17 Ways to Be Romantic with Your Girlfriend

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Giving your girlfriend the romantic attention that all girls crave will keep the spark alive in your relationship. This will go a long way in helping yourself to endear to her.

Ways to Be Romantic with Your Girlfriend

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Having romantic ideas doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. On the contrary, the following basic romantic tips cost the least amount of time and are really very easy to pull off. In this article, we are going to share with you tips on Ways to Be Romantic with Your Girlfriend

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Step 1- Surprise your girlfriend

Being predictable is perhaps the biggest turn off in a relationship. You should do sometimes get her off guard. Hold her hand, kiss her on the lips and say that you love her when she least expects.

Plan spontaneous dates and invite her by surprise. As women love surprises, leave some things up in the air and keep her guessing. Do not frequent the same old restaurant all the time. Simply put, do not allow her to specifically know what to expect.

Step 2- Grant her little love tokens

Give your girlfriend lots of gifts, but make them useful.  Little romantic gestures come in handy because of all women, old and young love gifts. You do not have to spend an arm and a leg. Instead, invest in little presents that are budget-friendly yet full of romance.

A single rose and a hand-written love poem are among the simple romance tips as recommended by datingtips.match.com While these might be so simple, it is the idea that you love her that actually matters. Let it be known to her that you cherish her from the bottom of your heart.

Step 3- Spend time alone

17 Ways to Be Romantic with Your Girlfriend

Photo by Anastasiya Lobanovskaya on pexels.com

Crowded restaurants might not be the best dating venue for two lovebirds, as uscash.net recommends in a dating post. Public places are not as romantic as secretive hidden gardens and parks. Venturing out with your girlfriend and spend quality time together.

For example, a private dinner at the hotel’s roof-top creates a lovely ambiance and atmosphere. You do not have to spend so much all the time. Hire a movie that you know she will like and invite her home. In so doing, prepare a nice and enjoy the night just the two of you.

Step 4- Pay attention to her

Most experts who give men romance tips agree that men often fail to give attention to their loved ones. Do not just hear what she says, but listen attentively to her story. Look at her in the eyes, not and respond to let her know that you are fully absorbed in her emotions and feelings.

You will not always be in a private place with your girlfriend, but even so, Cosmopolitan advice you to give her your full attention. When in a public place, avoid getting distracted or looking around at other people when you are out with your girlfriend.

Step 5- Let her know you love her

If you love your girlfriend, let her know. Few romance tips will have as much weight as letting her know your true feelings for her. Do not assume that she already knows. Even if she suspects so, keep it in the open. Be vocal about your feelings, and she will understand.

All girls, no matter how old or young love to hear sweet nothings whispered in their ears- do not hold back. More importantly, as beautyandtips.com observes, let her know that you want your love to blossom into something beautiful.

Step 6- Be affectionate with actions

Apart from telling her what you feel for her, let your actions show it. Small hints such as hugs and pecks on the cheeks go a long way. If the atmosphere is right passionate kiss on the lips tells your girlfriend how much you care.

In a post title, Five tips for men on how to be romantic on chatelaine.com, the author share the following tip, physical contact is romantic and sows seeds of love between the two of you. Be gentle with the way you talk to her, especially when you are upset. Say sorry, thank you and excuse me to show that you are a gentleman.

Step 7- Write her occasional love letters


Photo by Anastasiya Lobanovskaya on pexels.com

This is one of the most traditional romantic tips but it still works wonders today as it did back then. Whether the love letter is handwritten o typed, it will leave a smile on her face for a long time. This is according to Jesse Northeimer, author of “A Guy’s Guide to Romantic Gestures”.

Jesse observes that girls will keep all their love letters and will read them a hundred times over. Each time your girlfriend reads your letters, the old spark of love returns. Let these be delivered discreetly through her friends, workmates or family.

Step 8- Take memorable pictures with her

Gregory Godek is the author of “1001 Ways to be Romantic. He is of the opinion that taking pictures is one of the most effective romantic tips. You see, an image is a great tool for conveying affection, especially when the two of you are in a great romantic getaway.

Gregory, the author advises you to keep your most memorable pictures carefully in a frame or album, as they will evoke fond memories. When you fight in the future, you have references of happy times to look at and bury the hatchet.

Step 9- Remember anniversaries and dates

Date Like a Man is a bestselling romantic tips book by Myreah Moore. The book states that your ability and willingness to remember the special days of your girl will make her love you more. While men do not give so much of a damn about birthdays and anniversaries, it is a great deal for women.

Apart from just remembering these days and wishing her happy anniversary and happy birthday, ensure that you actually mark the ceremony. Plan and organize a party for her on her birthday. Nothing tells the world that you love her than inviting her friends and family to celebrate a mutual festivity. Over Christmas and festive season, make merry and spread the cheer.

Step 10 – Have gentle intimacy with her

According to Andrew Ferebee, the author of “The Dating Playbook for Men, your girlfriend will love you more if you are a gentleman when it comes to action between the sheets. This is especially true during the first few weeks and months of your relationship.

Take it easy at first. Do not rush the whole intimacy game. Instead, be deliberately slow yet assured. Let her adjust to your rhythm, style, and approach. Learn what she likes and what she doesn’t. When the two of you are comfortable, take the game a notch higher and make her feel like the queen that she deserves to be. You will be her king for a long time.

Step 11- Kiss her when she is upset


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There is no secret that your dating life will have its fair share of ups and downs. During your fights, keep calm and hold her hand. If the mood allows, kiss your girlfriend full on the lips to calm her down. This is one of the romantic ideas for her as recommended by Gregg Michaelsen, the author of To Date a Man, You Must Understand a Man.

Showing romantic gestures to your girl is a sure way to let her know that your love will not be defined by the ongoing fight or the underlying disagreement. Keep her close to you especially when she is upset. Otherwise, she will have a shoulder to cry on and this comes in the form of another man.

Step 12- Share love quotes from various sources

There are innumerable sources of love quotes on the internet today. Spend 10 minutes searching for romantic ideas online. Share the most outstanding quotes from famous people and you are on the sure path to rekindling your love. Find the most relevant ones that apply to a situation that you are currently going through.

Christopher Gray is the author of From Shy To Social. He advises you to send such quotes to her phone even if you know she is busy at work or in school. When she sees these, they will evoke sweet emotions in her mind. It is perhaps one of the most effective ways to make her keep thinking about you all the time.

Step 13- Post pictures of her on social media

Do you want to let the world know of your affection for your girlfriend? Post pictures of her and of the both of you on social media. This works great for Instagram and Facebook because of the immediacy of the communication. Tag her in the posts and let people comment. This is one of the romantic ideas shared by the Elite Magazine.

When she sees images of herself online, she will be happy to know that you cherish her. If she does the same on her own social media pages, you know that she cherishes you right back. Your followers and her friends will make all sorts of comments. From these, you are able to discern how high you rank in her life.

Step 14- Flirt with her in the public

It is easy to come across many cute girls in the streets. This is especially true if you are in university and college. When you are out there with her, avoid looking at other girls no matter how beautiful or hot they may be. Draw your attention only to your girlfriend. This is the only girl that you are committed to and she is all that matters.

If she realizes that you have eyes for other girls, her love for you will start to take the trip down south. Hold her hand, hug her, kiss her and let everyone see you doing so. Simply put, this is the moment that you have to absolutely behave. After all, you will have enough time to check all the other girls out when you are not with her!

Step 15 – Be nice during that time of the month


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Mocha Dad, a leading dating service published an article titled Romantic Ideas for Men from Women. This is a guide written by women about things that they wished their boyfriends did for them. One of the romantic tips discussed herein is being nice to her when she is facing her menstrual period.

During this time of the month, your girlfriend is usually at her lowest spirits. Her mood swings may annoy you but do not show your annoyance. Be understanding and good enough to do house chores for her. The painful abdominal cramps during periods can really wear her down. If there is a moment she needs your understanding, this is it.

Step 16 – Be well-dressed when you go out

So you have fixed a date with your girlfriend for the coming weekend! Are you going out with her alone or with a couple of her friends? It does not matter where or who is involved, you have to look the part. Nothing makes her feel lively than the knowledge that you dressed up and groomed so well because of her.

If you go to meet her parents or family brothers, you have to look and sound like the gentleman that they hope you are. This is according to mindbodygreen.com, a leading relationship resource. Remember that a first impression always counts. You do not have to spend a fortune to look great; just be neat, smart and presentable.

Step 17 – Cook for her

Victor Warmer is the author of How to Impress Your Girlfriend with a Romantic Dinner at Home. In the book, Victor shares a wealth of cooking guides, table setting rules, checklists and recipes to ensure that your romantic cuisine is as tasty and that it leaves a great impact.

Cooking for your girlfriend is a subtle way of telling her that you want to enjoy many more nights of love, food and drink at home. Simply put, she will know that you admire her as your future wife.

In Conclusion,

There is no longer an excuse for complaining of little romance in your union.  Instead, implement the above romance ideas for her to love you even more. As you have learned, the whole dating game will be more fun than you have ever imagined. Start experiment the above 17 tips today and experience a very healthy satisfying relationship.


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