12 Reasons Why Sex Is Important In A Relationship

By David Small •  Updated: 07/28/18 •  8 min read

Sex is very important for humans. Apart from being a fun and enjoyable act, it also helps to improve immunity. It will also improve a woman’s bladder control and lowers heart attack risks.

People can rely on sex and relationship to improve their self-esteem, mood, and communication skills, which will help them in other aspects of their lives.


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  1. An Opportunity To Spend Time Together

With the kind of busy lifestyle we have in this modern world, it can be very hard for two people in a relationship to find time to spend with each other. If the two of you enjoy having sex, it might just be the reason why you will have no choice but to meet more often.

Spending time together in a relationship increases bonding and promotes better understanding between two people. You have the opportunity to learn new things about each other, share stories of your day, and plan for the future. To spice up the sex you can watch love movies, put on sexy clothes, play games, and fall asleep together.

  1. Improves Communication

One of the major reasons why many relationships don’t survive a few months anymore is due to the lack of matured communication. When you’re in a relationship with another human being, what you’re doing is trying to bring two completely different people together – for the purpose of functioning as one unit.

Poor communication between two lovers can lead to misunderstandings, fights, quarrels, anger, and separation. In sex and relationship communication play a major role in solidifying the two of you and helping you become closer than ever. It promotes intimacy and reassurance, making both of you feel wanted and needed by the other person. Sex is one of the best ways to show your partner that you care.

  1. Sex Keep Both Of You Healthy

The connection between sex and health has been around for ages. Sex is good for your health when it:

A healthy couple is most likely going to be more productive, successful, and full of life and happiness, as long as they remain together. This can have a massive positive effect on the relationship, making it last longer with happiness and joy. When you both realize how important sex is to your health, it will encourage you to take it more seriously and plan towards it consistently.

12 Reasons Why Sex Is Important In A Relationship

  1. Eliminates Stress

Stress is a major problem in the world of today. People face stress almost everywhere; in public transportation, school, work, road, etc. When stress is allowed to build up without control it can lead to serious health problems like obesity, high blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes.

You can’t talk about sex and relationship without mentioning its effect of lowering stress levels. Couples who have sex more often are less likely to be stressed out, which can reduce fights, quarrels, and misunderstandings.

Researchers found that sex is similar to eating comfort food, which has the power to reduce stress. During sex, the body releases oxytocin, a peptide hormone that promotes comfort and relaxation and increases connection and trust between two people. Sex also help improve hormonal balance that translates to making the body function is a better and more relaxed way.

  1. Better Sleep

Technology, work, lifestyle, and stress have made it almost impossible for many people to sleep better. Statistics show that at least 6% of the world’s population is suffering from a severe case of insomnia (which represents 420 million people across the world).

One of the best natural medicine for better sleeping is having sex. When you sleep well you’ll be healthier, stronger, and more relaxed, to perform your daily activities. When you have sex both of you will sleep better and the result will be visible in your relationship.

  1. Sex Is A Form Of Exercise

If there is one reason people in a relationship shouldn’t miss the opportunity to have sex it should be that; sex counts as exercise. Even though you can’t compare it to non-horizontal exercise, sex can still help you burn fat. In a sexual act that lasts for between 10 – 57 minutes (including foreplay), men burn 100 calories while women burn about 69 calories.

If you’re overweight and looking for a way to burn fat without running the entire neighborhood, you better call your partner and get down. The impact of exercise in sex and relationship extends beyond just losing weight; it makes your body feel better, rejuvenates your soul, and re-energizes you for better performance.

When you engage in regular exercise both of you will have more strength and will be encouraged to engage in more sex, which will only make things better.


  1. Improves Your Heart Health

The heart is one of the most important organs in the body. It’s responsible for pumping blood through the body, supplying nutrients and oxygen to tissues and cells, removing carbon dioxide, etc.


In the United States alone over 600,000 people die every year of heart-related problems. One of the best ways to improve your heart health is by having regular sex.

Research also supports this fact. People who have sex less frequently, like once a month, have a higher level of the chemical known as homocysteine. This chemical is an amino acid that has been identified as one of the major causes of heart problems due to the damage it does on the blood vessels. When you have frequent sex your heart rate improves, which gives you the power to have even more sex.

  1. Puts Depression In Control

Depression is a serious problem for most people today, even those in a relationship. When people become depressed they find it hard to cope in an intimate relationship with another human being. Depression affects your soul and thought and makes you feel out of touch.

One of the reasons why people in a relationship should have frequent sex is because it helps to put depression under control. If you already suffer from depression having more sex can help you fight back and release some of that tension from your body.

Work with your partner for a better sex and relationship, and let them understand your situation and your intentions to find a natural relief for a very difficult condition.

  1. Cold And Flu Stand No Chance

No one can escape from the cold and flu season. When it comes it does so with plenty of aggression and it can sometimes be hard to deal with. Sex can help you get rid of cold and flu during the season and keep you away from all that pain, sneezing fever, and high temperature. Countless studies have shown that sex help to boost your immunity which in turn fight all those germs in your body.

Sex also relieves pain, which is one of the main symptoms of cold and flu, thereby reducing your feelings of sickness, tiredness, and stress. The touching that occurs during sex also has a positive impact on the reducing stress and uplifting the spirit.


  1. Sex Improves Your Mood

Mood can be characterized into two; negative and positive. When you’re always in a good mood people like you. They want to work with you, go out with you, do business with you, and relate with you, which helps you have better success in everything you do. Negative mood, on the other hand, kills your sex and relationship, which leads to even worse situations.

Your decision making becomes terrible, you miss your target, your enthusiasm is destroyed, and your productivity also suffers. Good sex helps you forget all the negative for a while, lowers your blood pressure, makes your brain release dopamine for mind-blowing orgasm, instantly boosts your ego, and gives you positive hope.

  1. Sex Boosts Your Self-Esteem

Your self-esteem plays a major role in your life and relationship. High self-esteem makes you be yourself instead of trying to be someone else, which is something many people appreciate in their partners. High self-esteem makes you;

Not having sex can make you react negatively to the social pressure of getting sex and leads to self-doubt. Sex also fills your desire for approval, which is one of the major social needs that makes the people in a relationship perform better.

  1. Respect will Build and Strengthen your Relationship

Two people can’t last in a relationship without respect. Both self-respect and respect for the other person are important to send the message that you do care and recognize the other person’s value. When couples have sex often they tend to respect each other and value each other’s opinion.

Intimacy solidifies the relationship and makes it stronger. Sex makes the other person take your feeling into account. Do you know couples often listen to each other’s opinion during sex, which translates to other aspects of their lives?


Sex is very important for any relationship to work. It affects the emotional, mental, physical, and psychological aspect of life and makes you feel wanted. Sex and relationship work together to create an atmosphere of love, respect, connection, harmony, and opportunity.

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