How to Make a Good First Impression with Men

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Would you like to learn how to make a good first impression with men? It would be great if you can win over people with your incredible personality.

Good First Impression with Men

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Yet, like everyone else, your mind is likely to have a lot of naysayers that discourage you from trying. But how do you ignore the negative voices to bring out your best for the world to see? With the right guidance, you can bring our attractive, irresistible personality.

Once you get the hang of it, you will not have to struggle to make an excellent first impression on men. You won’t have to think; you will just do it! So avoid overthinking how to approach the situation.

Here are a few tips you may want to try to make a good impression more often.

  1. Calm Down

People who have learned the art of making good first impressions don’t think about it. They just do. Luckily, you can be like them or even better if you try. When you start imagining what can or cannot work, there is no way you will do it. It doesn’t help when you keep thinking about what the other person will think or say.

There is nothing as frustrating as falling prey to an overzealous mind that cannot calm down. When you are afraid that you will appear imperfect, you will tense. Being tense will make you unattractive.

So, relax! A report appearing in Medical News Today suggests several ways to do it. Don’t allow your overzealous doubts and thoughts to obscure your thinking. Better still, why don’t you try to appear calm even with the storm in your head? For the time being, put out the image of someone calm and collected, albeit temporarily. Obviously, you are going to feel a little awkward in the beginning.

However, as you keep faking confidence, the awkwardness will slowly disappear. You will relax and forget that you had felt anxious before. It is not about muting the voices in your head but overlooking what it is saying to you. If you hear it saying you aren’t good enough, act contrary to that. As the voice begins to obey you, your nerves will calm down.

  1. Project a Confident Body Language

It doesn’t matter what you say. When people see your body language, they will know if you are confident or not. According to author Joe Navarro, body language can be “louder than words.” So, you should aim to give out the right visual cues. Learn from your friends. What kind of posture do they exhibit when they are confident? You will realize that they often have a laid back posture.

For instance, they are likely to stand with their feet slightly parted. When you stand that way, you show you aren’t ready to apologize for being there. You may want to show confidence by supporting your weight slightly with one leg. At the same time, you should slightly prop up your back so that it doesn’t slouch.

While at it, ensure you rest your hands in one spot. If you start fiddling with your handbag or straw in your drink, other people will only see how nervous you are. To project confidence, you may have to hide your restless hands.

However, avoid crossing your hands. That will only show the man how unwelcoming you are. In a sitting position, rest one hand on the table with the other palm touching your knee. You may change how you rest your fingers so long as you remain at ease.

  1. Establish Eye Contact

Are you too shy to look in the eyes of a man you are meeting for the first time? You are not alone. To establish a good first impression, some people look away but keep making quick, casual eye contact. You can try the same. When your time to talk comes, make the gaze more consistent. Be consistent, and you will create a healthy rapport between you and the man in question.

Yet, some people have ignored this kind of self-confidence to their own detriment. If you want to make a man flattered, steal occasional glances at him while he is talking. It shows you are actively listening to him instead of pretending to be present. Also, it indicates you are interested and happy to be in his company.

If you make prolonged eye contact, any man will receive it very well. He will see it as a friendly gesture and start to warm up towards you. If you really want to make a good impression on a man, why don’t you employ this strategy? The opposite is exact. When you take too long to look away during a conversation, the man will wrongly think you are bored.

At the very worst, he will assume he isn’t a good company for you. Or, you could be ashamed and even unsure of yourself. When you reconnect visually as you speak, you will show you are confident in thought and opinion.

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  1. Learn To Smile

When trying to project confidence, you might forget how relaxing a smile can be. That’s normal. However, do not forget that smiling is one of the best ways to project confidence.

So, don’t overlook it. You don’t have to make a hearty laugh. As long as it makes you look relaxed, even the slightest smile is good enough. When smiling, avoid making it rigid and artificial. Anyone will see that you are faking it. They will know you are smiling only because you have to. Try to make your smile portray your pleasure for being in the company of the man in question.

The smile should grow gradually as you keep talking to each other. It should look relaxed, natural, and not artificial. Avoid putting on a smile out of the blue. It would look awkward to smile at a man you are just meeting for the first time.

The more natural way is to wait until he says something funny to flash your teeth. That will show him that he has said something to earn your smile. He will know that you are feeling better because of his presence. Since smiling is one of the men’s obsession triggers, you will leave an impression on the man. Who can resist the warmth you are radiating from deep inside?

Impress Men

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  1. Use the Right Tone Of Voice

To make an excellent first impression on men, you have to use the right tone of voice. It turns out that your tone of voice can make people think you are either trustworthy or dominant. A study done in Glasgow says as much. People decide whether you are trustworthy or dominant within the first 500 milliseconds of hearing your voice.

When you apply that to the situation where you are trying to impress a man, then you have a lot to lose. According to the study, women who speak in a low tone are presumed to be trustworthy. On the contrary, those who raise their voices too high are viewed as dominant.

So, what can you do to sound more trustworthy? Take time to practice the right tone of voice. As a woman, you want to be seen as trustworthy, not dominant. If you can, read timeless speeches from famous people. Rediscover your tone of voice. Even as you speak softly, ensure you are audible enough for the man to hear what you are saying. If you yell, you will not get what you want.

To know if your tone of voice is right, record yourself speaking. Listen to the recording to know if you are doing fine. Take notes and change anything that you find unimpressive. With time, you should be able to develop a tone of voice that literally pulls men towards you.

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  1. Be Confident, Not Arrogant

We have already discussed the reasons why you should build your confidence. The problem is that some people end up overdoing it and instead sound arrogant. As we saw earlier, confidence can leave a good impression on men.

However, arrogance can make men develop negative feelings towards you. With that, you may fail to achieve your objectives. Sadly, arrogant people don’t seem aware that they are actually arrogant. You, too, may not know it.

If you find yourself having an answer for everything, then you are arrogant. Arrogant people also tend to interrupt conversations, which means they hardly listen to anyone.

Instead of paying attention to what the other person is saying, they always interject with their own opinions. They also have a dominating body language, which many people find intimidating. When in conversations, they never seem to get tired of making condescending statements. With that, you will not just make a wrong impression on men, but they will literally run away from you.

Another sign is when you keep arriving late for date nights. If you keep avoiding eye contact, you are arrogant, not confident. With that, no man will take you seriously.

  1. Dressing Appropriately

Various organizations and social settings demand that people dress in a certain way. They have established dress codes, which people must follow. To excel in your career, Author Marilyn Barber says you should dress like you mean business. Always follow the right dress code. If they want you to adorn a dark-colored suit, avoid showing up in a bright dress. You will end up attracting funny stares from people who think you are rather inconsiderate.

If you are going to a party where people are expected to dress casually, avoid veering far off the grain. The man you have always wanted in your life is likely to be at that party, and he should have a good impression of you.

Even as you do that, ensure that you adorn something you really like. A dress or suit that makes you comfortable. If you are meeting a man for the first time, don’t show up in a brand new dress.

Instead, put on something you have tried before and which makes you feel comfortable. It shouldn’t press you down in the wrong places and make you fidgety during your date night. So, as you work to be confident in your skin, don’t neglect to be confident in your outfit.

However, be careful not to show too much skin. If you do, then the man in question might have the wrong impression. A little skin in the right places is just enough.

  1. Maintain Proper Hygiene

If you want to know how to make an excellent first impression with men, then you should maintain hygiene. Obviously, the first thing that a man will notice about you is your looks. You may not have uttered a word or made eye contact. A man will decide if he wants to be with you the moment he sees you walking into the room. That’s why you should ensure you are always clean, fresh, and impressive.

What should you do? Have a shower at least once every day. Floss and brush your teeth regularly. If you have hair on your feet, shave it. Before you leave the house, put on a warm, feminine perfume. Let the fragrance be the first thing that the man catches about you when you walk into a room.

A woman’s beauty is also about how healthy and radiant her skin looks. Purchase the right skincare products to make your skin bright, delicate, and soft.

In the book Skin Care for Beginners, Eva O. says you should have a supple, well-nourished skin. That is also true with your hair. Visit the salon every so often to get a hairdo. Use products such as shampoos and hair conditioners to maintain the hygiene and good health of your hair. You don’t want a guy to catch the whiff of a smelly scalp that saw a shampoo in ages. He will definitely be turned off.

  1. Avoid Giving Away and Asking For Personal Information

So, you are having direct access to your target man? You are in a conversation, and you don’t know what you should say. The focus should be on building trust rather than winning him over. So, strive to listen and connect with him on a personal level. Have some small talk about helping both of you settle in for a more meaningful conversation. Ask and answer questions.

However, you should avoid giving away lots of personal information. It is your first meeting for Pete’s sake. Why should you allow a man to know too much about you?

Also, do everything to avoid gossip. Men get turned off by women who appear to gossip a lot. He cannot be sure if you will resist talking about him with another person. So, steer clear of it. Again, avoid asking the man for his personal information. Even as you seek to know more about him, be careful not to interfere in his life.

Excellent communication also dictates that you speak only when it is necessary. Who wants to be in a relationship with a chatterbox? To have a good impression with men, always wait for your turn to speak. If you keep cutting him short, the man will view you as arrogant and undesirable. Waiting for your turn to speak makes the man feel understood. Who knows? He could open up and volunteer more in-depth information that you had not asked about!

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  1. Always Follow Up On Your Contacts

You have met a man you really like. During your first meeting, you talked about many things. As you parted, you exchanged contacts just in case there is a need for further communication. If you want to make a lasting impression on him, then you ought to make a follow-up.

Call him and show appreciation for the meeting you just had. Talk about some of the things that impressed you much about him. Make sure you are friendly while at it. However, you should avoid calling him too often.

As you do that, remember, you can’t control what he really thinks about you. All you can do is play your part and hope that the man views you in a positive light. You can assess that by focusing on the way he responds to your call. Is it cold or enthusiastic?

Do you sense any positive vibes in his voice? Is he excited to hear from you? If a man is really into you, he will call you first. But then, some are too shy to do that, and you can leave a lasting impression by taking the initiative. If he doesn’t call you back, then it is time to move on. Keep striving to impress men, and you will meet the right one shortly.


Now to the crux of the matter. If you want to know how to make an excellent first impression with men, be yourself. Why should you strive hard to impress a man if you cannot sustain it? Say, you enter into a relationship with the man. He will soon realize you have been faking it all along.

Even so, you may end up attracting the wrong men into your life. The best approach is to strive to make a lasting impression. However, it should be positive, authentic, and enduring.

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