How to Make a Man fall in Love: 8 Tips

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Do you desire to know how to make a man fall in love? Most girls think that they must have a perfect figure that leaves men drooling behind them.

How to Make a Man fall in Love

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Well, you may have an hour-glass body, but serious men want more than that. The good news is that melting his heart is not as hard as it may seem.

You don’t have to learn rocket science to make him fall over heels in love with you. Often, guys fall for girls due to only a few fundamental reasons.

Just grasp some psychological tactics, and you are on your way towards winning his heart. Stick with me as I tell you some of these tested and proven tactics.


1. Build his adrenaline up

The first tip on how to make a man fall in love with you is stimulating his heart- but not the way you’re thinking. It’s too early to be cheeky.

When you succeed in setting his heart on a race like he’s been on a roller coaster, his brain will think that your presence causes excitement. It develops a deeper connection between you two.

“There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.”- Leonard Cohen

You could jump out of the plane with him! Or maybe try bungee jumping. However, you don’t have to try all those extreme sports.

Your man will find you more attractive if you initiate a moderately exciting and stimulating activity. Tennis, playing pickup basketball, or any other sporty activity will do.

Some guys may also have their adrenaline start flowing if you watch a horror movie with them.

A super-competitive board can also excite other guys. Just remember to do your homework of identifying that thing that can arouse him.

2. Maintain Body Contact

We all know how new relationships tend to be all rosy and good. What’s the reason for this? The answer is that dopamine hormone during that stage that causes much arousal.

It is one of those ‘lust’ hormones that the brain releases when you connect with a man. The hormone is both pleasurable and addictive. That’s why you just want to stick close to him always.

However, that phase quickly comes to pass as the flood of dopamine in your brains start going down.

The lustfulness starts ebbing away, especially if you don’t put in more effort to keep the fire burning.

“Real men don’t love the most beautiful girl in the world. They love the girl who can make their world the most beautiful.”

So, how do you ensure the lusty chemicals continue flooding his brain? Try maintaining body contact and spending much of your time cuddling.

He will feel close to you as your feminine body warms him. In response, his brain will set the dopamine flowing, strengthening that love bond and intimacy.

Additionally, intimate body contacts cause his brain to release oxytocin, another powerful love chemical.

It makes him more attracted to you. Are you that girl that faces circles of singlehood within weeks or months? Try this proven trick, and you will thank me later.

3. Share secrets with him

Telling him secrets about you is one of the best ways of creating close intimacy with your man. Revealing secrets to him shows that you trust him with your heart.

Additionally, it unconsciously indebts in him to reciprocate and trust you in return.

Since you are comfortable enough to tell him what you store in the secret corners of your heart, he will also become comfortable doing the same.

Now, it can even be something else other than a secret. You can tell the man about yourself.

Go ahead to let him know what interests your, your fears, dreams, experience, and other things that constitute your life. Remember to leave space for him to share the same things with you.

Sharing the secrets between you will draw you closer and deeper to each other. Consequently, trust and feelings of intimacy will begin developing and growing in the relationship.

“When a woman tells a man about her feelings, she doesn’t want him to fix her. She wants him to shut up and listen.”-

However, don’t be too careless with this tip, primarily when you’ve just known him. You don’t want anything to backfire and work against you.

During the first stage, be selective in what you reveal. For example, telling him how the past boyfriend hurt you or was amazing could quickly put your new catch off.

Additionally, don’t pester him to reveal too much of himself. You may not like some of the revelations. Or he may not like your constant pestering.

4. Don’t just do the talking, listen

While sharing your secrets and other things, you need to listen as much as you talk. I understand that the first dates or meetings can be full of nervousness and awkward silence.

Girls have earned the fame of being talkative as a way of releasing emotions or trying to make the other person feel welcomed. Well, of course, some men do so too.

Are you always a culprit of incessant chattering when nervous? You may have to deal with this beforehand. When you meet, breathe in and relax.

Ask him questions and listen as he talks. Answer him back and enjoy the momentum. If you practice doing much of the listening, you are on your way towards winning the man of your dreams.

Perhaps you have realized that he is not the talkative kind. However, that doesn’t mean you should do all the talking. He may not like it.

Therefore, ask more interesting questions that don’t appear dull, obvious, or too investigative. You’ll be surprised at how mister cool will open up and feel that you’re concerned about him.

“Don’t underestimate the seductive power of a decent vocabulary.”

After he answers each question, you may chip in with your answers as well.

It will create a sweet rapport and allow you two to know your common grounds. You’ll be shocked at how time flies when the conversation takes a balanced momentum.

However, the next time you meet, you will build from where you left seamlessly.

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5. See each other frequently

Another fantastic way how to make a man fall in love with you is to bump into each other. “Out of sight, out of mind.” If you work or live in the same place, it becomes easier.

Otherwise, you may have to arrange on how to meet him. You’ll be more comfortable with each other if you run into him and see him frequently. You also get more attracted to each other.

“Men fall in love through their eyes. Women fall in love with their ears through words.”- Zan Perrion

Do you remember the first time you saw each other? He looked so charming. The second day probably saw you smiling at him, and he returned the smile.

You struck up a conversation on the third day. Before you knew it, you were quickly becoming an item.

Now, you need to keep him falling in love by showing up. Does he go to the gym? Do you know his favorite coffee shop? Where does he hang out for a movie or sport?

Run into him while he is in these places, sometimes without him expecting. You may even show some interest in what he is doing while in that place.

6. Mirror each other

Want to know how to make a man fall in love without too much sweating? Follow the principle of similarity. For now, forget the saying about opposites attracting.

People tend to like those who mirror their characters and behaviors. When a man finds that person that is more like him, he will want to discover more about them.

He’ll be like, “where have you been all these years? I wish I knew you earlier.”

“Men do not attract that which they want, but that which they are.”- James Allen

If you are still planning to meet him the first time, you can practice mirroring his movements, body language, and gestures. It’ll show your interest in him.

If you’re hanging out with him at his favorite coffee shop, you may take a sip of your drink a few seconds after he has done so. You may also repeat a phrase or word he used earlier.

Have you two already met once or several? Then it is easier. You must have studied him by now. Which common ground do you have with him?

It can be movies, music, books, sports, or anything else. If your likes don’t match, don’t worry.

Don’t rush to be head over heels in love with similar things. The most important thing is you are receptive and open to his interests.

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7. Excite him with your body language

The first time you fall for someone; chances are their personality isn’t the first thing that attracts you to them. That first impression is what left you drooling.

Physical attraction is significant during the initial attraction. However, you don’t have to have that perfect Cinderella’s body.

Many physical cues have nothing to do with your looks. You just have to make him fall for you.

“Real men want women of any age who like them, who want to make them feel good and raise their testosterone level.”

What to know how to make a man fall in love by using your body language?

When excitement feels our hearts, our bodies react by blinking our eyes faster. So, let the guy catch your eyelashes batting at him.

Try to blink more than you often would. It will send signals to him that you’re interested without uttering any word at all.

Another cue is to lean towards him. People tend to lean towards an individual they trust. It’s a sure way of showing your interest in him while unconsciously priming him to fall for you.

While doing the leaning trick, ensure you’ve put on your pheromone perfume. Your sweet smell will unconsciously make him relaxed and attracted to you.

These physical cues are simple yet impactful tactics that can spell the difference between a “Hi” and long-lasting experience.

8. Portray confidence

Confidence is another attractive feature that men unconsciously or consciously looks for in girls. He’ll probably not tell you, but I have done so!

Sure, some girls seem to create a career out of playing the helpless female or victim for them to catch a man. However, such girls exercise their tactic with so much confidence and precision.

Without confidence, chances are you will have to forget him. Don’t compare yourself with other girls. Don’t concentrate too much on what you are lacking.

Exercise a sense of confidence in your abilities as a woman. Start by liking who you, knowing that you have the potential to make any man beg for your love and that you deserve his love.

Such confidence is necessary if you want to approach him and play out the other tactics that we have discussed here.

“The right man will love all the things about you that the wrong man was intimidated by.”


We all want to love and be loved back. We all desire to attract and spend life with the man of our dreams.

However, getting a man to fall for you may be an uphill task if you fail to follow some psychological tips.

As we’ve seen, you can attract that man by playing your cards well during the initial attraction.

Start by setting his adrenaline flowing through engaging and involving activities.

Then make all efforts to make body contact with him and open up some of your secrets to him. You should also set aside some time to spend with him.

During the hangouts, you can try mirroring him and woo him with your body language.

Don’t forget to exercise confidence while unleashing these tricks, as it is one of the most appealing features that every man desires to see.

If you follow these tips, you’ll now know how to make a man fall in love.

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