Top 10 C’s That Will Keep Your Relationship Strong

By David Small •  Updated: 12/30/20 •  8 min read

Do you want to keep your relationship strong?

Some relationships can become stale and reach a point when you just don’t understand one another anymore and can often misinterpret what has been said?

The 10 C’s will keep Your relationship strong, or assist you in establishing a strong relationship.

Relationships are difficult, whether they are new or whether you have been in the relationship for years.

10 C's That Will Keep Your Relationship Strong

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If your relationship is becoming more and more difficult then you need to take action to save your relationship before it falls apart.

Of course, it is always better if you can prevent the relationship from getting to the stage of falling apart, as they say, ‘prevention is the best medicine’.

For any relationship to be successful, there are lots of commitment that needs to be made.

These commitments are naturally seen as relationship ingredients and we are going to be looking at some of them in detail.

Here are the top 10 C’s that will Keep Your Relationship Strong:

1. Communication:

A good relationship needs good communication. A lack of communication is the number one reason that relationships fail.

This is how relationships can reach the stage when you misinterpret one another and if you don’t communicate you go on believing the misinterpreted statement when in actual fact it wasn’t as it seemed. Being able to talk and listen to each other are the best skills that you can have in a relationship.

Communication is a skill that will help you to achieve anything and be successful in life, at work, with your kids, and in your relationship.

If you and your partner don’t communicate well then you need to sit down and talk about it and learn to communicate. If you can’t learn to communicate with one another, then your relationship might be doomed.

2. Chemistry:

In every relationship, there has to be a great way to spark up the chemistry between the two people involved.

If you are in a relationship and you don’t feel the chemistry for each other, then you are both missing out a lot.

Chemistry doesn’t just happen in a relationship; you have to develop it with your spouse.

Developing real chemistry takes time and effort but in the end, when it does happen, it is always worth it because you both feel fulfilled and loved at the same time.

So find a way to spark up your relationship because if there is a spark between you and the person you are dating, then there is a lot you can do to really ignite the fire into your relationship and keep it burning.

You can spark up the chemistry between the both of you by; taking advantage of exciting moments together, developing a strong rapport, expressing yourself, and making use of the great humor that surrounds you.

Let your feelings out and let the chemistry flow.

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3. Compromise:

Although it’s not always easy on some occasions you need to learn to compromise. Being able to compromise can solve a lot of problems and plays a big role in having a successful relationship.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you have to give in to your partner every time, you will both need to find a compromise that works for both of you.

To have a healthy relationship, you both need to be happy so if there is something that you are not happy about then you need to come to some sort of agreement that will satisfy you both.

Compromise is the key to a happy relationship.

4. Commitment:

A successful relationship needs a commitment from both parties. If only one person is committed to the relationship and everything is one-sided then it won’t last.

Relationships aren’t always easy and to get through those tough times you both need to be committed to one another. If you are committed you can get through anything together.

5. Collaboration:

This is very effective in building a strong and lasting relationship with your spouse or anyone else because collaboration makes us work together in achieving a greater goal, it is, therefore, important that you can’t possibly do without it if you want your relationship to become successful.

No man is an island and so are you, you can’t stand alone all the time that is why you need people around you to help you achieve a better result.

In order to make this work in your relationship, you have got to share your ideas, dreams, and stories together as this will enable your spouse to understand what part he or she needs to play in making the relationship strong and successful.

Effective collaboration brings love, union, peace, trust, harmony, and success in a relation.

So let your heart open be ready to share your ideas and give room for collaborations when necessary.

6. Confession:

This is one area in a relationship that many people are the victim of. Lots of people don’t want to be the ones to admit that they are wrong and so they have no need to even confess it.

Well, the truth is that if you want a successful and lasting relationship, you must be ready to give room for flexibility, admit when you are wrong and always confess the wrongs you have done because this will help you gain more trust and love over time.

As humans we are prone to mistakes, our past lives must have been a mess even before we started a new phase in a new relationship.

It is a genuine thing to let your spouse know about your past life from you rather than hearing it all from your friend. Find the right time to make those confessions and believe in a better and more successful relationship.

According to Francis K Githinji “Revealing your past is important to your partner if you are hoping to go far.

He/she would rather hear it from you rather than hear it from a third party.

The revelation that you are hiding something from your lover paralyzes all the feelings and breaks any existing bond.”

7. Change:

Change is what you cannot take away from the world just like it goes, change is constant, so you have to always flow with change.

When you are faced with issues in your relationship and it looks like nothing else is to be done or nothing is working then you have to really look deep to see.

If there is something wrong with what you are doing and if this is true, then you must make the necessary changes to make things right again.

So always remember that you must make changes as you grow stronger in your relationship if you want it to be successful.


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8. Character:

Great beauty always attracts every man but what keeps them around is a good character that follows.

If your beauty is without brains and good character then you might probably be losing more than you get. Good character builds your relationship and makes it last longer.

There are lots of bad habits that have formed part of our character and sometimes our partner complains about them and wishes we could change them.

Everybody wants to be with someone who has got great humor and good character, this is why we need to make our lives straight up and make the people in our life know who we are and always happy.

The effect of character in a relationship can’t be over-emphasized because they mark the basis of every lasting relationship. So let go of bad habits that have now formed a character in you and see how you can put up a new good and loving character.

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9. Celebrate:

Take time out to celebrate the important moments in your life. Celebrate what you have together and show your partner how much you appreciate them and enjoy your life together.

You don’t need a special occasion to show your partner that you care you can do it anytime. When you show that you care then they will reciprocate and show you how much they care.

This is a much happier cycle to be in than a cycle of not trusting and misinterpreting each other. When you love your partner and show them and remind them that you love them, then they will do the same in return.

Don’t wait for special occasions; celebrate your love anytime.

10. Conclusion:

Whenever you have a disagreement don’t let it go on for days unresolved. The key to a successful relationship is never going to be angry.

If you have a disagreement then discuss it and find a conclusion so that you can both move on and be happy. Don’t let little arguments turn into week-long arguments, find a conclusion, and move on.

If you are committed to one another, love and respect one another then you should be able to have a happy, lifelong relationship together.

But even those who are head over heels in love will have some difficult times, work together and keep communication lines open and your relationships will get through those tough times.

A good relationship is worth working on and the 10 C’s that will Keep Your Relationship Strong will assist you in your quest.

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