12 Ways To Get Your Husband In Baby Making Mood

By David Small •  Updated: 08/31/17 •  12 min read

“It’s Baby making time love, BMT.” How exuberant and horny those words used to turn on your husband!  You made it! Felt like you were living your childhood dream, yes? To grow up, have a career going and still get to enjoy the best half of you. Your husband and children! He’s still the best thing you’ve ever had.

Baby making

However, getting the children part hasn’t been as swift as you’d imagined. Who thought baby making was such a hustle, right?  The words “Babymaking time” no longer entice him! It’s like an overnight transformation!

He’s no longer as excited about your ovulation days as he was before. He’s probably also stopped googling about “the best sex positions for baby making”.  Is this your current predicament? How did this happen? When? Why?  Most importantly;

How do you get your prince back in the baby making mood? To the exuberant and horny days when he’d jump on you burning with passion? How do you do it? How do you make your prince daddy? 

This article brings to light 12 ways you can get your husband in the Babymaking mood. Read it to the end. Your family counts on you!

Sounds wrong, yes? You’re trying to get a baby for crying out! You should be focusing on Baby making every chance you get, right? Gary Chapman in his best seller book The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love That Lasts is of a different opinion.  According to him,  focusing on communication is key! Understand how your spouse communicates affection. Forget all about Babymaking and focus on how to be at home with yourself and your spouse!

Focus on being the best version of yourself communication wise. Remember when your sex life rocked? When you didn’t have any Babymaking pressure? Living in the moment and embracing your husband’s affection is how you reignite the Baby making flame.

When you start focusing on making love, on fully enjoying all of him and understanding him, the rest will flow. The Trick is to excel in all 5 love languages. Chapman’s book will guide you.  You’ll love the bliss and serenity it brings. Shift your mentality from Baby making to Lovemaking. Think you can do it?  It’s certainly worth it!

“Is what you’re wearing underneath worth it?”

Make Lingerie your best friend if you intend on getting your husband in the Baby making mood. You in a Lingerie are making a bold statement! You’re saying You’re still horny for him and your babies will be made out of pleasure not pressure!

Dan Wilson in his book “Lovemaking: 10 Secrets to Extravagant Intimacy in Marriage” says You both deserve experiencing the best of lovemaking. He encourages couples to be the best lover for each other. The only way to get there is to get creative! Elizabeth Cramer concurs. Her book “131 Dirty Talk Examples: Learn How To Talk Dirty with These Simple Phrases That Drive Your Lover Wild & Beg You For Sex Tonight” will guide you on dirty talking.

Reignite that flame by wearing your lingerie and talking dirty to him. Consider sending him a picture of you in a lingerie during the day. You could include a short dirty message letting him know you’re yearning for him. Let his mind run wild thinking of a thousand ways he’ll ravish you. That way,  Baby making will be a frequent longed after a season in your marriage.

       “Remember: Men are  visual beings!”

Not good at erotic Massages? Not an excuse! Quit confining your mind! Learn how to massage and offer your husband erotic massages every once in a while.  A relaxed body is vital when it comes to Babymaking.

James A. Haught, author of “The art of lovemaking” says, Giving your husband an erotic massage isn’t something to shy away from especially in today’s century!

Let your man relax concurrently turning him on. You’ll love how energetic and exuberant, he’ll get! Thanks to technological advancement, learning how to give your husband an erotic massage is a YouTube video away.

An erotic massage would go great with your lingerie on!

Day to day activities may sometimes result to low libido, Dan Wilson suggests getting creative to keep the flame and vigor going. An Erotic massage then becomes your day’s  Hero! It eliminates pressure in all the right places.

Once your hubby’s body is relaxed and erect,  getting that sexy lingerie off you will be inevitable! That’s how you get your husband back in the Baby making mood. Remember to energize before partaking this. You’ll certainly need the energy!

Get off the couch and embrace the outdoors with your partner in crime. Check to see what you love doing? What does your future baby daddy enjoy? What used to bring you closer during courtship? Get back to that! Hang out with your man outside the sheets.

Get to know the person he’s becoming with you. Any new activities you can engage in? Get into them! You have “till death does you part” make it one adventurous journey! Come up with your own bucket list to make it more interesting and adventurous. “The Bucket List for Couples” by Lovebook is your perfect guide.

Hanging out is how you’ll make it to your Golden anniversary. It starts now! When the Babymaking tension is concentrated. Quit being so tense with each other. Hang out and enjoy every moment of it instead.

To get the whole ball spinning your way, consider hanging out in family parks. Get to watch other young families hang out with their children. You’d also make great parent’s, yes? That’s how you tap on your husband’s emotional side.  Getting in the Babymaking mood then becomes inevitable!

“Magnify his strengths and  He’ll forever like you!”

Maximize your love by focusing on your hubby’s strongholds. The mere fact that you’ll be telling the truth makes it better don’t you think? To ensure you accomplish your individual and marriage goals, Compliments must come in handy.

This is revealed by John M. Gottman and Nan Silver in their book “The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work: A Practical Guide from the Country’s Foremost Relationship Expert”. This is an interesting read if you want your relationship to thrive.

You could start by giving him 2 compliments daily. Yes, including the days he really doesn’t deserve any! John Gottman, the well-renowned marriage researcher, highly recommends giving compliments. According to his years of research, happy couples give out compliments more often and appreciate each other. Appreciation goes a long way. Try it out, Start Today. The sooner you commence, the sooner the babies pop!

Want to get your husband in the Baby making mood? Exercise and eat healthy!  A transformed, healthy lifestyle is directly linked to sexual desire.  This theory is backed up by Lovebook in the book “   “Try Something New: 100 Fun & Creative Ways to Spend Time Together”.

The book implies that couples who work on their lifestyles together have sex more often than those who hardly Baby Moodbother.  Any kind of exercise is highly encouraged. It gets the blood and feels good hormones flowing.  Besides, healthy and fit parents are simply awesome!

Hit that gym with him, introduce different workouts around the house concurrently eating healthy!  While on it, remember to acknowledge how better sex feels since you started your healthy lifestyle. It certainly will! Get him in the Babymaking mood by getting fit together. Your sex life will forever be grateful!

There is no law that limits Baby making in your home! Stop limiting yourself! Changing the environment could be the antidote your husband requires to get in the Babymaking mood. Fortunately, you don’t have to wait till the holidays to enjoy your getaway.

Wake up one Saturday or Sunday morning, take a drive or flight to the nearest beach or location you love and just relax! Environmental change has a way of bringing a couple together, says Ashley Davis Bush In her book “ 75 habits for a healthy marriage”.

You’re in a new location and all you got is each other.  How awesome is that?  The mere fact that you’re depending on each other fully indicates absolute submission. When a couple fully submits to each other,  they constantly yearn for each other sexually, suggests Sylvia Smith the featured Marriage.com  writer.

A getaway could be the right stimulant for your relationship concurs  Susan Krauss Whitbourne. The marital psychology professor at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

Ever noticed how every great movie has a love story in it? Be it Action, Romantic, animation, horror, thriller, drama and epic. Watching movies is an effective way to get your husband in the Babymaking mood.

On movie night,  the psychotherapist and author of “ 75 habits for a healthy marriageAshley Davis Bush recommend starting with a hug. “Once your husband is home, embrace him for at least 20 seconds,” she says. The feel good hormone oxytocin will immediately start flowing.

Get in the same warm blanket during the movie, it works wonders! This is certainly a must try for every couple! Hugging should be your thing every other night if you want your bond to be stronger.

Get Freaky in bed whenever you’re making love. Be open minded and get kinky for your man! Learn, suggest and implement new sex positions. You should also consider introducing oral sex to spice things up. The book “Guide to Licking and Sucking – How to Impress Him with the Best BlowJob – The Best Illustrated Guide to Oral Sex – The Ultimate Techniques Revealed”   will guide you.

This best selling book by Jean-Claude Carvill is exactly what you need! Try out different sex positions and oral sex. Embrace the change and get comfortable sooner rather than later. It’s your husband!  No need to be shy! Encourages Jean-Claude Carvill.

It’s a symbiosis relationship. He’s happy, you’re happy, you both benefit! That way, Baby making will always be a fun activity to look forward to. You’re embarking on a journey of creation. Making a baby together. Leave all your thoughts of the matrimonial bed!

Be in the moment every time you make love. That’s one way you keep your husband longing for you sexually. He won’t help to reminisce about your loving making.  It’s going to be Baby making mood from there henceforth!

Are you the type of woman who can’t wait to tell your girlfriend how awkward last night’s lovemaking session was? Stop It! He’s your team mate! Focus on improving his weaknesses privately. Being transparent about the experience with your husband is always the wiser option. This is especially so if you intend to get him in the Baby making mood more often.

Being transparent in a loving and caring way is how you do it, states Cynthia Heald in her book “Loving Your Husband: Building an Intimate Marriage in a Fallen World”. It all starts with transparency!  She encourages women to be transparent in everything they do. When it comes to lovemaking, let him know exactly how you like it. It’s always the wiser option.  That way, he’ll be craving of satisfying you more often.

Having a transparent relationship where you both understand it takes both the sun and rain to grow a seed is key. That way, criticism is handled positively keeping transparency going.

 “Remember, The More the sex, the higher the chances of getting pregnant! Get transparent! “

Timing is everything when you’re on a mission to get your husband in the Babymaking mood. When does he operate best? Morning or evening? Know when you should wear a lingerie and when you need to get in bed naked.  Meera Lee Patel addresses this beautifully in  “Good for One Mediocre Shoulder Rub: Considerate Coupons for Couples

It’s going to be an impossible mission if the timing is all wrong. There is a time for everything! Use your God given sixth sense to identify the right Baby making time. If it won’t ruin your desires and those of your husband, consider coming up with a love making timetable. While at it, remember to always go to bed at the same time!

“Bear in mind love making  Is a privileged art!”

Baby Making

Ever noticed how interested in sex your husband gets when sex is the last thing on your mind? Interested to know why?  The hunt! The animalistic nature in our men makes them enjoy the hunt. When you focus on other activities, his hunting radar goes up.

To him, the challenge of getting you in the mood is thrilling.  Talk of reversed psychology! That’s how you get him back in the Baby making wagon. You should, however, know your limits! There is a difference between ignoring him and luring him into the “hunt”. For better understanding, the book “Why Men Hunt: Providers or Stewards?” by Benton T., III Thompson is a great read.

In conclusion;

Getting your husband to the Baby making mood doesn’t require so much pressure! Relax, enjoy and make babies stress free! It’s doable! The secret is enjoying the lovemaking process that gets you the baby. That way, when your babies are eventually of age, you’ll have thrilling stories to tell them.

Think of it this way, You’re making history! Make it enjoyable and distinguished. Seek professional advice when need be. Remember,  you don’t have to do it all by yourselves!

For Your Reading 

The Art of Baby Making: The Holistic Approach to Fertilitybook by the internationally acknowledged fertility guru Gerad Kite address this issue bluntly. Yes!  There is hope! You can and you will turn your current predicament around.  Your husband is simply going through the motions. It’s challenging for the man too acknowledges  Gerad Kite. The book enlightens you on why Babymaking is an art that needs to appreciate.





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