17 Ways To Win Your Man’s Heart Forever

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Are you desperately searching, and trying different formulas to win Your Man’s Heart? The heart of a man is a complex maze of emotions and feelings and correctly reacting to them is the key to success in any relationship. To make the love between you and your man blossom, you have to pay close attention to his preferences and desires.

Also, remember that every man is not the same and many men react differently to things at different times so it is very important for you to learn about your man and use that knowledge to always keep your relationship at its most exciting peak.


In order to impress your man and keep him happy, you need to find out the little things that he loves. These preferences vary from man to man but it is your job to get as close to him as possible without appearing awkward and try to make him your soul mate not just your partner.

To make your job easier, these 17 ways will help you get on the right track to winning your man’s heart forever and make you the only woman desirable in his life.

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  1. Look and Act Natural:

The most common misconception about men is that they want women who look sexy all the time. If you are trying hard to make yourself appear sexy and appealing to him, STOP NOW! Yes, it is true that all men are hardwired to get excited when they see a woman in short dresses but most men never give a second thought to such women when they are done pleasuring their visual senses.

If you want your man to love you, be natural. A man’s heart best responds to a woman who is carefree and looks like she does all the time when she’s alone. When he is not so distracted by your body, he will begin to notice other things about you. The little details and your habits will attract him towards you and build a better and everlasting relationship between you two.

  1. Spend more time with him:

Unlike women, men are not so expressive about how they are feeling and as his partner, it is your job to predict when your man is in need of spending more time with you. The most common cause of failed relationships is one or both partners being or appearing too busy to give time for romance.

You do not have to be a writer or poet to express your love to him. By wanting to spend more of your time with your man you automatically make him feel special and if there is anything that every guy in the world wants is to feel special and wanted by someone.


  1. Respect his boundaries:

Keep in mind though that if he wants to be alone for a while then you should respect his boundaries and give him space because he may get annoyed with you if you don’t. Mutual understanding between you and your man is very important for your relationship to be successful.

Always remember that a man’s heart works in unpredictable ways and any wrong trigger may set off a negative response. So try to be as understanding as you can and without even trying you will experience your love for each other get stronger.

  1. Talk more!

“Let communication be the seed that you water with honesty and love, so that it may produce a happy, fulfilling and successful relationship.”  This advice from Stephan Labossiere, a certified life, and relationship coach, is fundamental for the successfully getting through to your man’s heart.

Talking with your partner regularly keeps your love for each other warm. If you think that talking to your man may make him bored or annoyed with you, think again! Research has proven that men are very good listeners so always know that even though your man might not respond to you very often, he loves the fact that you find him special enough to talk about everything with him.

  1. Express your love for him:

Simple as this may seem, the power of declaring your love for him is one of the best ways to melt your man’s, heart. It takes just 3 words “I Love You!” to make him feel special and keep your relationship at its finest point.

Repeat these words as often as you see him when he arrives from work or leaves the house. You will soon see a marked difference in the way he treats you and your love will bloom stronger than ever.

  1. Have more physical contact:

A gentle caress or a warm hug after a long day’s work is the best solution to cheer up your man. A man’s heart responds to physical touch rapidly and it is one of the best sensations you can give him. Physical contact doesn’t mean deep intimacy all the time. Try to touch his hand more often and gently pass your fingers along the palm of his hand.

The hands and feet of a man are his sensitive points so try to physically flirt with him whenever you can. Tickle the soles of his feet with yours and sit closer to him whenever you have the chance. As soon as you start applying these little modifications to your behavior you will be surprised at the huge improvement in intimacy and understanding between you and your man.


  1. Show him you care:

If you want to win your man’s heart, you have to show him how much you care for him. This may sound hard but start with the small things and watch your love grow along. Little actions like buttoning up his shirt or adjusting his tie knot may give him a glowing start to his day and he will definitely remember the goodbye kiss you gave him throughout the day. When you pay attention to your man, he will feel like a King and

Little actions like buttoning up his shirt or adjusting his tie knot may give him a glowing start to his day and he will definitely remember the goodbye kiss you gave him throughout the day. When you pay attention to your man, he will feel like a King and as a result, you will be treated like a Queen by him.

  1. His friends are your friends:

One of the most important things near to a man is his popularity among his social circle. Once you enter into the center of that circle, it is even more important that you take care of his social image. His friends are very valuable to him and much as you will get jealous of him spending more time with them you need to accommodate for the sake of your relationship.

A better way for everyone is to get comfortable with his friends and treat them as a family when they come over or you go to their homes. This will not only make a strong impression on your man’s heart but will also make his friends admire him for choosing a sensible and friendly girl like you.

  1. Don’t be over defensive:

This is one of the most effective ways to please your man. Most women put off a thriving relationship by complaining too much or snapping back at their partners. There are many factors; like the stress of work or illness that may cause your man to be angry at you sometimes or pass unsuitable comments.

It depends on you to recognize these signs and respond with love and affection rather than hurtful comments that may lead to a fight between you two. You will be amazed to see that he will react with happiness and love towards you and you will have succeeded in melting your man’s heart.

  1. Tokens of Love:

Most women never give their man gifts and expect him to adorn them with all sorts of jewels and necklaces. Gary Chapman in his book, “The 5 Love Languages”, explains how the simple act of gifting a key chain or baseball cap can be very effective in nurturing love between couples.

As a proof of how much you love him, buy him something that will act as a token of your love towards him. This may seem fairy tale stuff but it is one of the things that most men secretly desire from the women they love. You will experience a profound change of behavior from him and he will start to show extra love towards you. Giving him this token of your love on a special occasion like your wedding or engagement anniversary will surely ensure your penetration into your man’s heart.


  1. Display a positive outlook:

It’s hard to fathom the immense power that a simple gesture of positivity holds. When you are smiling your best smile, it is impossible for your man to be angry with you.

Even though you may be shy and demure but a bright and colorful attitude towards your man will always work wonders and if you cannot manage it then do not force yourself to because a fake attitude may cause distress rather than bring happiness to your relationship. Remember that a sweet loving and caring behavior from you will definitely brighten up his day and cement your path to melt your man’s, heart.

  1. Compliment him:

Most relationships become boring or slow when partners stop complimenting and praising each other. Men have large egos and it means a lot to them if you compliment them on their looks or praise the hard work that they do all day.

This concept is brilliantly explained by John M. Gottman in his book “The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work”, in which he stresses upon the frequency of partners complimenting each other as being proportional to the strength of their relationship. So a definitive tool to carve your image into your man’s heart is trying to compliment him as much as possible during the day.

  1. Indulge in his interests:

Nothing excites a man more than finding out that he has a partner who loves the same hobbies that he does. If your man has a flair for writing, then ask him to read you his work or you can write something for him as a daily gift.

If he is into sports, you can watch games with him and if he is into adventure then go out with him and explore the unknown. It may sound boring and hectic at times but I can assure you that this is the best way that you can be as close to a man’s heart as possible.

  1. Be creative during intimacy:

Having intimate relations is a fundamental pillar of love between you and your man. However, the relationship gets dull when the daily sex loses its flavor. Your man needs something different and he may not say it but you can make that difference for him.

Try being more creative in bed and you will soon notice that making love will become an ethereal experience for the both of you. A sure shot way of winning your man’s heart is through a great sex life.“Your man will remain loyal and loving towards you as long as you grant him the pleasure of intimacy that he desires” says Dr. Harville Hendrix in the Bestseller “Getting the Love You Want: A Guide for Couples”.

  1. Be supportive:

You are the most important person for your man and the best way to reciprocate that feeling of importance is to be supportive of whatever he does or encourage him when he feels depressed or let down.

Show him that you are equally involved in all his troubles and that you will support him no matter how bad things get. The feeling that he has you backing him at every step will surely melt your man’s heart and make him love you more than ever.


  1. Be flexible:

It is very important for any relationship to be successful that both partners remain open to criticism and suggestions and always take it in a positive and constructive manner.

When you readily act upon a suggestion made by your man, he loves you all the more for it and begins respecting your opinions about him as well.“Have core plasticity…You bend, but don’t break”, says Randy Benett, a relationship expert and author of “The Secret Triggers Report”.

  1. Be Happy with what you have!

Last but not the least, it is extremely important for you to believe in your man’s heart and in order to remain happy with him you need to be satisfied with your decision of choosing him. Keep telling him and yourself that he is the best thing that ever happened to your life and you will automatically experience the bonds of love getting tighter with every passing moment.

I am sure that when you start applying these 17 triggers to a man’s heart in your love life you will notice a significant change in how your man responds and reacts to you. In order to be treated like a princess, you need to make him feel like he is the Prince.

So what are you waiting for? Brighten up your relationship and ignite the true passion of love by acting upon these steps right now! A life full of adventures, romance, love and many pleasurable memories awaiting you and your partner.

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