How to Be Irresistible to Men: #13 Will Blow Your Mind

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Finding it hard to attract the right man in your life? Chances are you are not doing enough to catch and retain the man’s attention.

How to Be Irresistible to Men

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Even though there are many things men find attractive in women, you may not know much about them.

This article is full of tips and to show you how to be irresistible to men beginning with your looks.

We are going to show you the things that men find irresistible in women. If you pay attention, you are going to build your relationship and make it stronger.

Let’s get going!


  1. Work on Your Physical Appearance.

One of the biggest irresistible women traits is your physical attraction. A man has to be physically attracted to you before he falls in love with you.

As MarleForleo advises in Make Every Man Want You, work on your appearance. Always step out in the best possible outfit. Wear makeup without overdoing it.

When posting a photo on social media, make sure it is the best you have. If you do that, men will come flocking to you like an iron nail to a magnet.

Who knows, one of these men might just be the one with whom you would want to settle down.

  1. Build an Independent Life.

There is a misconception that independent women are less appealing. Nothing can be far from the truth. One of the traits men find irresistible is an independent woman.

Now, here is how it works. When you are independent, men think you are playing hard to get. The man would not tire chasing you.

In short, a show of independence arouses the spirit of conquest in the man. Naturally, he will chase you until he has his way.

It is different when a woman makes herself too available. If you want to turn off potential men, try that.

  1. Leverage Eye Contact.

Another way to be irresistible to a man is to establish eye contact. Not only does it show you are interested in him, but it also communicates how confident you are.

But the instinct for shy women is to steal glances or keep her eyes down. That is not right. What men find irresistible is a woman who smiles while looking at him in the eyes.

You might be wrong. He might have no interest. Why should you wait to confirm? It’s good to try and fail than to fail to try at all. You may require a little practice, but it is doable.

  1. Build a High Level of Confidence.

In their book: How to be Irresistible to Men, Michael Banovac (Author, Narrator), Millionaire Date Doctor, LLC (Publisher)

say, “there is a need to understand the importance of confidence. Men tend to view confident women differently.

They like women who are sure of themselves. You will also have a different view of yourself. As a confident woman, you will have a good idea about what you want.

You will never settle for a lesser man. Not only will you be able to find the right man to spend the rest of your life, but also make him feel for you.

  1. Exercise a Lot of Patience.

Some women are so eager to find a man with whom to settle down. They feel that time of running out. The only option for them is to date any man that comes along.

If you are such a man, you may turn off a man for appearing too desperate. So, don’t try to force yourself onto a man.

Rather, play your part, and the man will get attracted to you. If you want to learn how to be irresistible sexually, appear disinterested.

Men are explorers by nature. When you are single but appear disinterested, your man wouldn’t want to find out more about you. He will seek you out.

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  1. Turn on Your Sense of Humor.

There is something about a jolly woman that men just cannot resist. A man may find you unattractive when he first meets you.

Once he sees you laughing, he may find it hard not to fall in love with you. Or, when you make him laugh, you might keep him hooked and happy.

In the book: How to be Irresistible to Men without Sex, Christine Marie White says “you should turn on your sense of humor”.

When he tells a joke, laugh! It will give him confidence that you are attracted to him. Within no time, the two of you will have a steamy, long-lasting relationship.

Irresistible to Men

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  1. Show Positivity.

Have you ever felt drained by being around a negative man? How well do you feel for being around a positive person?

The energy a person release affects the way they interact with others. So, if you want to learn how to be irresistible to men, show a lot of positivity.

You may not be a naturally positive person. Learn to view difficult situations that happen to you in a positive light.

Stop talking negatively about others. Not only will you appear attractive to men, but you will also be healthier and happier.

  1. Use Scent to Great Effect.

Some women put too much effort into wearing sexy clothes and putting on makeup. What men find irresistible is much more the physical.

The scent might be subtle, but it plays a role in the game of attraction. You may want to try one scent at a time.

One of the traits men find irresistible is a warm scent, such as fruit scent, vanilla or rose oil. But it is not enough to put on a fragrance or perfume.

It should mix perfectly with your natural pheromones to attract a man.

  1. Maintain an Element of Mystery.

No need to overexpose yourself to others, especially when meeting men for the first time. It is good to keep him guessing when it comes to some things about you.

One of the greatest irresistible women traits is maintaining a sense of mystery. Men like it when they learn about you in small bits.

It is like peeling a banana one side after the other until you can see the inner fruits. You can read about that in Leslie Braswell’s book: How to Be the Girl Who Gets the Guy.

What you happen if you disclose something about yourself, and he wants to learn more? Let him know it is a story for another day. Don’t be surprised if he wants to meet you again.

  1. Your Opinion Matters.

It may sound counterintuitive to be opinionated, but it could as well be what men find irresistible. If you notice something that isn’t working right, speak it out.

Don’t be afraid to say something you know is right, even if it sounds unconventional. A woman who speaks her mind will have no problem looking irresistible in the eyes of a man.

It doesn’t matter if everyone else thinks otherwise. Sharing your opinion makes others see you as someone secure in her skin.

You have no reason to pretend you agree with everyone else. You value your opinion and speak it out. If you want to learn how to be irresistible sexually, don’t be afraid to say what you think.

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  1. A Little Playfulness Goes a Long Way.

Are you playful? You will keep him hooked and happy when you are playful. It is not about taking jokes too far.

Rather, being playful is the perfect way to break the monotony of life. Why don’t you turn on your wicked side when in the company of a man you fancy.

Play hard to get! Tease him without giving in to him. Lead him on at every opportunity. The man will take notice of your actions and make a move.

  1. Strive To Catch His Eye.

To learn how to be irresistible to a man, start showing interest when you like him. Who knows? The guy might just notice and start approaching you.

It doesn’t have to be anything too exaggerated. Also, avoid going to the extent of offering yourself to him, literally.

Such a gesture might turn off the man instead of attracting him. Men get easily scared of women who show too much interest in them. Wink at him! Talk with him in a longing voice.

Don’t be surprised if he wants to take you out. His sense of curiosity would be aroused, and he wound want to know you better.

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  1. Avoid Unnecessary Drama.

Who likes drama? It may earn you fame, but it is going to cost you a potential relationship. If you want to know how to be irresistible to a man, avoid unnecessary drama.

Insisting on it is only going to turn him off. So, avoid backbiting other people. Steer clear of unnecessary drama. Respect others, and you will keep him hooked and happy.

That way, you will be able to know How to Get a Man Without Getting Played.

  1. Maintain Proper Hygiene.

Are you one of the people who doesn’t like spending time in the shower? No one is asking you to make a drastic change to your life.

If you are asking what men find irresistible, it is a woman who maintains proper hygiene. Learn to shower at least once a day. Do your laundry weekly. Shampoo your hair every often.

Do everything possible to be irresistible to a man. Any man would appreciate a clean woman. It is not about looking clean.

Rather, you should avoid leaving behind a stench every time you are with him. That goes hand in hand with adorning a great fragrance.

  1. Turn on Your Femininity.

Women in positions of power find it harder to show their femininity. Ditch the formal look. No way is going to diminish your position in the boardroom.

You may want to create a balance between your masculine and feminine energies. If you want to know how to be irresistible sexually, avoid exhibiting masculine traits in social gatherings.

The strong handshake, cockiness, and competitiveness might have gotten you a place in the C-suite. But it may not attract a man.

So, attract him by assuming a caring, eloquent, compassionate, nurturing, and sensitive side.

  1. Lead a Full Life.

You can easily attract a man by leading a life that makes you happy, whether you have a man or not. After all, no man can make you happy if you are sad on the inside.

So, don’t make your life all about trying to attract the right man. What men find irresistible is a woman who lives a great life, regardless of her singleness.

Such a woman isn’t seeking to find completion in a man. She is complete, all by herself. She leads a full life and would only accept a man whom she genuinely likes.

The two can then take their relationship further after that.

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  1. Don’t Compete With Him.

Earlier on, we advised you to assume some level of independence. However, you shouldn’t take it too far.

If you want to know how to be attractive to men, stop competition over your accomplishments. No matter how successful you are, learn to respect your man.

Competing with him makes you look like a man to him. According to Tatiana Busan, that is not How to Be Seductive. You can only expect that to turn him off.

So, be the woman and let him be the man. Don’t keep telling him to step up. Accept and appreciate him as he is.

         Listen and Talk

Let him finish his own sentences and sentiments! Hear him out! That is among the top irresistible women traits identified by men, check out more on the subject in The Male Mind Map.

Men take time to open up and the least you can do is listen when he does. If you’re looking for a strong emotionally connected relationship, Listen! Let him Talk! Click on the link below to learn how to keep him hooked and happy through listening.

There is solace in silence, Embrace it! Enjoy periods of silence with him. Just like a pet. You speak two different languages and come from two different species yet, in silence (when you’re not shouting at them to stop chewing your shoes) you connect!

Bonus point: Tips on Effective Listening 

How to Be Irresistible to Men: #13 Will Blow Your Mind

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To better understand the concept of communication, the book “ How to win friends & influence people” by Dale Carnegie comes highly recommended.

Communicate your needs, expectations, anger triggers and goals. Establish a non-judgmental environment for effective communication.

The only way to be in each other’s lives is through communicating.

How to Be Irresistible to Men Program.

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  How to Be Irresistible to Men Online multimedia course.

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In Conclusion;

We are in no way suggesting that you change who you are. Rather, we intend to show you how to attract a man without trying too much.

If you’re religious, observe the tips we have provided, you are going to attract a lot of men. You may end up having to choose the best among the potential lovers.

But don’t put a lot of energy on your quest for a man. Work on your self-esteem and live your life like someone who isn’t missing anything.

When you finally enter into a relationship, you will have something to share with your partner.

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