30 Dating Tips For Men To Improve They Love Life

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Dating tips for men!!!!! Yes, I know that we men act macho and feel that we have it all together, but from experience and observation, I have discovered that we make alot of mistakes when dating.

This article will transform and change, how we date women. Dating can sometimes seem to be a bit of an uphill task, especially with all the? rules’ that come with it, right?

30 Dating Tips For Men To Improve They Love Life

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But it’s actually very simple- once you decide to commit, most of what you have to do is go with your natural instincts and be yourself.

I want to share with you some great dating tips for men, and tricks you can use. These dating tips have been compiled from different experts, they will help you to improve your already existent dating and love life, or help you embark on the journey.

Nothing a bit too hard, so don’t worry about reading a lot of jargon here, haha.

1. Communication is the major key of all Dating Tips for Men.

Now, in any relationship, not just your dating one, communication is extremely important. Even at work, keeping in touch and getting information is very vital.

..Make sure you keep communication open with her, call her, text her, ask her how her day was, and generally just talk.

You really do not need to wait till you meet to talk. Remember: out of sight, out of mind.

Dating Advice For Men by Ryan Cooper.

2. Take your time with everything.

Do not rush a lady- that will never turn out well in your favor. Go at her pace. You may be super into her, and constantly want to see her.

Don’t pester her, or rush her into something she is not fully into yet. Slowly but surely.

A Dating Guide On How To Be A Better Man, Attract The Women You Want by Levi King.

3. Be confident, it looks great on you.

Ladies love a man who exudes confidence. Remember the scene in Jerry Lewis’ “The Nutty Professor”, when Professor Kelp turned himself into this confident man, all the ladies flocked to him.

Yes, I know that is a bit of an old movie, but it proves a point. You are a great guy, so do not be afraid to show it to the lady you like. But remember, there is a thin line between being confident and cocky, do not be obnoxious and unbearable.

The Ultimate Men’s Dating Advice Book: How To Meet Women In The 21st Century by Cyrus Thomson.

4. Be her safe place.

Be the guy she can turn to when she is feeling unsafe. Haha, if you read into that as being a bodyguard, not necessarily.

What I mean is that even around you, she should feel secure. If she is still not comfortable with you knowing her place, respect that. Sooner or later, she will allow you into her world.

Cheyenne Bostock, Life and relationship expert and author of two best-selling self-help books.

5. Show her off, be public! Women love being shown off.

They want to feel acknowledged, and loved. So make sure you show her off a bit, have double dates with your friends.

Introduce her to the people in your life, because this is how she knows that you take her, and the relationship, seriously.

Amy Schoen, certified professional life coach.

6. Make sure she is comfortable.

Is your lady comfortable? Before you make a move, or decision, make sure that you first know that she is comfortable with that move, this is among one of the key dating tips for men, no lady will go back into a situation where she was not comfortable.

So whether it is a date, pick a venue she is okay with, and if it’s at her place, make sure you know in advance the kind of setting she likes.

-A Practical Guide For A Successful Date by Lucinda Love.

7. Be comfortable yourself.

As you ensure that the setting you pick is okay with her, make sure that YOU are good with it too.

Maybe pick a place you have been too before and liked, or somewhere new for you with reviews that appeal to you. Your discomfort may end up ruining the date, and not just for you, but for her too.

– A Practical Guide For A Successful Date by Lucinda Love.

8. Respect is mandatory.

Show respect to your lady. Do not raise your voice, be abusive, or be a sleaze. Treat her with the utmost dignity. Also, not just to her, but to other people around you.

For example, if you are super respectful to her but rude to the waitress, she will be able to unpack a lot from it, and it will not be in your favor, it will be a red flag about how you will treat her in future.

-Lucia, dating, and relationship expert plus TV personality.

Consent is very important, and shall we also remember, consent is also required of you legally. This is with regards to your physical interactions.

You want to kiss her, ask first. You can make it sexy, not like asking for a napkin. Before touching her, or any type of sexual interaction, make sure she is okay with it first, and that she is of sober mind as she decides.

KarenLee Porter, host of an internet talk show and blog about dating.


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10. Be a well-groomed gent.

Cleanliness is such another one of the important dating tips for men. As a matter of fact, it should not even be a tip, but more of something that comes naturally.

Show up for your date with clean, crease-free clothes. It is not too appealing when she has to bear through a stuffy date or smelly socks. Also, keep your home clean and neat, you never know when she might decide to finally come over.

-Marina Margulis, top matchmaker and dating coach.

11. Switch off your phone on the date!

Here is another dating tips for men, no one wants to be seated with someone who is constantly on their phone.

So make sure you pick a time when you will be free, away from work and other commitments, then take her out, switch off your phone, and give her all your time and attention.

The Man’s Guide To Women by John Gottman and Julie Schwartz Gottman.

12. Be a fun guy!

Hey! Bring out that goofy and fun side of you. You do not have to be serious all the time, who even wants that? So let loose, and just be loads of fun!

-Kristina Lynn, a top executive in the matchmaking industry.

13. Humor will take you a long way.

Girls are genuinely attracted to humor, which is why the funny guy in your class is constantly getting their attention. Do not be afraid of cracking that joke, even if it is corny, she will still laugh, and think you are cute.

-The Game by Neil Strauss.

14. Do not bring up your ex!

I do not care what your ex Sharon did to you, and trust me, neither will she. Another one of some good dating tips is that you make sure you get over your previous relationship completely before you get into any other commitment.

Bringing up your ex on a date is basically like bringing her into your relationship, and I highly doubt your date signed up for a polygamous setting.

What Women Want In A Man by Bruce Bryans.

15. Be adventurous on your dates.

You really do not have to keep going for conventional dates all the time, these being a bar or restaurant dates.

Plan a picnic, go hiking (if she is into sporting activities), visit a new place, take a road trip even.

Do something out of the ordinary, the memories she will have from them will be a good driving force for your relationship.

-Claudia Cox, creator of Text Weapon and author too.

16. Compliment her, let her know she is beautiful.

If you are on a date with her and are now reading this article, it most definitely means that you think she is attractive.

So let her know. Tell her that she looks lovely, or you like what she is wearing.

Subtly remind her, even via text or call, that she is exquisite. Do not overdo it, however, or you might come off as a bit of a creep.

First Date Tips For Men by Charlie Valentino.

17. Leave a bit of mystery.

Here’s another one of our dating tips for men, do not be such an open book. Leave a bit of mystery.

Women generally think and replay scenarios over in their head, even after the date. There will not be much for them to think and fantasize about if there is no mystery about you.

Leave a bit of sexy mystery for her to think and ponder over afterwards, plus trust me, she will want to figure you out, and will definitely say yes to more dates.

-Conversation Casanova by Dave Perrotta.

18. Intimacy is purely up to her.

You may have the hots for her, and want to extend your night into something a bit more kinkier, but do not come off as too desperate, and also, read into her signals, and do not do something she does not want.

Ask, politely, if she wants to go over if she wants to have sex… back to the consent point.

-Alan Roger Currie, professional dating coach and author.

19. Always be truthful.

Be honest with her, do not lie, and do not hide anything. Be open about what you do, your last relationship, and what you expect from this current situation you are in.

Do you know that little joke about women being FBI qualified? Yes, she will eventually find out.

The Dating Playbook For Men by Andrew Ferebee.

30 Dating Tips For Men To Improve They Love Life

Photo by Kyle Bearden on Unsplash

20. Do not play any games.

No lady loves a cheat, or someone who runs around playing games. Do not play games with her.

Do not cheat, and if you are not ready for a serious relationship and just want, let’s say, something sexual with no attachments, be upfront with her.

Avoid leading her on, because she will eventually catch on, and we do not want that.

-Mate by Tucker Max and Geoffrey Miller.

21. Leave a lasting first impression.

Make sure your first date, is not your last. Be interesting, be fun, be your absolute self, and this is a dating tip you want to carry on and pass, even to your friends.

Make her want to see more of you, make her get fond of you. Leave her thinking about you, and your death, for ages on.

-Jasbina Ahluwalia, dating coach and radio show host.

22. Do not talk too much.

I have learned a lot of dating tips for men from watching many movies that has helped me to date successfully. I have observed one main bad habit of the men on the date completely dominating the conversation, and making everything about himself, going on and on and on.

The lady will inevitably get super tired, and super bored because, in all reality, she is not on a date, it is just you, on a date with yourself, with her watching. Don’t be that guy.

Judith Tutin, licensed psychologist and certified life coach.

23. Ask for an opinion from another lady.

Women know women. If you want to know how your date really went, or get tips for future ones on what more to do, and what to avoid, go to another woman.

It would help, of course, if you have a close female friend since you would be more open to her.

Kristi Allain, bestselling author and dating coach.

24. Follow up after the date.

If you are interested in seeing this special lady again, let her know. Ask her how well she liked your first date, and tell her that you would want to see her again. Keep communication open with her too, of course, before you see her again.

Also, if maybe you felt that you two were not a match, let her know, It would not be nice to keep her playing the guessing game, so be sure to let her down easy. This is one of the dating tips for men that will take you a long way even in future relationships.

Laura Menze, dating and matchmaking expert.

25. Take first initiative.

Show that you are the man in the relationship. Set up your date, pick a venue, or you could ask her where she wants to go. If she is unsure, suggest a place, instead of being blank and clueless. You want to always have one foot forward, and have her know that she is with a man who has got his life planned and panned out.

-First Dating Tips For Men by Charlie Valentino.

26. Make sure if you ask her if she got home okay.

After your date, if you both went your separate ways, call her when you get to your destination, and find out whether she got home safely, and tell her that you had a nice time with her. Guaranteed, she will go to bed thinking about you.

Murray Dabby, relationship coach and expert on relationship intimacy.

27. Get her small gifts once in a while.

Surprise your girl with a gift once in a while. It does not have to be something expensive or extravagant, even a bouquet of flowers could do, or a necklace.

Women have a materialistic side, and they love having stuff from you to keep when you are not around. Great way to make sure she has you in mind.

-Amy Schoen, certified professional life coach.

28. Always be yourself this is the greatest Dating Tips for Men.

You know that cool guy in HR who always seems to have all the luck with ladies?

Well, don’t try to copy his moves, a woman will notice if you are trying to be something you are not. Be easy, and be yourself, that way you can know if she genuinely likes you for you.

Anita Chipala, dating and relationship expert.

29. Your body language says a lot.

Your language and body are two different modes of communication. A stiff body, arms crossed, keeping a weirdly large distance between the two of you, will have her thinking you aren’t into her at all.

Even lack of eye contact is a bit wanting. Make sure your body language speaks the same thing as your words.

-Sebastian Harris, travel enthusiast and lover of women.

30. Remember, to always be a gentleman.

Lastly, chivalry will take you a long way. Open the car door for her, pull up her chair, offer her your coat if she is cold.

Being a gentleman is one of the most vital dating tips for men all over, and it will most definitely up your game.

Susan Winter, bestselling author and relationship expert.


These are just 30 dating tips for men that I feel can help you with your relationship life. Of course, everything has its own intensities, so be sure to not overdo it, else you will find yourself putting women off and giving them a creepy vibe.

There are also a lot of other things you can do that are not among these dating tips for men, and that will depend on your lady. So take your time to know her, and understand her likes and dislikes, this will help you know what to do. All the best champ, you’ve got this.


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