21 Absolutely Best Free Dating Sites For Hooking Up

By David Small •  Updated: 05/03/19 •  25 min read

Free Dating Sites, do they really exist? There are so many articles being published with headlines purporting to be the best free Dating sites.

After reading many of these articles, I have discovered that the headlines of the articles are only there to get you to click on them. Most of the dating websites mentioned, like plenty of fish, are not free.

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Free Dating Websites For Hooking Up

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They have some aspects that are free, but if you want to communicate with someone you have to upgrade. Not being satisfied with these misleading articles we decided to search for absolutely free Dating sites on the world wide web (Internet).

This article, 21 absolutely best free dating sites, is the result of our extensive research. These websites are totally free, and no credit card is needed.

Here are the top 21 absolutely best free dating sites on the internet.

1. Luvfree.com

Luvfree.com certainly fits the criteria for free dating site online. The home page is full to the brim of information about their services and what they can offer in the free online dating scene. It makes a nice change because a lot of websites offering similar services can just present you with a boring login screen as the homepage. These login screens have limited information about what you are signing up for, so make the user wary to sign up.

They have forums to tackle many topics all revolving around dating so that all members can contribute to the site. A downside, when looking at reviews of Luvfree.com it seems that the number of people visiting the site daily can be low. This means that it might be hard to find somebody initially to connect with.

Luvfree.com does offer a lot of services for a free dating site, apart from the forums it has features like picture ratings, chat rooms and it presents blogs that its members write. All of these features create an attachment to the environment of the site to keep people coming back for more.

Three reasons to consider Luvfree.com

2. Passionsnetwork.com

Passionsnetwork.com is a bit different in the free dating websites world. It offers you over 260 dating social network sites for free, in order to match a particular interest of yours. So, you are really spoilt for choice, although it might seem a bit daunting at first.

The best way to approach it is to find a niche that you really like. Once you have found one, concentrate on it and then expand and find other areas of interest. It is a really precise way of finding your date and can work out really well.

Three reasons to consider passionsnetwork.com

3. Connectingsingles.com

If you are looking for free dating sites with no credit card, then connectingsingles.com could be the right match for you. This dating site offers many features which can be a bit overwhelming at first, but if you embrace it then you will reap the rewards.

It has quizzes for you to take part in with other members, which can create bonds over something more than a cheesy line. There are games to play and polls to take on subject matter concentrated on dating in general.

In regard to the actual dating side of things, connectingsingles.com offers a great search feature where you can search locally or internationally. Not everybody likes to be limited to their surroundings so this can be a great way to broaden your horizons. But, if you would like to go local, there is a great area/zip code locator for you to home in on your potential match.

There seem to be many profiles to browse through which is a big bonus of course. Some of the free dating sites can be very limited on the number of people visiting daily, so it gives you much more opportunity.

Three reasons to consider Connectingsingles.com

4. Droidmsg.com

Droidmsg.com seems to be one of those free dating sites that work. It is concentrated more on their own app which sets it apart from many of the other free dating sites I am reviewing. The ease of use of having an app and its focus on the user can be a determining factor for many people.

Along with the app they have an advanced matching system that takes into account the details you input into the system. Then it narrows down your search to find people that will be the closest match to you. It can be a real chore wading through many profiles, so having the app to take off some of that workload can be efficient and save you a lot of time.

Three reasons to consider droidmsg.com

5. Freeandsingle.com

Finding free dating sites with no payment can be a task in itself. With freeandsingle.com you get quality, it oozes class right from the off with the design of the website. It is a free dating site that used to have a paid VIP section but removed it some time ago. This change has seen the site rocket to over 50,000 people using it.

Organic growth is a great sign of a successful dating website and when a review was done of why people were joining up to freeandsingle.com 60% said they joined through recommendations from family and friends.

Three reasons to consider freeandsingle.com


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6. Flirty9.com

Flirty9.com lives up to its name. If you want to flirt and hook up, then it is one of those free dating sites that you need. This site has a few reports of scammers which is not great. But most free dating sites have this, you will learn after time how to spot them and stay away from them.

The website design is simple but fresh and easy on the eye. There is no ambiguity and you are directed to exactly where you need to go for your preferences. A lot of free dating websites have poor design, so it is always refreshing to see a well-designed one.

The registration is very quick and easy, so you can get straight to flirting with whoever you would like (as long as they like you also). There is also a quick search function which also lets you get speedy results so that you are not left hanging.

Three reasons to consider flirty9.com

7. Fdating.com

When looking for free dating sites without subscriptions, then fdating.com might just fit the bill. It is an old-school looking website that doesn’t seem to offer anything over its rivals, but it has a few subtle differences. The first of these surprises is that it is very simple to use. User experience is key to keeping your clients coming back and using your service. Fdating.com hits the nail on the head here.

They offer real-time chats and video chats for those people you make a connection with. You can view full profiles to make sure you are compatible with whoever takes your fancy.

If you would like worldwide coverage, then you need to look no further as fdating.com does cover most parts of the world. So, whether you want to look locally or far and wide your preferences can be met.

One of the only other downsides other than the dated looking site is that there seems to be a lot of ads on the site. I guess this can be forgiven due to it being free and the fact the people that run the site need to make money somehow.

Three reasons to consider fdating.com

8. Mate1.com

Trying to find out which dating site is free can be tough, with mate1.com there seems to be no ambiguity. You get a host of options and features at your fingertips all for free.

You have private messaging for those more intimate conversations. Perfect for finding out more about the person who has taken an interest in you. With voice recording also an option it seems to tick many boxes for people that require different avenues to approach people from.

There are also advanced search features that let you focus on the main areas and attributes you are looking for. This can be from hair color to area code, but it really lets you find that perfect somebody.

Another interesting feature is that you can see who has viewed your profile. It can put some people off of looking at certain profiles. But maybe your perfect match is a bit shy and needs you to make the first step into a conversation.

Three reasons to consider mate1.com

9. Trumingle.com

Date sites that are free can be hard to come by.  Trumingle.com is also the second free dating site on our list that uses an app. The app provides an area for users to concentrate all of their efforts into finding the ideal mate.

The home page for the site is very ‘Wordy’ which can put a few people off of what trumingle.com has to offer. If you can get over the words and just concentrate on what it has to offer, then you can start to enjoy it.

There are thousands of members to choose from and interact with. This is the key to a successful dating site. As many free dating sites lose a lot of people after they sign up for a week or so. With Trumingle, they seem to keep hold of their users which can only mean they are doing something right. Maybe it is due to the simplicity of the app? Or the fact that it concentrates on creating quality features like the video chat, instead of creating many unused features.

Trumingle.com also has a great advanced search feature that lets you set specific features of a person that you most find attractive. This focuses your search and lets you find the perfect match for you.

Three reasons to consider trumingle.com

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10. Loveagain.com

It is hard searching for the top completely free dating sites, but m.loveagain.com stands out. It focuses on friendship, companionship and is targeted towards the older generation. In a time where dating apps are focusing on the young, it is a breath of fresh air to find a site like this.

It is simply designed and also is connected through facebook which you can use to login. This shows some of the quality of the service that they present and why people come back to use them time and again.

One of the plus points is that it was created by cupid.com which shows the investment that the owners put into making their free dating products competitive and free.

A downside is that it does have a paid premium service. But you can access everything you need to meet your perfect somebody, so it doesn’t really take away from your experience at all.

It also received an 8/10 rating on askmen which is high praise indeed.

Three reasons to consider m.loveagain.com

11. Youdate.net

Yodate.net is a free dating website that might not capture your attention when first viewing it. It suffers from what a lot of free dating websites suffer from in cheap web design. But it has a host of features that may let you forgive it. They have both picture and video profiles which give you an option on how you would like people to see you. Sometimes a picture can be misleading, so a little video gains more trust with a potential date.

They provide in-depth bio pages which allow you to really delve deep into the different people that are joined to the site. So youdate.net really invest into letting everybody know about each other, which should lead to better results and improved matches.

There is also a yearly subscription available on this website, but from what we have seen you can get by and meet people without spending a cent.

Three reasons to consider youdate.net

12. Datepacket.com

When searching for a dating site for free then datepacket.com offers a very simple interface, with a nicely implemented quick search system. It lets you get straight into the action and find profiles that might be a good match for you.

There are over 200,000 members which is a great amount to get you started and will take some time to look through. You will not run out of people to contact and try to strike up a conversation with.

There seems to be a good amount of quality members around and the ones that are more active are highlighted and have more chance to catch somebody’s attention. It is a nice feature that promotes logging in every day and interacting which makes the community stronger.

Three reasons to consider datepacket.com

13. Freesingles247.com

Finding free dating websites without subscriptions is hard, especially if you don’t want to compromise. Freesingles247.com has a nice-looking website (Although we are not sure about the purple!), it has a nice flow about it. It has an easy free signup process that lets you get into the action quickly to find your next mate.

This ease of use is noticeable also with the way the site is split up into subsections/sites. Which is great if you have a particular interest or type of person you would like to meet. All you have to do is find a subsection for you to concentrate all of your efforts into.

Another nice ‘stamp of approval’ is that it is Online Dating Guardian Protected. This gives some peace of mind as these free dating websites are often targeted by scammers. If you are browsing and find scammers it will put a lot of people off of using the site.

Three reasons to consider freesingles247.com

14. Aimerworld.com

Aimerworld.com is one of the totally free dating websites without payment. Start free chat with local singles. Join free online dating site no hidden fees.  Aimerworld.com answers the need for finding a dating site without payment. What it lacks in a name, it more than makes up for in the design department. It is refreshing to see a company in the world of free dating creating a welcoming site.

You can search to your heart’s desire by using the advanced search feature. Do you like blondes, brunettes or prefer a specific height? Then you can search and find your ideal date. More and more sites seem to be offering this service and it really makes a difference in choosing what site to go with for your dating needs.

It has one-on-one chat features, but also a group chat option which adds an extra element to the community associated with aimerworld.com. Getting all of your users to interact takes the pressure off of direct conversation and lets you communicate in a more natural environment.

Three reasons to consider aimerworld.com

15. Flirthut.com

Totally free dating sites are hard to come by, but flirthut.com is a great way to hook up. It has a nice website with a good flow, so you can find exactly what you want. Although the first impression is not so good with a darker initial home page, the site soon invites you in with profile pictures and videos.

One of the great features here is that it lets all members contribute and write blog posts/articles related to their search for a mate. This opens up the whole dating arena as it really lets you into the mind of the people you are viewing.

Along with forums, there is an X-rated area which we haven’t come across before on other sites. It might not be for everybody, but a lot of people will like the extra section and that escape from reality.

The one downside is there can be fees attached, but you get so many free credits it is easy to still use the features and find a date by not investing any money.

Three reasons to consider flirthut.com

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16. Meetoutside.com

When looking for free dating sites meetoutside.com may not catch the eye. The website looks like it has been designed by a 4-year-old and has way too much text. But it does have some redeeming features if you take a look underneath.

There is no membership bias, so everybody is treated equally. This is great, it means that you don’t feel inferior when contacting somebody that you like. It also means that it really has no paid element as some sites, although free, offer some extras for paying customers.

This free dating site is concentrated on the US, but also has connections to the UK and Australia. But really, people from the US will gain more from this site that others from around the world.

Three reasons to consider meetoutside.com

17. Date-me.com

Date-me.com is a very nice totally free online dating site. It is made even better by the fact that it has its own app for their users. Having an app for a free online dating site is a great feature and is usually only associated with paid dating sites.

With the app, you also receive a great experience while looking for your next date. It runs smoothly and lets you browse people’s profiles with ease.

Some free dating websites offer worldwide coverage, but when you look into it, then the rest of the world is barely covered. Here it seems to deliver on this aspect which highlights the quality of the service.

Three reasons to consider date-me.com

18. Mingle2.com

Mingle2.com doesn’t buck the trend for horrible looking dating sites for free. But if you can get over the looks, it offers one of the biggest communities on our list. Over 3million people are said to be using mingle2.com, which is obviously a great amount.

They have been around since 2008 so you get a polished experience as they know what people are looking for and how to match them. This experience can be invaluable in the free dating world and really sets them apart.

With the extremely quick sign up process, you can get up and running within a minute and go hunting for your perfect date.

Three reasons to consider mingle2.com

19. Free-datehookup.com

Free-datehookup.com is one of those free dating sites with no signup. It has a well laid out website that may not look great but gets the job done.

A nice feature is that you can upload multiple pictures to entice your next partner. Having one picture is all well and good but can also be misleading. Having multiple pictures allows the user to see you in different situations and doing different actions. This leads to a stronger initial connection and removes a lot of doubt from the user’s mind.

They also offer their users to write blog and article posts which brings the community together. Reading someone else’s opinions or experiences can help you relate and make a connection. Writing your own post can bring more visitors to your profile and lead to chats and potential dates.

Three reasons to consider free-datehookup.com

Hooking Up

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Christiandatingforfree.com is one of the top completely free dating sites for Christians. Most sites are suited for anybody to come and join in, but this site is limited to those of faith. This is not a bad thing; it lets people that need to have a person with them of the same faith interact and match to each other.

They pride themselves on the security of their users. All data, chats, and information are kept secure and they also have a Facebook login to prove the quality of what they provide. In this day of people’s personal information being stolen, it is good to know that your information is safe while on a free dating site.

The offerings are standard for a dating site, allowing chats, etc for communicating. But they also allow users to send ‘Winks’ so people know that you are interested. If the other person likes you winking at them, then you can move onto chatting.

Three reasons to consider christiandatingforfree.com

21.Tender.single.ch/en one of the best free dating websites

Tender.single.ch Is a completely free dating site that lets you find your match quickly and easily. It offers one-on-one chat to get to know the person behind the profile. The easiest thing in the world is liking a picture, but getting to know the person has to be the top priority, there needs to be chemistry.

They seem to have a good mix of people signed up. Although we don’t have an exact number of people that have signed up, there seem to be enough quality people to find a date with. This is the test that most people are interested in, if there are 1 million people but you don’t get a reply there is no point in the site. Having smaller, but better-quality users make a big difference and this is where tender.single.ch seems to deliver.

Three reasons to consider tender.single.en

So, as you can see, finding the best free dating sites can be tough. We have found that the better-quality ones usually look better. Their sites look better, and they may have an app attached to them, which shows that the company has invested a lot of time and money into their product.

Most sites offer the same features but finding a site with many users and ones that come back daily can be a grind. Sometimes it is a bit hit and miss to find a free dating website suited to your needs, hopefully, our research has helped you to narrow down your search to find the best free dating sites.

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