15 Ways To Impress A Guy On The First Date

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Are you searching for ideas that will help you to  Impress a Guy on the First Date? Do You want to leave a good first impression on your date? Do you want to keep him interested?

You want to keep him close. Most of all, you want to catch his attention beyond the first date.Does this sound like your current situation?

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The good news is, impressing a guy on the first date is not rocket science.Moreover, arming yourself with one technique might not be enough to impress him. You need to approach the first date from many angles. Don’t worry, we got you!

Here are 15 ways to impress a guy on the first date. All the Best!

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  1. Dress appropriately

Do you want him to look at you with awe on your first date? Choose an outfit that draws attention to your best features! Pick colors and designs that compliment your personality. Strike the right balance between looking sexy and decent.

You do not want your date to worry all night about men gawking at you. (Or afraid he might get caught up in a bar fight with ogling men). Please don’t put him in a position where he feels like he has to defend your honor.And for Christ’s sake don’t squeeze yourself into four sizes smaller!

Pick clothing that is suitable for the setting you are having the date. You do not want to wear a fancy dress on a hike. It will only ruin the mood of the date. What’s more, do not try too hard to reveal a lot of skin.

Do your hair and nails, it will make you feel confident. It’s all about feeling assertive even before you step out of the door. Do all it takes to leave the house feeling sexy. It will be worth it.

  1. Keep the Conversation Interesting

You are probably nervous on your first date. Which is normal. However, do not leave the guy to fill the empty dialogue space because he is trying to keep the conversation going.  Learn more about how to keep the conversation going from Dean Amory in his book“In-Depth Guide to Successful Flirting, Approaching and Dating.”

Do not just sit there and not say anything. Your date will assume one of two things.One is that you did not want to go out with him. Or two, you do not have anything to say to contribute towards the topic of discussion. None of these assumptions will score points. There is nothing sexier than beauty and brains. So there! Don’t be lame. Say something.

  1. Pay Attention

Want to know how to pay attention to your first date? Basic courtesy dictates that you keep your phone away when talking to someone. Do not be one of those women who check their iPhones and Blackberries every few seconds. Or pick even up to five calls when sitting across the table from their date. Arnel Frankl discusses more in his book “Modern Etiquettes for Boys and Young Men.

It’s even worse when you have to make excuses such as “I have to pick this, its work.” It is disrespectful and comes off as dismissing your date. An impression you do not want to create. Therefore, turn off your phone. It’s just simple phone etiquette, you can afford to be away from your phone for two hours. Hold a conversation with him and maintain eye contact while at it.

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  1. Set Boundaries Before the Date

In your mind, decide what you can take and what you cannot on your first date. Do not feel pressured to accept every suggestion by your date. Remember, both of you are trying to know more about each other. Your date might try pushing his luck. Just respectfully let him know you are not comfortable with that or the other.Keep in mind that this is the first date, it should not be too intense.

Ladies! He is a guy, he might try to get into your pants. Do not, I repeat, do not sleep with him on the first date. He will respect your ability to set a boundary and stick to it.Men love challenges. Make it a challenge for him to get the cookie.

Make him come back for a second and a third real date and as many as you deem necessary before you sleep with him. Most of all, make him glad he waited when you finally give it to him. Learn more about how to land a second date from“The Automatic 2nd Date: Everything to Say and Do on the 1st Date to Guarantee,” byVictorya Michaels Rogers.

  1. Don’t Feel Entitled

How would you feel if the guy you are on a date with felt entitled to sex with you? All just because he took you out? Huge turn-off, right?

Guys too, don’t like entitlement in dating. Do not feel entitled to his wallet because you are a woman. Nicole Lapin agrees in her book “The Rich Bitch Guide to Love and Money.”Offer to pay your share. He may be too noble to accept that you pay on your first date. No worries though, it’s the offer that counts.It will show him that you want to contribute. This girls will seriously impress him.

  1. Be Yourself

Be confident in who you are on your first date. Guys can smell a fake from a mile away. They like honest women. A woman who is honestly interested. Honestly friendly. Honestly involved. Do not pretend to like a hobby he likes so that you can have similar interests. You will feel overwhelmed in the future when you have to do something together that you pretended to like.

Be easy.Read more on the importance of being yourself in “100 Secrets for Living a Life You Love: Finding Happiness despite Life’s Roadblocks,” by Jonathan Lockwood Huie. Be upfront about things you dislike on your first date. He will admire you for it.Look at it this way, you can have different hobbies and go separate ways sometimes. It will be more exciting when you get together and share your experiences.

  1. Be Pleasant

Put your best foot forward on your first date. Be courteous to everyone around you. Say “Thank you for services extended to you.” “Please, when requesting for something.” And “Sorry when you make a mistake.”Linda J. Beam talks of the importance of courtesy in “What Not to Do in Love!”

Do not be nasty even when the services you receive are not on par with your expectations. Let go of any complaints you may want to bring up. Keep the mood of the date light. He will be glad he asked you out. Most of all, he will be intuitively drawn to you if you seem nice and friendly.


  1. Fascinate Your Date

If you want to impress a guy on the first date, be intriguing. Giggle and flirt with him. Live in the moment. Don’t just laugh at his jokes, top it up with an equally funny comment. Be stimulating and engage him in the conversation. Make him enjoy talking to you.Maintain a balance of sassy and intelligent.

You can also take it a bit further beyond the small talk. Look at situations in an original way. However, maintain an air of humor and creativity. He will be impressed with your first date and will definitely want another one. April Masini calls it seducing the man from the mind down in “Think & Date Like a Man: (Be the woman who gets the man she wants…and keeps him!)”

  1. Talk About Your Lives

He asked you to the first date to get to know you. Therefore, let him into your life. Tell him about your achievements, your goals, and dreams. Even though you are talking about a serious part of your life, make it lively. Share details about your past that will show him your personality.

However, do not be self-absorbed. Do not make it a one-sided conversation. Express interest in him by asking details about his life. Avoid asking about his job, you will be yawning in seconds. Go for details such as goals or hobbies. You might discover that you have things in common.

  1. Show Him Your Best Qualities-without Showing Off

Share the things that make you stand out without bragging about them. Keep in mind here that there is a very thin line between the two. Talk about the things you enjoy doing and excel in, he will see your unique qualities.

Be modest about it. He might come watch you doing what makes you shine. That way he will figure it out by himself that you are the best at what you do. Learn how from Jeanine Michelle in “Man-Snatcher: How to Make Her Man Yours.”

  1. Don’t Come to the Date with an Agenda

Do you want to stand out on your first date? Then, Don’t come to the date with an agenda. Do not come to him with ideas in your head of a relationship. Marie Dubuque touches on this subject in her book “First Date Etiquette: How to Get from Dinner and a Movie to ‘Till Death Do us part.”

Drop all those motives of getting him hitched as soon as you possibly can. Instead, be spontaneous and easy going. Surprise him by not putting pressure on him.

Go to the date just to get to know him. Why should you forget your agendas? Of course, you want a relationship and that is why you came to the date. Nonetheless, have you ever had a guy come at you with an intention of having sex? It’s disgusting.

Be happy with your current state of being single. He will speculate why you are so happy with yourself and will want to be part of it. If you show him you take things as they come, he will want to get you into a relationship. To be part of your life.


  1. Agree on an Ideal Venue

If you want to have a good time on your first date, do not leave all the planning to the guy. Offer suggestions and agree on a location you both enjoy.

Your first date will go so much better if you choose a place where you can relieve the tension. Some people go for a restaurant date or a movie.

However, the downside with such a date is maintaining a conversation for that long. Go for ideas such as a hike, bike riding, bowling, picnic, zoo, and so on.

  1. Be Casual In Your Inquiries

It’s one thing to show interest in your date. However, do not make the questions sound pre-planned. Go easy on him. He does not want to feel like he is answering questions to a Forbes magazine reporter (although it wouldn’t be so bad). Do not try to uncover every single piece of detail of his life.

Take what he is offering at will to you. The rest will come out as the friendship progresses. Do not fire one question after the next like an interview. Keep the questions casual.

Follow the first question with a few more as long as he seems interested talking about it.It’s easy, learn how to from Jo-Ellan Dimitrius and Mark C. Mazzarella in “Reading People: How to Understand People and Predict Their Behavior- -Anytime, Anyplace.”

  1. Hold Your Liquor

Drinks are a good way to release the tension that will, of course, build upon your first date. However, you do not need to take the whole bar to unwind.

Alcohol can make you talk nineteen to the dozen. Your date will have the wrong perception of you. He may think that you have an alcohol problem or you cannot hold your tongue. Instead, take one or two drinks.

  1. Get Your Own Ride to the Date

Getting your own ride to your first date comes with several advantages. It means you can leave the date at your time. If you live far apart, then your date will not have to drive across town to pick or drop you. To add icing to the cake, you will come off as an independent woman.

Riding together to your first date is all right, but discuss it with him and agree that it is the best option. However, Stephanie Dolce advises against riding together in “A Bird’s Eye View” A different take on love, relationships, the celebrity lifestyle and sports.”

Well, ladies, there you have it; these are the 15 ways that will make your first date a blast!

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