21 Best Ways to Seduce a Woman With Words

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Have you been using generic pickup lines and love quotes in a bid to win the heart of your woman? If ‘yes’, you are on the wrong track.

Today’s woman is not like those from the past whose hearts melted at the mention of a few pickup lines.

21 Best Ways to Seduce a Woman With Words

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According to How to Seduce a Woman by James Roy, you need to be creative. Tell her something unique, words she has never heard before and she is likely to fall for you.

If you haven’t been creative about your approach to seducing there is something you can do about it. Here are 21 proven ways to seduce a woman with words:


  1. Speak In A Soft, Low Tone.

It doesn’t matter what your natural tone of voice is. To seduce a woman with words, you must learn to talk in a soft, low voice. What that does it to create an aura of intimacy between you and her.

It is much easier to attract a woman when the atmosphere is right. In fact, most women get flattered when you speak to them in a low, soft voice.

  1. Be Witty and Humorous.

Women love to be in the company of a humorous man. So find a way of making her laugh. But you have to be careful not to be offensive. Once you know how to avoid offending her, go ahead and humor your way into her heart.

Once you get your sense of humor going, the woman wouldn’t be able to resist you. With women, humor always works so long as it is not insensitive.

  1. Talk While Leaning Close To Her.

Any woman would appreciate it when you lean towards her while talking to her. According to Attract Women by Victoria Lynx, that simple step is enough to make her feel loved and cherished.

It reassures her that she is the most important person in your life for the moment. If anything, it makes no sense to seduce a woman with words while looking detached and disinterested. Lean towards her to make her feel like you mean every word you say.

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  1. Ask Suggestive Questions.

As you continue with the conversation, it is important that you give subtle hints about what you want. Suggestive questions can be used to steer a woman’s mind towards what you intend to achieve. But don’t do it too early.

To seduce a woman with words, you need to present your questions in a smart way. Suggestive questions are great when you are sure that the woman has a genuine interest in you. So use this technique with some caution.

21 Best Ways to Seduce a Woman With Words

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  1. Use Simple Word to Compliment Her.

No need to use fancy words full of unnecessary jargon to compliment the girl you are interested in. As Kevin Cole says in Dating Advice, why don’t you use some simple but effective words? Don’t beat around the bush.

If you want the woman to know how you feel, go straight to the point? If you like the color of her dress, tell her that. Are you impressed with her curves, let her know about it. Don’t waste time on vague words that could be misinterpreted.

  1. Don’t Dwell Too Much On the Woman’s Physical Appearance.

When talking to an attractive it is hard to avoid talking about how attractive she looks. Finding something else to talk about can be quite a daunting task. It is better if you were to avoid focusing on the woman’s physical appearance.

Instead, dwell on aspects such as her personality and character. If you focus so much on her looks, the woman will begin to feel uncomfortable, thus making it difficult for the conversation to go on.

  1. Support the Woman’s Desires and Wishes.

As part of your conversation with her, show the woman your liberal side. Also, support her desires and wishes. That may mean that you listen to her more to capture the nuances in her speech.

Women like it when they receive inspiration and encouragement from men. If she has dreams, support her to achieve them. That way, you will be able to seduce a woman with words.

  1. Leverage on Technology.

When you cannot meet face-to-face, seducing the women via the phone or text message makes sense. According to Seduce Her with Text, this could take your physical conversations further.

If you can’t call her, send her a text. Do it when the mood is right. You don’t want to come out as a dull, disinterested man either on phone or text message. A sense of excitement is all you need to give her a wild sense of imagination.

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  1. Have a Sense of Confidence and Composure.

No woman will listen to a shaky man who is also lacking confidence. Seduction works well when you are confident and composed all at the same time.

Don’t get over-excited over the meeting and conversation you are going to have with the woman. It is hard to seduce a woman with words if you aren’t calm and confident.

Woman With Words

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  1. Appeal to Her Intellect.

One of the best ways to impress a woman is to present yourself as someone with above-average intellectual abilities and knowledge. That calls you converted efforts when it comes to developing your intellect.

According to Attracting Women by Edmond Dantes, you need to read more books or enroll for a short-term course online. Once your intellect is developed, share with her some of your considered opinions. This is one of the perfect ways of making her feel closer to you.

  1. Maintain Eye Contact and Smile While Talking.

Do you intend to seduce a woman with words? The best way to connect with a woman at a deeper level is through engaging eye contact. That’s one reason you cannot afford to neglect this point.

Smiling and making eye contact gives the woman the idea that you can’t do without her. Who doesn’t like the site of a smiling face, anyway? It helps to reinforce whatever message you could have been trying to put across through your words.

  1. Tease Her Often.

Teasing a woman makes her feel loved and wanted. Stella Belmar says as much in her book, Flirt Her Up. Using the right words, flirt with the woman, even as you make fun of her. As experts suggest, teasing does no harm to the woman involved or the eventual relationship.

If anything, it adds fun into the conversation and increases the likelihood of the two of you reach a working understanding. You only need to be careful that you do not overdo the teasing. After all, too much teasing may reduce your chances of seducing a woman with words.

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  1. Don’t Tell Lies.

Some women think that lying to a woman can help them win their hearts. But, lies can only take you so far. As soon as the woman realizes you were telling lies, she will have no option but to leave you.

If you must talk about yourself, be honest about it. Tell only the truth, given that, lies get exposed. When that happens, you will be left with embarrassment and regretting why you had to lie in the first place.

  1. Make Efforts to Appeal to Her Emotional Side.

By their nature, women are emotional. Due to that, they can be overly receptive and sensitive. If you want to appeal to a woman’s emotions, you have to tailor your words to achieve just that.

Antonio De Luca says as much in How to Talk to Anyone and Attract Women. You might wonder why you should go through all the hassle. Well, bringing out a woman’s emotional side is the quickest way to seduce a woman with words.

If you were having doubts about whether you are going to win her heart, this is some sort of shortcut.

  1. Make Her Feel Comfortable.

It will be impossible to seduce a woman with words if she is feeling uncomfortable in your company. Avoid intimidating or forcing yourself onto her. After all, choosing to be in a relationship should be a mutual decision that comes from both of you.

If she needs time, don’t pressure her to give you an immediate answer. She may even ask that you give her until the following day or next time. You look to be more mature when you avoid putting the woman under a lot of pressure.

Seduce a Woman With Words

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  1. Tell Her You Like How She Thinks.

If you want to seduce a woman with words, compliment her on how she thinks. It doesn’t take hard work to do it. Wait until she has expressed her opinion and tell her you like her line of thought.

It is much better than telling a woman you like her curvy body. While the former communicates respect, the latter says you are only interested in a sexual relationship with her. When a woman knows you appreciate her for her intellectual ability, nothing is greater than that.

  1. Tell Her You Think She Can Get Naughty.

Women like it when you think they can be naughty. If you want to seduce a woman with words, why don’t you make her feel feisty? As MamiKinrys says in Get Inside Her, you don’t have to be direct about it.

Apart from talking about the serious stuff, make her know you think she can be naughty. Apart from admiring her passionate side, you will make her feel somewhat dirty.

  1. Avoid Boasting About Your Achievements.

It doesn’t help to keep talking about yourself and your achievements. If you were to seduce a woman with words, don’t talk about your cars, your success or how well-traveled you are.

It doesn’t matter how popular you are on social media. Women don’t like women who boast and brag about their achievements. It makes the woman feel like she is wasting her time considering the possibility of being with you.

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  1. Know When to Call or Text Her.

There are times when you will call her and not get a response. You don’t have to get desperate about it. The frequency of your calls and text messages should have a limit.

Calling or texting her every few minutes is a no-no. If you can’t reach her, it may mean she isn’t available to talk to you. Relax! If she is into you, the woman will get back to you. By making one call after another, you only make yourself look like a very possessive man.

  1. Don’t Confront Her about Other Men Who Are Hitting on Her.

It is possible that other men will try to hit on her. That’s not her fault. It is up to her to make up her mind if she wants to be with you or with any of the other men.

Confronting her over it will only spoil your chances of winning her over. That’s the advice in The Fastest Way to Attract & Seduce Women. Women don’t like jealous men.

The best thing you can do it to make efforts to try and win her. Who knows? You might turn out to be the winner of the contest.


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  1. Open Your Heart Up to Her.

To seduce a woman with words, you need to give her material facts about yourself. Reveal things she might not have known about you. Talk about family, memorable moments, and the biggest heart’s desires.

The purpose is to draw closer to her. A woman needs to know that you have had some embarrassing moments in life. In her eyes, you will look more human than if you hold onto this information.


As you can see, it is very easy to seduce a woman with words. If you use all the tactics discussed here, there’s no reason for failing to get the woman you desire.

All in all, you need to be sincere and honest in every word you tell the woman. You don’t want to come out as a liar or boastful person. Women love men who have a human side and who aren’t afraid to say how they feel. Be that kind of man!




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