways to Tell a Man You Love Him

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Have you just met a man or have you been with him for a while now? Just how do you tell him you love him? While you could do so by voicing how you feel, it also helps to reach him through your actions.

21 Creative Ways to Tell a Man You Love Him

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It doesn’t have to be anything as big as buying him an iPhone. The simple, daily acts of kindness go a long way in telling your man how much you love him.

In return, he will trust and love you more. So why don’t you make deliberate efforts to show your man you love him?

What Is Love?

According to Psychology Today, love as a natural force that happens unexpectedly between any two given individuals. Love is usually bigger than the individual.

Even though it is possible to invite it, it is difficult to determine how, where, and when love will express itself. Love has the tendency to strike, whether you surrender to it or not.

After meeting someone you don’t like, don’t be surprised if you end up loving him or her a few years later. That’s what love is. It is not just an idea. Love is something that has to be expressed.

So, how do you show a man you love him? Here are 21 creative ways to tell a man you love him:

  1. You Wish He Was With You Right Now

When a man hears that from you, he knows you are really missing him. He feels wanted. You can send out this message in the form of a text. However, it should only be once in a while.

If you make it too often, the man may end up feeling too smothered to be loved. Also, don’t use this message in a relationship that’s just starting. It works well for couples in committed, long-term relationships.

  1. A Look in His Eyes Reveals a Gateway to a Desirable World

Before you tell your boyfriend that, you ought to be clear that he will appreciate it. The best time to send such a message is at the beginning of the relationship. It tells the man the potential you see in him as a lover.

Expressing this to a man with whom you are in a long-term relationship also matters. Not only does it enable you to communicate love but also where you want the relationship to be.

  1. How Protected You Feel around Him

One of the cutest ways to tell him you love him is to show him how secure you feel around him. Every man wants to hear that. After all, he considers himself your “protector”.

It is, therefore, a great compliment when a guy knows you feel safe in his presence. He will be sure you trust him. Apart from warming his heart, the message will enable him to trust you.

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  1. You like The Way He Understands You

It helps when a man knows you understand him better than any man in the world. So tell him you never want to hold back when talking to him.

This is a clear demonstration that you are in a relationship in which there is a lot of open communication and honesty. If you want to learn how to prove you love him more, tell him just that.

It will show him how healthy the relationship between the two of you is.

  1. He Always Does or Says Things That Make You Smile

Granted, every relationship goes through its fair share of ups and downs. So, it helps when the man in your life is able to make you smile at the slightest provocation.

Importantly, being able to do the same for him shows how much you love and care for him. When you tell him this, he will know how much you depend on him when down.

He will definitely feel great about it.

  1. You Enjoy His Company than That of Anyone Else In the World

When you finally enter into a long-term relationship, how much you enjoy each other’s company really matters. After all, you wouldn’t want to spend your time in the company of anyone else other than your spouse.

What you are telling him in this statement is that you want to and enjoy the company of the guy. In essence, you prefer to be with him more than your friends and family.

  1. You Can’t Imagine Life without Him

Looking for cute ways to show your boyfriend you love him more? Well, tell him you can’t imagine life without him. After all, he is your better half – the only one that completes you.

As a step in taking the relationship further, this is very positive. If the man was hoping for something long-term, he will feel great that you really want to live with him. He will feel great about it and also reciprocate.

  1. Your Friends Are Jealous You Have Him

Are you interested to know how to tell him you love him? Why don’t you tell him how jealous your friends are that you have him? For sure, your man’s ego will be boosted by that revelation.

It will show him how desirable he is. So don’t be scared of letting him know about it. Your man will receive this message very positively.

  1. You Don’t Know He Put Up With You

This is an admission that you aren’t a perfect woman. Rather, you admit you are difficult to handle. It tells him you appreciate what he has to go through to be your lover.

If you have just navigated a rough patch in the relationship, this is a good message to send out to him. He might also reciprocate by admitting he isn’t a better person either.

When you appreciate each other’s flaws, the relationship can only grow stronger.


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  1. It Is Difficult To Express How Much You Love Him with Words

When deeply in love, words can fail you. Instead of having he guess how deep your love for him is, why don’t you send him this message? So, he shouldn’t wait for you to say “I love you”.

What he needs is to know that you love him even when you don’t voice it. If you wanted to know how to tell a man you love him, this is it. Definitely, this is a message your man would want to hear over and over again.

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  1. He Is a Brave Gentleman When You Are With Him

Can you find a man who doesn’t want his woman to tell him how brave he is? While that may not be entirely true, it will greatly boost your man’s ego.

So, if you want to know how to prove you love him more, tell him how brave he is. He will not only feel appreciated but will also strive to maintain that bravery. This message will bring out the man hidden underneath his skin.

  1. He Is Such an Interesting Man Who Knows a Lot about Everything

Well, it is not possible that your man is a walking encyclopedia. However, a little massaging of the ego could be just what you need to take the relationship further.

If you want to know how to tell your boyfriend you love him over text, this is the message you should send out. Your man will not just feel respected, he will also strive to improve himself just to get closer to you. With that, you can expect to have an even stronger relationship.

  1. The Mere Thought of Him Is Enough to Light up Your World

If you want to learn how to tell a man you love him, you should let him how the mere thought of him is enough to light up your day. Only that you should lie about it.

Any man would appreciate knowing how much thought of him lights up your day.

  1. He Is the Most Determined and Ambitious Guy You Have Ever Met

Every man has a dream he hopes to achieve. If your man is working towards something in the future, he needs a lot of encouragement from you.

So, why don’t you send him a message that conveys exactly how you feel towards him? This kind of message is best suited for a relationship that’s just beginning. It will not only encourage the guy to work on the relationship but also on the bright future ahead.

  1. He Is the Most Masculine Man You Have Ever Met

It is characteristic of a man to be masculine. One of the cute ways to tell him you love him is to show an appreciation of his masculinity.

He doesn’t have to carry the largest biceps you have ever seen. Compliment him nonetheless. It is a sure way of making a man feel appreciated and loved too. If anything, he will love you back even more. That’s what you expect, isn’t it?

  1. You Can’t-Wait To See Him Once Again

Who doesn’t want to know he is being greatly missed? Whether you are in a new relationship or an old one, what you are telling your man is that you want to spend more time with him.

If you want to know how to prove you love him more, try communicating to him in this manner. It shows him how much you desire to make the relationship stronger and long-lasting.

  1. Listen to Him Attentively

So far, all the points canvassed above have been about how to tell a man you love him. However, love can be expressed through your actions. So, how do you show a man you love him? One of the best things to do is to listen to him more attentively.

Men find the mere act of having a conversation to be emotionally meaningful. It doesn’t matter whether he is talking about sports, politics or whatever.

21 Creative Ways to Tell a Man You Love Him

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  1. Let Him Have Time with His Friends

When you enter into a relationship with a man, it is also important to give him space with his men friends. Allow him to be away from home once in a while.

It is one way of getting him energized and ready to work harder towards making the relationship stronger.

Whether they are just hanging loose, talking or not talking, the man is likely to be more dedicated to the relationship in the future.

  1. Second-Guess His Needs and Meet Them

What’s that treat that your man just cannot do without? If he likes a hog mug of coffee at the end of a busy day, why not prepare one for him.

If his idea of relaxation is a hot bath before bed, warm up the water for him. Doing that makes you look thoughtful and caring, all at the same time. It also shows how much you care for him.

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  1. Allow Him to Be In Control

Men like to be in control. So, if you want to learn how to prove you love him more, yield control to him. Start with such small things as allowing him to control the remote.

It might seem like a small thing but it will make him feel like the powerful man he truly is. When you think of it, giving him a sense of control is the best way to tell him you love him.

  1. Just Be Silent Around Him

Perhaps the best way to express love is to leave it unsaid. You don’t have to go proclaiming love for your man to make him know he is loved. Resolve to give him a quiet night when talking about bills and bosses is consigned to the backseat.

By giving him nothing but silence, you allow him the time he needs to clear his mind of all the clutter he might have accumulated recently.


As you can see, telling a man how much you love him is easy. Whether you do it using words or through your actions, the import is that he should have a good idea of just how much you love him.

Why not? That’s the only way he is going to reciprocate his love to you. Isn’t it?

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