17 Best Ways to Attract Your Husband Emotionally

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Emotionally, every woman finds her husband to be a little weird. No matter what kind of a person you are living with, you are, at times, unable to understand his emotions.

Sometimes, you find it difficult to adjust to your husband’s abrupt emotional disturbances; the other times, you fall in love with the way he balances his personal as well as professional lives. But that doesn’t happen all the time; there are times when you feel extremely frustrated due to his lack of attention to you.


If you want your relationship to survive, it is essential for your man to be emotionally attracted to you. There is no woman in this world who doesn’t want her husband to be attracted to her in all the ways.

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Definition of Emotional Attraction.

Emotional attraction is a deep and often intense emotional connection or bond that individuals feel towards each other.

It goes beyond physical attraction and is characterized by a strong sense of affection, affection, and a genuine liking for someone’s personality, character, values, and inner qualities.

Emotional attraction often forms the basis of close and meaningful relationships, including romantic partnerships, friendships, and familial bonds.

It’s the feeling that draws individuals closer on an emotional level, fostering intimacy, trust, and a sense of understanding between them.

The Importance of Emotional Attraction in Marriage.

Emotional attraction plays a pivotal role in the success and fulfillment of a marriage.
Here are several key reasons why emotional attraction is crucial within the context of marriage:
  • Foundation of Intimacy:

Emotional attraction is the cornerstone of intimacy in marriage. It fosters a deep emotional connection that goes beyond physical attraction, allowing couples to be vulnerable with each other, share their thoughts and feelings, and feel truly understood and accepted.

  • Strengthening Communication:

When spouses are emotionally attracted to each other, they are more likely to communicate openly and honestly. They feel safe discussing their needs, concerns, and desires, which leads to better problem-solving and conflict resolution.

  • Building Trust:

Emotional attraction is closely linked to trust. When spouses are emotionally connected, they are more likely to trust each other, believing that their partner has their best interests at heart. This trust is essential for a strong and lasting marriage.

  • Enhancing Resilience:

In the face of challenges and stressors, emotional attraction can act as a buffer. Couples who are emotionally attracted tend to support each other during difficult times, making it easier to navigate life’s ups and downs together.

  • Long-Term Satisfaction:

Physical attraction may fade over time, but emotional attraction can grow stronger. This emotional bond contributes to long-term marital satisfaction as couples continue to appreciate and connect with each other on a deep level.

  • Promoting Forgiveness:

Emotional attraction often leads to forgiveness and understanding. Couples who are emotionally attracted are more inclined to forgive each other’s mistakes and work through conflicts constructively.

Emotional attraction can help couples approach conflicts with empathy and a desire to find common ground. It encourages compromise and cooperation, reducing the likelihood of arguments escalating into more significant issues.

Couples who experience emotional attraction report higher levels of relationship fulfillment. They feel loved, valued, and cherished, which contributes to overall happiness in their marriage.

  • Maintaining Romance:

Emotional attraction keeps the romance alive in a marriage. It fuels the desire to spend time together, engage in activities that deepen their emotional bond, and continue nurturing their love for each other.

  • Supporting Growth:

As individuals change and grow over time, emotional attraction can help couples adapt to these changes together. It encourages spouses to support each other’s personal growth and pursue shared goals and dreams.

In essence, emotional attraction forms the bedrock of a healthy and thriving marriage. It’s the glue that binds couples together through life’s joys and challenges, making their journey together not only enduring but also deeply satisfying and meaningful.

Attracting your husband emotionally involves nurturing the deep emotional connection that initially brought you together and fostering an environment of love, trust, and intimacy.

Here are 17 ways for you to attract your husband  emotionally These are proven effective strategies to strengthen emotional attraction in your marriage:

1. Pay attention to all the things that he says to you:

Sometimes, the wives don’t pay attention to what their husbands say; this is one of the major reasons why the husbands lose interest in their wives. If you want to pull your husband close to you emotionally, you have got to make sure that you give him all the time that he wants from you.

In return, he is bound to give you the same time, too! It is quite easy for you to lure your man if you keep listening to what he has to share with you.

2. Never discourage the things he does for you or you might lose his interest in you:

Every man tries improving his relationship with his wife since even he knows that he can’t forget those vows that he has taken with and for her. Thus, every man tries to do his best for his wife. However, there are some wives that don’t respect what their husbands do.

This emotionally pushes away your husband, due to which he finds it difficult to adjust with his partner. If your husband does a few things for you, don’t discourage him by disliking those things. Even if he brings a small rose for you while returning from work, kiss it and keep it safe with you.

3. Respect his emotions, especially if he is going through a hard time at work or has some issues with his family members:

It is wrongly said that men have no emotions; they are, in fact, far weaker than women, at times. If your partner is going through a hard time, he might need you the most, since only you can understand him and his bad phase.

Support him emotionally to let him know that you are always there for him and there is no way in which the bond between the two of you can ever break. Sometimes, he might just need a simple hug from you – give it to him to soothe his pains and let him vent out his tears on your shoulders.

4. Learn his moods; yes – be prepared for the toughest job of being a wife:

This is one of the most difficult things that you would be expected to do, as a wife, but you need to if you want to attract your husband towards you. With time and experience, you might notice what makes your husband feel good emotionally and what disturbs him.

Learn to respect his moods, especially if he does that for you, too. Find out what makes him smile and also learn what upsets him. Never do things to upset him and prefer doing those things that make him happy. If you keep him happy, you would get the same from his end.


5. Try cheering him up when he is unhappy with something:

There are bound to be times when he is not happy about a particular thing in his life. He might have a troublesome colleague at work or might feel bad about the deteriorating health of his father; in such a situation, emotionally, a man is broken and that’s the time when you need to support him the most.

We don’t expect you to get your pompoms from the cupboard to encourage him, but a motivational statement or a few motivational quotations sent on his way would surely do the needful to get the smile back on his face.

6. Do what he does to make you smile; it would surely help him:

If you are reading this, you surely have a loving husband. If he has been doing a lot of things for you in the past, try recollecting all of them. What did he do when you were upset about something, the last time? That might emotionally cheer him up, too.

If you guys have recently had a fight and the mistake is yours and you have realized it, do exactly what he did to bring the lost smile back on your face. Tell him how much you adore his dimple and how cute he looks when he smiles.

7. Learn about his favorite positions in bed:

Marriage is not all about sex, but intimacy is the most major part of any married life. If you really want to give the best time to your man and make sure that his attraction is sustained, find out about his favorite sexual positions.

It is bound to emotionally attract him and keep all sorts of sparks maintained between the two of you. Try getting naughtier if he likes; however, you need to ensure that you enjoy what he likes or else you won’t be able to give the best to him in bed. Let him praise your seductiveness!

8. Don’t overdo things; keep it simple and let him know that you are there:

There are a lot of wives, who find it difficult to hold their romantic attitudes back; they overdo things, due to which the husbands get a little frustrated. Don’t show a lot of romance, unless your husband appreciates it.

It is better to keep it simple to emotionally attract him towards you and let him know that you are always there, even though you don’t show it much. If he does something romantic for you, go one step ahead and do something for him, too. If he doesn’t, it is probably because he likes keeping things as simple as possible.

9. Never be over-possessive about him; let him do the ‘male bonding’ with his friends, too:

Most of the wives are over-possessive about their men; don’t do that – have faith in yourself and believe that he would never leave your side. If he wishes to go out with his friends, let him go and breathe, too. It would only bring him closer to you.

Emotionally, every man needs his friends, along with his wife and kids. Respect what he wants and allow him to go out with all those that he wants to. When he returns from his male bonding sessions with his friends, he would surely love you all the very more. Remember – “a little bit of distance in any relationship improves its quality.”


10. Respect his personal space, just like he respects yours:

If your husband gives you all the space that you need, you surely have the best man in the world. Just like he doesn’t get jealous when you talk to other men, you shouldn’t get jealous, either. This would emotionally make him stronger.

There are times when a man can share his deepest stress and fears with a female friend and not with his wife; if he has a female friend, don’t get upset about it; you may have your own set of male friends too. It is good to trust your man.

11. It is okay to fight, but don’t stretch it too much and don’t keep picking on it:

Fights are bound to happen between husband and wife; in fact, it is rightly said that “fights make the married life stronger.” You live a very plain life if there are no fights between you and your husband.

However, the only thing that pisses men emotionally off is when their wives stretch the fights for longer. Trust us when we say this – men don’t like stretching things and dragging the past again and again.

If something has happened, let go of it. This would only make him know that you are different than the rest of the women he has ever known in his life.

12. Find out different ways in which the two of you can have different kinds of fun:

He might like something else and you might like something else, too, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t come to a compromise with each other. If he likes painting, try indulging yourself in it. Have fun while painting so that emotionally, he feels good about what you are doing for him.

You may think that he would never notice the little things that you do for him, but he surely would. The moment he realizes you are doing too much, he will automatically be drawn towards you in all the ways you can think of.

13. Try being adventurous in bed; let him explore and explore every corner of his body, too:

While some women hate giving oral in bed, there are others that don’t like being “Sex is beautiful in all the raw forms” and all you need to do to keep your man happy is give him lots of sex so that along with being emotionally attracted to you, he is physically attracted to you as well.

If you keep sufficing his emotional needs, you might forget the physical needs that the two of you have in yourselves. Get naughty in bed and explore new things together. Watch naughty movies to get ideas and try role-playing to keep the spice alive.

14. Ensure that you are as happy as he is, in the relationship:

This is one of the most important things that you need to remember in your life – unless you are happy and satisfied with a particular relationship, you can’t keep your partner happy.

If you really want to learn new ways to keep your partner emotionally attracted to you, keep yourself content and happy with all that you are doing and all that he is doing for you.

Do not compare your happiness with that of others; after all, you don’t know the journey of your friends. They might put good pictures on Facebook, but are they really happy?


15. Find out what romance means for him:

Different individuals have different ways to express their romance; while a few men like watching a nice movie with their partners, there are others that like candlelight dates.

If you want to understand your man in a better way, understand what enlightens him, If he is not very expressive, try finding the other things that he does for you to make you happy about having him as your partner.

The moment you learn about the little things, it is easier for you to find out what romance means for him; do the same things for him.

16. Give him your ears, if you think he is in a bad mood and wishes to vent out his frustration:

There may be times when your partner comes with a lot of frustration in his heart; during such times, you have to be extremely calm and patient. He might throw off things with vengeance and even abuse.

The moment he sees that you are calm and not saying a word, he would emotionally break down and hold you tight. Give him ears and find out the reason or reasons behind his behavior.

If he is going through a bad time, your support is all that he needs to get his life back on track. NEVER leave your husband in such a situation.

17. Keep the respect alive between the two of you:

It is extremely important for the two of you to keep the respect alive. There are times when you get so comfortable and close to each other that you forget everything about egos, dignity and even respect. However, the moment you lose respect, you lose love.

Emotionally, a man feels broken if his wife says something to disrespect him, especially when he is in public. Therefore, it is better for you to keep the respect maintained so that not only you respect him, but also he respects you in return.

Winning his emotions may take a few days or even months; have patience and keep doing your part!

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