25 Best Mens Cologne Perfume That Will Attract Women

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Mens cologne perfume is the best thing you can wear whenever you step out of the house. It doesn’t matter if you are going to attend a casual or official event. If you will make an impression on the people you meet, then you have to smell good.

25 Best Mens Cologne Perfume That Will Attract Women

Some of these fragrances can set you off to a good start when it comes to attracting women. Those that contain pheromones could even make you sexually attractive to the opposite sex.

Picking the right cologne to wear daily is not easy. You have to consider whether you want it for casual or official wear. In the end, it is the occasion you are attending that will dictate what you buy.

The following are 25 of the best mens cologne perfumes to attract women.

1. Nautica Voyage Eau de Toilette Spray for Men

Life is supposed to be both adventurous and fulfilling. This is the best mens cologne perfume that can help you bring out that adventurous spirit.

Wear it and you will be able to bring to the fore a rare passion for life. The combination of refined woody amber and dewy moss is all a man needs to feel like a conqueror.

2. Pheromones for Men Pheromone Cologne (Attract Women)

Smelling nice is not enough to attract women. This mens cologne perfume contains human pheromones which will attract women sexually. It has an incredible youthful scent that’s also amazingly empowering.

Once you apply it, it will serve you for over 24 hours before it begins to fade. Due to its composition, it reaches out to a woman’s brain receptors.

3. Nautica Blue Eau de Toilette Spray for Men

As a man, you want to appeal to your woman’s senses. This sandalwood and musk affair is mixed with jasmine, pineapple, and basil to keep the women chasing after you. It is manufactured to bring out the best in you.

4. Yacht Man Blue Eau de Toilette Spray

When going out for a casual meeting with a woman, you have to take care to smell well. Its sensual, masculine, fresh, and refreshing fragrance makes it a must-have for all men.

The cologne comes in a nice bottle and could make the perfect gift by a woman to her man. It is definitely one of the best Eau de toilettes sprays out there.

5. Cool Water by Davidoff for Men. Eau Toilette Spray

This mens cologne perfume was first introduced to the market by Calvin Klein in 1998. Its fragrance is a mixture of sandalwood, musk, oakmoss, jasmine, and lavender.

Although meant for casual wear, you can use it for all kinds of occasions. Use it and it will give the impression that you are at the beach in summer.

6. Versace Man Eau Fraiche by Gianni Versace for Men Edt Spray

Every man needs a cologne for daily wear. This mens cologne perfume is built to work in perfect harmony with the natural body scent. It is mainly for casual wear, although wearing it to official occasions will do. It is made of lemon, rosewood, and cedar.

7. Guess Seductive Men Edt Spray

This cologne is made of ripple sand accord, moss, and cashmere wood. It is a natural fragrance meant for the sophisticated modern man. Apart from having a wonderful smell, the cologne is also way too seductive. You may want to wear it only on casual occasions.

8. Acqua Di Gio by Giorgio Armani for Men. Eau de Toilette Spray

It is not possible to find a mens cologne perfume that both fresh and sensual. The cologne is made using an aquatic, hyacinth scent. It is a purely exotic affair given its Indonesian patchouli base.

It has a mix of rosemary, rock rose, jasmine, and fruity smell. You can use it while on your daytime duties or in the evening for casual meetings. It is best applied on the neck, inner elbow or wrist.

9. Drakkar Noir by Guy Laroche for Men. Eau de Toilette Spray

If you are looking for a men cologne perfume to wear while on your official duties during the day, then this is it. It has a sharp spicy, amber, and lavender fragrance.

The perfume is made using a mixture of sandalwood, berries, citrus, and lavender. It is recommended for the self-assured male speciea. It lasts for 12 hours or more, which means it can keep you smelling fresh for the rest of the day.

10. Halston 1-12 by Halston for Mens Cologne Perfume Spray, 4.2-Ounce

Here is a sharp, spicy masculine fragrance that brings out the man in you. It is made by blending great scents from sandalwood, spicy berries, citrus, and lavender.

You can wear it on all kinds of occasions, both casual and official. It is a fairly priced cologne that should work for men from all walks of life.

11. Paco Rabanne 1 Million Eau de Toilette Spray for Men

Known for being sensually fresh, this men cologne perfume is a must-have for the modern man. It is made of a powerful blend of fragrances to give it its distinctly seductive nature. It is a mixture of the best scents.

This spray is made from grapefruit, mint, red-orange, cinnamon, rose, blond leather, spices, patchouli, amber, and blond wood. The fragrance is so unique that the people you meet will compliment you for wearing it.

12. L’eau D’issey by Issey Miyake for Men. Eau de Toilette Spray

Are you planning to go out on a romantic date? If ‘yes’, then this is the cologne for the occasion. It is a French-manufactured perfume that is best used for casual wear.

Try it and you will end up making it a permanent feature of your daily wear. The great scent of this perfume is going to bring all the female attention you have been craving.

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13. Vera Wang by Vera Wang for Men. Eau de Toilette Spray

Vera Wang first makes this cologne from a blend of tobacco, sandalwood, anise, nutmeg, luminous yuzu, and green leaves. It is best worn for casual occasions, although that doesn’t mean you cannot wear it to the office.

It is packed in a sleek, modern, classy bottle. This mens cologne perfume is going to leave a lasting impression on you and the folks you meet on a daily basis.

14. Perry Ellis 360 Red for Men

If you must buy a gift for your man on any occasion, let it be a bottle of Perry Ellis 360 Red for Men. The scent is a cool, aquatic affair that consists of a blend of exotic woods, floralcy, and several spices.

Any man who wears it is bound to have a long-lasting and captivating effect on the women he meets on a daily basis. Talk about revving up your sex appeal.

15. Azzaro Chrome Eau de Toilette Spray

Very few perfumes can comfortably be worn by both the young and the old. This cologne is one of them. Apart from being invigorating, it is also refined and comforting.

You can spray it on your clothes, wrists or neck without rubbing. Its fragrance blends citrus, woody, and aquatic scents. This cologne was manufactured to help men easily attract women just by the way they smell.

16. Yves De Sistelle Thallium for Men

When going out for a date or other casual occasion, wear Yves De Sistelle Thallium for Men. Although low-priced, it is definitely a fragrance that can awe just about any woman you meet.

Don’t be surprised if the people you meet keep enquiring about the kind of mens cologne perfume you are wearing. It has a nice, yet hardly overpowering smell which means girls will want to stick around you for longer.

17. Ps by Paul Sebastian for Men. Fine Cologne Spray

Inclined more towards the orient, this cologne is made by blending musk, amber, rose, jasmine, sage, and lavender. It works best as a perfume for casual or evening wear. It is a refined, sophisticated, and sexy fragrance that will make any man more appealing to the opposite sex.

The women you meet will not just be attracted to the fragrance, but they will keep asking what exactly it is. Who doesn’t like getting that kind of attention?

18. Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male by Jean Paul Gaultier for Men. Eau de Toilette Spray

Going out for a casual occasion doesn’t mean you take the way you smell casually. Wear a great cologne and you are likely to have better social interactions with members of the opposite sex.

This men cologne perfume is made from a blend of warm woods, orange blossom, lavender, and mint. It is a men’s product that lasts considerably long after application. Your female acquaintances will find it mesmerizing, amazing, awesome, and hypnotic.

19. Calvin Klein Obsession for Men

Are you looking for a way to provoke unforgettable love, emotion, and obsession from the opposite sex? If ‘yes’, then this is the right fragrance for you. It was created by Calvin Klein for use by men who are overly passionate in their work, as well as, sex life.

You can use it by spraying on the wrists or neck. From the pulse points, the fragrance will spread in the air around and bring attention to you.

20. Joop Pour Homme Eau De Toilette Spray for Men

For men who love a good perfume, this is perhaps the best you can get. Given its unisex nature, it works for women too. What it means is that any woman will love its smell on a man.

Single men who are trying to attract a particular girl are advised to buy and wear Joop. Some have even hailed it as the best-selling mens cologne perfume out there.

21. MONTBLANC Legend Eau De Toilette Spray

One of the best ways to properly define your personality is by wearing a nice cologne. It is meant to be worn by men for all kinds of occasions.

This fairly-priced product will make you stand out from the crowd. If you are single, why don’t you show those the women out there the kind of man you are.

22. Sung by Alfred Sung for Men Eau de Toilette Spray

If all you want is a more manly scent, then this spice and citrus affair is what you should buy. Apart from getting all kinds of comments from your acquaintances, you are bound to attract all the women to you.

A few minutes after wearing it, you will get a more stable fragrance that will last a long time after. It is made using a blend of iris, ylang-ylang, lemon, vetiver, sandalwood, and vanilla.

23. Dolce and Gabbana the One EDT for Men

This Dolce and Gabbana men cologne perfume is meant for casual wear. Its great fragrance comes from a blend of ginger, cardamom, basil, coriander, and grapefruit. For effects that last long, you should apply this perfume on pulse points such as wrists and neck.

As the blood at these points heats up the skin, the delicate fragrance keeps spreading through the air. Don’t be surprised if you are stopped and asked to explain what exactly you are wearing.

24. Guilty by Gucci EDT Spray for Men

Gucci recommends this perfume for casual wear. While it has a nice scent it is not too intense to turn people off. This manly scent is bound to attract looks of admiration from all the women at a social function.

Buy it if you are a single man or just after impressing your acquaintances. The fragrance is a blend of musk, orange blossom, and bergamot.

25. Jovan Musk by Jovan for Men Cologne Spray

If you are looking for a manly fragrance for wearing to all types of occasions, this is definitely the best men cologne perfume. It is made by blending citrus, lavender, and an assortment of spices.

This is the best perfume for attracting women, given its ability to interact with your natural pheromones to customize the scent to you. Don’t be surprised if you keep getting all the stares from most of your female acquaintances.

Choose one of these and see how miraculous it turns out to be.

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