The 15 Unknown Secrets For Attracting Women

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Traditionally, men are socialized to be the ones chasing after women, but there are many men who have no success in attracting women. This is a result of them neglecting to work on their own attractiveness.

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What they don’t know is that women are attracted to a certain kind of guys. “If you do not fall in the category of guys for attracting the attention of women, then you may end up lonely”. So says Hank Melroy in Bad Boy Secrets for Attracting Women.

15 Unknown Secrets For Attracting A Woman

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It is all about how you present yourself, how you look, what you say, and how you say it. To attract a woman, you must be careful about the way you present yourself. Here are The 15 unknown secrets for attracting women:

1. Work on Your Looks.

Trivial as it may seem, the way you dress is important. One only need to look at you to know whether you give regards to your looks or not. To be sure of pulling off the best looks, you may want to ask a female friend or relative to help you pick clothes. In 5 Ways on Attracting Women, Rodney Clack says “that you need to trust her to know what women find attractive”.

Also, watch out for the trending styles. You could read a magazine or observe the other guys you meet. Most importantly, select clothes that best define your personal identity. This is undoubtedly one of the secrets for attracting  women that’s easy to pull off. As such, if you spend most of your time in business meetings, a business suit will do just fine.

2. Share Your Dreams with Her.

The first time you meet a woman, you may not be the full package she is looking for. However, that doesn’t really matter. All a woman needs to know is that you are an ambitious man with the potential for growth. One of the secrets for attracting women is to share your dreams with her.

Show her that you have a sense of direction and purpose and she would want to be with you. This has nothing about being a braggart. As much as you share your dreams, let your actions speak for themselves. Show her that you are not a useless vagabond.

3. Bring Out Your Sense of Humor.

Do you know how easy it is to humor yourself into a woman’s heart? Women love men who have the gift for seeing the funny side of life. If anything, humor is a huge aphrodisiac.

Remind yourself of your life’s funniest events and talk about them. Talk about anything under the sun but avoid offensive humor. Anything that consists of a racial slur could boomerang on you. Also, avoid sharing inside jokes you usually use with your other friends. You don’t want your target woman to end viewing you as a traitor, do you?

4. Tease and Play Around.

There are times when you wouldn’t know exactly what to talk about. It doesn’t mean you call off your meeting. Why don’t you tease and play around instead? This is where you may have to up your sense of humor. Even though it may seem funny, spontaneous laughter could spur curiosity and force her to ask you what you are laughing about.

Once you get talking, you could tease her into a prolonged conversation. In the end, you will end up making light the present moment. The intention is to show how relaxed and not-so-serious a person you are. Do you know that showing your lighter side is one of the major secrets for attracting women?

5. Talk about Sex.

This is a topic that most men want to avoid at all costs. What they forget is that sex is integral to any relationship between a man and a woman. If you are ever going to have sex, then you must talk about it. It doesn’t have to be anything gross. As Richard Carroll says in How to Attract Women, you need to ask your woman how bad she thinks she is.

Find out from her the naughtiest thing she has done in her life. Make sure your voice is attuned to present more than just the question. While you may not have the sex talk from the get-go, make sure you have it when the times are good. It’s all about showing her that you can also be a bad boy. Such stuff is what excites women.


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6. Show How Selfless You Are.

Are the kind of person that thinks of others before self? If ‘yes’, then you are already a selfless person. When you are selfless, it shows a woman that you can be a giver when required to. So, find a way of showing a woman that you care more about what she values and not your own needs.

That’s the advice of Savannah Ellis in ” The Secrets to Attracting Beautiful, Quality Women “. This is one of the secrets for attracting women, given that it brings they good side out, too. It also shows how much you are an emotionally mature man. So when you are selfless, you also come out as attentive, compassionate, and honest.

7. Watch Your Manners.

If you want to attract a woman, you need to be a well-mannered individual. The way you behave when out on a date communicates a lot. So if you haven’t been opening the door for the women in your life, time is now that you started. Due to their delicate nature, women also need to be handled politely.

Avoid using unnecessarily harsh words, even as you lower your tone of voice. It doesn’t matter how long you have been together. Being polite is a secret to a woman’s heart. One additional thing is to avoid ogling over her with obvious perversion. That could turn her off.

8. Show Her You Are Family-Oriented.

It is a natural instinct for most women to crave marriage and family. In fact, one of the secrets for attracting womn is to show you want to have a family with children. According to Massive Dating by Raidel Castro, it is also possible that you already have a family with children.

When she sees how well you care and provide for your kids, she will want to have a family with you. After all, you are not some jerk who is likely to leave her with the kids. If anything, she will be sure of you being there for the young ones. And she will be assured of you remaining married to her no matter what.

9. Bring Out Your Vulnerable Side.

No man wants to show his soft side. Just like everyone, you want to be in control of the situation and not a victim of circumstances. So instead of always showing how manly you are, show her that you have feelings. When you do that, the woman knows you have no issue being completely open with her.

This makes her trust you even more. Why shouldn’t she, when she sees how much you trust her? Only that you should avoid bringing out your vulnerability at the beginning of the relationship. You don’t want to compromise the chances you could have had of being together.

10. Be Adventurous and Spontaneous.

Women love men who dare to do things that others wouldn’t. Yet most men tend to fall into certain predictable habits and routines. That’s a no-no if you are looking for secrets for attracting women. So why don’t you try new foods, visit new places or pick a refreshing hobby?

When a woman sees you doing things, he can expect to have an adventurous life with you. So says Peter Smith in The Secrets of Meeting, Attracting and Seducing Women. She can, therefore, expect to have an exciting time with you. If not, then she can only expect to end up in a rut. When you are adventurous, you will not just attract a woman, but you will also be able to keep her.

15 Unknown Secrets For Attracting A Woman

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11. Learn To Fix Things.

Did you know that women prefer being with men who know knows how to fix things? If you can’t do it yourself, then it helps if you know someone who can do it in a timely manner. That’s why you should work on your education, networks, skills, and relationships. With that, it will be easier for you to reach your goals.

According to Dating Secrets by Jillian Yuhas, you need to build relationships with people who can help you in times of need. Avoid being too hard-headed when it comes to acknowledging you need help. Even as you prove how resourceful you are, show her that you also need others.

12. Style-Up.

Have you seen how confident men of style carry themselves? Being stylish doesn’t mean wearing expensive outfits. It is about paying attention to your looks and taking pride in being the best representation of yourself. Apart from clothes, which have been canvassed elsewhere, work on your general grooming and hygiene.

Regularly brush your teeth and maintain well-kept hair. Buy a nice cologne and use it regularly. If you do this regularly, you will end up attracting more than your target woman. As one of the secrets for attracting a woman, this will make her want to show you off to her friends. When that happens, you can be sure of a steady relationship in no time.

13. Show How Thoughtful You Are.

How thoughtful you are will determine if you end up in a relationship with a woman or not. The problem with most men is that they forget important things such as her birthday, favorite food, and so on. Imagine forgetting such important dates like your anniversary. How does that make her feel? It makes you look like the most thoughtless person she has ever related with.

You are thoughtful if you will come home with a gift for her birthday without being reminded of it. It goes to show how much you care for and appreciate her. These simple acts will, for sure, reserve a special place for you in her heart.

14. Avail Yourself Emotionally.

Never enter a relationship with a woman before you truly end it with your ex. Doing so will only make you be emotionally split between your current flame and your ex. One of the secrets for attracting women is to be emotionally available. If you are into the habit of shutting down whenever she asks how you feel, then you are not the right person for her.

So, before you try to woo a woman, work on your communication and emotional skills. Learn to appreciate the fact that there isn’t anything to feel ashamed about. Rather, expressing yourself in a clear concise way is not just attractive but also healthy.

15. Smile a Lot.

One of the secrets for attracting women is to simply smile. So, make it a habit of showing off that slowly spreading smile. It is an established fact that you will attract a woman better than if all you do is a grin. Women also tend to rate guys who smile as more trustworthy. That’s the advice of Craig Beck author of,  Attracting the Woman of Your Dreams.

As such, their expressions are looked at as being more genuine. Only that you shouldn’t overdo it. There are some women who look at smiling men as being silly and lacking seriousness. So know when to grin and when to smile. A timely smile will surely make your target woman see you as an approachable, kind man.


Attracting women is easy, only if you approach it in the right way. Work on your looks while ensuring that you are available at the emotional level. Women love men who are adventurous and outgoing. That’s why you have to try and be a daredevil. However, don’t forget to bring out your vulnerable side.

When you show a woman you are selfless, you are definitely going to attract her. What you talk about is also important. Apart from general teasing, also talk about sex. After all, that’s where the relationship is headed, isn’t it?



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