Top 17 Tips That Will Make A Marriage Great

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How can I make my marriage great? this is the million dollar question been asked by many individuals. Marriage is not when the “perfect couple” comes together. It is when an imperfect couple learns to enjoy their differences. Dave Meurer.

Everyone dreams to have a happy married life for the rest of their lives. You like to be with the one you love until the end. Wondering what the secret to making it happen? Well, it’s about making your marriage your number one priority in your day to day living.

Top 17 Tips That Will Make Your Marriage Great

Whether you have been living with your husband or wife or you and your partner are not married yet, you can start practicing and taking into action. Following  these 17 Proven Tips That Will Make A Marriage Great will result in a stronger marriage and relationship:

1. Be Conscious with What You Eat

Does it sound weird and not so connected with making your marriage great? You are definitely wrong! A study done in Britain revealed that those people who are consuming more veggies and fruits in their daily meals experience better levels of psychological well-being. You should be conscious of what you are putting in your mouth.

Are the foods you eat healthy? If not, replace when with healthier vegetables and fruits. Include these foods in your meals and your body will have more energy and you will be able to sleep better. The result: you will be more able to show a more positive attitude in general.

Always remember that it is important to take care of yourself so as to be the best “you” because being healthy will help you a lot in keeping your marriage great and your relationship with your partner healthy. You watch out for healthy and nutritious breakfast ideas.

2. Exercise

Eating healthy foods is not complete without exercise. You will not be doing it to keep your darling’s eyes on you, but it will be to make yourself feel at your best. Exercise can boost your level of self-confidence and so you will be more confident while naked or clothed.

Exercise can also boost the production of the so-called mood-boosting hormones and it can help you to avoid experiencing depression. You can exercise alone or with your husband or wife. The two of you can take an exercise class together.

3. Remember the Past…Those Dating Days Both of You Had Together

Instead of talking about the past in the wistful sense by saying, “why don’t we ever do that anymore”, you better think of showing appreciation for all of the ways that your marriage partner has supported you. For instance, you could say that “I remembered that special dinner date that you planned by the fireplace when we have our date for the 3rd time. It was so wonderful.” That will be a boost to the ego of your husband and that will show him that you appreciate his efforts.

Complimenting your husband or wife is very important particularly during those times when he feels that he is provided with much importance for his achievements at work. It makes him understand he is doing well in this aspect of his life.


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4. Have Fun with the Friends of One Another

If you are not so close with the friends of your marriage partner or he or she is in the same situation with your friends, you may plan an occasional group gathering so all of you can get to know one another better. If you mesh well with the social circles of one another, it can enhance the most crucial aspect of your lives.

5. Give Your Partner Alone Time with His or Her Pals

Even when the friends of your marriage partner love you, there will be some events that he will be invited to come, such as watching an NBA game live which is absolutely a night out for guys.

Do not make your partner guilty and feel sorry about leaving you alone at home by checking in with him most of the time while he is with his friends. Keeping separate social lives than being supportive of each other will boost and make your marriage great and stronger.

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6. Be Close with His or Her Family, it will make your Marriage Great

It is a gift to your marriage partner to see that you are happy and comfortable with his or her parents, brothers and sisters. Give them compliments, befriend them and ask how their lives are going then smile to them. It is really a big challenge especially when his or her loved ones were giving you a hard time throughout the wedding planning.

You might not love them and perhaps, you will one day, but at least, try to be warm, forgive as much as you could and begin with them for the second time by recognizing that they are your second family. When you keep on giving your partner a difficulty for the reason that your mother in law hurt your feelings by commenting harshly, chances are that he will be mad at you.

This may cause a crack in your marriage so you are letting her win. There are some things that you can actually do so you can effectively deal with your in-laws when they hate you.

7. Touch as Often as Possible

Hold his or her hand. In the morning, while the two of you are having a cup of hot coffee, you hold your husband’s arm. You place your hands and touch his cheeks when kissing you good night. These can be some small points of contact but they work as “love marks” which will remain with him for the whole day.

When the day was over, pamper one another with hand and foot massages while you are watching your favorite movie on the sofa. Physical contact can create and produce the hormone that promotes happiness which is known as oxytocin and the non-sexual physical contact will keep the two of you adore each other.

You will be surprised how those longtime married couples whose marriage relationship have become stale never hold one another anymore in these sweet little ways. Take note that even a simple touch like these things can make your partner feel your presence and the presence of your love for him or her.

8. Forget About Your Previous Issues

Every person has his or her damage and scares from his or her dating experience and from his or her loved ones. However, it is not an excuse and it is completely wrong to use any previous issue as a weapon when the two of you have another fight. It is unfair to throw unresolved problems at each other.

Instead, these sensitivities should be dropped through avoiding hot-button problems that you have already discussed and resolved hopefully. When you face a hard time in trying to it let them go, you consider talking to a marriage counselor so as to stop these concerns from making your marriage great instead of been weak.

9. Fight Reasonably

You must avoid saying absolutes such as “never” and “always” to accuse him or her if you are revved up and you’re kinda irrational during a certain bad misunderstanding. Don’t say to him or her something like “You never pay attention to what I was talking about before”.  When you and he are in a big fight, establish the “take it back” mode in times that either of the two of you says somethingmarriage that you do not actually mean.

You should remind your husband and make him feel that you love him then stay focused in looking for the best solution for the argument that opens the door for a negotiation. The two of you need to figure out when you have to apologize.

Always remember that love sometimes means saying the words like “I’m sorry” in sometimes of your married life. There are ways to how you can efficiently handle a big fight. You try to look for it.

10. Spend Time with Each Other in the Kitchen

Make it a special get-together for the two of you the habit of spending time with each other at home preparing a meal together this helps in strengthening and making your marriage great.

This sensory experience of co-preparing and cooking a delightful and romantic dish is far better compared to popping toaster tarts inside the oven.

11. Have the Sense of Humor

You should not be overly sensitive or uptight, which can make it impossible for your partner to lightheartedly tease you when did something silly. When you are always a raw nerve, he will feel like he is walking on the eggshells that can make you a chore. You can throw some jokes to your husband and let him throw some back to you, showing him that you are a carefree partner.

12. Find Out When You Should Listen Without Providing Advice

Sometimes, you and your partner just have to vent then spill out the frustrations and embarrassments that happened throughout the day. Since your partner loves you and he or she likes you to feel better, he or she may give some recommendations which can produce the opposed effect intended. It is simple to turn your stress against him or her.

You should make your marriage partner aware when you only want to him or her to listen to you and comfort you. There is no needed crisis intervention. You have just formed a strong tool that will make your marriage great.

13. Carve Out Some Quiet Time in your marriage

You should avoid following your partner around just like what a puppy does when he or she went home from work, letting him what you did the whole day and reminding him something about those things that you have to do like fixing the washing machine. Your partner does understand that you miss him or her but he or she may feel bad telling you to allow him to unwind and give him some time for himself.

Be honest whenever you want to be alone for a while, whether it is just 15 minutes or an hour. Don’t say, “Don’t bother me”, because you are communicating clearly regarding a crucial necessity you have that both of you will respect.

14. Be Responsible in Terms of Money

Money is among those things that can wreck your marriage, especially in times that are financially challenging. The two of you require the security and assurance of knowing that all bills are paid on time and any of you is not making any unnecessary purchases. You may make a joint account for the bills but remember to have another account intended for your play money. Be sure that you also allocate some money for the future of your family.

The most important thing is to be financially honest with each other, no matter what may happen. There should be no any secret expenditure and never try to hide anything from your husband or wife when you are having a problem in paying the bills on time because it will cause strain on your marriage.

15. Speak Well to One Another

marriageWhen you vent to your relatives or friends regarding the fight or misunderstanding that you had with your marriage partner then they might not forgive him or her though you have forgiven him or her and forgot what happened. It is a betrayal to say something not good about your partner to other people even when he or she made you really angry.

Your personal concerns have to remain personal to avoid making problems and issues in your family and social circle which may get worse in the long run.

His loved ones and friends love it if you will talk about his good qualities, just as your family will adore your marriage partner for talking highly of you most of the time.

16. You Must Be Playful

It cannot be denied that life is full of stress and so, you must show your silly and playful side through suggesting in sports, playing video games, spending the night at the entertainment center or any other activities that the two of you will love.

You have to show off this side of you most of the time and remind your partner how jolly you are. Even when you are the worst player of darts, laughing at your lack of needed skills in playing the game will allow your partner to see you in a very adorable way.

17. Do Not Stall on the Request of One Another

Life is frantic, but when your spouse asks you to look for something online or to find a piece of a file for him, you should make it a top priority that you have to do it as soon as possible. If you show him or her that his or her requests matter to you and you show value to his or her needs then that will make your marriage great, happier, healthier and even stronger.

These 17 Proven Tips That Will Make A Marriage Great is responsible for making good marriages Great. The tips have been used by most couples who have been struggling to have a happier married life.

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