How To Kiss And Drive Your GUY Wild

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How can I Kiss and drive a Guy wild, So He’ll NEVER Forget me? Are you looking for the best trait to have a great sex life? The answer lies in the KISS. Knowing how to do this is one of the tricks to keep him attracted and enjoy your life. Because sensual kissing is fundamental to unlock your lover’s sexual alertness.


Perhaps you’re letting your kissing skills dwindle following your affairs with your new lover and now you’re losing it. This isn’t good but don’t panic as you can still hone in that.

Hence in this article, I’m going to let you on how to make a guy beg for more kissing from you. The good news is you can only win his attention for a moment during sex. But hot kissing reminds him of you for a very long time.

Read on to find out my….. Tips to kiss your guy and make him beg for more.

You want your guy to start drooling on seeing your lips and wanting to kiss you. Then you need to do every prep works that will make your lips appear kissable. Right now you’re probably thinking of reading series of kissing techniques. Or you’re thinking using a lip balm is all that you need as it makes your lip soft.

Well, that sounds a like a better idea but you shouldn’t. Except you want to leave a mark all over your guy’s face you wouldn’t choose that. So prepare yourself to look naturally kissable and prepared for the kissing.

You don’t want your guy to feel bad smell from your breath as that will put him off. So before initiating the kiss make sure your oral hygiene is excellent. Of course, you need not be told this.

But if you’re not sure about your breath, try and take a breath mint before the kiss. In fact, you should ensure you exhaust the mint before trying any kiss.


The best way to attract his attention fast is by giving him a hint of your intentions. This doesn’t necessarily mean you should go to him and ask him outright for a kiss. Doing this could sound a little bit funny or lead to embarrassment. Rather than being direct, you can go by an indirect yet soft approach. The best answer here is by paying special attention to his face, mouth and more importantly, his lips.

Doing this, you’ll have to be looking preciously every second at his lips while you’re engaged in a talk. This might sound very simple to you but it works like a magic. Although this might not convey your message to him at first it will in a short time. And, when he eventually realizes what your intent is that he would definitely respond to you.

Again, you may need to combine one or two other tips with this so as to get a better result. As you’re looking down at his lips, try to slow down the pace of your conversation with him. And also, try moving very close to his chest and softly leaning on it while the talking is going on.

With this little trick, you should be able to get him responding to your invitation. How? Simple! Is he in any way trying to imitate your actions? If yes, then that should be enough a pointer that your man is ready to kiss you. Lean in more on him now and initiate the kissing if possible.

You may be thinking you shouldn’t delay the move once your man is showing readiness to kiss you. It’s expected you’ll want to go about it as fast as possible but don’t. You should move in to kiss him slowly and softly. Don’t ruin the whole effort with hastiness.

Now as you’re about to start the kiss, gently pucker your lips and massage his lips between yours. The best part of his lips to start this is the bottom lip and then the top lip.

Approaching the kiss with confidence will help you a lot especially if it’s your first time. Let the guy say no before you start to think he might not be ready to kiss you. Once you make the move, be very decisive and confident about. Don’t try to turn back again as that will affect your performance at doing great. And, you’ll look like an amateur to him.


Try Different Tactics.

The greatest mistake you can make is thinking you should apply only a single kissing tactics. That’s very wrong and you should never do that. You should be ready switch tactics so as to make the kissing more romantic and long-lasting.

So, what you want to do after massaging his lips is to start going a bit aggressive. Yes, you heard me right; you need to try tactics like squeezing his lips. But you don’t have to put too much pressure or force into this. Simply let him feel that you’re passionate about it and that’s all you need.

What you probably know about kissing is using the lips but there are actually others you need to know. If you’re not already using the teeth during kissing you’re definitely missing a lot of sensations. One of the most sensational tactics to kiss your guy is by using the teeth. But there is actually a catch in this that you need to understand.

Before you go and bite him let me warn you here first. Using your teeth means you should try to go soft with and avoid hurting him. So how do you do this without hurting him? You simply need to gently nibble on his lips.

Try softly squeezing his lips or running your teeth over his lips. Don’t forget to be mindful of how you do this so as not to hurt him. I think this is very simple and straightforward to practice.

If you’re trying to get the best out of kissing you’ll need to switch things up every few seconds. You don’t want to look stagnant or boring to him so you need to try different head positions. Or what will you do if you’re not getting a full glare of his face? You’ll need to change or tilt your head position, I guess you say? Of course, you need to and doing that will give you more chance to enjoy the game.

The overall point here is you should never try to focus only one side of his face. Rather try and switch head position every few seconds to ensure focus on the other side of his face. I bet you that will help you a lot and you’ll be able to kiss him more comfortably.

As soon as the kiss begins to try to consider trying the French kiss. This involves inserting your tongue into your partner’s mouth and letting it dance there. You can read more about French kissing by reading Kissing: 5 Best Tips On How To Kiss And Drive Your Partner Wild.


Except you want to be the one at the helm of the affairs you shouldn’t be dominating. Let him do the kissing. This is most important if you’re just learning to kiss a guy.

You don’t want to make this greatest mistake already made by most ladies. So, give him the leadership role while you only respond or do the remaining part of it.

I know you’re already thinking isn’t the lips the only place to kiss him. Yes but it’s not the only place and many make this mistake thinking it’s the only place. There are other pleasurable or erogenous zones in his body to also kiss. These include the cheek, the neck, and the neck.

The good thing about these other places is that they help you maximize the pleasure. You don’t have to focus only the lips alone thereby getting bored. So as you’re getting tired of focusing only his lips try sucking his ear and neck.

You should try massaging and nibbling him in all these sensitive zones of his body. With these, you’ll be having numerous places to shift your focus to. And, this will help to make the pleasure lasting longer.

I don’t know if you’ve ever wondered why most great kissers never allow their arms dangled. It’s not done letting your arms suspended at your sides.

You should keep your arms very busy pulling your lover closer or caress his back. You can also run your hand through his hair or wrap your arms around him.

If you asked what’s the top secret to kissing a guy so he’ll never forget you I’d say practice. Because there are different tips to kiss a guy but practice is what makes it work. You can never achieve any result if you’re the type that almost tried a tip.

You need to actually try it and remain fervent even if you’re not getting it the first time. Yes, this part is also very important: don’t give on your first trial. It’s normal and expected you might not do better the first time as you’re just learning. So don’t give up but keep practicing to see what really works and what doesn’t.

I need to emphasize why you need to consider kissing him on the cheek. But before then there are two things to clarify here first. You can either give him a short peck or kiss on the cheek. As for the kissing him on the cheek, it connotes friendship, support, and attraction.

While a short peck on the cheek only signifies friendship and support, a gentle and enthusiastic kiss does more. A soft and lingering kiss shows you love him.

You should learn to do this often and gently as a way of showing you love him. The best way to do this is by doing it quietly and in a surprising manner. Believe me a surprise and quiet smooch means a lot to your man. Give it a try.


Do you want to show him how valuable he’s to you without being extra passionate about it? Then consider giving him a lingering kiss. One special thing about this type of kissing is that it’s short yet powerful. It can go a long way in strengthening your relationship.

Just like in the case of kissing the cheek it needs to be done in a surprise too. Surprise him by making the peck lasting a bit longer. Hold his hand and pull him closer and peck him for a few seconds.

This is very important if you’re married as kissing would have become a routine. So, what you need is to make it convey a special message to him about your love for him. What you need to do now is to make kissing shorter but habitual. Inculcate the habit of kissing him at least 15 seconds every day. It doesn’t matter how short this might be but what does is the message that will convey. It’s powerful than saying “I love you” in words.

You’ve heard about different types of kiss and where to kiss him in his body. But you’ve probably had never been told this. You need to hug him following every kiss you give him. This has nothing to do with where or type of kiss.

The importance of hugging is to enable show your feelings and emotions to him. Again, this help strengthens and intensify your relationship and it fits every situation.

One way to easily kill the morale or make him/her feel rejected is by allowing for distraction. Don’t allow yourself to be distracted while the kiss is going on. No matter what is going on behind you don’t become distracted. This way you’re going to enjoy the sensation of kissing.


Overall, learning to kiss your lover isn’t something hard to grasp but requires practice. You need to understand why you may need to be patient at first and remain focused. While certain tips might yield positive result fast others may just not.

The truth is there is not just a single trick to kissing him but you need to combine as many as possible. Following my easy-to-practice tips, you can be sure you will win his heart in no time. And, you’ll learn to kiss him in a way that he’ll never forget you.

What are your own secret tips to kissing your lover so he will never forget you? Do you think we are missing out a tip?We’ll like to hear from you. Please use the appropriate box below for your comment now!


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