How to be Sexy in Bed: 17 Awesome Tips

By David Small •  Updated: 02/28/20 •  11 min read
How to be Sexy in Bed

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Contrary to popular belief, men aren’t always sexually aroused. It takes the efforts of the woman to prepare the perfect environment for a man to desire sex.

The best place to turn your man on is right there in bed. You might ask, “why me?” Well, you are the woman in the relationship, and part of your role is to spice things.

That’s why we want to show you how to be sexy in bed. In this write-up, we shall discuss 17 awesome tips to help you be sexy in bed with him.

Let’s dive right into the details.


  1. Adopt Lacy Lingerie.

Regular lingerie won’t entice your man strongly enough for him to want to make love to you. If he is used to seeing you in regular lingerie, it’s time you ditched it for the lacy staff.

It is the perfect way to get his attention in an instant. While it may cost you some money, sexy lingerie will certainly create a pathway to his heart.

A good suggestion is bright red lace lingerie or a sexy black corset. Xavier Torres provides the perfect guide to women who want to turn up the heat and increase their sex appeal.

In his book: How to be Sexy, he suggests putting on lingerie as the best way to do that. If you have been looking for a way to turn yourself into a seductress, this is it.

All of that within a manageable budget.

  1. Initiate Dirty Talk.

Dirty talk in bed always does the trick. However, you don’t have to wait until you are in bed to initiate it.

Before settling down at work, send him a text showing how eager you are to be alone with him. Or, you can do that in the evening just before you leave your work station.

Follow it up with instructions to pick up some condoms and other accessories for the night.

What a perfect way to turn him on? While at home, you may also want to take the dirty talk even further. Play with words and make sure he knows what you want.

  1. Blindfold Him.

Everyone likes to feel vulnerable, once in a while. If you want to know how to attract a man in bed, pull a fast one on him. Using one of his ties, blindfold your man.

If possible, tie him onto the bed and fondle him all over his body. You will be surprised how quickly he gets aroused when you touch him.

Carmen Electra, the author of How to be Sexy, says men love such surprises. While at it, address him in a soft, sensual voice. Tell him what you are going to do to him.

You may also tell him what you want him to do to you. There is no better way to charm him.

  1. Spice It Up With Toys.

There is always the first time to try something new. The fresher the idea is, the more likely you are to enjoy the experience.

Even as you experiment with toys, let your man know your intentions. That should be before you buy the toys. If he supports the idea, go ahead and get one.

You wouldn’t have to worry about how to attract a man in bed. If anything, you will be better placed to show him how naughty you can be when you decide to.

With this method, you will find it easier to strengthen your relationship.

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  1. Play a Love Song.

Which kind of love song do you love? Is it “All of Me” by John Legend? If that isn’t your type of music, look for a song you love.

It could be a wild, sensual song like that of Kerner. If possible, make it an easy-to-dance song that will enable you to shake your booty like crazy.

The good thing about dancing to music is that you can get over your nerves quickly. It helps if your man can join you in the dance.

If you want to know how to be sexy in bed, this the way to go.

  1. Use Ice to Great Effect.

If you have some ice in the freezer, you can use it to entice your man in several ways. For example, you could use ice to prepare a favorite cocktail to drink before bed.

Even better, ice is best used in a glass of wine. Once you get to bed, take an ice cube and rub it on his neck. As startling as that might be, it is likely to jolt him into eventual arousal.

When you are through with it, give him a warm embrace. You will be surprised how effective such a move can be.

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  1. Turn down the Lights.

Dim light provides the perfect ambiance for a steamy session with your man. Good enough, recent survey results support this.

Why is that the case? When the light is dim, both of you are capable of seeing what is going on.

In Michael Karp’s The Guide to Great Sex, you will find advice on things to do to improve in bed. When the lights are turned down, you will enjoy the resultant soft, shadowy background.

If you haven’t installed a dimmer switch, this is the time to do it. Once he gets used to it, your man will always expect a steamy sex session when you dim the light.

Peoples also tend to feel sexier in dim light.

  1. Slow Motion Stripping.

Your man doesn’t have to go to a club to experience a professional striptease. So, why don’t you put on a show at home?

Wait until you get to the bedroom and start taking off each piece of clothing one at a time. Make sure it is slow and sensual.

While at it, gaze directly into his eyes. Expose portions of your skin gradually until you bare it all. Before you strip completely, don’t let him touch you.

There is no better way to be in control of the lovemaking process. Better still, your partner will find you to be irresistible.

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  1. Take Charge.

In her book: A Call Girl’s Best Sex Tips: 500 How-Tos and Dos to Turn Him On, Renee Dubois suggests that men like women take the initiative. Never waste the opportunity to be the boss, even if it is once in a while.

You don’t have to be forceful about it. In a soft, whisper-like, sensual voice, tell him what you intend to do to him. Or, you may tell him what you expect him to do to you.

If you want to know how to be sexy in bed, you have to specify your demands. Your man will feel desirable and capable of rising to the occasion to satisfy your needs.

  1. Creatively Use Accessories.

If you want to learn how to be irresistible in bed, understand the importance of keeping only a few accessories.

This move involves stripping down to just a few pieces of jewelry during sex. As Denise Brienne suggests in 10 Ways to Seduce a Man: How to Be Seductive and Turn a Man On, you should turn him on by all means.

For example, you may want to keep nothing but a necklace, bangles, and a pair of earrings. While the jewelry may not be the focal point, it will create a great environment.

Alternatively, you may want to wear red-hot heels in bed. It is the best way to up your confidence levels and helps the man feel at ease.

  1. Eat Food Off of Him.

One of the best ways to be sexy in bed with him is through food. Meltdown dark, milk, or white chocolate and smudge it all over his body.

Slowly lick the chocolate off his body until you cover all areas. Also, have him do the same for you. Or, you may want to try licking marshmallows off of him.

Like women, men like it when they are touched all over the body. In the process, you will sexually arouse him and have the steamiest night forever.

  1. Establish the Perfect Ambiance.

Here, we are talking about how to attract a man in bed. However, you cannot achieve it if you do not have the right mood.

So, ensure the mood of the bedroom is just right. Draw the curtains, change the bedsheets, light some candles, and pour him a glass of wine.

Before he comes into the bedroom, give him a subtle message. The point is to create an ambiance that makes him expect something differently hot.

You will be surprised how hot the sex is going to be for both of you.

  1. Appeal to His Nasal Senses.

Does he have a favorite fragrance? So, why don’t you adorn it for him? If anything, men like it when their women have a great smell.

Start by taking a hot shower, soften your skin with a lotion, and spray perfume on pulse points. It doesn’t take much effort.

As soon as your man lays his eyes on you, he will want to eat you raw. The good thing with this strategy is that perfumes contain sexually arousing pheromones. That’s why it will certainly turn on your man.

You ought to follow Steve M.’s advice in his book: How to Drive Your Man Crazy in Bed: The Ultimate step by step guide on how to Tease and Ride your Man in Bed for Maximum sexual Pleasures.

Use an Eau du jour perfume to get a high level of confidence more than what you thought possible.

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  1. Cover Your Body in Essential Oils.

It may sound trivial, but essential oils can smoothen your skin and give it a shining shimmer. The move is so effective and is only comparable with sexy lingerie.

You don’t need any special skills to pull off this particular move. Take your favorite essential oils and rub a small amount on your body.

Not only will it positively alter your looks, but it will also attract him via the fragrance. To man, there is nothing as attractive as a good-looking, and good-smelling woman.

If he does not jump all over you, then he probably has a problem.

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  1. Role-Playing.

If you want to know how to be sexy in bed, try a sexual dress-up. For instance, you may want to adorn a maid uniform.

That might sexually attract your man, depending on his fetishes. Or, you may want to replicate the Nicki Minaj look.

Whichever character you choose, let it be someone you find sexy enough to emulate. You might even turn yourself into Rihanna or Katy Perry.

The point is to build a certain level of confidence and mask everyday insecurities. Your man might even want you to take on a certain character.

So, make sure you ask for his opinion before you try anything.

  1. Praise Him.

Praise and compliments can make or break a sexual relationship. Grab hold of him, kiss him on the lips, and praise him for his looks. Just like women, men like feeling wanted.

When he knows that you find him attractive, he will be aroused in readiness for a steamy session of sex. Since it doesn’t cost you anything, you could try this trick every other day.

In her book: How to Keep Seducing Your Husband, Sandra Misti suggests you make this an ongoing process. Additionally, it helps when you are the one initiating things.

Don’t say you are shy. Feeling sexy with him in bed takes some courage. It doesn’t have to be something out of this world. You could whisper something in his ear just before you go to bed.

In Conclusion:

You have just learned how to be sexy in bed. What’s important is that you put our suggestions into practice daily. If you do that, you will never stop having a blissful relationship.

Your man will also learn to reciprocate your moves, thus making your love life more interesting. The good thing is that our suggestions cost almost nothing.

With a little effort and dedication, you’ve got no reason to say you don’t know how to be sexy with him. So, don’t just sit there.

Take charge of your love life and you will improve it to a great extent.

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