Top 10 Techniques That will Give A Woman An Orgasm

By David Small •  Updated: 02/13/15 •  10 min read

Did you know that women can experience different types of orgasms and can even have multiple orgasms? It’s true! Unfortunately, many women can go years without an orgasm from their partner, and we all know how hard it is to satisfy a woman.

Top 10 Techniques To Give Women An Orgasm

Here are 10 tips to increase the chances she’ll reach climax, including the secret to an orgasm:

1. Start outside the bedroom

Want to increase the chances she’ll orgasm? When was the last time you surprised her with a little drawing, letter or flowers and sent them to her at work?

Believe it or not, creative and romantic gestures DO turn women on because love and lovemaking are interconnected in a woman’s brain. Do this and you can bet-your-bottom-dollar you’ll be doing more than just eating dinner when she walks in the door! :)

2. Relax her

It’s very hard for women to orgasm if they are stressed. Give her a quick back massage. Rub her shoulders, upper back and neck to melt away the tension.

3. Ignore the vagina  

 Did you know that prolonged foreplay actually increases the chances of her coming? That’s right. By kissing, caressing and touching her LONGER, you’ll build the sexual tension and often the anticipation will be very powerful.

4. Change your focus

If you focus all your attention on the woman first, you’ll make love to her much more passionately. Think about it! If you’ve finished first and decide to help her come, you won’t have the enthusiasm and passion that’s needed to keep her hot and turned on.

5. Tip to last longer  

Of course, the first step to help her reach orgasm is by not coming. The best way I’ve found to not come is: Penetrate as normal and when you feel like you’re about to come, simply move your hips in a circular motion (like swaying a hula hoop) and wait until the “little guys” subside again. Now continue pleasuring. :D

6. Don’t use lubricants

Women have a natural lubricant that fills the vagina when they’re turned on. By using a product substitute, you’re only fooling yourself. Without products, you’ll instantly know if things are working; but with them, you can never be sure.

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7. Never too much clitoris

Did you know that once you’ve stimulated the clitoris for some time, a little thing called the clitoral hood will actually come out and cover the clitoris to protect it from further direct stimulation? (And no, I’m not making this up!) The point is, once the clitoris is fully
stimulated, make sure you pleasure the G-spot next, whether it be with your hand, tongue or penis.

8. Find and stimulate the G-spot  

The G-spot is a zone that feels like the roof of your mouth and is located about 2 inches inside the vagina on the topside. (On the underside of her stomach.) There are two basic ways you can pleasure the G. With your fingers by doing a “come here” motion or with
a love position that helps hit the G-spot.

9. Use the best position

Not all love positions are made equal. The best one for women is the reverse missionary (woman on top). This is probably the easiest position for a woman to climax because she can control the friction to her clitoris and/or G-spot.

10. Give her oral sex ­

The single best way to help a woman reach orgasm, even multiple orgasms, is by going down on her (cunnilingus). While at first, I didn’t believe it, countless studies have been done to prove this fact. Oral sex is easier and much more satisfying for women than intercourse is.

Try the ABC’s with your tongue, ask what she likes,  and mix it up with lots of different movements! However be VERY careful! With over 6,000 nerve endings in the clitoris, make sure you know everything there is to know before poking your tongue around there, otherwise, it could be really painful and, even worse, spoil the mood.

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Below are 8 techniques to give women incredible pleasure and take her all the way to a powerful orgasm (or multiples.)

All of these techniques are to be used after comfort, adequate foreplay, and arousal have been handled for the woman. (If you don’t know how to take care of those things, go back and read the previous sections of this article. Then, come back to this section.)
Here are the techniques to giving your lady an earth-shattering orgasm,

Technique #1:

Take the woman’s clitoral hood (the flesh covering her clitoris, located at the very top of her vagina) into your mouth so your lips are covering it completely. Gently suck and release this area – do it strongly enough so her covered clitoris moves up and down along with the movement. (Don’t make direct contact with the exposed clitoris yet.)

While you’re doing this, insert your first two fingers into her vagina, palms down, and start tapping the bottom wall of her vagina with the fingerprint area of your fingers. The above technique can be followed by this other favorite of mine…

Technique #2:

Place one of your palms on her mound (the fleshy area just above her clitoral hood) and gently pull back the flesh so her clitoris is exposed. Start by gently circling the clitoris with the tip of your tongue. Then alternate (remember?) by placing your lips around it and gently flicking it side to side with the tip of your tongue. As she gets more and more aroused, add another move to the mix.

Insert your first two fingers completely into her vagina, palms up this time. Then, start curving your fingers inward and let the soft tips rub against the upper wall of her vagina. In other words, you’re using your fingers in a “come here” motion, as if gesturing someone to come to you. Remember to pay attention to her reaction as you do each of these techniques. If she reacts strongly, keeps doing it. And if she says “don’t stop,” you’d better not stop till she’s climaxing.

Technique #3:

Make your hand in the shape of a gun. (Hold your hand up so the palm is facing to one side. Extend all your fingers fully. Now fold in the last two fingers and bring your first two fingers close together. Your thumb will be pointing upwards. Your hand should look like a gun.)

Insert the first two fingers all the way into her vagina. Place the thumb gently on her or clitoral hood (or her exposed clitoris – if you use your other hand to pull back the hood.) Gently start turning the inserted two fingers left to right, as if you’re massaging her vaginal walls with it (which you will be doing.)

While you’re doing this, your thumb will be gently brushing over her clitoris and the last two knuckles of your folded fingers will be brushing against her anus. As an alternative, you can fold in your thumb and use your tongue and lips on her clitoris instead.

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Technique #4:

Get her on all fours (knees and elbows) so she’s in the doggie position. Use your tongue and lips to lick and suck on her clitoris from behind. This is a position that gets women highly aroused because it seems very naughty and kinky.

Technique #5:

Take the above technique, and add to it… Insert one of your thumbs all the way into her vagina and let your other fingers rest on her perineum and anus. Move your thumb in and out while you pleasure her with your tongue. Let your other fingers brush against her with each in and out move.

Technique #6:

Sit on the bed, with legs extended, and your back resting against the headboard or wall. Let her stand in front of you so her vagina is in line with your face and mouth. Her feet would be on either side of your thighs.

As she leans on the wall above you, you can use your tongue and mouth on her clitoris and vagina. (She can either have her hands extended upwards or fold them to rest her head on them.)

This, again, is a naughty and erotic position. And, as in the previous two techniques, her mental arousal will intensify her experience even more.

Technique #7:

Get her highly aroused using one of the previous techniques. Then, insert your first two fingers into her vagina, palms facing up. Start to tap her upper vaginal wall with your entire fingers (not just the tips) as fast as you can.

As you do this, place the fingertips of your other hand on her clitoral hood and start rubbing her, gently but quickly, from side to side. Be sure to use lubricant for this or you’ll start bruising her clitoral area after the first minute or two.

Use the palm of your ‘clitoral stimulation’ gently but firmly pressed on her mound and pubic bone, pushing downward. This will intensify her pleasure and will also keep her body in place as you tap with your other two fingers.

Technique #8:

While she’s laying on her back, curl her legs up to her head so her butt and hips are off the bed. Use your tongue and lips on her clitoris till it drives her crazy. Then, insert your penis into her vagina, while her legs are still up over her head.

Move in and out of her, while your pelvis rubs on her clitoris with each thrust. Your hands can either rest on her sides, and help keep her legs up, or you can rest them on the wall/headboard. Remember what I already told you earlier…

The techniques will only work if you’ve taken the time to relax and comfort her body and mind, first. If you don’t do that, some of the techniques could still work. But, you’ll be missing out on 90 percent of it’s true power. And that’s just ridiculous.

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Keep this thought in mind… As we shared in previous points, High on Sextasy, one of the key ingredients of great sex is variety! In order to keep sex interesting and fun, the what, the how, the when, and where to keep changing.

You don’t have to change all those things all the time. Just one of them will work. The easiest thing to do is, change the ‘where.’ Keep sex out of the bedroom, as often as possible…and explore every other room, floor, tabletop and wall in the entire house. Then, move on to the garage, the car, and even the backyard, if you feel up for it.

The great thing is, it’s almost impossible to have sex in exactly the same way as you did the last time. I share a lot of the “what, how, when, and where” in that manual so I won’t repeat that info here. So there you have it ­ 10 tips you can start using right away to give women the most earth-shattering orgasm experience.


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