How to Make Any Man Yours through Texting

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Did you know that you can make any man yours through texting?

According to relationships author Amy North, you can win over a man by sending him texts that make him feel like no other woman in the world.

Make Any Man Yours through Texting

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She suggests using magic words to turn any guy into a love-struck individual. But how do you achieve that? Well, you need to write texts that will make him want you.

The texts you write to men have to be from their perspective. You have to think about what men want, even though asking men wouldn’t work since they wouldn’t know the answer.

Here are easy tips on how to flirt with a guy on the text:

  1. Get Texting!

It is hard for men to notice you if they have no idea that you exist. When you come to think of it, texting is only difficult if you aren’t doing it. So, pick that phone and start sending texts to the men you would want to date.

In her book Get the Guy by Texting, Sandra Williams recommends explicit texts to turn him on. As you get closer to the man via text, always leave room for him to do the chasing.

Show interest, yes, but don’t get too close to deny him the challenge of having to come after you. All you need is to send texts to make him think about you.

If you let yourself fall right into his laps, the man will run instead of staying.

  1. Keep Focus and Maintain Clarity

When you flirt with a guy over text, stay focus, and clear about your intentions. Your texts should be fun, flirty, and focused on knowing each other in the early stages.

So, instead of voicing your frustrations in previous relationships, send subtle signals.

Ensure that your texts are also regular, not to leave a communication gap between the two of you. If you are looking for how to turn a guy on over text, inquire about his day early in the morning.

In the evening, why don’t you wish him a good night’s sleep? While at it, avoid coming out as overly needy.

Instead, focus on having fun with texting.

  1. Watch Out For Red Flags

Of course, you can make any man you through texting.

However, it would help if you watched out for the things they can’t discuss. That’s because some of these things can make or break a conversation. Check some of his responses to different topics.

Can you identify areas of conversation that he doesn’t want to have? Amy North says good texting should be effortless. She has a Text Chemistry Guide to give women power as they flirt through text.

In the guide, she’s going to show you the hottest texts to send to a guy. In the end, you would realize text messages that will make him want you to come from the heart and aren’t forced.

  1. Push Boundaries

Do you want to know how to turn a guy on over text? You have to send flirty text messages that almost go overboard. Don’t leave anything unsaid. There are several things to say to a guy over text, and they involve teasing and being flirty.

Men like it when they know you are ready to push the boundaries. Writing for Psychology Today, Michael Castleman, M.A., says, “Sexual teasing involves the possibility of sex, then the withdrawal of the perceived invitation.”

Thus, you could carefully choose your words, infusing jokes into the conversation to tease a man over text. That way, you will know if a guy likes you through texts. In the beginning, you should keep your flirting and teasing low-key.

Later on, you can go ahead and push boundaries with your comments and topics. For your information, flirty texts to send a guy should have an element of risk and not be boring.

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  1. Maintain Healthy Visibility

Like everything else, you need to distinguish yourself from other women through texting.

So you have to learn to write love texts for him with enthusiasm and personality. It would help if you infused lots of details into your messages to put across your message.

If you didn’t know, texts that will make him hard should necessarily contain emoji, exclamation marks, and pictures. Always bear in mind that the good girls have the eyes of different women on them.

As much as you want to think you are alone, the guy could be on the radar of other women. So, spice up your texts and win him over. Don’t allow him to have an excuse for choosing any of the other women.

Besides, avoid asking: “Should I text him first?” Just do it!

  1. Get Naughty Once in a While

If your relationship has progressed so much and you are on boyfriend to girlfriend terms, there is no reason to hold back. In Texts: Women’s Secrets for Dating, Gregg Bruce Blakely recommends naughty, irresistible text messages.

Ask questions like: “What are you wearing right now?” Or, “I had a wet dream last night. Guess who the main character was?” When you text a guy you like with a message like that, you will put a smile on his face. With time, he should be able to fulfill your dream.

Who knows? He might even show up at your place without an invitation. Alternatively, he could invite you for an overnight date out of town. After that, things could get interesting, thrusting you right into a full-blown romantic relationship.

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What texts do men respond to?


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One of the reasons men don’t respond to texts is their lack of multi-tasking skills. That is proven through research studies that show women performing better than men in performing multiple. tasks simultaneously

Men want to finish one task before moving to the next. To them, texting is a serious task, just like work, not so with men who can work and text simultaneously. So, he may be going to ignore your text despite seeing it.

So, can you write texts to make him think about you? Can you influence a man to reply to your texts? According to Amy North, that is only possible if you send the right text message.

She has carried out extensive research and established that men could not ignore certain types of messages from their women. The following are some of the hottest texts to send a guy:

  1. The Influencer Text

This type of text is great for sending to men whom you follow on Instagram.

So, you could type a quick response to his Instagram stories whenever he posts them. Not only would you improve the chances of getting a response, but you will end up with a greater and better conversation.

It is much better than sending him a text out of the blue. If you don’t know how to date online, you should read the Social Media Dating Guide.

Why does Instagram response work? First, he would know you have a genuine interest in him by responding to an Instagram post.

Since it is done on social media, you wouldn’t worry about getting his phone number first. Even so, you get to talk about topics that interest and excite him. While at it, you could pose a question about the post and wait for a reply.

  1. A Text That Makes Him Feel Good

If you are looking for texts to send to your boyfriend, it should make him feel warm. It could be a text message full of jokes, compliments, and positivity.

Amy North suggests sending subtle texts while you are out with him on a date. For example, you could say, “The server is flirting with you.”

The purpose of a feel-good message is just that – to make a guy feel good about himself and know he is desirable. If you are looking for texts that turn him on, look no further.

So, you could subtly compliment him without making it such a big deal. Since you have a secret to keep, it’s easier to get the relationship off to a good start.

  1. Tease Him in a Text

If you want to flirt through text, then you should start by teasing your man. It’s one of the few texts that will make him hard and open up a more fun-filled conversation. If you want to know how to tease a guy, you should find out the kind of man he is and what he likes.

For example, you could pick one of his positive qualities or talents and using it in a love text for him. Find out his favorite music band, sports team, or hobby and flip the information in a text to your advantage.

For example, if his team is playing over the weekend, you could send him a text such as this one: “I can do to you worse than your opponents.”

Don’t forget to let him know that you are just kidding, lest he misinterprets the message. You could communicate using a witty emoji, clearing the air that it was only a tease – nothing serious.

However, there are many strategies you can employ to tease a man through a text. In Flirting, Alexia Bennet says you could text him while he is in your presence.

Please send him a text message nudging him to do something about pushing the relationship further. One of the hot things to say to a guy over text includes giving him a fun nickname.

Don’t forget to tease him about how much he is fascinated with you. The purpose of such a text is to push him to make the move he has been putting off all this time.

  1. Pose a Specific Question

Some questions, when used in love text messages, may kill the conversation long before it begins.

Who wants to have a boring conversation that doesn’t seem to go anywhere? That’s why you should work on asking more specific questions – those that get him talking.

However, it would help if you remembered always to show off your wit and personality if you want your texts to make him smile.

To turn a boring question into an exciting one only requires you to change a few words.

For example, you may change the question: “What’s your favorite football team?” to “What’s the single team you always want to see winning?” With that, you are telling him how much you appreciate football and will end up telling a story instead of answering a question.

You could even invite him to take a “survey” and follow it up with questions having multiple choice answers. To him, it will look more like a game and show him your silly side.

As he keeps texting, you can ramp up with more humor. While at it, avoid asking him questions that sound like he is in a job interview.

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  1. Once in a While Send a Risky Message

Now, sometimes you have to be brave enough to text a guy you like in a direct, simple, and brave way. Such a text should come after the relationship has progressed from the acquaintance level, but the guy doesn’t seem to be getting what you want.

In Sassy Texts, he Can’t Ignore, Jake Fordham says you should shoot straight and tell him exactly how you feel. After all, you have nothing to lose if he decides to ignore the message.

Say something like, “Hey handsome, I am thinking about you.” If the guy replies to this text message, it will begin a marathon text flirting session. For once, it’s going to surprise and catch him off-guard.

So you should make up your mind to be interesting and spontaneous rather than boring and safe.


If you have been wondering how to make any man your through texting, we have shown you how to do it.

Now you know the hot things to say to a guy over text. When he reads your messages, the guy should see you as the only woman in his life.

The guy light even deletes other women’s numbers from his phone and only receive and send messages to you.

As you have seen, how you package your message makes a huge difference. It can either turn him on or make him want to be with you. So, don’t wait too long. Get texting!

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