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By David Small •  Updated: 10/31/14 •  3 min read

ID-100211054 All you need is love. Somebody once said this, but what happens when your love is living hundreds, or even thousands of miles away in another country.

As the world is getting smaller, thanks mainly to  air travel, it seems that more and more of us are looking further to find love.

There are millions of people who are involved with Long Distance Relationships, despite the preconceived notion that they just don’t work.

If you are one of the many millions of people who feel lonely right now because the love of your life is far away, console yourself with the thought that long distance relationships can, and do work.
Some people have chosen to be in long distance relationships, while others are in the situation due to work commitments. It is reported that there are at least 10 million people worldwide that are involved with long distance relationships of some sort. Thought you were the only person suffering from the heart ache?

Think again.Like any relationship, long Distance Relationships  require effort for them to succeed. You may think that more effort is required than normal relationships, but think about your situation you are in right now.

Where your relationship differs from a normal relationship, is the fact that you have time to live for yourself. How many couples do you know of, who complain that they never have time for themselves. Making the most of this time apart can actually bring you closer together. You have to be interesting for someone to be interested in you. Take this time apart to pursue hobbies or find new interests.As with any sort of relationship, there are undoubtedly times where frustrations start creeping in. You may feel lonely, wonder what the other person is doing while you are not there or even doubt there fidelity to you.

The quality time that you spend together, probably on the end of a telephone line can quickly end up in mind games, destroying the small amount of time you do get to be close together. You do not have the luxury that normal couples have, so making the most of this quality time should be top of your agenda. If the wonders do start creeping up on you, remember that your relationship is built on trust, love and respect.It is said that the hardest part of a long distance relationship, is the goodbye. You had probably spent time getting to know each other again and before you know it, it’s time to go again.
Whilst at the airport or train station bidding farewell, try and think about the next time you will together and what you will do. Planning is a great way of dealing with the heart ache. Try and plan something for the next time you will be together, giving you both something to look forward to. It also gives your mind a sense of security knowing that you are both working towards the same goal.

We said earlier in this column, that Long Distance Relationships can and do work and there is no reason that yours can’t either. Love is never easy and should never be taken for granted. Put the effort in and you will eventually reap the rewards.

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