17 Creative Ways to Tell Your Girlfriend You Love Her

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It is not enough to have a girlfriend! Keeping the flames of the relationship burning requires subtle communication of your feelings. You have to tell your girlfriend you love her and back it up with clear actions.

17 Creative Ways to Tell Your Girlfriend You Love Her

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While, at the very basic, feelings are expressed with the words “I love you”, it is the things you do that really matter. It could be something as simple as a warm hug or kiss. The purpose is to show your girlfriend how much you really care for her. Here is how to say “I love you”

  1. Buy Her Flowers.

There is a lot of meaning attached to flowers. So long as it is her favorite flowers, they are going to communicate your love for her. It doesn’t matter how many times you have said you love her. A simple bouquet of flowers is enough to communicate your feelings without uttering a word.

If you are not sure the kind of flowers your girlfriend likes, then purple, pink or red roses will do the trick. Not only are they good smelling, but they are also warm colored. One of the ways to tell your girlfriend you love her is to get a bouquet of red roses each Valentine’s Day.

  1. Make Cards to Express Your Love Depending On Her Feelings.

You could put some of the words you would have said on a card. While this looks old-fashioned, it still remains one of the most effective ways you can let your girlfriend you love her. Don’t wait until your girlfriend is in the right moods.

If you make cards your preferred way of communicating love, then send it on all occasions. It doesn’t matter if your woman is happy, in love, lonely or sad.

In all occasions, make a card that will remind your girlfriend how much you love her. Importantly, the card should have the ability to spur her into the right emotions.

  1. Build a Scrapbook of Memories Together

No matter the length of time you have been together, it is likely you have taken a few photographs together. Why don’t you turn these images into a photo album or scrapbook? To make your girlfriend recognize your efforts, send a copy of the book to her.

Every time she looks at the images, she will remember how much you truly love her. Don’t be surprised if she loves you back in a bigger and stronger way than before.

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  1. Take Her on a Date

If you want to tell your girlfriend you love her, take her on a date. Pick a fancy restaurant and take her there on one fine evening. While there, settle down for dinner and later have a few drinks. This time-tested gesture is sure to communicate your true feelings to your girlfriend. You could even start by taking your girlfriend to the cinema. Wait until the night when they are screening her favorite movie.

Women love romance movies. No matter your opinion on that particular genre, invite her when you get news of an impending screening. To show how much you love her, snuggle close. You will never regret your decision to take her to the movies.

  1. Use Her Photos Online To Great Effect

So you have been together for a while? What do you do with your girlfriend’s photos online to show you love her? One thing you can do is use her photo as your profile picture. It is not just to show her but the entire world how much you are in love with her.

In a way, it makes it official that you are taken and so is she. Whenever you post her photo online, caption it with a message of love. Make sure that the photos you pick are the cutest. You don’t want to portray your girlfriend in a bad light. The more frequent you do that, the more she will realize how strong your love for her is.

  1. Take a Couple’s Photo Shoot

When was the last time you took part in a photoshoot together? Take your girlfriend to a photo studio and take as many photos as possible. If you can, arrange for the photoshoot to take place in an exotic location. When you come back from the shoot, post some of the photos online and develop the rest into an album.

To your girlfriend, this is a clear sign that you truly value and love her. If you have no time for a photoshoot, why don’t you become the photographer and your girlfriend the model? With time, she will learn to look at you as a very loving man.

  1. Take Her on a Trip to a New Place

When you stay in the same place for a long time, your relationship is likely to become boring. You are likely to forget what it means to be in love. If you can afford travel to an exotic island, why not arrange for you and your spouse to go there?

When there, book yourselves into a hotel and have the time of your life. Small as this gesture might be, it is a sure way of letting your girlfriend know you love her. In the process, you will be reminded of the great time you had on your honeymoon. It will also reassure her of your love.

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Photo by Leah Kelley from Pexels

  1. Make a Mix Tape of her Favorite Love Songs and Give It to Her

Do you know those love ballads of old? Which one best reminds you of the relationship you have with your girlfriend? One thing about women is that they like songs that are both emotional and sentimental.

Make a mixtape of your favorite songs and send it to her. This is a sure way to tell your girlfriend you love her. If she isn’t into love ballads, choose a genre she is going to truly appreciate. The most important is that the songs communicate how dedicated you are to the relationship. She will definitely love you back in an equal measure.

  1. Cook for Her

To spice up your love life, you should think of taking your girlfriend out on a lunch or dinner date. However, that may turn out to be boring when done too frequently.

To take a break from the norm, invite your girlfriend over to your house and cook a full-course meal. If you have just kicked off the relationship, it will communicate to the woman that you are a likely husband. After all, it shows how much you care for her.

Instead of having her sweat it out in the kitchen, ask her to relax and wait for you to serve the meal. To spice it up, pack the food and ask her on a picnic date. No woman can resist that.

  1. Text Her Often

We live in an age where texting has turned around the way we communicate. Apart from the social media app, there are several texting apps, which are meant to make communication easier. So, why don’t you leverage texting to grow your relationship? Every morning before you leave the house, text your girlfriend.

During the day, send another text message to know how she is doing. Don’t forget to send that “goodnight” text message. Constant text messaging communicates in two ways. You can type the actual words: “I love you” or communicate symbolically. After all, it lets the girl know she is constantly on your mind.

  1. Remember the Little Details

Men have been accused of being chronically forgetful of the things that matter to their women. To tell your girlfriend that you love her, you need to remember important details about her life. You should never forget occasions such as her birthday, your anniversary, and her likes and dislikes.

Before she even realizes it is her birthday, go out and buy her a gift. That will communicate to her that you know how to pay attention to details. If you don’t know everything about her, simply ask. Let her tell you what she likes and dislikes. Then make a point of remembering these things in the future.

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  1. Appreciate Her Family and Friends

When a woman comes into your life, she arrives in a package. She has family and friends she really cares about. To tell your girlfriend that you love her, make sure you are in good books with her family and friends.

Pay a visit to her family. Get acquainted with her mother, father, sisters, and brothers. Meet her friends and appreciate them. After all, it is these people that were in her life long before you showed up. When you are in good books with her friends and family, you can expect the relationship to blossom and grow in leaps and bounds.

  1. Support Her during the Bad Times

Life happens. When things get bad, your girlfriend expects you to be her number one supporter. Most of the time, you don’t have to say anything.

Just sitting in her presence is enough to communicate how much you care for her. Say, she has just lost her job. Help her navigate the hard times that come with losing a source of income. When she has a bad hair day, give her a shoulder to cry on.

Even though you may not use any words, this is one way to tell your girlfriend you love her. When you fall into the bad times, she is likely to support you too. It is called reciprocal love.

  1. Ever Listening To Her

Effective communication has been identified as one of the buildings blocks of strong romantic relationships. Of course, communication involves talking about issues. However, it is not effective until there is listening.

As the man in the relationship, you don’t have to say much. Give a listening ear to your girlfriend and you can be guaranteed of a great relationship. It is one of the way you can tell your girlfriend you love her. When she is talking, keep away your phone and turn off the TV. Nothing is as good as giving the girl you love undivided attention.


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  1. Make Her Laugh

Girls are humorous being that is waiting to be turned on with the right joke. If you don’t know how to tickle her funny bone, learn how to make a woman laugh. Most of the time, you don’t have to make a huge effort.

By doing the things that make her feel happy, you will definitely bring out the smile and laughter you are looking for. When your girlfriend gets into the habit of laughing often, you are bound to have a great relationship.

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  1. Decorate Your House Relationship Reminders

What are some of the things that remind you of your relationship with that girl? Take some of the photos you took during a photoshoot or a trip to a tropical island and hang them around your home.

Remember the text message that won her over? Print and frame it as a way of curating your love life. When she comes over for a visit, she will get a very clear message about how much you love her. This is definitely one of the creative ways to tell your girlfriend you love her.

  1. Buy Her a Great Gift

While there are many ways to communicate love, buying a gift for your girlfriend will go a long way. Don’t wait until her birthday to make this move. On a random day in the middle of the year, go and buy her a dress.

Ask her out and, while you have dinner at that exquisite restaurant, pull out the dress and give to her. If that does not melt her heart, just what would? You may also buy for her a book she is likely to love. Make it a romantic novel with a great ending. That would put into her heart the idea that you are thinking of her.

In Conclusion,

If you have been struggling with how you should tell your girlfriend you love her, the suggestions above should greatly assist. After all, saying “I love you” isn’t just about the words but the actions too.

As much as you repeat the words often, let your girlfriend see through your actions that you truly love her. In the end, she will reciprocate the love and work towards making the relationship stronger.

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