15 Proven Steps That Will Cure A Broken Heart

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Nothing hurts like having to go through a breakup. Although not intended, a broken heart is the consequence of every breakup you will ever go through.

Unfortunately, breakups affect both men and women the same way. In spite of the situation. Do you know that you can cure a broken heart?

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Broken Heart

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Regardless of your gender, it is possible that you could come out of the situation swearing never to date again. As Christopher Ranjit says in The Grief and Loss Cure, ” it is possible to cure a broken heart. But it doesn’t involve stopping to love, altogether”.

By heeding to advice from people who have been here before you, it is possible to have a broken heart cured. Here are 15 things that will definitely cure a broken heart:

Once it is clear that the relationship cannot work there is no reason in you maintaining links with your ex. It understandable if all you want from him or her is to be close friends with you. Possibly, you could also end up convincing yourself that it wasn’t meant to be.

But all that’s not right, given that it only delays your broken heart from properly healing. If you do not detach yourself from your ex, you could end up constantly harboring painful memories.

In short, stop hanging on to whatever is left of the relationship. Cut off all forms of contact including text messages and phone calls. Phillip Singer in his  book: Passages of Our Broken Hearts, say, “it is important that you cut off all existing connections on social media”.

If you don’t, it will be impossible for you to fall out of love, thus being able to move on. You can’t just cure a broken heart in such circumstances, can you? Only after, your heart has healed should you attempt to be friends with your ex.

2. Going through It, Never Around It

Being heartbroken can be very painful. However, healing can only come if you are willing to experience the pain instead of avoiding it. Soon after separating with your loved one, there comes a grieving phase which can be very painful. It is possible for you to experience mental health issues such as depression.

As Zoe Qian says in Broken Heart Cure, “the worst you can do is to try and avoid the pain”. If you avoid dealing with the major issues, you will still have to face them at some point. Once you go through it, you will emerge stronger and able to handle just about anything.

3. Exercising will help to Cure a Broken Heart

Being heartbroken is physical just as it is emotional. When you have a broken heart, some of the physical manifestations include loss of appetite and sleeping problems. Other people also complain about colds, diarrhea, cramps, stiff neck, muscle swellings, depression, and heart attack symptoms such as chest pain, sweating, and shortness of breath.

Alexander Janzer in his book, Heartbreak Cure, says,”exercise is good for your body and by extension your mind. It helps your body to get rid of the stress hormones due to stress, thus helping you to get over depression”. By releasing endorphins into your body, exercise makes you feel much happier and easier to heal the broken heart.

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4. Getting Rid Of the Bad Stuff

When depressed because of a broken heart, many are the people who resort to eating junk food. While it makes you feel good in the short term, junk food isn’t good for your body at all. Instead of junk food, eat more of the healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables.

Your body needs lots of healthy nutrients, minerals, antioxidants, and fiber found in fruits and vegetables. Also, avoid eating excessive sugar and drinking alcohol.

According to Sarah LaSaulle in her book, Healing A Broken Heart, “eating healthy food is good for both your body and mind”. By keeping your body in good shape, it will be possible for you to have your broken heart cured sooner or later.

5. Cry and Cry Some More

When with a broken heart, one of the healthiest things you can do is to cry. So if you are feeling like screaming at the top of your voice, don’t hold back. If you do, then you will end up holding the tension right inside your body, which could be detrimental.

According to Suzanne Eller in, The Mended Heart, “simply cry”. In fact, crying is one of the best ways to truly express how you are feeling. According to research done on this subject, no one can cry herself or himself to death.

On the contrary, holding your feelings inside for too long could only trigger stress which could result in a heart attack. It has also been shown that the tears released when you cry contain toxins.

In short, the simple act of crying could be what you need to cleanse your body of unwanted toxins. Cry properly and you will feel less sad and depressed in no time.

15 Proven Things That Will Cure A Broken Heart

Photo by Kat Jayne from Pexels

6. Go on the Rebound

One of the ways to cure a broken heart is to go into a rebound relationship. While that may sound contrary to some of the advice you have received elsewhere, it is a good healing strategy.

If anything, it remains unproven if the problems you face in such a relationship if because you are on a rebound. Some of the research studies conducted on this subject suggest that entering into a rebound relationship will make you feel desirable. It also promotes greater self-esteem, reduced attachment avoidance, as well as reduced attachment anxiety.

7. Meditation and Mindfulness

Getting used to a love one is an addiction just like being addicted to soft as well as hard drugs. That’s why healing a broken heart is almost impossible. One of the immediate effects of a broken heart is the loss of happy chemicals from the brain. That’s the reason you end up feeling very bad as a result of the broken heart. That’s why you ought to seriously think about meditation.

As Susyn Reeve says in Heart Healing, “you should try activities such as yoga and mindfulness”. Once your mind gets used to it, you will always crave more meditation in order to help you feel good. Through meditation, your body is able to release negative energy, as well as the feelings of being hurt by a loved one. If anything, it helps you to view the broken relationship more positively.

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8. Go to the Outdoors

A broken heart can be painful, so much so that you may not feel like waking up in the morning. That’s the worst thing you must do. As soon as you open your eyes in the morning, get out and behold the beauty of nature.

In Wisdom of a Broken Heart, Susan Piver says that “being one with nature has the ability to promote positive emotions”. You don’t even have to stay in the outdoors for long. Just living near a green space is enough to make you feel good. Take a walk around the neighborhood and have a breath of fresh air as you exercise. The sun also helps boost vitamin D, thus helping you get over depression.

9. Listen to Some Upbeat Music

Music can touch you deep down and positively influence your health. So when you have a broken heart, the immediate thing you can do is to listen to some upbeat music. Not only will you drift to a place full of happiness, but it will also help a broken heart.

In Healing a Broken Heart, Robin Austeen Reed says that “music is medicine to a broken heart”. The lyrics in your music also brings out exactly what you could be feeling. You could try music from Zepplin or Alanis to help cure your broken heart.

10. Laugh a Lot

It sounds ridiculous that an individual who is going through heartbreak can actually laugh and be happy about it. While that is ironical, it is the very thing that will bring you happiness.

In fact, laughter has been found to have healing effects even among individuals who are physically distressed. It is not for nothing that laughter is recommended as the ‘best medicine’. The immediate effect of laughter is to release endorphins and make you feel happier. To get rid of the pain, you could as well watch comedy shows and get laughing.

As Howard Bronson and Mike Riley suggest in How to Heal a Broken Heart in 30 Days, “laughter leads to happiness and enables you to heal a broken heart”.

15 Proven Things That Will Cure A Broken Heart

Photo by Kat Jayne from Pexels

11. List Things You Should Look Forward To

No one is suggesting that you draw a to-do list. Rather write down some of the things you can do in the near future to help you develop positive feelings.

According to How to Fix a Broken Heart by Dr. Guy Winch, “it helps you have something to look forward to”. Because of that, you won’t have to keep thinking about how the relationship could have been. Only ensure that the activities you plan do not in any way involve your ex. The sooner you get him or her out of your mind, the sooner your broken heart will heal.

12. Get Rid Of Things That Remind You of Your Ex

After spending a lot of time together, small things such as his or her perfume on your bed sheets will remind you of the past. If you are having to grapple with that every passing day, then you might as well clean the sheets.

Alternatively, you could just buy a new set of sheets to avoid being reminded of the good times with your ex. In Healing the Wounded Heart, Dan B. Allender suggests you rearrange the bedroom if you have to.

Not only will it give your space a feeling of freshness, but it will help heal your broken heart. To completely get your ex out of your mind, you could even buy a completely new set of underwear.

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13. Socialize With Family and Friends

One of the best ways to distract yourself and quickly heal from a broken heart is to socialize with family and friends. It helps you to avoid drifting into a pity party during which you only focus on the negative.

According to Colleen Meissner in Through a Broken Heart, “taking advantage of your support network can help you heal your broken heart”. When you have support from family and friends, it will not be possible for you to experience a spike in the stress hormones norepinephrine and cortisol. Thus your body feels less stressed. With that, it is much easier for you to heal from a broken heart.

14. Drift into a Completely New World

It is possible for lovers who have been together for a long time to have mutual friends. What that means is that maintaining the same old friends wouldn’t help you forget about your ex. You need to create a totally new world by forming friendships with people who know nothing about your ex. Of course, it would be impossible for your new friends to pick him or her out of the crowd.

“Also, they won’t keep asking after him or her”. Susan J. Elliot says as much in Getting Past Your Breakup. If you can, take up a new hobby. Write a blog, join a book club, take an art class, and trying scuba diving lessons. That way, you can focus on a completely new beginning.

15. Forgive Your Ex

It is possible that the actions and omissions of your ex are what led to the two of you breaking up. Even where you aren’t to blame, it doesn’t help to hold a grudge against him or her. Forgive and let go of all resentment you might be having against your ex.

These are the views of Sarita A Foxworth in How to Heal a Broken Heart. “Not only does it help you heal from the heartache, but forgiveness releases all the negative energy and sets you free”. You can then live in the hope that you can manage on your own.

In Conclusion,

Curing a broken heart is easier than most people would want to imagine. It is important that you do everything it takes to mend your broken heart. Start by cutting off all forms of contact between you and him or her.

To forget over your broken heart, get busy with the things that really matter to you. Hook up with family and friends and ideally surround yourself with individuals who know nothing about your ex. When push comes to shove, simply forgive.

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