26 Best Quick Ways To Attract Your Husband Sexually

By David Small •  Updated: 03/22/15 •  19 min read

How can I attract my husband sexually is the million-dollar question being asked by a lot of women, who are in sexless marriages.

Everyone has their own opinion in regard to sex and its role in marriage. Some people believe that sex plays a very small part in marriage, as true as that may be, its value cannot be undermined.

26 Best Quick Ways To Attract Your Husband Sexually

Things may go haywire between two people when they are married especially if they have lost physical contact with each other.

However, this isn’t the end of the world as there are a lot of ways through which you can redeem things and attract your husband physically and sexually. Being sexual involves having a strong attraction and bond between two people.  

In this article, we are going to discuss 26 Ways to Attract Your Husband Sexually.

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1. Keep Up Your Personal Touch.

To get things started, the first thing to note is to keep up with your personal touch.

Do you remember the time when you used to go out and look for unique gifts and surprises for your spouse? Do you remember the time when you used to go out of your way to give importance to your partners’ needs and make him happy?

The problem in a lot of cases is that women forget to keep up with their personal touch which causes relationships to take a downward course.

Therefore, the key here is to remember the things that matter. Remember that intricate details are very important and therefore, you must try to make sure you remember them.

There is a range of things that you should remember when it comes to personalizing things and there are many important things that you shouldn’t forget about. These are:

Having data on these important things is a crucial part of any relationship. If you do not have these details, make sure you get them from where you possibly can.

If you want to continuously spice things up, make sure that you never forget about these things because these will add to a lot of love in your life and keep the physical element alive as well.

Relationships tend to lackluster when things are forgotten so in order to keep everything together, remember to keep all of these things in mind.

2. Wear Sexy Lingerie, it will attract your husband sexually.

 husband sexually

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Sex is a product that can be marketed. Yes, don’t be shocked. It’s not about the package, it’s how it has been packaged!

We all have been conditioned that slim is sexy, but actually, comfort and confidence in your body shape is sexier.

Ask a few friends, which color looks best on you so, no matter your body size or shape, there is lingerie out there that will bring out the sexy you, that will attract your husband sexually. No excuses for weight buy one already and sizzle your man.

3. Change Your Wardrobe.

Immediately change your wardrobe if your husband is not attracted to you physically. Improve your wardrobe, start by making it sexier and attractive. You will be surprised at the effect this has on your kinship with your spouse.

Sexy does not necessarily mean exposing, in fact, what it means is having the money and ability to invest in clothes that are better for you according to your body type and things that are trendy and attractive.

Check around and see the things that are best suited for your age and those that will start making you look sexy and attractive, it will surely turn him on sexually.

This will naturally improve your sex life and make your spouse want you more and better.

4. A Periodic Getaway Is Always Welcomed.

If you haven’t been able to get out of the town often, try to plan a period getaway. There is nothing better than going out with your partner when you need to go out the most.

Going alone doesn’t do the trick so the idea is to plan things and one thing you should and must plan is a periodic getaway. Getaways are fun and they always make sure that you have that spark and element of love alive.

You can use that opportunity of a getaway to get to know each other better, become physical and keep the sexual element of your relationship alive.

What they say about getaways is that ‘sometimes, a girl just needs wide open spaces’, so why not look at these spaces and see the wonders it can bring to your life!

5. Be Very Open-Minded.

The most common problem amongst two people when it comes to their sex life is being closed-minded and predictable. It is time to change things up if you are following these two things.

Our suggestion is to never be closed-minded when it comes to relationships. Be aware of what you want to do and be open to everything including things in bed.

There are endless possibilities for you when it comes to being in bed so be open-minded and explore new ideas. Moreover, if your partner is bringing something new to the table, make sure that you respect it and also make sure that you share it with each other.

Who knows two of your ideas will collide and it might set the stage for some amazing fun in bed. Also, try to make sure that you are not too uptight in bed. Don’t repeat the same things that you have been doing.

In fact, come up with something new and better.

Attract Your Husband Sexually

6. Cut The Predictability.

Another reason why sex lives are affected is that the two partners have become very predictable.

If you are being predictable in bed, that is a bad idea, In fact, what you should try to do is to make sure that you do not be predictable.

Men usually tend to have a weakness for those women who they cannot predict or control.

Therefore, if you are married, you should try to keep him on his toes to keep your relationship alive sexually.

Moreover, if you have set out specific dates for having sex or a specific day of the week, the idea is to get rid of that and try to change your dates and days to keep things going in the right momentum.

In addition, if you have been repeating the same things in bed, it is time to change things up. Come up with something new to surprise him every time, trust us, you won’t be disappointed with the results. In fact, he will want to have you more and more.

7. Remain Beautiful and Attractive.

A lot of couples lose touch with each other because one of them has stopped being attractive.

Make sure that you are keeping up with yourself and make sure that you keep your body, skin, and face alive. Remain beautiful and attractive so that your husband wants to come back to you and nobody else.

When it comes to attraction and being attractive, the dressing is a significant part of it so make sure you stay attractive both in and outside the home. Moreover, being attractive also has a lot to do with your weight so make sure you keep your weight in check.

Your spouse will automatically want you more if you are better looking and attractive so this is a point on which we cannot emphasize enough. As the saying goes, “being attractive lasts longer than being pretty”- Iris Apfel; so be attractive and show them how it’s done!

8. Spice Your Sex Life Up.

Sex without love is mating and love without sex is a philosophy. Sex is an integral part of a marriage.

Therefore, when it comes to it, it should be handled with grace and courage. When it comes to your sex life, try to ensure that you spice things up.

Try avoiding going for the same things over and over again.

We recommend that you search up for new moves and new things that you can try with your partner in order to make sure that things are going in the right and positive direction.

If you are repeating the same things over and over again, we recommend that you check what you are doing and add some spice and life to your sex life.

9. Don’t Cheat.

When it comes to relationships, one of the key reasons why things don’t remain the same is that one of the partners has cheated on the other.

Therefore, the key to a successful marriage is being faithful and not cheating. If you are cheating and have your eyes on someone else, your husband will suffer and struggle. You also will not have a proper sex life.

Things will go out of control in every possible way too especially if your spouse finds out that you are cheating. A marriage is based on trust.

In fact, it is based on absolute trust. If you have established that trust, things are going to go in the right direction from thereon. On the other hand, things will change for the worst if you start cheating and don’t remain faithful in the relationship.

10. Team Work!

Say hello to teamwork when it comes to having sex with your husband.

We are talking about teamwork in bed, yes you heard it. When it comes to being sexual with your spouse, know that there are a lot of things that he might want to do that you might not necessarily be comfortable with.

So the idea here is to be open to teamwork and collaborate with each other to achieve better things in bed. Be a team player and not a spoil sport.

We want you to understand that if your spouse wants to do something in bed and you are not welcoming him, chances are that it will affect your relationship adversely.

Therefore, teamwork, patch up and work together to achieve better things and keep the spark of your relationship alive. As the famous saying goes, “teamwork makes the dream work”, so why not try your luck with it?

11. Tease Talk.

Men love it when you are naughty so why not try your luck at it!

If you can speak softly and say wild things too, your husband will admire you more.

You can always try to be naughty by sharing messages and letting your partner know what you have in mind.

Who knows, it might make him skip a heartbeat or two!

Tease talk is one of the best ways to give your relationship a new life. It is one of the best ways to keep things spicy so make sure that you do it once in a while.


12. Take Control.

Also, we recommend that you take control if you want to keep things alive sexually between you and your partner. Men are not that good with clues or hints. If he doesn’t really know what to do, there is no harm in you taking control.

Men love to feel desired so why don’t you step up your game and make sure that you do your part in making him feel that he is the most wanted man on planet earth.

Don’t go to shrinks in order to get advice on your relationship if things are not going the right way nor in a positive direction. Rather, see what you can do about the relationship to improve it. Trust us, things will change as soon as you take charge.

13. Keep Your Libido Alive.

Keep your libido alive. Your libido determines your sex drive so try to make sure that you do not eat things that damage it.

There are a lot of things that may affect your libido. Things such as lack of exercise and a lot more can hamper your libido and reduce it. You don’t want that if you want to make sure that your relationship is alive.

On the other hand, as important it is to ensure that you do not eat things that destroy your libido, it is significantly important to focus on things that make sure that your libido stays intact.

Therefore, try to exercise as much as you can to ensure that you are headed in the right direction. In addition, try to eat foods that work to ensure that you again have a healthy libido overall.

14. Admire Him.

Admire your spouse and tell him that you are his number one fan.

In fact, it is not even about telling as much as it is about showing. According to Sherry Argov in “Why Men Marry Bitches”, men control the world and women are controlling men. For her, the word Bitch means babe in control of herself.

Therefore, the takeaway here is to realize that when women make sure that they are telling their husbands that they are loved and cherished, they will automatically feel attracted to her.

When a woman shows support and love for her husband’s dreams, it will automatically make the man feel more loved and therefore, the relationship will automatically grow.

Admire your man and make sure that he knows that you and no one else is his number one fan. You will be surprised at how good and wonderful this works out for you and what you two have between yourself.

Attract Your Husband

15. Make Him Your Priority.

Make your man your number one priority. Everyone has a priority in their life. If you are married, then make sure that your spouse is your number one priority.

One of the major reasons why marriages fail is the lack of sex. Therefore, if you two have drifted apart due to whatever reason, start changing things up by first making him your priority and you will see how naturally and automatically things change, for the better.

Once you start to show affection and build a strong relationship between yourself and him, you will also see and realize how good an effect it has on you both sexually.

The takeaway, here, therefore, is to ensure that you change your relationship for the better by taking your spouse and making him feel cherished, loved and give him all the affection you can to change things for the better.

16. Make Your Sex Sacred.

A lot of people face difficulties in their sex life because they don’t treat sex as something special. Therefore, our solution to this problem is that when you are having sex, ensure that you just don’t make it a usual act. In fact, try to make sure that you make it something sacred.

Focus on the start of the sex and then focus on every element of it as well. This will ensure that what you have is special and will automatically drive things for the better and in the right direction as well.

Once you start to make your sex a sacred act, the attraction between you and your partner will increase and improve it for the better.

17. Sleep Together.


If you have been making the mistake of not sleeping together, think twice! We want you to start sleeping with each other if you want to keep your relationship alive.

Sleeping together gives you a lot of privacy, lets you get to know each other better and sets the stage for greater intimacy as well.

When you are sleeping together, show affection to each other, start cuddling more and do many other things that you would otherwise not be able to do if you are not sleeping with each other.

18. Keep Some Distance.

As much as we have been emphasizing on you staying with each other when it comes to attracting your husband sexually, we also suggest one more thing that is opposite to all the others that we have talked about so far.

If you want to attract your spouse sexually, try to keep some distance. Rather than serving him everything on a plate, why don’t you stay a little away from him and keep your distance?

We suggest, go into a quiet room, stay alone and keep him guessing. This will make him desire you more and set the stage for some greater good if you know what we mean!

19. Beautify Yourself.

The problem in a lot of cases as far as relationships are concerned is that women stop beautifying themselves. Therefore, in order to keep things alive, try to beautify yourself as much as you can.

Try to put on the nail color that he likes, the lipstick shade he bought for you one month ago and any other thing that he likes.

Beautifying yourself is probably the best way of ensuring that he is still attracted to you sexually, there is a strong attraction between you two and that he wants you physically.

20. Improve The Mood.

When it comes to sex, a lot of it has to do with the mood. Therefore, try to do things that improve your mood and set the stage for something bigger.

Our recommendation is to turn down the lights, leave the indirect light one, put on some light music and create an environment that sets the room for seduction, sex, love, and romance.

21. Flaunt Your Body, it will turn him on sexually.Attract Your Husband Sexually

According to Kevin Trudeau, “Most people have no idea about how good their body is designed to feel”.

Therefore, our next recommendation for our readers is to focus on their body and start flaunting it.

If you have everything covered and if you are not really showing yourself to your fullest, it is better to change things up.

Show your cleavage, show your body and he will naturally and automatically be attracted to you sexually. On the other hand, if you are not wearing the right clothes and are in a bad state, chances are that he wouldn’t want to have you physically. Therefore, focus as much as you can on yourself and you will see the difference it brings to your sex life.

22. Flatter Him.

Cosmopolitan believes that you should flatter your husband every once in a while if you want to keep the kinship between you two alive. If things have lost momentum, if you have lost touch and if things are not working out, why not change things and start by working your best to impress him, flatter him and telling him that he is the most loved man.

For instance, if you two are watching TV together, start by talking about things that you like and adore about his personality. Talk about the things that you would want to have if you are physical and sexual with each other. Let him open up about the things that he wants and you will be surprised at the effect this has on your relationship with him.

23. Be Positive.

According to Joyce Meyer, “A positive attitude will give you power over your circumstances rather than your circumstances having power over you”. Therefore, if things are somewhat not working in the direction you want them to work on or in, the best way to take this situation heads on is to be positive.

The one important trait that men love in women is positivity. If a woman is positive and has a positive outlook and disposition, her man will naturally be more inclined towards her. Men naturally find girls who are positive more attractive, as mentioned earlier, so try to change things up and start being positive about life. You will be surprised at the effect this has on your relationship.

24. Start Writing Dirty.

According to Venning at Glamour magazine, there are a lot of women who cannot talk dirty so we suggest that you start writing dirty. Our recommendation is to start by writing a suggestive note on the steam on the mirror once you are done showering.

This will make him look you in a different way, put ideas in his mind and spice things up for you naturally. You can get a lot of ideas on talking and writing dirty on the web but we suggest that you come up with things on your own.

There is nothing better than your own mind, thoughts and you do the trick and job yourself!


25. Be a Little Flirty, it will attract him sexually for sure.

Cavanagh at Glamour says that if you want to attract your man sexually, start flirting with another man in front of him. You can even start flirting with another woman if that is what it takes to get his attention.

Once you start flirting with other people, it will pique his interest and also stimulate a natural instinct to have you all to himself. It will also spark some incredible emotions in your partner and will change things up in bed, for the better! He will become attracted to you sexually.

26. Come on Strong and Role Play it will spice up things sexually.

We cannot forget the importance of role-playing when it comes to having a solid kinship between two people. If things have dried out, we suggest that you keep them spicy by trying things like role-playing.

You don’t know how positive an impact role-playing can have on you and how it can change your sex life for the better. It will keep your husband on his toes and will want to have you all to himself and not go to other places for sex or love.

Another key thing to remember when it comes to physical contact is to come on strong. If your man is someone who doesn’t initiate things much, try to change things up and become more dominant. He will love the change in things and he will not have to worry about the part that he cannot cover. Be dominant and show him how it’s done

The fact that you want to be able to attract your husband sexually again is an indication of smoke and where there is smoke, there is fire. So get stoking that fire and it will keep on blazing!


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