Top 17 Things that Attract Men to Women Sexually

By David Small •  Updated: 10/11/19 •  13 min read
Men to Women Sexually

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The sexual attraction is an attraction arising from one’s desires. Attractiveness, on the other hand, is the ability of a person to attract the sexual benefits of other people. The attraction is a basis for physical or other traits of a person. The sexual attraction is enhanced by a person’s clothing, adornments, perfume or style.

There are a lot of factors that attract men to women sexually, all of which matter differently. It is no lie that women’s looks are very subjective, and men are drawn based on their preferences.

Some men are attracted to women sexually by how a woman talks, walks and even her body shape. Others, however, don’t find attractive in a woman’s appearance but on some other factors.

Scientists have been able to research this phenomenon and found that it is a vast subject. Here we’ve combined these findings and dug a little bit deeper to come up with this article. We explain to you 17 things that attract men to women sexually and how they affect each persona.


1. Voice.

Voice refers to a person’s manner of speaking. Women’s voices and how they speak vary in various ways. Some have high feminine voices, while others talk in squeaky voices. From scientists’ findings, most men prefer women with a high female voice, mostly because it is related to youthfulness.

Only a small number of men are attracted to the squeaky voices in some women. If your man likes your squeaky voice, it’s because he speaks in the same manner. When a man is sexually aroused by how you speak, he always wants to hear you talk. So, if he’s courting you, he’s always looking forward to the next date.

Top 17 Things that Attract Men to Women Sexually

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2. Smile.

If you ask men what attracts them to a certain woman, the first answer would be the smile. It is no doubt one of the simplest ways to enhance your appearance.

When you smile more, men perceive it as an act of happiness and ease. Most men, if not all, like the idea of a woman who smiles while she talks.

Perhaps you are not that much of a smiling person, but this is a sure point to attract men. With a little practice every day, you’ll be able to see how well most men perceive smiling. So, aim to at least smile at ten people every day.

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3. Curves.

Curves are bound to attract men to women sexually. They are physical traits and which are considered to be very important by men. Therefore, a woman’s figure plays a major role in sexual attraction.

These curves to some women come naturally, but for others, they have to put in the work. The most preferred waist to hip ratio by men is 7, which is the classic hourglass figure.

The secret, however, is to know how to dress your figure and be confident with how you look. Not all men are aroused sexually by your curves, but it is still a point stealer not to have a good figure.

4. Kindness.

If there is one personality trait that is very important in any relationship, it has to be kindness. Most researchers have found that an act of kindness can attract men to women sexually.

Kindness links with a cooperative disposition and an interest in a long-term relationship. Most men translate kindness with the ability of a woman to form an empathy bond and also rearing children.

Being good means, a lot of different acts done towards men. You should express interests in him, his visions, and go a step further to support where you can. Another thing is that you should always treat a man with respect.

Respect shows that you are willing to follow through his requests. Also, step out of your way to do some small favors for your man as an act of kindness.

5. Positive Attitude.

Another thing that attracts men to women sexually is a positive attitude. Attitude is how a woman perceives or interprets things. Positive thinking is something that most men find attractive and find comfort.

So, if you are a cheerful, pleasant and positive woman, then you bore a lot of attraction traits. Don’t just talk bad about other people or occurrences. Learn to understand and appreciate how things are.

You’ll soon be able to change your mindset and view life in different lenses. To do this, you have to squelch sharing any negative thought that comes to your mind. Avoid talking about your ex if he’s vibe throws off your positive attitude.

Top 17 Things that Attract Men to Women Sexually

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6. Indicators of Interest.

What attracts a man to a woman is the woman’s indication of interest in the man’s life. Some researchers study speed-dating where men and women make quick relationship decisions within no time.

The research concludes that most men tend to get into relationships quicker with women that are more interested in their life. So, it is a woman who wants to listen to a man talk that bags the price.

Therefore, give a man your ears and ask questions for this is a sure score towards attraction. If you seem uninterested, men won’t push you to be. They assume you are and move on to another woman.

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7. Youthfulness.

Youthfulness doesn’t necessarily mean to be young. By definition, “youthfulness is appearance characteristic or behavior of young people”. Therefore, it is nothing to do with your age, but more of your attitude.

Youthfulness is the ability of a woman to be spontaneous, social and exciting in a relationship. Some women are above 40 or even 50 years that are youthful and have managed to keep their relationships vibrant.

At the same time, there are women younger than 30 who are boring and not fun to be around. Ignore societal rules that you have to behave or wear a certain way at a certain age. Look happy and always aim to be authentic. You will be surprised at how youthfulness attracts men to women sexually.

8. Honesty.

Honesty is sexy. It is sad sometimes that on the first date, one or both parties tend to lie about various issues. When this happens, and the relationship proceeds further, it might be a problem.

If you hope to build something with a man, be truthful. Share what you may find uncomfortable sooner rather than lying. No matter how alarming the truth, if he’s the right man for you, then he should handle it.

If you choose to lie about something that looks too small now, it may eventually become toxic. Another thing is that your honesty also attracts the one you are in a relationship with, to be honest.

9. Self-confidence.

Before you can attract someone, you have to be in love with yourself. If you are not pleased with who you are it’ll show from miles away. Most men are not in search of desperate women who are looking for someone to fill a void.

So, have fun with who you are and enjoy your company. Self-confidence has a lot to do with a positive attitude. Look in the mirror, see your beauty and appreciate your uniqueness.

When men see a woman, who is confident about herself, it is an instant sexual attraction. If you don’t know how to be confident, learn how to be. There are a lot of books that aim to raise your confidence. Books such as; Nathaniel Branden’s SIX PILLARS OF SELF-ESTEEM.

Top 17 Things that Attract Men to Women Sexually

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10. Identity and Standard of Values.

Men are attracted to women who have a vision and are on a mission. When you have developed your own identity, it is hard for you to change who you are. Most men are sexually attracted to women who have a grip on who they are and the values they uphold.

I don’t like to be compared with anyone else. Have your standard of values and a man will always be around you to experience them. It’s easier for you to talk to a man and show him that you like every bit about yourself. So, aim to develop your own identity and standard of values.

11. Dressing.

Now that you are aware of how beautiful you are, it’s time you show it off. Dressing narrows down to the right clothes for your body and makeup. For you to snag a man, you don’t need to go on a shopping spree and exhaust all of your finances.

Just find a look that will complement your body. Dress according to the occasion to emphasize your style. You don’t want to look trashy, and yet you are at a wedding. Have the right hair and makeup on for you to straight shoot at your targets.

If you go to a party, show off your nice arms and pretty legs but remember to be appropriate. When you ask what attracts men to women sexually, dressing up can never miss on the list. So, aim to look the part, and you’ll be able to get some votes.

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12. Eye Contact.

Eye contact is one of the sexiest acts a woman can do to gain a man’s attraction. When you constantly look straight into a man’s eyes, he sees you are interested in him.

Lure him in with a stare and indicate that you would like it if he started a conversation. Your facial expressions matter a lot, and once a man approaches you, don’t forget to smile. Don’t stare at him for too long, just for a reasonable amount of time.

Most men understand that confident women are those that look you straight in the eye. It shows that you are a straightforward woman, one that isn’t afraid to commit.

13. Body Language

Women’s body language communicates a lot to a man’s erotic desires. What this means is that you should physically confidently carry yourself at all times. Avoid as much as possible actions that may show you are nervous.

Don’t bite your nails or cross your arms over your chest. Show the man that you are interested and are open to the idea of being together (if you are feeling him, don’t hide it). The right body language can physically hold a man’s attention.

Try to lean on him and show that you feel safe around his presence. Touch him when you feel necessary but don’t be too aggressive on the approach. Finally, remember always to create some way to get close.

Women Sexually

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14. Be Funny.

It may be hard at times to be funny but try as much as you can to make jokes with your man. Men don’t want to be around you if you are boring. They are attracted to women who possess a great sense of humor and who are bold enough to show it.

Again, we understand that you may not have been born with a funny bone. But some light jokes can go as much as attracting a man towards you sexually. If you find it too hard, there are always books that can help bring out the fun you.

There is one such book by the title “How to be FUNNY” by Raj Farkas. It’s a guide on how to develop a sense of humor or light up the mood by using funny comments. Another such book is; “The Comic Toolbox”, which is written by John Vorhaus.

15. Sharp Mind.

Although this isn’t in all women, a lot hide their knowledge for fear of intimidating a man. As you may have learned so far, it does not only look that attracts men to women sexually.
Being smart, and we’d like to think you are, is not something to be shy or make you feel ashamed. Even if you notice you exceed your man’s sharpness. Be open to show your clarity in current happenings, historical events and various analyses of things that interest you.
Men may even want to pick more of your brains, which sign a man is sexually attracted to you. Be smart but don’t brag about it; let your sharpness show naturally.

16. Treat your Body.

Of course, by now, you know that your body is a pillar that attracts men to you sexually. To have a sexy body is one thing, but what you do to maintain it is something else.

Men are attracted to your lumbar curvature, but they don’t understand how you do it. Exercise at least 2-3 times a week. If you like how your body looks, expect no different from the men that approach you.

Aim to eat healthily and always challenge your last accomplishment. Avoid fast-foods as they will not only affect your weight but mess up your health as well.

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17. Uniqueness.

There can only be one of you. So, put yourself out there and show a man why you are different from the rest. When a man sees something unique about how you talk, reason out stuff, and what you believe.

It is simply hard for him to resist the attraction he feels towards you. If you don’t go with the flock and stand your ground, most men notice you. No one can coach you to be yourself; it just comes naturally. So, love who you are and be confident enough to show.


As you have seen, there are a lot of factors that go into the context of what men find attractive in women. But, it is good to be natural with all of the details above. You don’t want to force something that you are not. Confident women attract men sexually a lot, and this is because they love and appreciate who they are.

Women who show interest in a man’s life have a higher score of sexual attraction. Just learn to listen to what a man is saying, and it will make him open up about a lot. Show him kindness, and he’ll always want to be by your side.

So, what attracts men to women sexually is a combination of personal as well as physical traits. All of which should matter at different stages of the relationship.

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