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By David Small •  Updated: 04/05/14 •  8 min read

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I get the opportunity to review a lot of products that come across my desk, and recently Andrew Rusbatch, an online host of the new Save My Marriage Today Premium Home Study Course, asked me to have a look over his new course and tell him what I thought. At first, I was skeptical, especially with all the hype that goes with new products, but I thought, hey, it’s worth a quick look.

ID-10092719By the time I had finished, I was hooked! I realized for the first time, that this Premium course really delivers what it says it does. This course would be really helpful for couples with all sorts of marital difficulties.

In fact, even couples in good marriages can learn something from this. Hey, I thought I knew it all and even I learned something, so I thought I would share my thoughts about this great new product with you too. This is something every couple should see and I would hate you to miss out! It’s at:

Are you, or your partner falling out of love? Discover why this feeling happens and how to resolve it! Hear what Andrew has to say about the key stages of relationships that you must know about. This is crucial stuff!

Marriage falling apart and feeling powerless? Find out how your reactions can directly influence the outcome of your marriage! Expand on the knowledge gained in the course and apply it through one of the 5 study guides.

Anger and conflict tearing you two apart? Get the answers covering ways to express your feelings and turn it into something positive! Clinical Psychologist Richard Wheeler identifies how this can be a learning experience for both partners in the relationship

Is your marriage affected by addiction issues? If it’s gambling, alcohol, drugs or chemical substance, or internet addiction, there is over an hour and a half of tips, key strategies, and myth-busters to guide you and your partner through identification and treatment of the addiction and on the path to recovery!

Did your partner cheated on you? Get advice for dealing with infidelity and key strategies for reconnecting and dealing with your relationship issues right now! Listen to the panel discussion or apply the information to your relationship using the infidelity study guide and transcripts!

Marriage affected by money problems? Hear what Clinical Psychologist Richard Wheeler has to say about money issues and what the best approach is to deal with it. You’ve come to the right place for answers to your financial and relationship problems.

Are you in a marriage that is suffering because your partner has depression? Listen and learn as Andrew and the team discuss how depression can be identified and help eliminate myths about depression! There is over an hour and a half of detailed discussion about approaching treatment in this topic-specific course module.

Is the honeymoon over? It doesn’t have to be the end of your marriage! The Save My Marriage Today Premium Home Study Course has answers to all the major relationship issues. Discover where you are in the relationship life cycle and ways to overcome the negativity and explain the change in the relationship.

Andrew’s home study course helps all couples consider their relationship problems and how their misconceptions and attitudes can help shape recovery or add to their ordeal. It’s quite normal for a marriage to go through cycles and arguments will happen from time to time. In fact, one thing they talk about in the course is how disagreements are normal. It’s nothing to be ashamed about! Its how you deal with those arguments and disagreements that determines the health of your relationship.

Andrew, Richard, and Amy invite you to examine your thoughts and beliefs and encourage you to modify patterns of behavior so that you are able to rebuild communication as a couple in a positive way. If you are serious about saving your marriage and being the one who is instrumental in making these changes, you should learn all Andrew, Richard and Amy have to tell you.

In addition to this is a free email consultation so that customers can discuss any additional marriage issues with a member of the team. Andrew has developed a course that covers all the fundamental aspects of examining relationships. He provides resolutions to marriage problems such as:

* Identifying your marital issues. Do you really know specifically why your marriage is in crisis? Discover crucial techniques that help you get to the real issues quickly.
* Examining expectations of marriage. Is it not what you thought it was going to be? Learn the things you must know and how to avoid the misconceptions that are plaguing your marriage.
* Ten steps to save your marriage after infidelity – if your marriage is affected by infidelity learn first-hand the key steps to stop the decline and start to make improvements immediately!
* Identifying and dealing with addiction. Hear the team discuss self-soothing, keys to transformation, detoxification, core therapies for treating addiction, relapse prevention, and tips for partners. We devote an hour and a half to offering key tips and strategies and guiding you through the addiction support and treatment process.
* Creating a place for each other in your marriage. Do you feel smothered? Do you wish you could spend more quality time together? Listen to our key strategies for balancing all of your needs in the relationship.
* Managing Anger. What strategies do you have as a couple for processing and controlling anger? Find new ways to manage stress and express it in a positive way. You and your partner can work together doing some of the many exercises in the study guides to reconnect and express feelings with love.
* Balancing Goals – Feel like nothing you ever do is good enough? Use our recommendations to identify how to achieve your individual and personal goals immediately and in the future, and how to make both of you happy!
* Developing new tools for communication – breaking the habits of the past and finding new ways to communicate with love. Discover the strategies necessary for reconnecting with your spouse in a way that you never have before!
* Transformation. Breaking the bad habits of the past and moving forward. Every relationship has a defining moment when it seems possible to both of you that you can save your marriage. Follow our guidelines to achieve the turnaround in your relationship in minimum time!
And that’s just the tip of the iceberg…

Over 2 million couples divorce every year, and according to Psychology Today, a happy marriage is worth $115,000 a year. The average cost of divorce is $20,000, so this course really can save more than just your marriage. This can save your lifetime of assets and savings, not to mention your future earnings! If you are serious about rebuilding the love in your marriage you need to get the advice that Andrew and the team have to offer.

The Save My Marriage Today Premium Home Study Course is an instant-download 12-part video and written course, as well as FOUR additional courses where Andrew, Richard and Amy delve into relationship issues for couples dealing with depression, addiction, infidelity, and money problems. That’s 8 hours of video and 5 study guides to work your way through!

Plus there are bonus interviews with guest Relationship Coaches Scot and Emily McKay discussing ways to cope with a partner with mental illness, and Mimi Tanner discussing how to keep your spouse interested in you forever.

In addition to this is a free email consultation so that customers can discuss any additional marriage issues with a member of the team. This really can help ANY couple with almost ANY marriage problem! Plus there is a very special bonus being offered with his course right now, but you have to go to the site to check it out! Honestly, there is too much to this course to list!

I really do believe Andrew is onto a good thing here, and this course really can help couples in any marriage situation. He’s got a great launch special price too, so if you get there real quick you can save some money as well as save your marriage. How great is that?

The techniques he and the team reveal are straight to the point, relevant to every marriage, and have been proven over and over to help save couples from the pitfalls of separation and divorce.

But don’t take my word for it, see for yourself! Take a look at:

I promise you won’t be disappointed, and best of all, it can make measurable results in turning your life around!

All the best,

David Small

David Small

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