15 Tips That Will Improve Your Online Dating Experience

By David Small •  Updated: 06/30/17 •  12 min read

Online Dating experience for one individual will differ. This article is full of ideas to help you have a positive experience on your online dating journey.

Ready to hear some? If you’re tired of going through the same predicament grapes probably go through in a winery, this is for you! The pain of getting skinned, pushed, plucked, pressed and finally fermented to become wine should be left to the grapes. Online dating doesn’t have to be that painful! That’s where this article comes in.

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This article will reveal the top 15 online dating tips that promise you success minus the pain. By the end of the road, you’ll be a step closer to your engagement day, wedding and happily ever after.  Your mentality must, however, shift from the golden day thinking to today’s technologically advanced thinking. Fortunately, these 15 online dating tips will help you with that!

The following tips are recommended for beginners, intermediate and advanced online dating individuals.

1: BE YOURSELF, everybody,  Online Dating Experience will be Different

It’s taken you years to become the person you are today.  You’ve probably been through life’s adage valleys and hills. Why then, would you want to be anyone else than yourself? Love is honest and truthful says Robert Moore in the book Online Dating Training – Become a Master of Digital Seduction. The Bible also backs that up in Romans 12:9 when it says, love must be sincere. You are one you! On no account will there be one like you! So, choose to be you when finding a mate online.

You know the way you mix all the foods on your plate? Or how small your eyes are? Someone, somewhere in Asia, London, Egypt, Africa, Mexico, Jamaica or simply your 2-3 blocks away neighbor loves that in a mate! Love you! Embrace you! And be you when it comes to online dating. This should be reflected in your online profile. You’ll never go wrong, says Logan Lo in the book A Great Online Dating Profile: 30 Tips to Get Noticed and Get More Responses.

 2: Consistency

Nobody wants to get a response 2 weeks later! Get Active! You’re probably thinking “Well if he/she can’t wait for 2 weeks, they probably don’t deserve me”.  That thought crossed your mind? That’s golden thinking mentality! How long shall you continue putting your love life on hold?  Being an active member on your online dating site is among the top successful dating tips. “Time waits for no one honey!” Says Adam Kane, in his book Online Dating: Finding Online Romance in 5 Simple and Easy Steps.

Being an active member doesn’t mean you’re always online. Andrews M. Parsons in the book The Key to Online Dating for Men recommends being active at least ones in every 2 days for 2-3hours. That is if you’re super busy. Maximize your time by Indulging different individuals during your active sessions. That’s how you’ll reap successful results.

3:  Say exactly what you want!

You want your mate to have deep gray eyes, be tall, streamlined and have a killer smile? State that in your profile. Most dating sites allow their users to state exactly what they want. This is your chance to meet your Prince/Princess Charming! Do so diligently!  If you only want to find a non-sexual friendship, a date specifically for sex or date for marriage, state that!

This is fate smiling down at you. You get to say the kind of man/woman you want. How awesome is that? Ensure you’re always specific with what you want to succeed in online dating experience. This is among the most vital dating tips.

4: Don’t Undermine Anyone!

You’ve probably stated the kind of man you want. But somehow, you keep getting messages from people you’d never go out with. They’ve probably liked all your profile pictures too. What do you do? Lisa Hoehn, in her book You Probably Shouldn’t Write That, suggests friendship! Online dating brings with it diversity.

Undermining someone because of their nationality, race or skin color is simply lame! You don’t have to date them! Friendship works well too. Besides, life has a way of making the odds work for you.  This, however, doesn’t mean you entertain the creeps and psychos.

 5: Solitude!

Dating, in general, can sometimes be overwhelming! Meeting different individuals weekly or monthly online can sometimes wear you down. When it gets to that point where you’re feeling exhausted, it’s wise to take some time off. Go out on dates with you. Explore your interests more concurrently working on yourself. During this time period, it is advisable to deactivate your online dating account.

That way, other people won’t think you’re ignoring them when they don’t get responses. It’s keen to note that taking a break doesn’t mean you’ve given up or failed in online dating. On the contrary, a come back from a break could lead you straight into the arms of your forever after mate. The book 5 Steps to online dating success by Dian Wibowo supports concurs.

6:  Fun

Relax and have fun! It’s online dating, fun is paramount!  The fact that online dating comes with variety and possibility is a plus! Loosen up on your Mr. /Miss. Perfect list. Your mate doesn’t have to love Eminem to qualify as a mate!   Explore the possibilities and cross-cultural dating.

For more fun dating online, Erika Ettin in the book Love at First Site: Tips and Tales for Online Dating Success from a Modern-Day Perspective suggest linking up. Arrange to meet up if it’s geographically possible, the sooner the better for both of you says Erika. It’s fun getting to physically meet the person you’ve been chatting with.

Also, ensure your profile picture says fun! Seeking a friend’s view could come in handy. You could also set the right atmosphere for romance just for fun. That’s only when you’re ready! Says Lisa Hoenh. This, however, doesn’t mean you send out your nude photos! Save that for way later.

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7: Pay Up!

Do you want the best of online dating experience? Subscribe to premium services. Online dating sites have different subscriptions. Fortunately, you get to take them for a spin before purchasing them. According to Erika Ettinhere, there are several advantages you reap from paying for online dating services.

Top on the list is getting serious individuals. You also get to experience the best the site has to offer. Tired of feeling like a squirrel for always ending up all the “nuts”?  Try out subscribing! Recommends Erika Ettin in the book Love at First Site: Tips and Tales for online dating Success from a Modern-Day Perspective.

8: Check out Different dating sites

If you’re a newbie in online dating, among the list of incredible online dating tips is non-committal. Sounds cliché considering the point above is paying up, yes? Well, Ken Solin, in Your Guy is Out There: Dating Tips for Women over 50, explains it better. You don’t have to commit to only one online dating site. Exploration of what’s out there is the essence of dating online.

So, explore! While at it, Solin reminds you to not commit to people so fast.  A day or two chatting consistently does not mean you’re in love with the person! Take it slow. Remember, the person is showing you parts of him/her they want you to see. Same case as you.  You can subscribe to different online dating sites once you’ve identified what works best for you.

9: Don’t be an open book

Honesty and being yourself are among the best dating tips that promise online dating success. However, being an open book is highly discouraged! According to Erika Ettin, laying it all down in private chat rooms is a No! No! Where’s the fun in that? Concurs Adam Kane. Solin instead recommends keeping the mystery.  That’s how you keep the conversations flowing.

Don’t be fast to reveal everything about you! So, how fast is fast? Your bio saying you’re seriously looking for a lifetime mate to cuddle and love till death is fast. Look at it this way: would those be your first words, if you’re meeting someone at a conference for example? No? Exactly! The less detail the better the mystery. Success will then be inevitable! That’s according to Laurie Davis, chief executive of E-flirt, an online dating consultancy.

 Online Dating Experience

 10: Rejection is real! Embrace it and move on!

Remember that guy/lady you’ve been eyeing since day 1? You’ve probably tried everything to grab his/her attention, yes? They seem not to be getting your messages or they are straight of ignoring you.  Take that into account. Accept it and move on swiftly. Not everyone you meet will love you. It’s life!

Patrick King, in the book Online Dating Advice: Did She Reply Yet? Suggests looking at the scenario in a positive light. Look at it this way; he/she is probably ignoring you to ensure you don’t miss out on your better half. Someone more incredible awaits you! Accept that and move on! Don’t take the rejection personally. This is especially so if you’re to survive online dating.

Bear in mind that your online dating profile doesn’t sum up your entire life! The person ignoring you only sees a tippet of who you are. Besides, he/she is only one person! Why would you opt to live your entire life feeling rejected or worse off quitting online dating because of one person? A little dramatic don’t you think? When it comes to online dating rejection, embracing it and learning to move on is among the best dating tips every individual must learn!

 11: Have some sense of humor

It’s never that serious! Seriously! It’s never that serious! Online dating entails one having some humor, says Roger Patrick Smith in the book Making Sparks Online. Laugh it out when chats and first dates don’t go your way, Patrick King advice.

Instead of throwing yourself one of those grand pity parties, choose to laugh it out with friends or by yourself. It’s not the end of the world! Disappointing, yes! But it is not the end of your world. When your mate comes along, and yes! They will, taking them for granted will be unheard of.

12:  Would you date you?

Looking at your profile picture and bio, would you date you? Honestly, would you go for you? Take your time and look at it again. No? Probably that’s why you aren’t yielding success. Work on your profile and bio says Logan Lo in the book A Great Online Dating Profile: 30 Tips to Get Noticed and Get More Responses.

Acute/handsome picture of your face alone won’t cut it! Would that be enough for you? Give what you expect! Concurs Robert Moore. You’re like a product says, Logan Lo. Package your profile and bio in an appealing way to attract suitors. It’s all in the packaging Iona Leung reveals this in the book Online Dating Success for Women over 40.

To ensure your “marketable” says Logan Lo, have at least 3 to 7 pictures, a short precise and truthful bio.  You’re not looking for dates for your friends! All 7 pictures should be about you! You indulge in an activity you enjoy, you showing off your incredible face, body, and legs. You, you and you! It’s all about you!

13: You have nothing to prove!

This is among those dating tips you must always remember. Just because you’ve opted online dating doesn’t mean you need to prove anything to anyone! Feeling the need to send a nude picture of you to that hot dude/ lady you’ve been chatting with? Is it because they said “you don’t look like the “crazy fun” type?  Have you been chatting with someone who’s constantly making you defensive? Are they using vulgar language to intimidate you? Honey, block them right away! Success won’t be yours for the taking with such a mate states Iona Leung.

You’re an eagle and soaring comes naturally. Stay away from such people. Mediocre should never be associated with you. You have nothing to prove to anyone! Why would you? If you haven’t met them and they are already making you feel inadequate, imagine the rest of your life with them. You’re better off enjoying your solitude! To succeed in online dating, stay away from such people. Their low self-esteem will crush you!

14: Spare your date details about your EX!

Many of the people listing up on online dating sites have a history of past relationships that didn’t work. So do you! Only remember that your ex is a gone case. Can you recall the many times you have been through hang-ups?

What about the nervous breakdowns you had to go through. Patrick Smith suggests you never admit this to your new or potential lover. Admittedly, they know you have a past. Hearing about it is something they would rather do without. So, just zip it up for now!

15: Take Initiative

Toni Jacobs in her book Finding Love Online recommends taking initiative for successful online dating. You know those tough questions no one wants to ask? Be the one to ask them!  Bored with chatting with someone you could meet over the weekend or in a couple of hours? Initiate a meeting!  Don’t always wait for the other party to make the first step! Why shouldn’t it be you?

In conclusion,

Just like any other form of dating, searching for your partner online is not a matter of life and death. Learning a few social skills for use in day-to-day interactions can be of great help. Although it has its own pitfalls, following the above dating tips and your online dating experience will be very rewarding.

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