17 Amazing Signs He Is Really In Love With You

By David Small •  Updated: 01/23/17 •  11 min read

Love is that one thing that sustains any relationship. In fact, the demise of love is the beginning of chaos in any relationship. Are you thinking of entering into a relationship? Before you go into any relationship, you have to be sure he loves you.


Today, many women secretly wish that they could peep into the hearts of their partners to know if they still own them. They look for cues or learn how to look for clues showing that their partners still have them at heart. Some signs of love are subtle, others? Obvious.

If you are a woman out there thinking that your partner is probably hiding his feelings, truth is, NO SIGN OF LOVE CAN BE HIDDEN. It’s either you are looking wrong or you’re not seeing the signs at all. If you’re in a relationship or you’re are planning to enter one and you want to know if the dude is in love with you, then you’re surely reading the right article!

This article will provide you with 17 proven signs to know he is in love with you.

1. Eye contacts:

Adept research has shown that guys don’t just look at the female folks if they are not interested in them. Most times when you observe the action of a guy you can easily tell if he is interested in you or not.

Brian M, the author of the article ‘Eye contacts and attraction’ says in his article post that a guy can “use eye contacts to show a girl that they are interested, to gauge her interest, to create or deepen her attraction in him”.

On the other hand, if your man does not look at you from time to time, it means that he probably does not love you. So, if you are in that relationship and your husband/ boyfriend is not keeping up eye contacts with you, he is most likely not interested in you

2.Talks to you about the future:

If your man starts to talk about settling down sometime in the future and after that asks if you would want to settle down with him too, there is a pretty good chance he’s going long-term with you. I had an experience with a young lady a long time ago, this lady told me that she was not sure if her partner really loved her.

Whenever she talked about both of them settling down, he’d always bring up another topic. If you are out there and you are in the same situation you have to know that that man is not in love with you because no guy will talk about the distant future with his girlfriend unless he’s sure he wants her in his life.

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3. He goes the extra mile for you:

When a guy truly loves a girl, he does a lot of things just to make her comfortable, he goes out of his way for you. You are in a relationship and your partner cannot take out a day out of his busy month for both of you to go out on a date? He probably a month for both of you to go out on a date? He does not love you! Although this sometimes can depend on the situation too.

Try to think, has he ever done something against his will just to make you happy? If yes, then you are lucky because researchers have said that that’s s sure sign that you are really own his heart. He must be able to make sacrifices for you.


This is highly correct! Your man sure must be protective of you. Men ordinarily have this protective thing about them. Even in the world of lizards, a male lizard will go the extra mile to protect his territory. Your man needs to show you that he’ll be worried if another takes you away from him.


If your man respects your thoughts and opinions automatically, he respects and values you too. When he asks about your take on issues that seriously bother him, even if it doesn’t seem something colossal, it reveals his feelings for you.


Research has proven that being mad at each other in a relationship is fine, it only depends on the time. I have seen couples fight. If you man can’t stay angry at you for several hours, he loves you! Lovers stay angry at each other for a long time, so it’s fine if he’s the one to make up and say he’s sorry, even if it’s obvious he was right in the argument. If your man does this, you are sure that he is love with you.


Does he spend time with you? if yes, then he’s in love! Most times, if a guy isn’t into you, he won’t feel the need to spend time with you. So, if your partner is always looking for an excuse to be somewhere else, there is a very high chance he’s not into you. He has to spend his time with you! It doesn’t matter if it’s for breakfast or just coming over to your place to have some good time with you.


If he is always texting or calling you, he’s in love! As little as this is, it is very important. An online survey of 982 people done by the University of Plymouth showed that “texters” developed deeper relationships with the person they texted the most, which was expected. Texting you or keeping up his communication with you shows that he has you at his heart. So, are you in that relationship and he does not text or call you? Watch it!


If he is truly in love with you, be sure that he won’t be scared to introduce you to his pals. He is certain that since he is happy with you, they are going to be joyed to see you too. If he is hesitant in introducing you his friends, you sure should know that he is not in love with you.


Although this may sound cliché it definitely has a lot of effects in showing love. If your partner does not say this to you, as cliché as it sounds, he’s probably not into you. This is not some simulated theory. It is an assertion based on loveresearch.

Pat Flynn, a writer, in one of his articles on REVIEWABLE makes this clear. In his own words ‘usually, if a guy tells his girl he loves her, it’s a big thing for him’


It is a fact that every relationship should not be boring. You ought to be comfortable. Enjoy yourself. Have fun. If you man can make you laugh and feel special, then he’s certainly in love with you.

The truth is that if your relationship is boring, the love of your man is not strong. Your man needs to be that person that you can call when you are bored. He should be that person that livens you up when everything seems mundane. One of the things that spice up a relationship is humor if your man does not crack you up, he is not into you.


These are quite different from cuddling. Cuddling is deeper. A man who loves a woman will all touch her here and there. Touches at the back of your head, the feel of your hair, and the swipe of your shoulder. These and more shows that he is in love with you. Kallen Kitty, a popular American musician, said “Blow me a kiss from across the room… Touch my hair as you pass my chair, little things mean a lot”. Those small touches matter.

In Italy, a hug and kiss on each cheek is a common and acceptable form of greeting. Eye contact is crucial in love, but its combination with touch multiples the love impact. In her book TOUCH (2001), Tiffany Field believes that in many situations, touch is stronger than verbal or emotional contact. Touch is very much critical for children’s growth and health. That little touch from your man says a lot!


This might be weird but it sure is a sign. It’s a natural occurrence for a man to feel a little jealous in some situations, as long as it is in the acceptable ambits. Most of the times when men are jealous it translates that they have feelings for you.

It is most times done unconsciously but the truth is that it gives the girl a sign that the man is truly in love. It is true that extreme jealousy signals a lack of trust in one’s partner. So, while you are aware that jealousy is a sign, you should be very conscious of the fact that extremely jealousy is bad.


It’s not a secret at all that cuddling makes you feel good when you’re in a new or established relationship. There are many surprising benefits of cuddling. A man in love always feels the need to touch and cuddle with his significant other.

If your man is not hesitant in cuddling you, there is a sign that he is in love with you. This is very key in any relationship when your man doesn’t enjoy cuddling you he is very much not he is not really into you.


This is a very obvious sign that he is in love with you. If he is meeting up with you at times inconvenient for you. Are Loveyou in that relationship today and your partner are not ready to compromise? You better reconsider continuing in that relationship because if he cannot do something as little as compromising you will not expect him to go extra mile for you when the need comes.

Your partner positive should be able to engage in a compromise for your sake. While sometimes compromise means one person has to give something up, or extend oneself for the greater good of the relationship, try also to compromise in a positive way, rather than always sacrificing.

If X is very important to your partner and it’s causing hitches between you and him, he should be able to step down X for your relationship. If your partner can do this without hesitation, you should rest assured that he really is in love with you.


If your partner does not hesitate in introducing you to his family then he is surely in love with you. Someone once told me that long before the break up that ensued in the relationship she was in, she had dated this guy for about eight years and he has never for once introduced her to his family. I asked her if she ever requested to know his family and the reply she gave me shocked me.

She never asked! If you are out there and you are in a relationship and your partner is very hesitant is introducing you to his family you should be rest assured that he is not in love with you. Guys bring to their parents only girls they are serious about. If your man brings you to his parents’ home, that is a strong sign that he’s in love with you.


If your man wants to know more about you, wants to know your inner side and not just what’s on the surface, he is in love with you for sure. When someone is really into a girl, he starts to dive deep into her, wanting to know more. If he does not know some things about you, you have to be assured that he does not love you.

Little things like, your birthday, your siblings’ name, your favorite color, your favorite delicacy, your best friend, your best movie, your favorite likes and dislikes and so on should be things that he knows about you. If he does not know this or is not interested in knowing this you should be rest assured that he is not interested in knowing you. If he loves you he should know a lot about you that proves that he is very much interested in you.

Those are 17 Amazing Signs He Is Really In Love With You. Hope you enjoyed and learned something. Thanks for your time.

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