15 Sex Tips That Will Drive A Man Crazy

By David Small •  Updated: 11/20/19 •  12 min read

Do you know that the term “Sex Tips” is searched for over one billion times on the world wide web.

Everyone enjoys sex. Well!! Maybe not everyone. Due to a lot of misconceptions, fear, lack of communication, anxiety, ignorance, nervousness, and a lot of other factors, many people cannot find satisfaction with their partners during sex.

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When it comes to sexual satisfaction, there may be confusion since everyone is different and we all tend to have different likes and dislikes. Trying to please your partner can pose many questions, especially when you do not know how to go about it.

There are several tips online about how to please a man, but these sex tips can be difficult to carry out when it comes time for action.

Certainly, there are things you can try without having to worry if you are doing things right or wondering what comes next. Learn the strategies and apply them quickly, but in a natural way, so that it is not forced and you do not feel awkward doing it.

Pleasure is a good thing, but do you know how to give pleasure? Here are 16 classic sex tips that you should know to make love to a man:

  1. Get better.

Likely, the first thing that comes to mind is “what was I doing wrong?” Actually, we don’t have to be wrong to get better. There are several things about sexual activity from which we can learn different approaches to doing the same thing.

Starting from seduction, teasing, foreplay, and the real deal, there are things we can do to make sure that each of these sexual stages is fulfilled for our partner.

  1. Invest in good and new lingerie.

Have you ever met a man who was conquered by beige lingerie? No! Men are very stimulated by the visual; therefore, having new and provocative lingerie will help provoke desire in your partner.

Even if you do not feel comfortable wearing very little panties or the famous floss, know that some styles look good on all body types, valuing what each woman has. Look at yourself with new eyes and choose the one that makes you feel most attractive!

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  1. Be a better kisser.

Every guy loves a good kisser, one who can follow the lead or even take the lead at times. Kissing allows you to relay your interest in someone through your mouth. Seek consent first; you can say ‘come get a kiss,’ ‘I hear your lips calling,’ or simply ‘I want to kiss you.’

This gets your man ready for action. Start slowly and build tempo as you progress. Remember, your hands do not have to be in one place or swirl around a particular place for a long time.

Show him that you want him by exploring various erogenous areas while kissing. Do crazy unexpected things that make him giggle. Try new things like bending over to his neck and softly biting his lower lip, flicking his nose with your tongue, and adding sensual body movements while kissing.

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  1. Break The Boring Routines.

We can get used to having sex with our partners to the extent the activity looks routine with routine postures, routine locations, and routine conversation. Routines are boring!! If you want to impress your man, you have to master the element of surprise.

Don’t worry about whatever idea comes to mind. It is sure to be a creative lovemaking idea; wake him up in the middle of the night, on the airplane, just before dinner is served, midway into dinner, or after dressing for work.

When was the last time you played hard to get? He is probably used to getting what he wants whenever he wants it. Remind him of years when he still wanted to woo you, but be careful so you don’t water the seeds of insecurity in your man.

  1. Half-time Sex Tips.

Don’t get this wrong; if you want to build pleasure during sex, you have to be patient about the whole process. Staying on one activity can bring quick climaxing. Men get more fulfillment from having sex for extended periods.

You can help out by not being carried away by the pleasure in the present moment. The best way to go about this is to think of these three stages during lovemaking.

The first stage, ‘getting going’: moves from slow foreplay to the second stage, ‘getting excited’ to the final stage, ‘reaching climax.’ Learn how he reacts in these different stages and take note of them.

Stop at the transition between ‘getting excited’ and ‘reaching climax.’ Stop lovemaking and change your position. Try straddling him to ease the pressure and build things up slowly.

You can shush him to stop moving, while you are the only one allowed to move. Or make him stop totally, and then get naughty by asking him what he really wants. Most male partners will beg and cry like babies at this point.

  1. Wetter is better.

After sex, some people suffer the result of friction from sexual activity. It can be a big turn off to men when they have to deal with pains around their genitals, or when you yourself complain about after-sex pains.

One way to stop this is proper stimulation. You have to get wet enough to ease penetration. If you have problems with getting wet, try using a good lubricant.

With lubricants, you can choose flavored products, but make sure that your partner enjoys your choice.

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  1. Making the first striptease.

Have not you had your first sensual dance yet? My friend, you are missing out on a good opportunity to feel wonderful and see your partner drooling over you!

Most men have this fantasy of seeing their partner doing a striptease. Many women, however, still do not feel confident about it. If you’re getting started, I recommend practicing until you feel comfortable.

During a striptease, there is no specific dance move apart from shaking all your assets in tempting ways. You also have the opportunity to tease your man by pulling his belt, letting him touch you for a moment and then push him back, and then remove yours wears slowly to make sure enough suspense and arousal build.

It is very natural to beat that cold in the belly before your first strip. That’s why I like the “Performance of the Lantern” so much. It will make you very safe because all the dancing is done in total pitch black! Just a little flashlight will whet his imagination.

  1. The preliminary game.

This sex tip is one of the most important. The average time for a man to orgasm during intercourse is about 4-11 minutes. There are times we can go for quickies or just dive right into sex because of emotions.

No man can imagine having just 4-11 minutes of sex or using drugs and enhancers anytime he wants to last longer.

The best way to extend pleasure is through foreplay. Do not go straight to the point because it becomes more difficult to pull out until orgasm.

Learn to play and apply sexual dances, massages, caresses and then you can move on to kisses, handjobs, teasing his most sensitive parts, and letting him calm down again. It is good to ask your partner what they want, where they want to be touched and whether fast or slow.

Do not forget music; it provides sensuality that creates the desired atmosphere. The timing of games is handled by you, and it makes the pleasure begin long before the penetration and build-up to orgasm.

  1. Improve your oral sex.

Men love oral sex, but not when the woman doesn’t want to or has a face of disgust, do you agree? If you want to fool your partner into sex, you need to master oral sex and discover how to get excited about it. After all, being true is the best way to convey pleasure in these intimate moments.

Start as calm as possible, unzipping him, and letting his penis out with a naughty smile. He may lay on his back or stand while you kneel. However it is, make sure you look him in the eyes while you give his pipe a little flap.

Slowly tease the tip with your tongue and make him beg, he should be speaking in unknown languages by the time you start slopping and grunting.

Do not make oral sex feel forced. Enjoy yourself. Challenge yourself to choke on his dick and make it the perfect blow job. Stop midway when he is about to climax and play with his balls. It is not bad if he climaxes during oral sex. Once done, he will be obliged to return the satisfaction you need.


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  1. Pay Attention to his Ears.

To be specific, there are two major reasons for visiting your man’s ears. One is to talk dirty; men like it when their partners talk dirty. Speak in a faint manner, giving a slow sigh and say something that suits the moment, so slow that you fill it up with warm air.

The next thing you can play around with his ear lobes. Nibble them gently and pull, the ear has many nerve endings that will send cascading non-directional stimuli.

  1. Take the initiative in bed.

What do I mean by taking the initiative? That you are the one who proposes the beginning of sex. Traditionally we are used to men doing it; but at times, a lot of pleasure can come from seeking and changing this role.

The truth is, men, like to be seduced. Don’t be vague; talk dirty about how you want him. This gives men the feeling that you are interested in them and goes a long way to boosting their confidence and interest in you.

There is no shame in it, sweetheart, grab his ass! Feel him from his pockets while biting gently on his nipples and your work is done.

  1. He wants you to take charge.

Communication is key when it comes to sexual satisfaction. It feels a bit weird to talk to your partner about certain things, especially in a new relationship.

Men tend to be skeptical about how best to satisfy their partners and discovering how to bring them a sense of satisfaction and deeper intimacy, knowing that you are not left unsatisfied.

One way to do this is by taking the lead role; the moves, the position changes, and fantasies. He will love the lecture, take notes, and pass your test. You are practically making an investment in both partner’s future orgasms.

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  1. Active Participation.

What happens when you are not taking on a role? Some women only offer to moan during sexual intercourse. Your hands should get busy, touching his sensitive areas like his hair, the thighs, grabbing his ass cheeks, drawing him closer to you.

Some men also prefer little pleasurable pain so you can give soft bites or squeeze his nipples.  Try to get your thrusts to meet his thrusts. Grinding and riding are all things that you can do to ensure active participation.

  1. Exploring his Fantasies.

Almost everyone has one sexual fantasy or another. The key to this is to find out about some of his imaginations, kinks, and fantasies. It may sound challenging to get your partner to talk about the various things they would love to do, but it all depends on trust and confidence.

Once your man is confident with you, he’ll become an open book willing to tell you a lot.

The trick to finding out can be a little truth or dare game. Explore their fantasies with them. Don’t be surprised to find out that he actually wants sex toys, to be submissive, and be involved in role plays like teacher and student.

  1. Testicle play.

Most ladies avoid those saggy balls. Actually, the testicles are lined with many nerve endings and send a lot of impulses when touched.

Try as much as you can to stimulate his balls each time you are within reach. Ensure careful manipulation. Of course! You don’t want to dig in with your nails because any pain from the testicles can end the sexual encounter sooner than expected.

A careful touch of the testicles can lead to an ultimate orgasm.

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  1. Finishing Up.

Switch things up. You and your partner may have gotten used to one kind of finish. Try something new and different; get him to cum on your cleavage or on your ass.

One of the main purposes of this is to reveal your facial expression; there is always an emotional connection that comes with showing satisfaction, which will lead to more fulfilled sexual activities in the future.


It is not so difficult to give your man the best orgasm of his life. The sex tips listed above are interconnected and can be applied in the various stages of sexual activity.

We started with self-improvement because it encompasses the whole practice when we realize that there is a need to get better at every stage of sex, then we have a better chance to please our partner beyond imagination.

These 16 sex tips are just basic building blocks to a more satisfying sex life. Let us know which one of these tips you would like to start with.

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