13 Proven Ways To Know Your Relationship Status

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What’s your relationship status? When in a new relationship, you are likely to come to a point where you are unsure of exactly where you stand.

When you look at the way it is going, do you think your relationship is ready to move from Facebook to something long term? Being doubtful of exactly where you stand in the relationship may create bigger problems.

How To Know Your Relationship Status

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But just how do you ask your supposed partner to clarify how they are feeling without unnecessarily pressuring them? He or she may not have officially asked you to be their girlfriend or boyfriend.

How do you know if you are really dating? Can you say you have gone ‘exclusive’? Somehow, you have to find out if indeed you are dating. Only be careful how you go about it. If not handled well, that could result in a fight and resentment, which eventually strains the new relationship.

Here is how to know your relationship status:

1. Broach the Subject Carefully

Be wise. Don’t ask the other person about how he or she is feeling. You risk getting a response that you didn’t expect. The result could be a non-existent relationship status. Regardless of the results, the conversation with your partner could turn into an ugly contest. When you take it head-on, your partner is likely to interpret it as a confrontation and not as something you need to know.

While it is normal when having this kind of conversation, you don’t want to appear anxious. You need to connect with your partner first before hitting the nail on the head. Tell him or her how you feel about the relationship before asking for their opinion.

2. Get to know your Relationship Status

If you are in a new relationship, don’t rush into committing before you know what you want from it. So don’t get into the conversation if you are unsure of getting into a serious relationship with your partner. Self-introspection is key. You don’t want to end up regretting your decision to make the relationship stronger.

If you are not careful, you could end up going too far into a relationship you are hardly serious about. Are you ready to meet his or her family? How ready are you to introduce your respective best friends? Are you ready to avoid seeing other people? By being clear with yourself, you will have an idea about what’s it that you want. Only then should you concerned about your relationship status.

3. Is He Or She Marriage Material?

Being in love can blind you to reality. Happiness in a relationship comes when you are able to make a careful and conscious pick. Why should you pretend to be dating marriage material when you obviously are not? If he or she has been taking care of you while you are sick, then your relationship status isn’t that bad.

This is a sign that your partner is marriage material. After all, that’s each one of you is going to be doing almost on a daily basis in a long-term relationship. However, if your partner doesn’t seem to care about your sickness, then you should quit the relationship as soon as possible.


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4. Is Your Partner Worth Living With?

Before you even ask your partner if they are serious with the relationships, find out how serious they are. Look for the simple things like having met their family or friends. How often do you visit each other? Do you ever leave your personal staff when you depart?

How often do both of you do that? These subtle actions go show you feel the same way about building a stronger relationship. When these signs become the order of the day, it is time you talked about it. On the contrary, the absence of these signs can only be an indicator that the relationship is headed in the wrong direction. Find out from your partner why the union isn’t going as steady as you would have hoped.

5. What Kind Of Person Is Your Partner?

Never compromise on the basics. Before you even ask the question, ensure you have observed your partner and are convinced he or she is worth living with. How honest are they? If they are not truthful in their dealings with you, why would you want to commit to them? Know this! People never change. Break the relationship as soon as you realize you are dealing with a cheater, liar, and thief.

6. Is Your Partner Mature Enough?

How mature is your partner? Does he or she look like someone you would want to be in a long-term relationship with? While approaching a relationship with a free spirit can be fun, it is not a characteristic that will keep you interested in the relationship for long. Don’t confuse a fighting attitude with passion. The man or woman could just be showing how immature they are.

Relationship Status

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7. How Well Do You Communicate?

Consistently effective communication is a clear sign is a steadying relationship status. Consider how effective your partner is when it comes to communication. Apart from knowing how to express themselves, he or she should be a good listener. What about you? Do you really listen to your partner? Each of you should be able to talk and listen to each other.

Can you constructively convey your feelings to your partner? How well do you take it when your partner constructively criticizes you? For there to be effective communication between the two of you, having these traits is important. Also, the things you say to each other matter. Are already calling each other by your pet names? How often do you chat with each other?

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8. Have You Gone Personal?

After dating for a while, you should be able to start sharing almost everything that happens in your life on a daily basis. For instance, you should be able to know exactly what your partner does at work. If he or she shares with you each and every detail of his or her life events, you will know your relationship status is going steady. But you also need to reciprocate.

Start sharing with your partner details of what happens in your life on a daily basis. Doing so will clear any doubts between the two of you and make your relationship even stronger. On the contrary, lack of intimate knowledge of what goes on in each of your lives could be an indicator that you are not ready to get steady.

Imagine dating someone for more than six months without having an idea of what they do at work. There is no way you can build trust between the two of you without being absolutely open with each other.

9. How Does Your Partner Treat You?

It is easy to know your relationship status by considering how your partner treats you. This is especially true for men. A man who is thinking of building a long-term relationship with you will treat you right. He will take up the burden of paying for the bills, pulling a chair for you to sit, and opening the door for you.

A partner who is head over heels in love with you will be a gentleman when you are together. Forget about the playboy kind who just cannot commit to anything. If he is treating you more like a girl with which to have a good time, then your partner is not ready for a relationship.

Steer clear of a relationship with a man who cannot treat you like a lady. You will regret entering into a marriage with him. It doesn’t have to be anything big. Small gestures such as buying flowers can go a long way. If he complains about you using his shower, how will he behave when you finally start living together?


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10. How Many Relationships Is Your Partner In?

At the beginning of a relationship, it is possible for both of you to be in contact with other men or women. As time passes, you should be able to make the relationship more exclusive. Shading off the other relationships is a clear sign that the two of you are considering this a union worth investing in. It starts with simple things as you being the only person he or she texts.

You will know it when you text him on Friday night and he or she replies without pretending to be busy. Another sign that your partner is into you is when he gets jealous at the mere thought that you could be in another relationship. If he or she wants to be only with you, then your relationship status is steadily improving.

11. Are Planning The Future Together?

Most new relationships are about what happens in the immediate future. They hardly are about events that will happen at least a few months in future. If your partner calls you on a Friday afternoon and sets a date for the evening, then your union is not future-oriented. On the contrary, a partner who includes you in events scheduled for months to come is starting to think long-term.

He or she can see a future together with you. That’s enough to tell you that your relationship status is not as shaky as you might have thought. Be worried if all you have are last-minute dates. That is an indicator that your partner is only looking to have fun and not to commit to a future together with you. If your partner cannot even commit to a breakfast date the following day, leave the relationship.

12. Have You Introduced Each Other To Friends And Family?

One of the ways to assess your relationship status is by looking at whether the two of you have introduced each other to your friends and family. If you haven’t met the squad don’t count yourself part of your partner’s inner circle yet. Maybe he or she doesn’t see you are someone worth introducing to his or her friends.

Have you introduced your partner to your inner circles? Once your private worlds begin to interact, your relationship status is likely to be steady. You can stick in it if you have met and interacted with his close friends and family. If you have been in a long relationship for long and have never introduced each other to your friends or family, it is going nowhere. The best you can do is quit when you still can.


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13. You Are Always Doing Things Together

You have been in a new relationship for some time now but you haven’t been doing anything together. If that’s true, then your relationship status is nothing to write home about. You should already be engaged in joint activities such as watching a movie or going out to a picnic. If your partner is hesitant to engage in any of these activities with you, chances are they are in another relationship and are not considering going steady with you.


At the end of the day, you need to know if you can trust your partner. You will know that your relationship when you can trust your partner not to cheat, with your money, and to always have your back. A good partner should be there for you in every situation. If it looks like they aren’t going to do so, steer clear of the relationship. Why should you stick to it when your relationship status is not good?

When the time comes for you to finally talk about how steady the relationship is, approach it tactfully. Don’t just bombard your partner with the statement ‘we need to talk’. While the intention could be good, you will only end up raising an unnecessary red flag. Be cool, calm, and collected.

Ask your partner to tell you how he or she wants you to be introduced during a public gathering such as a party. If your partner has a long-term view of the relationship, it will come out in his reply to you. Don’t broach the question through SMS. Doing it face-to-face helps you read your partner’s body language and not just listen to their word.

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