How To Spice Up Things In The Bedroom #13 Will Shock You

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How To Spice Up Things In The Bedroom #13 Will Shock You

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Has your Relationship somewhat landed in a nasty sexual rut? Both you and your partner cannot explain how you got into this kind of situation in the first place.

Previously, you could not stay for a single minute without touching your partner. You always anticipated for your next steamy session. Now, you would rather go hang out with your friends in the club or sit around watching your favorite TV series.

Even the most committed couples experience such situations where they rarely have sex or the worst-case scenarios, it does not happen at all.

The truth is when the passion and drive to make your sexual life steamier no longer exists; divorcing your partner should not be an option. You will need to put a little more effort to find creative things to do in bed.

This way, you do not fall deeper into the rut. This, however, does not involve watching tons of Kamasutra videos and books and spending lots of money on expensive vacation destinations.

You can come up with simple and fun ideas to make things steamy in the bedroom. Here are 17 expert tips for breaking out of your lifeless habitual sexual routine and trying something different in bed.


Chances are that you and your partner have not tried this idea yet. After you have discovered what turns on your partner, you can try leaving clues like notes at different spots in the house.

Write nasty letters and hide them in the closet, his pockets, and her handbag or even stick them on the fridge door.

For example, you can write a note to wife or girlfriend saying “I can’t wait to take off your lacey panties” or maybe “Last night was super hot, I can’t wait for you to get home”…. Wow, this will turn them on.

Use your wild imagination to come up with these “dirty texts.”

This will undoubtedly Spice Up Your Sex Life. Guess you and your partner have your favorite few sex positions. You do not want to try another new one since you are confident your partner will always love the old ones.

Nevertheless, as much as you have already mastered these positions, it will do you good trying out different new positions to identify fresh ways to stimulate each other.

Write down all the new positions you have discovered on pieces of paper, put them in a jar. Pick them one by one when both of you are free. Who knows, maybe the wheelbarrow sex position could make your partner want you even more.

If you are worried about flexibility, you could try out some naked yoga in as you plan for the new sultry sex positions.

Since you have been together for quite some time now, you have stopped showering together. The truth is this simple action can give you the best results.

Next time you see your partner walking into the shower, follow them right and surprise them with a breathtaking Blowjob or a CJ. Scrub his or her back in a sexy manner.

Maybe you could shave their naughty bits or even better have sex as water trickle down your bodies. Lotion your partner’s bodies after the sensual shower session.

This may sound obvious and outdated, but it one of the best things that a woman can do to spice up the bedroom sexually. Women should never be shy of discussing some with their partners the kind of dressing they like during sex.

You can try out dressing in various costumes like saying a sexy nurse cosplay, sexy lingerie’s or a sexy thong, his best female superhero, or sexy slutty heels.

As well, do get more inspiration online on how you can make edible underwear and edible bras that your sweetheart can chew up during sex.

Start the day teasing him by wearing a sexy miniskirt or a flirty top that exposes your cleavage cutely and get him in the mood. Try out anything that brings out your sexy curves and make him want you even more.

Massages are also fun ways of spicing things up in the bedroom. It is an ideal time to make your partners want you more by rubbing essential oils on knotted spots.

This makes him or her feel rejuvenated after a busy, stressful workday. Before you start the massage session, make sure to find an ideal place with lots of space for moving around and extremely comfortable for the receiver.

The perfect place will undoubtedly encourage you to engage in naughtier activities.

For instance, you can lay down pillows on the floor and create a soft spot for your partner to lie down. As you try getting them in the best position, keep in mind back comfort.

Try getting massage oil enriched with jojoba and lavender, sweet almond massage oil, grape seed oil, or even coconut oil. These oils help you hand glide over your partners’ skin effortlessly for smooth sensations.

For a spa-like experience, you can light up romantic candles or even dim the lights. Moreover, put some slow romantic music and spray the room for a sweet scent. Just make sure to clean the excess oil since it tends to degrade the latex used in condoms.

Now, this may seem naughtier than the rest of the creative things to do in bed if you are a woman. Nonetheless, it will surely boost your confidence levels and make you feel even sexier.

Put some seductive music like “Ride” by Ciara or ‘Naughty girl” by Beyonce to get both of you in the mood. The music should be something both you and your partner enjoy.

The outfit can be anything from a naughty nurse, a sexy schoolgirl, or even an eager secretary. Choose a suitable and comfortable chair for him that can withstand the “pressure.”

Use your wild imagination to identify the best moves and touch yourself everywhere to make him beg for more. Remember that the number one rule when it comes to strip teasing is that he is not allowed to touch the goodies no matter how bad he wants you.

When you come home from a typical day at work, bring come to some sweet chocolate sauce as well as whipped cream to spice up your bedroom. This is for your partner to lick off slowly.

Give your partner all the freedom of smearing the chocolate or spraying the cream all over his or her body. Let them dictate all the areas you should lick.

You can also get some ice cubes on your partner’s body and lick off the water sexily. As well, have them suck on these ice cubes before getting down to kissing part and even enjoying best blowjob or CJ ever.

You may end up “chewing your partner eventually.” In addition, you can add some fruits like grapes that you dip to into the cream and chocolate to make it more fun.

How To Spice Up Things In The Bedroom

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Yes. You read it right. The same old bed you keep having sex on is what keeps you and your partner to dive further into the sex rut. Find somewhere and sex it up. Why not get down and dirty on the kitchen counter, the floor, or even the stairs.

On the other hand, you can also book a cozy hotel room or sex it up randomly in your car in the middle of the night. Do you feel naughty during a family dinner? Grab your partner and have a steamy quickie in the bathroom or even go and rough it up in the basement.

Take a closer look; you will be surprised at just how many different places you can have explosive sex. However, be careful with public areas; you do not want your colleague running into you in the middle of an orgasm in the elevator.

Remember the weirder the place you choose to have the sex, the spicier it gets. A good book like “101 Places to Have Sex Before You Die by James St. will give you more inspiration on adventurous places you can have sensual sex.

Guys, by now, you realize that women need lots of foreplay to reach their bliss moments as compared to men. If you want a woman to experience a sweet orgasm, you should never skimp on foreplay. Run your fingers through her hair.

Kiss her, caress her and turn on her erogenous zones. Do not rush it. This will make your woman feel that you care for them and are not only after your satisfaction. Women should also realize that foreplay is also everyone’s job and should not only reserve it for exclusive occasions.

Touch your man’s abs seductively, kiss their neck, and make them feel special. Also, realize that foreplay should not begin in the bedroom only. During the day, send him or her flirty texts, call them and even send the sexy notes as an expression of your desires.

The number of couples who try experiencing anal pleasure keeps rising by the day. However, most couples consider this as a taboo. They may feel shy about even bringing up this topic. Anal sex is usually lots of fun.

The anus has many nerve endings that can be stimulated for maximum pleasure. You will find it very surprising that anal sex will strengthen the bond between you and your partner.

If you are still too shy when it comes to anal sex, you can start by having your partner rub some lube on their finger and apply minimal pressure around the anal edges.

You will find just a bit of pressure extremely pleasurable. With time when you get used to, they can perform oral on your butt even deep penetration using their fingers for beautiful orgasms.

You can also buy high-quality anal toys for more pleasurable but sensations. However, when engaging in anal sex, you should make sure to shower first so you prevent any chances of acquiring bacterial infections.

Remember that participating in anal sex does not mean anything about your sexual orientation. It is just like any other way of exploring different pleasurable sexual sensations in the bedroom.

You may not realize it, but maybe the reason why your sex life keeps deteriorating is you do not know each other’s fantasies. Could this be your situation? If so, it is time to discuss with each how you can spice up your bedroom through fantasies.

Maybe your man has always wanted to see you dressed up as a teacher wearing hot red heels, or perhaps your woman use still dreams of having some erotic BDSM as a submissive.

According to wikihow, Exploring your fantasies as you keep in mind that both of you should always come out of the bedroom happy and rejuvenated.

Your bedroom should also have the right equipment for you to experience out of this world sex. In reference to Healthline, sex toys can greatly enhance your sexual health.

Go shopping for vibrators, dildos, handcuffs, blindfolds, and scarves to take the experience to the next level. Wearing a cork ring is also a thing a man can do to spice up the bedroom.

It helps them to have sex for a longer time. It is also a good idea to invest in a premium quality lube.

Consider a silicone-based lube or a water-based lube to prevent discomfort when having sex due to dryness. Also, do invest in a top-quality wedge pillow that will enable you and your partner to enjoy various sex positions without straining too much.

Get high-quality bed sheets and better bedroom lighting. Go for smart bedroom lights that are much easier to control the light intensity and color.

You can also get fun books on Amazon such as The Ultimate Sex Guide That Will Spice up Your Sex Life by Lexi Renee, which can help you to revamp your sexual routine.

Another bestseller for a couple who want to spice up their bedroom sexually is “the Guide to getting it on” by talented author Paul Joannides Psy.D

Many couples, especially those that have been in a long-term relationship, are usually having many complaints as regards the inconsistency of sex.

One of the greatest secrets to spice things up in the bedroom and make him crave is having a schedule for sex.

Most people have the idea that this is a total turn off, but the ugly truth is that it can have impressive results when done appropriately.

Mark a date on the calendar where you and your partner plan to have some sensual sex. This will always have both of you anticipating the set day to come.

Each one of you can take turns setting the dates to make things more interesting.

A big mistake that couples always do is asking their better half if they want to have sex. This makes having sex appear like a tiresome chore that you have to struggle when doing instead of enjoying yourself to the maximum.

Each time you are in the mood, consider leading your partner right into the bedroom and get right into business. Alternatively, you can even get nastier and have sex right where you are. Overall, being spontaneous is not about discussing sex first.

Pleasuring yourself will surely help you to discover what turns you on and make you feel your best. You will also get to find out what you do not like. You get to know the pressure, speed, and techniques that you want.

It makes it easier to direct your partner into giving you impressive orgasms. It will help you and your partner enjoy sex better overall.

To get yourself into the mood of pleasuring yourself, you can watch an erotic film, read a dirty novel, and fantasize about your partner or even dirty text with your partner.

Get a comfortable position in your room and listen to some sexy music before you get down to discovering your most sensitive spots.

You never have to watch porn all by yourself and keep it a secret from your sweetheart. If you are not sure, ask your partner which porn categories they like.

A significant benefit of watching pornography is that it helps you and your partner to discover new ideas that you can use during foreplay. You will get to learn more new sex positions for more fantastic sex.

Well, if you do not like watching porn or feel too embarrassed watching it with your partner, it is a great idea to play sex games or even read erotic literature together. This gets both of you in the mood.

Try seeing how many pages of the dirty novel you can read before devouring your sexy partner.

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Most couples tend to overlook the importance of mutual masturbation. You can watch as your partner masturbates, or both of you can masturbate simultaneously and enjoy yourselves.

You will find it mind-blowing to watch your partner as they arouse themselves. If it is your first time to engage in mutual masturbation with your partner, you will find it quite awkward.

However, you will get more comfortable with time. It will be easier for you to discover what turns on your partner the most. What areas do they like being touched? What techniques feel the most pleasurable for them?

What level of speed and pressure are they using? On the other hand, your partner will also get to see what you like as you masturbate. This sounds hot, right.

Wrap Up

In conclusion, you can try many things to spice thing in the bedroom sexually. Life is too precious to keep having boring sex.

Remember, the bedroom is never the only place you can have explosive sex. Use these foolproof tips to switch things up a bit. Always communicate with your partner, so its lots of fun for everyone.



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