15 Proven Ways To Make Him Love You More

By David Small •  Updated: 05/05/18 •  13 min read

How to make him fall in love with you forever? How will you do it? Do you want to make him addicted to you? Have you been wondering how to make him want you more and more every day? How will you make your man love you more?

15 Ways to Make Him Love You More

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Do you want to rekindle the days you were inseparably in love? How will you draw him closer? How and when will you start living you’re happily ever after? Worry not! It’s doable, you will do it, and this article will help you do it. Here are 15 ways to make him love you more.

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  1. Love and let go!

To make your man want you and become addicted to you, you’ll need to love him for the person he is. Love him enough to let go his past errors, mistakes, relationships and daily annoyances. He’s human as much as you are! You can’t expect him to be perfect in an imperfect world. Are you perfect? Think of that before judging him harshly!

According to James K. Abshire in his book: Live, Love, and Let Go Letting go is the prerequisite to a blissful ever after. That’s how you make him addicted to you! It’s annoying always thinking about how better your ex or his ex-were. It’s about time you became mindful! Be in the here and now moment with your man.  Life is short and it’s all on you says, Abshire. You can either choose to make life blissful or dreadful. Choose wisely!

  1. Focus on your Unique traits

What makes you, YOU? What’s unique about you? Remember when you started dating? What did he compliment you on the most? Optimize on your strongholds and embrace the compliments he throws your way says Felicia Vine in her well-renowned book: How to Make a Man Fall in Love With You, to make him addicted to you, you need to be all inn says, Felicia. Give him the best of you, love him like you’ve never loved anyone before and remember to spoil him rotten every once in a while.

Differentiate yourself! That’s how you make him fall in love with you forever. Give it a try! Start by loving yourself first and enough. Accept his love and give him the love he deserves. You’re a woman!  Beautiful, unique, successful (or at least getting there), ambitious and focused not forgetting the curves! Having a man who wants you as much as you do is a super plus. You can have it all girlie! You can have it all! While at it, remember to focus more on his positive traits.

  1. He’s a hunter by nature! Accept and Allow it.

Love You More

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Here comes the cliché. You’re supposed to spoil your man, but not too much to make him super comfortable. Yap! Is Love a beautiful thing hmmm? According to Amy Thompson in her book: Make Him Love You, women need to learn and appreciate their men as natural hunters. Spoil him just enough to keep him wanting more. Spice things up by being unpredictable every once in a while. That’s how you make him want you!

Venus Potter in her book: How to Make a Man Fall in Love With You, concurs. Her book encourages women to make their relationships consistently spicy for the sake of the chase. In relationships, you need to give and receive, right? Well, that’s basically the concept of the chase. Your man wants to give! He want’s to work and win over your heart as you age together, so let him! Don’t play games though, it’s going to backfire on you. Basically, be you and keep him on his toes. How to Make a Man Fall in Love With You is a great read if you want to specialize in the art of the hunter.

  1. Benchmark from your past relationships

What is it that you’re, sister/brother, parents or ex-complained about the most?  Instead of always being defensive, use their criticisms as a stepping stone to a better you. Nicole Nichols in her book: How to Make a Man Fall in Love With You, advises women to use criticism to their advantage.  She encourages women to use it for growth in their current relationships if they want a man who will love them forever.

Look at what pissed him off in the past too. What does he keep telling you not to do? Listen to him and stop it if you’re better off without it. You can make your relationship a safe haven, you can make him addicted to you! Understand yourself first, be willing to eliminate the negative habits and boom! You have a man who’s addicted to you. Simple, yes?

5. Connect, Connect and Please Connect!

Remember when he couldn’t keep his hands to himself?  Do you remember when sex was on for breakfast, lunch, and dinner? When you’d tell him anything and everything? Remember when thoughts of him kept consuming you? The late nights talking and just being felt great yes? Well, you need to get back there!  You can get that back, says Bruce Byrans in Make Him Beg for Your Attention. What was different then? What were you doing differently? Ponder on that for a minute! Seriously! Just state or jot them down.

Now that you’ve identified some factors that changed, are you ready to stop using them as excuses and act? Children, time and boredom are not excuses that should keep you two from truly connecting. When was the last time you goofed around? Have you worn a sexy lingerie of late? Wait, do you even own a lingerie? You’ve been to an intimate dinner at least yes?  See where this is going?

If you don’t want to end up posting posts like “you never know what you’ve got till it’s gone”, stop sabotaging your relationship and work on connecting with your mate at every level; Spiritually,  sexually, physically, emotionally, academically and so on. CONNECT!

  1. Resist the urge to nag!


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Resist woman resist!  It’s going to take every muscle in you not to nag. Bruce Bryans, in How to Get a Man Without Getting Played, says it’s going to be worth it in the end. Women are natural caretakers.  It’s in them to care and nurture, hence why they are sometimes known as naggers. You’re not the mother! Focus on being the wife or girlfriend and not the mother. When he say’s he’s looking for an extra source of income, be woman enough to push him towards that. However, be cautious not to over do it, hence appear nagging.

Give your man the time he requires to be his own man. For him to be successful, he’ll need to be his own man first! You’re the wind beneath his wings, but he needs to be his own person first. Then, you’ll get to appreciate the well-acknowledged quote “ Behind every successful man, there is a WOMAN!”. Strong! Strong! Woman! Let your man sprout naturally, every step at every stage is important. “ Thou shall not NAG! “m

  1. Don’t trash talk him to ANYBODY!

No! You don’t need to go whining to your best friend or parents everytime you have a fight! He’s your better half! Would you like if everyone knew your flaws and judged you for them? Before trash talking him, remember your negative words are what your friends and family will forever judge him by. Is that what you want? Would you like it if the same was done to you asks Bruce Byrans?

When It comes to relationships, it’s wise to know that you’re in it with your partner! If you need to seek advice, ensure you do so from a professional!

  1. Make an impression on his friends.

Did you know that impressing a man’s friend is one of the easiest ways of making him fall in love with you? Know who are the people that make up his closest inner circle. It’s just about anyone they love and respect. When these people are impressed, word will get back to your hubby. He will know you in a new light, as a wonderful human being who can hang out with his friends too.

You cannot make him addicted to you if you dislike all his friends. In a relationship, you will have fights. Who will he turn to at such times? His friends, of course. Work on impressing his friends. Spend time with them. Go to the theater. Play a basketball game. As Eric Monroe says in The Irresistible Woman, it is much easier to get to a man’s heart by first connecting with his friends.

Be yourself though. Let the friendship grow naturally with his friends. In the end, it’s wise to note that not everyone will like you anyways. Give his friends time to get acquainted with you. Don’t be too close though. A safe distance should be maintained when it comes to his friends.

  1. Smile! Laugh!

15 Ways to Make Him Love You More

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Do you realize how important it is to smile and laugh with your man? Nothing will make a man love your company, like making him laugh. Nobody says it should be some random laughter. You will look crazy if you appear to be laughing at nothing. You might scare him off too.

Smile more! According to Michael Fiore in the book: Make Him Beg To Be Your Boyfriend in 6 Simple Steps, men love women with smiling faces. You look more attractive that way. Remind each other of the memories you have built over the years. Crack some jokes. You are likely to have a stronger bond when you laugh together often.

  1. Be independent

Do you want to make him addicted to you desperately?  Be independent! Strong women are those who are more independent. Give him time to spend with his friends and family. Free yourself and find time to spend with your loved ones. After all, life does not start and end with him! Besides, when will you ever go shopping for that surprise lingerie if you’re always with him everywhere?

If you want to know how to make him fall in love with you forever, be independent. Eric Monroe in his book: Make Him Desperate to be Yours Forever, men love women who are independent. Not the clingy type!

  1. Relaxed and easy-going will do

No one enjoys spending time with stressed-out individuals. Leave alone a potential lover. As Marie Forleo says in Make Every Man Want You, spending time in the company of such people only exposes you to the stress. Yes, the stress tends to rub off on others! People love being around easy-going and relaxed people for the simple reason that they make them feel less stressed and aggravate.

Always try to look at the positive side of life and things when it gets tough. That way, your man does n’t feel inadequate of making you happy. If you ’re starting a relationship, it is rare that a man will go out of their way to cheer you up on every occasion instead of falling in love with you. The man might just end up walking away. Don’t blame him when he does that. If you can’t make him addicted to you now, when and how will you do it?

So stop coming out as negative all the time. You will only fight off the men who could have committed to you.

  1. Give! Give! and Give!

Love You More

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If you want to know how to make him love you forever, you must realize that relationships are built on the basis of give-and-take. Like most people, for might go into the relationship expecting your partner to be the one always giving. As Karen White says in her book: How to Make a Man Want You, building a strong relationship is never about what you can gain.

Take a step back and look at your relationship. Is your partner gaining anything from you? Or is always on the giving end? You can only make him addicted to you if you’re willing to give! Give him your whole, share the last slice, give, give and GIVE!

  1. Confidence! Confidence! and Confidence!

Did you know that being confident will make you more attractive? Dominic Mann in Make Him Beg to Be Yours says that most people admire and wish they could be like confident people. If there is ever company to die for, it is with confident individuals.

If you want to know how to make him want you more, work on your confidence! Overcome your shyness by showing confident body language. Avoid walking with hands in your pockets and with a downcast poise. Hold your head high. Draw your shoulders back. That is how a confident woman should look. Also, try leading conversations.

  1. Listen more than you talk

Are the one always talking? Why don’t you try listening to him for once? Remember that listening is not the same as waiting for your turn to speak. You don’t want to frustrate your potential lover. How else will he confide in you if you never listen? According to Kara King, in her book: The Power of the Pussy, you need to make him know that you are interested in what he is saying. It is a way of showing your love and respect for him. Which man wouldn’t fall for a loving, compassionate, and caring woman?

make love

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  1. Eye contact is key

Are you trying to find out how to make him want you more? Make a lot of eye contact with him. It shouldn’t be anything creepy.  According to Amelia Faris in her book What Men Want, you can enhance the bond between the two of you with the right amount of eye contact. Make lingering eye contact when speaking with him face-to-face. With time, both of you will develop feelings of intimacy. Who can resist that? Loving you more and more will then be inevitable!

In Conclusion;

It takes deliberately directed efforts to have a man drooling over you. Don’t sit pretty and assume the relationship will grow stronger without making any effort. The sooner you start working on it, the stronger your relationship will grow. You’re now fully equipped to make him addicted to you. Go get him, girl!

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