17 Proven Ways To Find True Love and Happiness

By David Small •  Updated: 10/15/15 •  11 min read

 True Love sometimes seems to be one of the difficult aspects of our life. Most times, people think it may take forever but the fact remains that true love exists.

Finding your true love can be easy if you apply the tips that are shown in this article. 17 Tips on How To Find Your True Love and enjoy happiness.

true loveBefore taking a look at the tips on this article, let’s answer the simple questions that we face most time (Are you serious about finding lasting love? Do you want a long-lasting relationship?

Do you feel you can’t meet anyone you want to date in the first place? Are you looking for someone who will love you for you? If you answered yes to all this, then it is time to get it right and put your love life on the right track.

1. Love and Appreciate who you are:

A quote from ~ Carrie Bradshaw, Sex, and the City

“But the most exciting, challenging and significant relationship of all is the one you have with yourself. And if you find someone to love the you that you love, well, that’s just fabulous.

This explains it all, the most amazing thing that can happen to you as an individual is to love and appreciate yourself.

You don’t expect someone to love you when you can’t find love with yourself. This means in Finding true love, you must first love and appreciate who you are.

2. Be open to new ways of thinking:

You should try and be dynamic, do not be an old fashioned rigid individual because it won’t help. We are all from different backgrounds and have different views and perspectives about life so you have to be open and ready to accept the other person’s way of life and also incorporate it into your life.

Being open encompasses gaining a new perspective “this can be of the opposite sex”, what you must know if you are marriage-minded, finding a soul mate and what you need to consider and accept when dating.

3. Improve on yourself and lifestyle:

“Whatever is worth doing at all is worth doing well.” – Philip Stanhope

Your life as an individual is your responsibility, you have to ensure you have the best for yourself and also know that you must look the best you can at all times. Just like the quote above you don’t have a second you, so you have to make sure you, you have got is worth giving the best it deserves.

When you give yourself the best, then you attract the best it is as simple as that. So get the best for yourself, make yourself more attractive to a potential life partner especially when you are out on a date. When you get it right, Meeting your soul mate for the first time will be so amazing.

4. Open your heart, See a whole new world:

What it means to be open-minded is to see a whole new world when it comes to finding a soul mate, most times the question is, where do I find love? Well, the answer lies in being open.

Being open allows you to be receptive to love from wherever it comes even though you’re looking for that special One. “Love is in the Air” this is a popular saying so you have got to let it flow.

Your Mr. Right might show up in a way you never expected and might look different from what you’ve imagined. The only way to find out is with an open mind.


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5. Soften your body language:

Your body language speaks a lot about you and also sends a message to your partner especially when you are out on a date for the first time. It is important to always know your body language and keep it in check. Especially when you’re out on a date. You should take some moment to note what your body is doing.

Chances are, your nerves are showing up in the form of tense shoulders and clasped hands.  Most times, women become so overly conscious of their selves that they fail to display the femininity that men find so alluring.

You should relax your hands, drop your shoulders, and lean back in his presence to make yourself feel at ease.  Then watch as he fills the space by melting forward – and inching ever so closer to your heart.

6. Share your feelings:

Feelings are what make a relationship smooth or rough. If you are spending some quality time together, you should be able to share your feelings with each other. This will help both of you understand if you are perfect for each other.  There are scenarios that are bound to occur in a relationship.

Like (the man coming back late, bringing up his ex or forgetting to call, and the woman making several excuses for not picking calls, trying to compare, etc.)

These things happens– even after you’re married.  The only way to help solve them is by sharing your feeling so you both understand your strengths and weaknesses.

7. Understand priority and work with it:

When it comes to having priorities, it’s the most if you want to find real love. This sometimes works in different ways for many. But I must say that as a lady your first priority must be to yourself.

When I say to yourself in this sense, I am saying you should always know that your looks are what he wants. While It’s natural for women to put others first; in the case of inspiring romance in a man, putting his needs before yours is entirely counterproductive.

Also, it’s true that every relationship is given and take, but you still need to take care of yourself first.  When a man sees that you treat yourself with kindness and respect, he’ll see a woman who has a high sense of worth and healthy self-esteem – both of which are very attractive and motivate him to keep you happy.

How you appear determines if he is in or out. Don’t give him a chance to see beauty and happiness outside of you, so make sure you look the best and as attractive as you can to keep him wanting you evermore.

8. Set some rules for yourself:

Finding true love or your soul mate doesn’t mean you should go around dating anyone you meet or whoever comes your way. You need to know what you want and also have some criteria for your soul mate.

Doing this involves setting some rules and standards even though you have to be open-minded when it comes to the questions of (how to find your true love).

As an individual, you should have a perfect picture of your soul mate in mind, this will give you a great head start even when you are out on your first date.

9. Stop trying:

If you really want to find your true love or meet your soul mate, then you have to be serious and quit playing games.

You can’t find true love playing games, so if you want to find real love that will last, you have to stop being a player because most times players never win.

True Love and Happiness

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10. Be an effective and honest communicator.

Good and quality communication is paramount when you are looking for love, my advice, in order to get the right person, you have to keep your communication pattern as good, polished and great as ever.

You cannot selectively be a good communicator with some people and a terrible communicator with others it will soar your relationship with even your true partner.

You have to keep your integrity and also be courageous when you are faced with the opposite sex while keeping your communication as positive as possible.

The good news about communication patterns is that it can be worked on and improved pretty much every day of your life. Ask yourself, “Am I honest and sincere with myself?

Am I expressing myself in full integrity to what I truly think and feel?” If your answers are right, then you are on your way to meeting someone great in your life.

11. Always receive the love that is offered to you and be flexible:

When we show love, we expect people to reciprocate in the same measure. Most times, in the case of love and relationship, you have to learn how to receive the love offered to you.

When you receive the love that is been shown to you, you are basically telling another person “you make me happy”. This opens a door and creates an atmosphere for the other person to always want to do more.

12.  Stop thinking too far and stop using logic:

These are both two different words that apply separately to men and women. Most women worry too much and think too much about how he feels about her.

Question and thoughts like Does he like me?  Can I see myself in a relationship with him?  Is he going to ask me out? Will seriously ruin every moment of the date because it does not only keep you from enjoying the present moment and discovering who he is, it also keeps you from connecting with him where it truly matters – his heart.

For most guys, they tend to be logical in everything. This is sometimes absurd and can really get a lady pissed. So my advice, if your question is “How can I find true love?” treat every woman with simplicity and understanding.

13. Do not write off:

Most times we ask the silliest questions when we meet someone new. Questions like is he/she too short, too tall, is he/she too fat and always too serious.

You also want to know about their skin color and at the course of this, our questions sometimes may spring up the wrong answers and you might end up losing your true spouse.

There are scores of people who couldn’t stand each other at first but now they can’t imagine their lives without each other.  Whenever someone shows up in your life regardless of who they are – see it as an opportunity.

14. Stop Check listing and Let it Go:

Before now, it was always a great idea to know what you like and don’t like and you would make a list of your ideal person.

Well, it is wise for you to know that making such a list is a wrong idea because you don’t want to narrow your worldview and create a slim tunnel vision of your true spouse by using a list.

“Must-have lists are formulated from a headspace, but the head isn’t what falls in love or has compassion during inevitable tough times but your heart”.

And sometimes, the qualities you will most appreciate and honor in your partner are the ones you never knew you needed. So loosen up and trust that life will send you the love of your life!

True Love

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15. Stop looking for a partner, Focus on building a great relationship with yourself:

In order to make things work out as you want, you must first start by trusting what you do as an individual. You must have a trusting and loving relationship with yourself first.

This is because a positive self-image truly yields good results and paves the road for happiness, opportunity, and lasting joy in life with yourself and your partner. To build a great and positive image with yourself and see it transfer to your partner.

16. Replace anxiety with faith:

Those who have discovered genuine affection and real love did not get permanently caught up in anxiety, trusting they will never find true love. Rather they believed and had faith that it was possible.

Negative thoughts only increase anxiety and make you nervous and this never makes it end well. Recall that, your thoughts create your reality, so by thinking negatively you’re essentially manifesting what you don’t want. Be positive always.

17. Be yourself:

There is nothing that destroys friendship and trust as deceit and pretends. When you pretend, you are simply sending the wrong signal. Most times we try to hide our real and true identity especially when we are with someone we have a crush on.

You think that by revealing the quirky things about you, you’ll scare them away.  But nothing can be further from the truth.  This isn’t about spilling your guts on a first date, it’s about letting go of the need to be perfect and letting love in.

I hope that this article 17 Tips on How To Find Your True Love has assisted, you in your quest in finding true love


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