18 Characteristics Of A Happy Marriage Relationship

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The greatest joy in life comes from a happy marriage, where the partners love each other in action and in thought. They unselfishly put their partner’s issues over their own and keep committed regardless of the trials and challenges that arise.

Happy Marriage

Sad to say, our society makes movies, write songs and establish in our minds that if two individuals fall in love and get married, of course, it will be happily ever after.

And yet, divorce courts are teeming as happily ever after is not obtained as both partners fail to put forth the needed work and effort, the patience and change and the commitment and love to make a marriage happy and work.

No person or marriage is perfect, a lot of marriage fails and should end for necessary and obvious reasons, but the overwhelming number of marriages could be saved.

When both parties put forth more hard work to implement the principles which are at the center of a happy marriage:

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1. Love and Dedication

Do you know that Love can move mountains?  “Love is an ocean of emotions entirely surrounded by expenses” Lord Dewar.

Love is an option to be dedicated to another person. It’s far more than a short-lived feeling as shown on the big screen, TV as well as romance novels. Emotions come and go, however, a real option to be devoted lasts forever and which is what shows true love.

It’s an option to be dedicated throughout the bad times and good times. If things are OK, commitment is so easy. However, true love is shown through keeping committed even when the biggest problems in life arise.

2. Support Each Other!

Dreams and goals are very significant in your personal life and in many marriages. A happy marriage has partners supporting and encouraging each other to aim for each other’s dreams. If your spouse faces hardship, back each other instead of tearing each other down.

3. Respect Each Other!

Respect is the major characteristics of a happy marriage and relationship. If there’s respect, you and your partner will listen and support each other in a liberal manner. Personal interests will not come if making any mutual family choices that could affect the relationship.

Once your partner is disrespectful, she or he will be criticizing you in front of other people, continually making belittling comments regarding you and also taking for granted your feeling. In case this happens in your relationship, it is the time to take serious action.

4. Practice Economic Equality

Having an economic equality is as significant as the other features towards a happy marriage, although it is the lessRelationship obvious or apparent. Never have the dread that you might not be capable of supporting yourself financially without your partner.

Never allow your partner to use the money to control you although you are just a homemaker. Doing so will just make your relationship and your kids are at the mercy of a person who does not have your best interests at heart.

5. Get Rid Of Manipulative Behavior!

In a happy marriage, there’s no need to utilize lies, guilt or threats to control your spouse into doing things they don’t agree.

6. Trust Each Other!

Once you have a strong and healthy marriage, neither you nor your partner should become jealous or get doubtful easily. A minor tinge of doubt could be a starting point towards a weak and downhill marriage.

Trust needs a lot of hard work and it doesn’t develop overnight.You and your partner must know to keep your marriage vows and promises. Lying regarding main problems or sleeping around should be avoided at all expenses.

7. Humility

Everyone has weakness and a bond always shows these mistakes faster. A vital building block of a happy marriage is the capability to accept that you’re not perfect.

You’ll make mistakes and you want forgiveness. Holding an outlook of dominance over your spouse marriage from moving forward.

8. Forgiveness and Patience

“Love is an act of endless forgiveness, a tender look which becomes a habit”. ~Peter Ustinov. Nobody is perfect. Forgiveness and patience will always be needed in any relationship especially marriage.

A happy marriage partner knows to express unending forgiveness and patience to their spouse. They respectfully admit their mistakes and don’t expect perfection from their spouse.

9. Time

Relationships do not work without investing in time. Any happy relationship needs quality and intentional time together. Quality time hardly ever happens if quantity time is not present.

The connection with your partner must be the dearest and deep connection you have. So, when possible set aside time every day for your partner.

10. Trust and Honesty

Trust and honesty become the groundwork for the whole thing healthy and happy in a marriage. However, not like some of the other vitals on this list, trust really takes time.

You could become committed, selfless and patient in a moment, however, trust really takes time always.  You have to work harder if you want to build trust.

11. Kindness in Word

Speak kind words. Uplift always and Compliment more. Think daily and know how to hold your tongue. There must never be any verbal abuse in the marriage or physical and emotional abuse too.

Men, you should treat, speak to your spouse as an equal. And when either one of you ever become angry, irritated and frustrated, take your time to cools him or her off, and put this issue on the table.

12. Commitment to Action and Thoughts

It’s not enough to be devoted and true to your partner in deed and word only. Much harder and significant is to be true and committed in thought.

Impure ideas result in impure actions that all too often lead to fornication and yet another family or marriage tear apart. Keep your ideas true and clean to your partner. Make sure all the actions and conversation foster trust and love.


13. Men You Could Do More

If you are a man and reading this must ask yourself this question, when was the last time I assisted my wife with the laundry and house cleaning? If you want to have a happy marriage, you should help your spouse doing household chores. This is not that just the responsibilities of women but yours as well.

14. Sexual Intimacy In Marriage

Marriage couple who has the sexual desires met or at least have talked a reasonable concession, when their levels of need are not like-minded, feel watched out by the other. Most are very actively engaging in sex many times a week wholesome are happy with twice a week or less.

There’s no right or wrong with regard to this matter. On the other hand, when one is feeling their needs are not being met, it is very important to discuss this thing.

15. Affection

Partners who keep in physical contact in many ways all through the day feel attached to each other, although it is an easy and simple kiss on the cheek, stroke of the hair. These moments do not essentially result in sexual intimacy or lovemaking rather a simple and romantic way of saying “ I love you and I always will” without saying any word.

Some families are very chaotic between careers, life, and kids which these short show of love could be grounding if the whole thing else is turning around you.  To have a happy marriage life, show it to your partner by means of intimate massage or by simply preparing a glass of coffee or tea.

    16. Communication

A successful marriage partner keeps in touch when possible. They surely talk about grocery lists, kid’s schedule as well as utility bills. However, they do not stop there. Happy marriage partners also communicate dreams, fears, pressures as well as hopes.

They do not just talk about the changes which are taking place in the life of their children; they also talk about the changes which are happening in their souls and hearts. This important key could not be taken for granted as forthright, honest communication becomes the basis for much other stuff on this list, trust, patience, and commitment.

Happy Marriage

17. Selflessness

Even if it will not show up on any research, a lot of relationships are torn apart by selfishness. Surveys charge it on a lack of commitment, finances, infidelity as well as incompatibility; on the other hand, the main reason for some of these causes is selfishness.

Selfish people are just committed to herself or himself, shows a bit of patience and never knows how to be a successful partner. Give your dreams, hopes as well as life to your spouse. And start to live life as one.

18. Relationship Vision

Partners who have made a relationship vision for them know where they are going as they have intended and made it together. Couples get fun out of reaching for their dreams as one and are less to be disrupted by surprise. A happy marriage is made up of many characteristics, on the other hand above are just some of the most significant ones.

All marriages engage two parties. It’s a two-way relationship. If just one of you is doing the whole thing “right”, however, another spouse is being, disrespectful, unsupportive and manipulative; you can never say you’re having a healthy, happy and successful marriage.

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