Top Irresistible Sexy Cheap Bodycon Dresses for Women

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Sexy cheap bodycon dresses are the best way for women to express their boldness, self-esteem, and confidence. The word bodycon is the short form of the phrase “body conscious”.

Sexy Cheap Bodycon Dresses

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The dresses are made to tightly cling to the body, thus bringing out the best features of a woman’s figure. These dresses are best worn together with jewelry, belt, boots, tights, and a jacket.

Here are 20 of the most popular sexy cheap bodycon dresses available online:


20. Allegrace Women Sexy Stretch Bodycon Mid Bandage Party Dress.

Are you looking for a perfect cotton-blend dress for both formal and informal wear?

This mid bandage party dress is perfect for wearing to a winter or autumn party. The dress features a V cut and a fashionable pleated front.

It is an above the knees affair that brings out your perfect sexy figure. It fits true to size. However, you should order one size higher, if you are not sure of yours.

 19. BIUBIU Women’s Cold Shoulder Bodycon Bandage Party Midi Dress with Sleeve.

 Here is an exquisite dress featuring a 95 percent polyester and 5 percent spandex material.

Its design combines a cut-out, split short sleeve, and round neck. You can buy it in any of many colors including blue, black, army green, purple, and wine red.

If you are looking for a dress to wear to the club, party, holiday, date or cocktail, this piece work just fine.

Some of its reviewers have observed the unique sewing workmanship with which this dress is made.

In fact, most have said it was a perfect fit, regardless of the size. All this thanks to its stretchy nature.

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18. Romastory Women’s Summer Sleeveless Bodycon Stretch Evening Club Bandage Dresses.

 Every woman deserves a dress with a breathable cotton blend material and elegant style.

This dress has a bandage criss-cross design to help you adjust it to your true size. Because of its sleeveless design, you can wear it to a party in summer, autumn or spring.

It features a variety of colors including army green, black, blue, gray, light gray, purple, red, royal blue, and white. That gives a huge variety to choose from.

It makes for the perfect surprise gift for a loved one.

17. Chase Secret Women’s Off Shoulder Stripe Ruffle Bodycon Mini Club Dress.

 Even as you strive to make a fashion statement with the latest dresses, you need to have something classic in your wardrobe.

Here one of the above-knee length sexy cheap bodycon dresses with across-the-body stripes.  You can wear it on holiday, cocktail, party or normal daily activities.

The material is 95 percent polyester and 5 percent spandex. Its body-hugging architecture makes you feel and look great.

Everywhere you go, people will keep complimenting you. No matter your body size, this fairly-priced affair is worth buying.

16. Vivicastle Women’s Off Shoulder Ruffle Bodycon Fitted Midi Dress.

 Have you ever thought of buying the same dress in different colors? This sexy bodycon dress is perhaps the best thing you will ever wear.

Despite being fairly-priced, the polyester, rayon, and spandex combo material look expensive. For most of the people who have worn it before, say its quality speaks for itself.

The best thing about this dress is that you can wear it for, virtually, any occasion. Buy a size up and this dress will just be the perfect fit.

15. PRETTYGARDEN Women’s One Off Shoulder Floral Printed Ruffle Chest Bodycon Midi Dress.

Are you looking for a floral print sexy bodycon dress that is also comfortable to wear? If ‘yes’, then this is the dress for you. It is made of 95 percent polyester and 5 percent spandex. Because of its midi length, you can expect to wear it below the knee.

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Given its unique one off-shoulder design, this dress is suitable for casual wear. Thus, this summer dress can be worn to the beach, party, date or shopping trip. It is possible to pair it with bandage shoes, short boots, jacket, sweater chain or beach hat.

14. Suimiki Vintage Ruffle Plain Floral Printed Off Shoulder Bodycon Long Party Maxi Dress.

There comes a time when you must show off your sexy, curvy body. What better way to do it than with a well-fitting outfit.

This is one of the sexy cheap bodycon dresses that not only makes you cute, it also leaves you feeling comfortable, confident and beautiful.

This floral print maxi dress is suitable for a party, cocktail, evening out, and clubwear. It is due to its unique design that it is a must-have.

Every fashion-conscious man should of necessity have one. The fabric is 100 percent elastic polyester and features mostly mermaid style colors.

Due to machine-cutting, you may end up with a print that looks a little bit different.

13. ZKESS Women’s Sleeveless/Long Sleeve Lace Party Bodycon Dress.

Are you planning a night out or date somewhere in town? To impress your partner, this is the dress you should consider wearing.

It is a luscious lace, above knees affair that will bring out the elegant woman in you.

It has an elaborate construction that features lots of hollowed lace to help you bring out the perfect nude illusion.

To get the perfect classy look, you should wear it with a pair of high heels. The round neck design is something you will definitely enjoy.

12. Ninimour Women’s Sleeveless Stripe Print Slim Fit Package Hip Bodycon Dress.

Made of 88 percent polyester and 12 percent spandex, this dress comes in all types of sizes. So you can buy one no matter how small or big you look.

This one of the mini sexy cheap bodycon dresses fit perfectly to bring out the curves you have been hiding for so long.

Although fairly priced, you can wear it to a party, wedding or evening out. It is available as a multi-colored affair or exclusively black, blue, light blue, yellow, and purple.

The dress is created to dazzle. In fact, some of its reviewers have declared it a ‘show-stopper’.

11. Floerns Women’s Floral Print Sleeveless Sexy Bodycon Cocktail Party Round Neck Summer Dresses.

Very few sexy cheap bodycon dresses feature a round neckline and above the knee length design. This one does. It is a body-hugging affair that gives you that ultra-feminine look.

The micro-stretchy fabric is 95 percent polyester and 5 percent spandex.

Before you head out to the office, put on this dress and then pair it with a handbag. The look of confidence you will exude is unmatched.

Apart from the office, you can wear it to a party, wedding, club, and cocktail. You get all that and the appealing floral print at a fairly affordable price.

10. Zalalus Women’s Elegant Spaghetti Straps Deep V Neck Sleeveless Bodycon Party Dress.

Few sexy cheap bodycon dresses are made to highlight the best features of your body.

Add to that the deep V-neck and you can be sure to get quite a number of admirers at the party, nightclub, cocktail or wedding.

Although the length rises just above the knee, you can wear this dress in winter, autumn, summer or spring. Most of the online reviews point it out as a perfect when ordered to size.

The concealed zipper makes combines with an elastic neck to hold the dress together.

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9. Floerns Women’s Floral Ruffle Off Shoulder Party Sexy Cheap Bodycon Dresses.

People who have bought and worn this dress have loved it for being breathable, light, and comfortable. Even those who feel like they have a less-than-perfect body, this dress will work wonders.

It is made to bring out your natural body shape for all to see and behold. All this thanks to its stretchy design.

If you are not sure of your size, make sure you order for a size higher. That’s the only way you will avoid ending up in a dress too tight for your size.

One of the reasons you will love this dress is pretty print. You couldn’t find a cuter dress.

8. LaSuiveur Women’s Long Sleeves Crewneck Bodycon Bandage Midi Evening Dresses.

This dress features a stretchy, silky material for a sexy look. Expect a dress that’s not just comfortable but soft to the skin.

This skin-hugging dress is the best to put on if you want to show off your curves. It is best to wear while on an evening out.

While it is mostly knee-high, you can stretch it as far below as you want it. Combine that with the crewneck design and you have a dress for everyday casual wear at a fair price.

7. Tom’s Ware Women’s Classic Slim Fit Bodycon Midi Dress.

Not all sexy cheap bodycon dresses can act both as official and casual wear.

The fabric is 97 percent cotton and 3 percent spandex. A slim-fitting dress enhances your body figure which makes a compulsory wardrobe inclusion.

Step out in high heels and you will definitely draw glances from all the people you meet at the office, nightclub, or cocktail.

Although fairly-priced, this dress is good for both formal and informal wear. You can pick one of the colors that best suits you.

6. OFTEN Women Ladies Dress for Party Keyhole with Metal Buckle Bodycon Pencil Party Dress.

A good dress for casual wear or office wear is a must-have for every woman.

This is one of the sexy cheap bodycon dresses that are made to perfectly cling to the body and bring out that perfect figure you have been hiding.

You can wear it to the office, night date, anniversary, and party.

If you are in America, order one size up for a perfect fit and two sizes up for a loose fit. You will definitely love the keyhole neckline design.

The material is 70 percent rayon, 20 percent polyester, and 5 percent spandex.

5. Memorose Women’s Sexy Long Sleeve Cut-Out Bandage Bodycon Clubwear Midi Dress.

This is a dress for all occasions. You can wear it to the office, club, party, cocktail or wedding.

The kind of detail that went into making this dress is meant to bring out the best in you. Because of its perfect fit, don’t be surprised if you keep getting uninvited stares.

This long-sleeve affair comes in blue, black, grey, white or red colors. So you have every reason to pick only the color that works for you.

The cotton blend material makes it comfortable to wear in any kind of weather.

4. Allegrace Women’s Sleeveless Sexy Bodycon Midi Bandage Party Evening Dresses.

Are you looking for a sleeveless sexy bodycon dress? If ‘yes’, then this Allegrace dress will work perfectly for you. It cross-sewn at the waist to bring out your body shape even more perfectly.

The good thing about this collection is that it comes in a variety of colors so that you can choose one that perfectly suits you.

One of the online reviews advises you to order a smaller size if you want the dress to fit perfectly. After all, the material is as stretchy as can be.

3. Allegrace Women Sexy Long Sleeve Autumn Warm Stretch Bodycon Party Bandage Dresses.

This is one of the long-sleeved sexy cheap bodycon dresses that are perfect for a winter and autumn party, given its soft cotton blend material and a warm inner fleece.

It is also perfectly breathable apart from being made using a sexy V-cut neck and cross-string front design.

It is a fairly-priced affair that will leave you looking good on a budget. Did we say that’s the dress is perfectly fitting? Of course, it is. Slip-on those high heels and be ready to dazzle at the party.

2. LaSuiveur Women’s Crop Top Midi Skirt Outfit Two Piece Bodycon Bandage Dress.

If wearing a full dress isn’t the thing for you, then this skirt vs top affair will be the best choice. Its material combines cotton and spandex and is, therefore, comfortable to wear.

This unique design features a sporty U-neck top with a midi skirt that fits perfectly to show your waistline.

Made in a variety of sizes and colors, you should be able to get one that perfectly appeals to your taste.

1. Sidefeel Women Off Shoulder Ruffles Bodycon Mini Dress.

Did you know that you can wear this dress to the office and then head out to the bar afterward?

Here is one of the sexy cheap bodycon dresses you should consider buying if you love bringing out the curvy shape of your body.

It is made of 95 percent polyester and 5 percent spandex. The mini only reaches above your knees. Every modern lady will find this dress comfortable to wear.

With a wide array of colors, you will definitely find something great for you at a fair price.


Which one of these sexy cheap bodycon dresses best appeals to you? If you are not very confident about you’re your body shape, you may try wearing shapewear.

Don’t be afraid to step out in a bold new look.

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