The 12 Most Best Places To Have Sex

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Like everyone else, you have your own sexual fantasies. While your fantasy may involve role play, kink or multiple partners, it may also be about places. As Laura Corn says in 101 Nights of Great Sex, having it in a variety of places adds to the fun.

The 12 Most Best Places To Have Sex

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It not only spices up your sex life but also create more experiences with your partner. Luckily, the number of places to have sex keeps increasing with each passing day. However, you have to be ready to step out of your comfort zone to explore what’s possible. In the end, you will discover your adventurous side.

If you are serious about discovering the sexy places to have sex, here are a few suggestions to get you going:

  1. Your Garden or Backyard.

Your backyard is the most private place you can have sex in the outdoors. When you venture outside the usual confines of the bedroom, you add variety and oomph to your sex life. On a warm starry night, spread a picnic blanket on your porch.

These are the views of Jennifer Hunt in 1,001 Best Places to Have Sex in America. You will be inundated by the sound of crickets and the scent of flowers in the yard. Since you want to maintain some privacy, ensure that the neighbors do not have a clear view of what’s going on. That way, you can get into action without the fear of attracting unnecessary attention.

  1. A Secluded Beach.

The beach is one of the riskiest places to have sex but also the most exciting. As Jessica Graham says in Good Sex, the action can happen anywhere. Apart from being an openly public place, there is the risk of sand getting into the wrong places. Of course, some people like the thrill that comes with the risk of getting caught.

However, the sand entering places it shouldn’t could take enjoyment out of the whole experience. To avoid these inconveniences, wait until you are alone on the beach. Get a blanket and use it to prevent the sand from misbehaving.

The sound of the waves hitting the shore coupled with the sight of the open sky is what makes the whole experience worth the while.

  1. On a Seat Inside Your Car.

Did you know that Elite Daily ranks sex in the car the second greatest? Apart from minimizing the risk of getting caught, sex in your car can be a very exciting experience. If anything, you aren’t tangling up in the public as such. You are in the privacy of an automobile.

So pull over in a secluded place and get it going. If you can’t find a secluded place, then wait until the card is in the garage. Here, you will be able to maintain a level of privacy, while enjoying the excitement of having it in a car. It is also likely to remind you of your high school days when you were not afraid to be naughty.

What you have to seriously think about is how you are going to have two grownups fit on the seat of a car. As such, you have the option of doing it on the front or back seat. If you insist on the front passenger seat, then open the door to create room for extra adventure in terms of possible positions.

If you are afraid of getting caught by a patrolman, do it on the backseat, where it is more private. Ensure the door are securely locked.

  1. The Movie Theater.

Given its public nature, the movie theater is one of the best places to have sex. It is risky to try it when the place is teeming with people. So go there when it is empty or nearly empty. That way, you will avoid attracting unnecessary attention from the moviegoers.

The best movie for such action is one that’s really loud. It could be one that involves a lot of action and adventure. That helps suppress the sounds and moans. It could be prudent to carry a towel to avoid lying down on the dirty floor.

While you might be tempted to do it lying down, it is best to have the girl mount you as you continue facing the screen. This is what’s widely known as the cowgirl position. This helps to conceal the fact that you are getting entangled in the movie theater. So you can keep watching the movie while going on with the other important business.

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  1. Your Kitchen.

The kitchen is the place where most of the action in the home begins. It is here that food is prepared to properly nourish members of the family. However, it also comes in handy during making love.

If anything, it is one of the sexy places to have sex. Here, it is easy to get creative, given the many surfaces available. First, is the floor. After spreading a mat, you and your partner are free to start making love.

As earlier stated, the kitchen offers endless options when it comes to surfaces. If the floor is not appealing enough, try the kitchen counter or dining table. Due to their elevated nature, these two surfaces provide endless styles and positions. If not, the front of the fridge will do just fine.

  1. The Laundry Room.

Making your love life exciting is all about picking the craziest of places to get entangled. According to Marsha Normandy in 101 Places to Have Sex Before You Die, the laundry room is just perfect. Amidst the washing machines, you can have a steamy session.

What’s appealing about this setting is the mix between the machine’s height, the washer’s vibrations, and the noise of the water. If the washing machine is too high, get a stool and step on it. That way, you will be able to compensate for the height deficit.

The washing room is the place to experiment and try out new things. Why don’t you lie on the machine, for once? Alternatively, you could have your partner sit on the machine and then wrap your legs around her waist.

So as to enjoy some heat, get into the washing room during a warm or hot wash. Take note that the cotton cycle produces the most vibrations and advantage of it.

  1. Inside Your Bathroom.

Due to the wide functionality of the bathroom, it is one of the most exciting places to have sex. For once, you may want to sit on the bathroom counter before getting started. Alternatively, you could support yourselves on the walls of the bathroom.

The bathroom is undoubtedly a great choice. Amanda Fox names the bathroom among 50 Places to Have Sex. Think about the great views you will get from the large mirrors. For sure, you will appreciate seeing yourselves right in the middle of the action.

Additionally, the wetness, warmth, and craziness of the bathroom makes it possible for you to get into action without letting out any sounds. You may bend over and have your partner enter from behind.

This position is great for the shower, where you can support yourself by anchoring your hands on your calves. To have a more fulfilling session, you may use a silicone lubricant. Without it, the water may make the whole experience uncomfortable.


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  1. A Hot Misty Sauna.

One of the best places to have sex is in a sauna. Whether it is in a hotel, health club or at home, the steamy nature of the sauna adds oomph into the whole experience. For a public sauna, only try it if you find yourselves there alone. Otherwise, it could make the other patrons uncomfortable.

However, if you have a sauna at home, you shouldn’t have any inhibitions. These are the views of Denise Briene in 101 Places to Have Sex. After all, this is your own private space. The sauna adds excitement to what would be a normal steamy session by making the two of you sweat even more.

You should be cautious not to overheat the sauna. Otherwise, with the romping and action, you could sweat yourselves to dehydration.

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  1. On the Hiking Trail.

Romance is not just about having a candlelight dinner. Venturing into the wilderness could spice up things between the two of you. So why don’t you take the hiking trail and walk into the wild unknown.

This could just be the Quickest Way to Spice up Your Sex Life. Due to its unfamiliar nature, the wilderness is bound to make your sex hormones go into overdrive. This is one of the sexy places to have sex, given its liberating nature.

Perhaps you may not even have planned it. You could be aimlessly walking in the woods when you suddenly feel the chill. You don’t have enough clothes but you keep warm. Before you know it, you are embracing, cuddling, and romping.

Here, you have numerous options when it comes to sex positions. For once, you could try it against a tree, in a meadow, atop a boulder, and so on. Importantly, carry a blanket, just in case you may need it.

  1. The Hotel or Home Balcony.

Some people can’t fathom having sex in the outdoors. To them, the indoors is the place to be. In order for such individuals to spice up their sex life, they could try doing it on the balcony. While it is not completely outside, it gives you the thrill is making love in the open.

So go to your enclosed balcony, spread a few blankets, and have some exciting time in the ensuing fresh air. You could also lean against the balcony and then have your partner come in behind you. How wonderful is Public Sex?

Alternatively, you could try it on a hotel balcony. If you find the hotel room familiar and unappealing, the balcony is the next best bet. That’s especially if your room has its own balcony. It you can see a public or gathering place from the balcony, the better. People may hear your low moans and not see you. Apart from lying on the floor, you could also have sex on the balcony while holding on the grills.

  1. The Comfy of the Sofa.

Why should you go far and wide in search of sexy places to have sex when you have your sofas and couches? One thing about sofas is that they are casual and comfy all at the same time. You can use them to give additional support to your back.

In Bucket List 101, Hugo Villabona says the sofa makes it possible for you to get into all sorts of sex positions. You also get to make love right in the privacy of your home, without worrying about getting caught.

For instance, you could straddle your partner’s laps while supporting your knees with a soft cushion. If the cushion does not work, then ask your partner to bounce their knees a little bit so as to make it comfortable for you during the up and down motions. Also, you may hold hands while bouncing to enable you lean back a little bit further. With that, you will have an anchoring line for heavier action.

  1. The Good Old Bedroom.

Everyone has a bedroom where they get to relax at the end of a difficult day. Here, you have a bed where the two of you are used to having action night in night out. While it is nothing like making love in the park, the bedroom allows for a calm relaxed atmosphere.

Here, you can start off with a long-drawn foreplay session. Again you can take as long as you want. You have no fear of getting caught and are more at home with yourself. The reason the bedroom is the best place to have sex is its privacy and familiarity.

It is the place where you and your partner aren’t afraid to get naked. Here, you are under no inhibition, thus creating all kinds of possibilities. You might want to read the 101 Exciting Places to Have Sex book.

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Clearly, you can have sex virtually anywhere. Changing locations is a way to spice up things and increase the frequency of love making. While you may not be able to try all the places suggested here, you should try it once in a while.

Remember that it takes a lot of courage to have sex in a public place. If that’s not your cup of tea, the good old bedroom sex will do just fine.

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