21 Proven Ways To Save A Struggling Relationship

By David Small •  Updated: 07/31/18 •  8 min read

Every struggling relationship today has passed through different phases, there will always be good times and times of challenges.

Some great relationships that so many different spouses have experienced in the past, do not happen by chance they also in their own time, had to face one or two difficulties.

struggling relationship

Nevertheless, when you suddenly realize that your relationship is in a rough spot, you should not lose heart but you should rather take heart and ensure you work out ways to strengthen your struggling relationship again. Below are 21 sure ways you can adapt to strengthen and save your relationship.

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1. Make the Relationship Your Utmost Priority.

A relationship can be likened to living things, which can either grow or die, our relationship can grow or flourish when we invest our time and energy in nurturing them. So many people who are having hitches in their relationship today have failed to recognize that a struggling relationship is often a sign that they have neglected their relationship. In order for you to save your relationship, you must learn to make it a top priority of your time and energy.

2. Focus on the Qualities You Love and Respect in Your Partner.

In every relationship, there was always something that got you attracted to your spouse in the day that you met him or her, remember those special moments and reasons why your spouse became so important and dear to you.

You must believe and trust that all those qualities are still very much intact. Close your eyes, allow yourself to feel the love, respect, and pride that you felt. To revitalize your relationship ones more, you are to return to those moments in your heart.

3. Avoid the Blame Game.

The only way you can begin to change problems into possible solutions is to avoid pushing blames on one another. You must learn to take full responsibility for the part and action you play in your struggling relationship.

There is no point blaming your spouses when a problem arises, because, in the long run, you are still going to get stuck with all those problems and the feelings that accompany them.

4. Don’t Use Offensive Comment, Insults on Your Spouse

The words we use are powerful and strong, whenever we make a comment it never be retrieved again, which is why we must be mindful of the kind of words we use on our spouse in order to destroy our relationship.

You can cause damage to your relationship when you put your partner down with the words from your mouth. Learn to use words that show respect, love, and hope on your spouse if you want to save your relationship.

5. Do Not Assume You Can Change or Fix Your Partner.

In a relationship, the sooner you begin to accept the fact that you cannot change another, but yourself alone, the sooner you begin to heal and save your relationship.

Everyone wants to be loved and be accepted for who they are. When your partner discovers that you are not ashamed or disappointed, then he/she may feel reinforced to choose to change.

6. Develop the Habit of Forgiveness.

Forgiveness is a vital course in saving a struggling relationship. But many misunderstand what forgiveness is all about, it doesn’t mean giving permission for someone to mistreat you. It simply means that we all are doing the best we can in the relationship.

It means, Forgiveness means you commit yourself to let go of the hurt of the past to allow for new possibilities in the future. Learn to forgive your spouse that has not learned the better way of loving you yet.

7. Do Things Together it will help your Struggling Relationship.

Doing things together is a very sure way to strengthen and save your struggling relationship. Always recommend books, news, movies, TV show to each other. If you get to watch and listen to the same thing, you probably would have more things in common to talk about and share.

8. Endeavors to Know Your Partners Schedules.

Knowing your partner’s schedule for each day is very essential especially when both of you are living in different time zones, endeavor to know the small and big events that are taking place, or that will take place in each other’s life. For example events like meetings, job interviews, and important business trips and so on.

9. Take Part in Each Other’s Social Media Activities.

Learn to keep track of your partner’s social media activities; you can like each other’s photos on Facebook or Instagram, also feel free to share cool things on each others wall. So that you care, and be cool about stalking each other.

10. Call Your Partner Their Pet Names.

Pet names, keep the lovey-dovey going because it is cute. So learn the habit of addressing your spouses with their pet names. It helps in building a strong relationship.struggling relationship

11. Be Honest and Sincere With Each Other.

Insincerity and untruthfulness is a habit that can put your relationship in jeopardy. Discuss your feelings of fear, insecurity, and jealousy with your spouse, never try to hide anything from your spouse, if you do, sooner or later the thing you are hiding will begin to eat and swallow you up from the inside out. And don’t try to deal with things yourself, learn to be open and honest with your partner.

12. Avoid Incessant Communication.

It is not reasonable to be overly possessive and sticky. The two of you don’t need to call each other 24hours a day. This is because excessive communication can make things worse, and make you get tired of loving. Good communication is about teasing at the right moment and tugging at the right spots.

13. Snail-Mail Each Other.

Surprise your spouse with gifts on their birthdays, anniversaries, and Valentine’s Day. You can mail each other postcards and hand-written love letters to keep the fire burning. Shop online and surprise each other with very cool T-shirts, sexy underwear’s and such things alike.

14. Let Go of The Past.

In so many relationships today, spouses don’t let go of past events or issues in there as relating to their spouse. They usually hang on to old grievances, and this will only make situations worse. So let go of your past issues in you intend to save your relationship so that it can work again.

15. Set Boundaries That Won’t Get You Upset.

Be honest about your limitations and capabilities, whenever your partner asks you of something. Accepting things you don’t really want can set you up and make you feel disappointed and resentment later. You know what is good for you, your partner cannot read into your mind.

16. Seize the Opportunity You Have To Cuddle.

In any intimate relationship, physical affection is so very important, and in this period of distraction, it takes a concerted effort to ensure it occurs frequently and meaningfully. When you partner offers you a hug, take some moment to lean on their chest and enjoy that moment.

17. Spend Some Little Time Looking At Each Other Before Going to Bed.

After the end of yet another long and crazy day, don’t be tempted to start snoring as you dive your pillow. Try to take a moment to face each other and look at the face of your partner face to face. It could be so amazing how much closer this little exercise can bring to your relationship.

18. Take Showers Together It will strengthen your Struggling Relationship.

If you take showers together with your spouse, it always presents you with the opportunity to make intimate interactions together, without any form of distractions, except some soap lather.relationship

19. Avoid Dangerous Situations.

If going to nightclubs or going drinking around with some group of friends will get your spouse upset, you should consider stopping that habit. Don’t be careless about such issue because your spouse is only going to be extra worried and he/she can become suspicious.

20. Cut Out External Influences.

Often times, it is outside influence or voices that breed toxicity in your relationship. Understand who’s playing a less-than-positive role in your relationship and commit to keeping that person’s energy out of your relationship! Learn to keep your relationship as private as possible and always divulge as little details as you can.

21. Get Counseling.

You may say you can’t afford to go for counseling to save your struggling relationship, but believe me, it’s cheaper than divorce. Furthermost counseling basically involves a few sessions to get the communication flowing again and set the ball rolling.

Remember, Love is not a noun. It isn’t some mysterious gift from the gods that falls into our laps, but something that we can work on and build with intention.

I hope that you have found a tip from these 21 WAYS TO SAVE A Struggling RELATIONSHIP to assist you in saving your relationship. Love dave.


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