12 Signs Your Spouse Is Not In Love With You

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What are the signs your spouse is not in love with you? When your spouse falls out of love with you, the signs can be noticeable?

However, being humans, we tend to exist in a realm of denial that pushes us deeper into a pitiful emotional state.

Signs Your Spouse Is Not In Love With You

If you are in doubt about your partner’s commitment to you, this article 12 signs your spouse is not in love with you, will show you are not in love with you anymore and ways to deal with the situation.

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They Treat You As An Option

One of the most critical aspects of every relationship is spending time together and exchanging love and affection. You also have to show respect by ensuring that your partner comes first when making decisions about coming together to have a lovely time.

But when your spouse begins to treat you like a second-class citizen, prioritizing others and addressing you as an option, then they’re not in love with you anymore. If you want the situation to change, you have to find out ways to surprise your boyfriend sexually.

You also need to increase communication and try to understand why they are behaving like that. Every love gone sour is for a reason and if the cause can be known, finding a way to reverse a possible break up will be easy.

Breakdown Of Communication Without An Attempt To Resolve It

No relationship can survive without proper communication. With communication, the level of trust and honesty in a relationship increases. Also, couples who communicate fight less because they tend to understand each other better in every situation.

But when there is a breakdown in communication and your spouse refuses to find ways to resolve it, they are not on the same page with you anymore. It’s like they want out but don’t know how to tell you directly. So they want to do it in a way that will seem that no one is at fault.

One way to fix this is to call the woman and try to solve the problem using communication. As a woman, you can also learn how to wow your man in bed, to gain his attention and then resolve the problem.


They Start Blaming You For Every Problematic Situation

Things must happen in a relationship. A fight will happen, disagreements will happen, and couples will have to find the best way to resolve it. But when you feel that you can’t call your spouse to order when there is a misunderstanding, because you know they would blame you for it, then they are not interested in you anymore.

If you’re still in love and you want them to stay, you can find out about things to do to your boyfriend to turn him on. Men like it when women try to get their attention and, it’s a way to help you resolve the issues in your relationship.

They Don’t Respect You Anymore

People always give the ultimate respect to those they are in love with. Respect is one of those things in a relationship that helps you commit 100%, talk to or about your partner using the right tone, and make you never to cross the line.

But when your spouse doesn’t care anymore about giving you due respect and is always crossing the line, then they are not in good terms with you anymore. You have to know why they have lost the respect they have for you and create an avenue for a healthy conversation.

You can also learn about kinky things to do to your boyfriend to get his attention and rejuvenate his desire for you. To get their respect, you should also:

You Think About Incompatibility

The truth about relationships is that you don’t know someone until you live or be with them for a long time. When in a relationship and your partner begins to suggest that you’re not compatible, then he has stopped loving you.

A relationship should be between two people who love each other, respect each other, and are committed to sharing responsibilities and values between each other. If you suspect you’re having compatibility issues in your relationship, there are ways to improve things with your spouse. Resolve past conflicts, seek to understand, be realistic, and improve your spirituality.


You’re Not Excited About Each Other Anymore

Couples who are in a great time are always excited about each other. They do things together share ideas, create time, and give respect in the most visible way possible.

But when the excitement of seeing each other, going out, sitting together for conversation. Sharing moments doesn’t excite you anymore, then your partner doesn’t love you anymore.

You have to learn how to surprise your boyfriend sexually when he comes home from work. To keep the thrill and fun in a relationship, you should improve on physical touch, look good, say sorry when wrong, listen to your partner, and ask them to love you more.

They Don’t Show Any Sign Of Love Or Affection

There is no better way to show you care about your spouse than through the showing of love and affection. When your partner stops showing you love, affection, and care, then the love you once had is going or already gone.

You have to bring back affection in your relationship by asking what does my husband wants in bed, and finding the answers. You should also try to be more understanding and compassionate, express your feelings and emotions, be aware of your partner’s needs, and demonstrative that you care.

They Don’t Consider You In Their Future Plans

When two people are in love, it is hard for them to make any plans until they have their partner in there, somewhere. They can’t seem to do anything without considering their partner’s role in the entire equation.

However, if you begin to find out your partner’s new plans from somewhere else, showing they are not updating you anymore, then your spouse is no more in love with you.

It shows your partner is losing interest so you need to ask direct questions, seek clarity, and try to introduce new ideas that can spark the relationship.

Signs Your Spouse Is Not In Love With You

Your Spouse Is Self-Centered is one of the greatest signs your spouse is not in love with you

Every relationship must be based on mutual benefits. Two people making contributions so that both of them will enjoy it. But when your partner starts becoming self-centered and only connecting with you when they need something from you, then there is no love there anymore.

People who cared about you will never be selfish with their attention to you and would want you to be happy. To make things work again, you can find out different ways to tease your boyfriend sexually and make them take you more seriously. You should also try to find out what is making your spouse behave the way they do.

Your Spouse Blames You For Everything

Part of being in a relationship requires the couple to have a sense of responsibility when things go wrong. Accepting blame translates to respect and understanding of the partner, and willingness to make things work at the end.

If your partner is always blaming you for everything without according any blame to themselves, then there is no more juice in that relationship. If you find yourself in this situation, here is what you can do:

They Don’t Put Any Effort Into The Relationship

If you find out that you’re always the one trying to initiate things and bring ideas to spice up the relationship, and your partner just sits there doing nothing; they are not in love with you anymore.

Part of the duty in a relationship is for the couple to make contributions and show their commitment. To deal with this situation, you need to communicate from personal perception. You also need to be clear on your needs and requirements and be assertive in your conversation.


They Don’t Miss You

When you’re in love with someone they will always miss you. But when your partner doesn’t call, doesn’t want to come close to you after coming from work, then there is no love anymore.

If you want your partner to miss you, then you have to stop being available all the time. Add mystery to your encounter with him, always leave him craving for more, and spent time with friends and share your adventure with him.


Establishing a lasting relationship takes effort and time. But when things begin to slow down, there is a need for proper addressing to ensure everyone is on the same page. People lose interest in a relationship for different reasons, and most times it can be resolved if actions are taken.

If you notice your spouse exhibiting any of these 12 signs or anything similar, they are losing interest in you. Make efforts to revive the relationship to the best of your energy. Now that you know the signs your spouse is not in love with you.

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